Grimm Recap 2/12/16: Season 5 Episode 9 “Star-Crossed”

Grimm Recap 2/12/16: Season 5 Episode 9 "Star-Crossed"

Grimm returns to NBC tonight with a brand new Friday February 12, season 5 episode 9 called “Star-Crossed,” and we have your weekly recap and spoilers below. On tonight’s episode, an ancient and barbaric Wesen ritual claims lives in Portland; and Nick, (David Giuntoli) Hank (Russell Hornsby) and Wu (Reggie Lee) find themselves five steps behind the serial killer when Monroe goes undercover to help their investigation.

On the last episode, a secret government agency took Nick into the heart of their Portland operations center; at the same time, he and Hank investigated the possibility that a famous lake monster was responsible for the death of a tourist. Elsewhere, Rosalee’s past came back to haunt her; and Capt. Renard continued to support a candidate for mayor. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it we have you covered with a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the NBC synopsis, “a secret government agency takes Nick into the heart of their Portland operations center; at the same time, he and Hank investigate the possibility that a famous lake monster is responsible for the death of a tourist. Elsewhere, Rosalee’s past comes back to haunt her; and Capt. Renard continues to support a candidate for mayor.”

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#Grimm starts with Nick getting ready to explore down in the tunnel. He tells Adalind that they need to know they have another way out. She says be careful and he heads down. She frets. At the HQ, Trubel works the computer looking for info.

She finds a match and goes to alert Meisner. She shows him the attack that the guys staged and says a judge who sentenced Black Claw attackers to prison. She shows him a series of victims of this guy who is clearly Black Claw.

Meisner asks where he is now and she says he’s in Portland. He just got off the flight. Eve says she needs to know who he is before she can take him out. Meisner says they need to talk to Nick and the others and see where they stand.

A man drags a heavy t-shaped piece of wood into a barn type place. Nick works to break through the door down in the tunnel. Adalind calls down and asks if he got it open. She says Trubel is there and he says he’s coming up. He beats on the door but still nothing.

Trubel is holding Kelly and asks if she’s doing it right. She’s never held a baby before. Adalind says he’s not crying so she’s doing well. She hands him back to Adalind. Trubel tells Nick that Meisner wants to see all of them.

She says someone just came to Portland and he’s a dangerous Black Claw guy. She says this isn’t going away then says she has to go. She takes off. The guy in the barn digs a hole. The man he’s with woges and attacks him as he screams.

The next day some land surveyors look at the barn and go check it out. They open the doors and talk about getting coffee. They find the guy string up like a crucifixion. His eyes are missing – it looks like there are mirrors on his eyes.

The creeper, Tony, calls Rosalee and asks why she didn’t write back. She says stop contacting me. Monroe grabs the phone and says don’t contact my wife again. The guy hangs up. He asks what his problem is. Someone knocks and Monroe snaps.

Rosalee says it’s Nick. She opens up and Nick comes in and asks if they’re willing to work with Hadrian’s Wall and says they need to talk to them. They ask if he can work with Eve. Hank tells him about the barn body. Rosalee says they need to look into the group before they sign up.

Renard’s commercial plays on the TV for his Dixon endorsement. He’s in bed with Rachel and they get back to sexy time after she tells him he’d be a good political candidate too. Nick comes to the barn and Hank says it’s a crucifixion. Wu is there too.

They head inside and look at the eyes. His name is Robert Lewis and is a vagrant. They spot a circle of blood and an upside down triangle carved on the wood. Hank says that symbol is Greek and is for water and is used in occult rituals.

Hank says it’s associated with water elementals. Wu comes in and says he has more on the victim and says the guy is from NYC. Nick asks them both if they are ready to work with Hadrian’s Wall. He says it’s to fight Black Claw.

Hank says he wishes he knew more about them and Meisner. He says Trubel hurts them and Wu says they can meet. Hank says he wants to know more first. Wu goes to research the victim. Hank says maybe they chose the guy because he wouldn’t be missed.

A man comes to see a property with a realtor and they find another crucified body in the basement. The guys bring in a homeless pal of the victim’s. He says he told him that a guy was giving him $50 to do a job and $50 when it was done.

He says he didn’t see the guy and didn’t know anything about the job. Wu calls and says there’s another one with mirrored eyes and says it’s in a foreclosed building. He says the realtor found it. This body is ripe and has been there a couple of weeks.

Hank says it looks like he was gored too. There’s a different symbol carved on this cross. It’s a Celtic symbol and was used by the Druids and also has to do with water elementals. Nick says they need to hit the books.

Trubel meanwhile is with Meisner and Eve fighting Black Claw. Eve managed to get one alive. Meisner says let’s take him and go. Monroe says it looks like Fuilcre rain rituals and they tell him it’s an ox-like Wesen that cultivated land.

Rosalee says they do it to bring rain when there’s a drought. Portland is in a drought now. Monroe says the last known one was 500 years ago and says Grimms wiped out any family that did it – down to the last child.

They point out the runes on the page that were from the ceremony. Rosalee translates the ancient Irish. It’s about the blood spilling on the soil like water. It says seven sacrifices are needed. She says she spent summers in Ireland. Monroe is impressed.

They worry about their being five more murders. Nick says it’s distinctive beams and they need to see who sells it. Demitri Bolger is the other victim and he’s also been arrested for vagrancy and he’s homeless too.

Wu says he found a lumber order they might like. He says they wouldn’t give him the name of the customer then says ask for Duncan Fargo. Hank and Nick head over and he says he just can’t give out customer info over the phone.

He hands them a page and says the guy also bought other lumber. He says his name was Mark Holloway then asks them to leave him out of it. They take off. They go to Holloway’s house and find Jonathan, Mark’s son.

He says his dad is behind the barn working on the tractor. They ask Mark about the lumber purchase. They ask to see the wood and he asks what it’s about. Hank says wood like this was used in a homicide. They show him a victim’s photo and he woges.

He freaks and says Grimm then come at Nick. Hank pulls a gun on him and tells him to get down.

Hank tells him to stay down and put his hands behind his back. He says kill me, don’t hurt my family. Nick says he’s not there to kill anyone. Jonathan asks why they’re taking him away. They load him into the car. Jonathan asks what he did.

At the station, Mark says he’s never seen this but they tell him it’s the Fuilcre ritual. He asks how they know about it. He says the lumber was stolen. He says he didn’t report the lumber stolen because the cops won’t chase down $300 of wood.

Hank says he’s a Fuilcre and is in a drought and ordered the lumber used in the crimes. He says there is something and says a man came by a couple of weeks ago talking about bringing back Wesen culture and rituals.

He says it made no sense and says it was Donald Smith or Jones or something. He says the guy had short hair and looked normal for a fanatic. He says he left a flier about a meeting but threw it away. Nick sketches the Black Claw symbol and the guy says it was on the pamphlet.

Nick and Hank talk to Renard and they wonder if the crucifixions are all done or just starting. Renard says his great-great grandfather was really into rituals and that’s probably why he was burned at the stake.

Someone else is crucified and gored by the horn. It’s not Mark since he’s in jail on a 72 hour hold. Nick tells Adalind about the ritual murders. She asks if it’s a Fuilcre and says Hexenbiestes are kind of into rituals.

She says the plow represents Ursa Major and he wonders if the crucifixions will line up to meet the stars in the constellation. She gives him some more info and Nick smiles and asks who she knows these things – she smiles and says home schooling.

Meisner has the Black Claw guy and says answer questions and cooperate. The guy says the motto and Meisner says he’s going to get coffee. Eve is next. She says don’t want to talk? She says he doesn’t need his mouth and she covers it with her hand and then the skin is shut.

She does the same to his eyes. Trubel watches. Eve says speak no evil, see no evil. Trubel says she’s missing one. Eve says hear no evil and seals his ears too. Meisner comes in and asks how long will it take. She says it depends on how much info you want.

He says I want all of it. Eve sys let’s give him time alone with his thoughts. Trubel stares at the man who is stuck in silence – his sense all cut off. Wu and the guys head to another crucifixion. He says a passing train engineer called it in.

The blood is still tacky so it’s pretty recent. There’s another water rune on the cross. Nick says Mark couldn’t have done it. They wonder if they can figure out the next point in the constellation. Nick tells Monroe and Rosalee about the Black Claw meeting.

They plot out the crucifixions. Rosalee points out a graveyard and says the last star in the handle means mourning. They put the last point on the graveyard and lay out possible sites. They send out officers to look around.

Eve, Meisner and Trubel go back and she unseals the guy’s ears. She asks if he can hear and if he’d like to see her. He nods yes and she unmagics his eyes. She asks if he wants to talk and unseals his mouth. He gasps for air.

They show him the photo of the man and he says he doesn’t know his name but he knows he’s a courier. He says he delivers messages of what they want done. They ask why he’s in Portland and he says he didn’t know. Trubel asks who the message is to.

Eve woges and he’s scared and says he’ll see Lucien Petrovich and says he only stays in a place for one night. He cries and swears he’s told them everything. Meisner leaves him with Eve. Mark comes home looking for his son.

He finds the Black Claw flier on his son’s bed and freaks. He runs to the meeting site. He goes inside at a run. The guy speaking is talking about a new awakening. Monroe is there clapping along with the other brain washed idiots.

The man says we don’t have to live in the shadows. Jonathan is there cheering along. Mark steps closer and Monroe steps to the back. The guy says they will stand united and no one can stop them. Mark tells Jonathan he can’t get mixed up with these fanatics.

He drags Jonathan out and two of the men in the group follow. Nick and Hank fill Renard in on the possible killing sites. Wu comes in and says one of the sites has a body that’s been there for two weeks or so.

Monroe calls from the meeting and says it’s like a recruiting center. He says his name is Donald Jones and the guy is good and is whipping them into a frenzy. They ask if he got a pic. He sees Mark and Jonathan arguing. His son woges and says he’s not coming with him.

The two men tell Mark his son is old enough to make up his own mind. They beat on Mark and Monroe intervenes and says they’re all Wesen brothers and sisters. He talks them out of hurting Mark anymore and they go back inside.

He helps Mark up and the guy runs off. Monroe looks at Jonathan who heads back inside. Nick says the latest victim is also homeless. Hank gets a call about a three week old body. Renard says they have to do a press conference.

Nick gets a call about body number six. Hank says there’s only one left. Wu says the cemetery is still clear. Renard says let’s get out there before it happens. A man is strung to a cross as the cops race there. They flip on their lights and speed up.

The man is still alive and asks why he’s still there. The cops pull up and get out guns drawn. They tell the Fuilcre to get on the ground. He shouts the Black Claw oath and goes to gore him but they shoot him first. He says the blood shall soak the earth as he does.

It’s the lumber yard owner. The homeless guy freaks out and Wu says adrenaline causes you to see things. Hank calls for a coroner for the Wesen dude. He was at the meeting that Monroe went to. Nick says they need to write down what they can and go home.

It starts to rain. Hank and Nick swap a look. The drought is over. Nick tells him – don’t go there.