Grey’s Anatomy Recap 4/14/16: Season 12 Episode 18 & 19 “There’s a Fine, Fine Line; It’s Alright, Ma”

Grey’s Anatomy Recap 4/14/16: Season 12 Episode 18 & 19 "There's a Fine, Fine Line; It's Alright, Ma"

Tonight on ABC Grey’s Anatomy returns with a great all new back to back Thursday April 14, season 12 episode 18 & 19 titled “There’s a Fine, Fine Line; It’s Alright, Ma,” On tonight’s episode, Ben (Jason George) operates on a pregnant woman without the proper equipment while the hospital is on lockdown in the first part of this combined episode.

On the last episode, Meredith discovered why Owen was so hostile towards Nathan when she accompanied them on an ambulance ride to pick up a heart for a transplant patient; a musician with MS was admitted with a tremor in his hand.  Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the ABC synopsis, “Ben operates on a pregnant woman without the proper equipment while the hospital is on lockdown in the first part of this combined episode. In the second part, Ben faces possible disciplinary action for his choice when an advisory committee is convened.”

This episode looks like it is going to be a great episode and you won’t want to miss it, so be sure to tune in for our live coverage of ABC’s “Grey’s Anatomy” Season 12 Episode 18 and 19 at 8 PM EST!

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There was a situation at the hospital on tonight’s episode of “Grey’s Anatomy”. Apparently one of Alex’s patients had gone missing. And it became imperative that they find six-year-old Gage Dean before suffered a setback in possibly his father’s care. Gage needed immediate medical attention and there was some concern that his father, who was currently going through some sort of custody situation with the mother, might have taken him out of the hospital as part of custodial kidnapping.

Yet, the security team hadn’t wanted to jump the gun. They said the child was most likely hiding somewhere and that calling for a Code Pink would send everyone into a panic. Only Alex thought they should be panicking because a child was missing and they had to find him before he made it out of the hospital. So Alex had talked Bailey into calling a Code Pink and the entire hospital went on lockdown until the child was found.

And fortunately Gage had been found within minutes of the shutdown. It seems he hadn’t wanted to see the doctor so he ran away to hide and funnily enough it had been Alex that found him. Alex had spotted Gage hiding under the stairs in the main lobby. So he had quickly brought the child back up to pediatrics and the Code Pink had been lifted.

However, Bailey had then gone around the hospital to check on everyone and she had eventually found her husband with DeLuca over a bleeding out patient. The patient had been Gretchen McKay. Gretchen had come to the hospital after her family of five had been caught up in a car accident. So Gretchen had worried about her three kids that had been in the back, but the doctors wanted to focus on her care.

Gretchen had been heavily pregnant and she had been experiencing some cramping. So Gretchen’s condition must have gotten worse because the two residents that had been with her had decided on an emergency C-section. Only whoever cut her had butchered Gretchen. She had been heaving losing blood and her child had unresponsive when Bailey found them.

So Bailey had tried to help. She rushed Gretchen into an available OR and the baby to Peds yet she needed answers and she couldn’t get them from her husband. The reason she couldn’t get them from him because while they’re at the hospital, Bailey has to be Ben’s boss instead of his wife. Only what she didn’t admit out loud was that there was also the possibly that Ben wasn’t the most reliable person to ask.

The C-section hadn’t been the first time that Ben had gone rogue. He has done this before and the last time he only got a three-day suspension. So a lot of people thought Bailey had taken it easy on him. But this time Ben hadn’t been by himself when a patient had been cut open. There had also been DeLuca who Bailey got to in the end.

Though what Bailey wanted to know was why two residents had been left on their own. She had initially tried to treat Gretchen however she got called away to deal with a possible kidnapped child so she had handed Gretchen over to Meredith. And Meredith said that she had gotten pulled in on Gretchen’s husband’s case so she handed Gretchen over to Arizona.

Only Arizona couldn’t be asked right away because she had been busy trying to stop Gretchen from bleeding out. So Bailey had gone to DeLuca who told her how the patient had gone into the distress and he mentioned they had tried to take her up to see Arizona, but that’s when the Code Pink happened. DeLuca had tried to outrun the closing doors and he had to failed do so.

And so that’s when they acted. DeLuca had said that the patient and the baby would have died so they had to open Gretchen up. Yet, DeLuca’s actual words had been that Ben told him they could lose them both if they hadn’t acted. So that had made Bailey questioned her husband’s rationale. She wondered if he had gotten ensnared by the hype and overreacted.

However, this time wasn’t like last time. Gretchen had died and so did her baby. So someone had to be held accountable and Bailey had been afraid of who would that be. She had wanted to get upset at Arizona for not following her patient to CT and she had also wanted to be upset at Meredith who passed her patient onto someone else. And yet she knew she couldn’t blame either of them.

Arizona should be able to trust two residents with a stable patient and Meredith had entrusted Gretchen with a fellow attending. So once Bailey calmed down, she knew what she had to do and tried to avoid doing it by passing off to Richard. Bailey told Richard that as Chief of the residency program that he should probably be in charge of what happened to Ben and so she was trying to pass the buck so to speak.

Yet, he said no. Richard said that handling a resident out of control was above his pay grade and so he told the Chief to take care of it. And even asked if she was sure about Ben. Richard said that Ben seemed out of control to him so unless Bailey was sure that Ben had acted in the best interest of his patient then she couldn’t just kick what he did under the rug.

So Bailey had been the one to go to Ben and she told him that he had been wrong. He did have a choice. The elevators had begun working before he had made his first cut so there had been a chance to get Gretchen to people that knew what they were doing. And security cameras caught him ignoring the fact the elevators were working to play hero.

And so Ben could lose his job for this.

But Bailey hadn’t wanted to pull the trigger on this one. So she had decided to come up with an impartial Advisory Committee that would look into Ben’s actions and make a decision on what really did happen. Such as whether or not Ben had been negligent. And it was up to committee whether or not they were going to allow Ben to stay on at their hospital in the residency program.

So Ben had been expecting lawyers would be on this committee and it turns out that most of his friends had been chosen instead. Owen, Maggie, and Meredith were asked to review the situation and what they kept going back to was the elevators. The security footage had shown the moment Ben had heard the elevators open up because he had looked and so they wanted to know why didn’t take the patient upstairs.

They had asked Ben if the patient had been too critical to make it up through the elevator and they also asked if he had already made the decision to make the cut before the elevator doors had opened. Only Ben kept giving them excuses in return. He said that he while looked up and apparently registered hearing a sound – he hadn’t registered the fact the doors had opened.

And so he had been expecting them to be a nearly impossible story. He thought that as his friends they wouldn’t question why he hadn’t registered seeing the doors open despite seeing footage that proves opposite, but they had and that’s where their conversation revolved around. So the committee eventually told Ben that they were done with him for the day and that they were going to question others about what happened.

Alex and Arizona were brought in and they were asked about their individual patients. Like if there had been a chance for the mother or the baby to survive. Yet, neither didn’t believe so and Alex had mentioned that they had tried everything with the baby. Including taking a risk with something Riggs had suggested.

Only Owen had gotten caught up with the mention of Riggs. He believed the committee should talk to Riggs about what happened and see if it had been something he had done that resulted in the baby’s death. So the committee had no choice on the matter. They had to talk to Riggs about why he had made his decision to give the baby a drug and if there was anything he could have done differently.

So while everyone else had been focused on Ben and the part he played, Owen had thought he could turn a committee intent on finding the truth in what happened to one family into his own little witch hunt on Riggs.

Meanwhile, however, the family that had been affected by Ben’s decisions had gone through another loss. Gretchen’s husband Omar had been ruled brain dead and so his mother had the difficult choice to sign a DNR. She hadn’t wanted to do that, but her granddaughter Jasmine had told her that her dad would want to be with her mother. And so Omar declining prognosis meant he wasn’t going to make it pass the weekend.

And so Bailey had been quickly notified about it after it happened. Bailey and Ben have recently been trying to come up with a policy that allows them to leave what happens at work at work. Only Omar’s change had ruined that plan because she had gotten upset and Ben hadn’t understood what was going on until he had yelled at Bailey for leaving the house without telling him. So she told him why she had run back to the hospital all of sudden.

It seems someone needed to be with the family as Omar began to have even more seizures. However, Bailey had crossed a line herself. She had seen Omar and she wanted to believe that there was still a chance for him. So she took things into her own hands, much like her husband, did and she resuscitated despite his DNR.

So ultimately Ben wasn’t the only out of control. But at least now his wife understands how he felt with Gretchen. Ben had said that he didn’t register the elevator doors opening because he had been so intent on his patient that the whole world just disappeared. Including what was right and what was wrong.

Yet, with rules being broken left and right, someone had to be rational. So Amelia volunteered to talk to Bailey and she tried to tell the other woman that the family deserved better than to be ignored. That their wishes for Omar had been clear and Bailey had then made Amelia walk away before he committed insubordination.

Bailey though was able to later go through with enacting a tough discipline for Ben. So in a way didn’t make sense. She had ignored hospital policy and the family’s legal choice because she felt that she had been in the right. And yet when the committee came back to her saying they believed Ben hadn’t registered the doors, she was the one that benched him from the hospital for six months.

Which, according to Ben, was practically the end of his career at the hospital. He said that there was no way he could catch up with his class in six months and that it wouldn’t even matter if he came back after being away so long. So Ben probably will decide not to come back.

And his marriage is holding on by a string.

But tonight’s episode ended with a shocker. While April and Jackson were thinking and even talking about being sensible about custody and not fighting, Arizona had gone to April’s lawyer and has asked questions about stopping Callie from taking their daughter Sophia across country. Apparently Callie wants to follow Penny to New York if possible and, rather than talk to her ex, Arizona was speaking with a lawyer about legally stopping Callie.

Only by some miracle Omar later woke up and he appeared to be just fine. No brain damage or lack in his motor skills. So Bailey had been right earlier and also had to be the one to tell him what happened to his wife and infant.