Grimm Recap 3/18/16: Season 5 Episode 13 “Silence of the Slams”

Grimm Recap 3/18/16: Season 5 Episode 13 "Silence of the Slams"

Grimm returns to NBC tonight with a brand new Friday March 18, season 5 episode 13 called “Silence of the Slams,” and we have your weekly recap and spoilers below. On tonight’s episode, an ancient Wesen warrior tradition finds its way into the modern world of Luchador wrestling thanks to a local maskmaker.

On the last episode, Nick and Monroe found trouble in Germany after discovering a treasure that had been hidden for centuries. Back home, there’s havoc in the streets of Portland as Capt. Renard, Hank and Wu attempted to stop a deadly assassin; at the same time, Eve was hunting down the same man. Meanwhile, Rosalee was tracked down by someone from her past. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it we have you covered with a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the NBC synopsis, “an ancient Wesen warrior tradition finds its way into the modern world of Luchador wrestling thanks to a local maskmaker. As Nick, Hank, Monroe and Rosalee try to put a stop to the bloodshed that is taking place, Capt. Renard mulls over an offer that could bring him closer to claiming his destiny. Meanwhile, new questions are raised as a result of Eve’s snooping around.”

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#Grimm begins with the gang looking at Monroe’s healed arm. He says he feels fine and Hank says this is not normal. Wu asks if it’s a healing stick magic wand. They go to look at the cloth and wonder if it would tell them what the stick means.

Hank says they need to protect the stick at all costs and can’t tell anyone else about it. Rosalee says that’s what the crusaders agreed to when they buried it. Nick wraps up the stick and packs it back up. A mask maker, Benito, is working on his latest creation and says it’s an Olmeca mask.

Buddy, a luchador wrestler, is there and asks for Kuwama and Benito says it’s done but he needs to take better care of it. He shows him a tear on the luchador mask and he says he can’t believe Buddy’s parents didn’t teach him Spanish. Benito wishes him luck tonight.

Buddy says he’s tired of losing to guys and Benito says being picked to be a loser is an honor. Buddy doesn’t see it that way and says he wants to wear a mask like that. He says the guys in the photos never lost and if he had a mask like that, he would never lose.

Buddy asks how much the mask is and Benito says it’s one of a kind special order and will cost half of what you earn. He says there is also a cost beyond money. Buddy is discouraged and leaves. At the luchador match, he sits getting ready for his match.

He slips his mask on and is introduced as Kawama. He gets booed as he comes out. He gets into the ring. He puts up with the jeers of the crowd. He’s fighting against Mayordomo. The crowd goes wild. The guy takes off his cape and leaps into the ring.

His outfit is like a tuxedo and he does a back flip off the corner and the crowd goes nuts. The match starts. Mayordomo pounces on him again and again and then the match is done and he wins. The guy comes back to the dressing room and rips up his luchador mask and throws it aside.

The match manager comes in and tells Buddy he made Mayordomo look great. Buddy says he’s better than him and can beat him. The manager says that’s not what he pays him for and tells Buddy he doesn’t have the pizazz required and doesn’t even speak Spanish.

A frustrated Buddy goes back to the mask shop and says he wants the good one no matter the cost. Benito tells him there is a contract he must sign in blood. He asks what the contract says and it says he’ll pay him half what he earns while he wears it.

He says when he’s done he must return it to him. Buddy can’t read the contract because it’s in Spanish. He signs and Benito says he’ll have it for him tomorrow. Buddy leaves and Benito woges and then cuts his finger and sprinkles his blood on the contract as well.

He signs it in blood and the image of a mask appears drawn in blood. Later, Benito finds a guy beating and mugging another. Benito says he wants his face. The mugger woges and says get lost. Benito woges, kills him and then slices off his face while he’s still in woge.

Back at the shop, Benito chants in Spanish while he works on the woge face mask. He calls on the blood of our ancestors and says he brings the sacred warrior power into this mask. He pours boiling fluid over it to finish the ceremony.

Nick comes home and Adalind says she just got Kelly down. He says he had to go to the precinct. Adalind asks about Germany and if he found anything. He says they found bones in a catacomb and don’t know what it was.

Adalind says she’s glad he’s home and hugs him. She offers him food and he says he’s tired. Adalind asks what happens when the hexenbiest suppressant wears off. She asks how he’d feel and he says they have Kelly to think about.

She says she’s worried he’ll throw her out or kill her. Nick says they’ll deal with it if and when it happens. He says she’s not who she used to be and they have a son together. She says sure and they go to bed. Eve wakes and think about the guy she just took down.

She goes into the security room and views the footage. She looks at Rachel glancing up at the shooter’s perch. That’s what Renard saw as well. Nick and Hank show up to the death scene of Patrick, the mugger. He was found in the alley and they see his face is gone.

Nick says it looks surgically precise and it looks like it came off in one piece. Buddy goes to see Benito and asks for the mask. Benito says he worked all night and hasn’t made one like this in years. He says it will bring him much success.

Buddy checks it and says it’s the most beautiful thing he’s ever seen. Benito asks if Buddy wants to do this. He says yes and asks to try it on. Benito hands it to him and says tell me how it feels. He puts it on and says it’s amazing. He says it feels different.

Benito says take it off. He does and says never wear it outside the ring ever. He says it accepted you and now you must respect its power. Renard is startled to see Eve in front of his car and almost runs her over. She magics the locks undone and climbs into his SUV.

He calls her Juliette and she says she knows Nick told him. He calls her Eve and says he heard she’s working with Meisner. She says they should have seen the assassination coming. Eve asks why Renard supported Dixon for Mayor and who asked him to.

He says it was his team. He says there’s more they could talk about but she says that’s all she needs for now and gets out and walks away. Hank and Nick are looking at flayed face cases. There’s one seven years ago then another 12 years ago.

They check out the victim Patrick and he had a minor criminal record. Wu says the autopsy came in and the guy was wasted but died of neurotoxic venom that’s a paralysis and says his skin was removed while he was still alive.

Nick tells Wu the missing cow ovary case had neurotoxins in the system. He says they need to talk to Rosalee and Monroe. Buddy works out then puts on the mask. He tightens it down and shivers. He pules weights on the bar and starts pumping crazy heavy loads.

He looks at himself in the mirror and is all worked up. Then he groans and falls to his knees. He pulls the mask off. He’s panting. Rosalee says it might be a Koenigschlage. They tell them someone cut off the guy’s face.

They show them photos of Patrick with and without his face. Monroe says he knows him and says he’s a Balam. He says he got in his face until he blutbaded him. Rosalee says Xipe Totec maybe. Nick is clueless. She says they were worshipped by Aztec warriors.

She says they wore skin masks to gain strength in battle. Vibore Narota. They read that the mask will transfer Wesen attributes onto the wearer of the mask.

Rosalee says she knows some Sentera practitioners in Portland. They look at the wesen so they know what they’re looking for.

At the wrestling ring, he says Kawana is gone and now he’s Tigre Feroz. The manager says that mask is a winner even if he’s a loser. They introduce him as a new luchador and he gets booed as usual. He’s fighting Mayordomo and the crowd goes wild.

The guy does his usual antics and the crowd goes nuts. Buddy growls and snarls at him and the guy is nervous. Buddy is crazy agro from the start and does all sorts of flips and flying kick attacks. Mayordomo says he’s supposed to follow his lead and Buddy says not anymore.

Mayordomo gets up and he takes him down again. He’s beating him senseless for real. The crowd is eating it up. Buddy wins it. He takes in all of the adoration as they shout Tigre! Tigre! Tigre!

In the locker room, the other wrestler rants at him. The manager comes back and says Buddy is a genius. He says he pulverized him and they love it. He says they’re still going nuts. The manager tells Buddy it was bold and Mayordomo is furious.

The manager tells Buddy he’s the headliner tomorrow night. Buddy comes to tell Benito that he did it – he won. He tells Benito he felt like he had real power. Benito says put the mask away now. He asks if he has the money and he hands over an envelope.

Benito tells him never wear the mask outside the ring. Buddy says he knows what he’s doing and Benito says he doesn’t. Buddy won’t listen and leaves. Mayordomo follows Buddy and says he screwed him over and tells Buddy he’s going to kill him in the ring tomorrow.

Mayordomo snatches his mask and calls it ugly then asks if Benito made it make him feel better. Buddy punches him and the guy says they can go right now. Buddy puts his mask on and they start fighting. He punches Buddy and tries to choke him.

Buddy takes him down for good then runs off pulling at the mask. The guy looks to be in bad shape. Back at his apartment, he wrestles the mask off his face and throws it down. Hank and Nick are at the murder scene later and are told the victim is James Vasquez and is a luchador.

The beat cop says his car was parked down the street and his gym bag is in there with his mask. They look at his mask but it doesn’t look like what they want. Buddy splashes cold water on his face and goes to look at the mask. He freaks out and puts it back on.

He thinks about what Benito told him about not wearing it outside the ring. The mask seems to cling to his face. He goes nuts and starts busting up his apartment. He groans in agony. Eve looks up Rachel Wood, the campaign chick.

She checks to see if she’s on the HW list. She is. She’s a wesen. Rachel meets Renard and she shows him a story about him killing the assassin and says the papers love him and the public does too. She says joining us is the right thing to do.

She says he needs to have a family to be a candidate and says she knows he and Adalind have a daughter. Eve is nearby listening. He wants to know how she knows. At the luchador ring, the manager says the wrestlers’ personal lives are a mess and plenty of people hate him.

He says Goyo beat his ass in the ring and Mayordomo wasn’t happy. The manager says Mayordomo isn’t supposed to lose and tonight he did in a big way. He says Goyo had a beautiful new mask and called himself El Tigre.

Hank asks who made the mask and the manager says Benito makes most of them and goes to get the address. Rosalee and Monroe call Hank and Nick and tell them the masks are incredibly powerful and you can lose your mind if you don’t follow the rules.

Buddy puts on his jacket, pulls up his hood to cover the mask and heads out. He shoves a neighbor and terrifies her then heads out of his building. He goes to Benito’s place and says it won’t come off. Benito says he warned him.

Benito says it can only be removed with a ceremony and calls him an imbecile. Buddy hears voices from the other masks telling him to stop or Benito will destroy him. Benito tells him not to listen to the masks. He and Benito fight and make lots of noise.

Nick and Hank show up and get into it. Buddy is tossing them around like rag dolls. They can’t get the mask off him and Benito tells them the ceremony degracias is the only way to save him but then he dies. They agree they can’t him to the precinct like this.

They fight to hold him down. Monroe and Rosalee debate whether the stick might be like a biblical staff or rod. The phone rings and it’s Nick. He says they have a problem. He says they have the Vibora Dorado and says he’s dead and they can’t get the mask off the guy’s face.

They tell them about the ceremony they need and says he’s too dangerous to move. Monroe says they’ll come to them. Rosalee says no tea. She has the ceremony instructions and components. She says at least they don’t need a chicken.

They bring him in and she says hold him down in the center of the circle. He’s fighting them hard. She pours the boiling solution on him and Buddy screams in pain. She says she doesn’t know if it worked or not. She says the mask should be released and go back to its natural form.

She then does a chant in Spanish. Nick says keep going it’s working. The mask writhes and bubbles. Rosalee pulls it off of Buddy and throws it aside. Nick says the guy is breathing. He comes to and asks what happened. He asks who they are and where’s Benito.

They tell him Benito is dead and he looks and sees the body and is horrified. He says it was the mask and says it wouldn’t come off. They also tell him he killed Mayordomo. He says the mask made him do it and they are still talking to him.

He says the voices are protecting him and asks if they hear the voices. The mask calls to him and he says get it away from me. The mask turns back into the guy’s human face and Monroe says it’s Patrick. Nick writes in his journal what happened at the incident.

He writes down the ceremony required and says the human mind can’t handle this and will go completely mad. Renard calls Adalind and she asks what he wants. He says he wants something she wants too. He says he knows a way they can get Diana back.