Grimm Recap 4/29/16: Season 5 Episode 19 “The Taming of the Wu”

Grimm Recap 4/29/16: Season 5 Episode 19 "The Taming of the Wu"

Grimm returns to NBC tonight with a brand new Friday April 29, season 5 episode 19 called “The Taming of the Wu,” and we have your weekly recap and spoilers below. On tonight’s episode, Wu’s (Reggie Lee) primal instincts kick in as a result of the bite he suffered, and he ends up getting entangled in an altercation that could land him in hot water.

On the last episode, when a man was found dead with all of the bones in his body seemingly liquefied and removed, Nick (David Giuntoli) and Hank (Russell Hornsby) found themselves in the middle of a gruesome family arrangement.  Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it we have you covered with a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the NBC synopsis, “Wu’s primal instincts kick in as a result of the bite he suffered, and he ends up getting entangled in an altercation that could land him in hot water. Elsewhere, following Adalind’s meeting with the mysterious Bonaparte, she faces a difficult decision that could change her and Nick’s lives forever; Hank grows closer to Zuri; and Eve senses a new force may jeopardize the entire operation.”

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#Grimm starts with Wu getting checked out for his head injury. Nick and Hank show up to check on him at the hospital. She says the MRI is clear but he needs to stay a bit longer since he has a concussion. She leaves and the guys tease him good naturedly.

He says he can’t remember what happened. He says he saw the guy come for Monroe then woke up here. Nick says the guy went after him instead and dragged him in front of the van and was going to run him over. Wu says they saved his ass.

He thanks them and they leave. Nick and Hank wonder what’s up with Wu after the fainting spell. A shady guy lurks in the hall then goes to peek into Wu’s room. He makes a call and says he’s got him. Meisner goes to a house and creeps inside.

He sees dead bodies in a bloody mess and then goes down the hall. He sees a kid’s room with drawings hung up and little girl’s clothes in the closet. He sees Brother’s Grim, book ont eh bed and a black claw symbol on the wall.

A man comes in and woges and attacks Meisner who says tell me where she is. They brawl and he’s about to kill Meisner but then Trubel is there and kills him. He says they took Diana and she grabs a hand to run fingerprints. He sees a crumpled pic of an older Diana.

Meisner says this will get ugly. Adalind holds Diana and says she missed her too then says she’s so grown up. Diana says she’s pretty then asks if she’s coming with them. Renard says she can’t yet but soon. Diana says no then her eyes glow gold.

Renard says mommy has to do a couple of things first. Renard tries to calm Diana who is working strong magic. Adalind says she needs a little more time. Diana stops destroying the place and says okay. She takes her dad’s hand and leaves with him.

Adalind is very upset and worried. Hank is with Zuri at her house after dinner helping her clean up. They flirt and she steps closer. They kiss. Renard tucks Diana into bed and she says she misses mommy. He says he knows she does and says she misses her too.

Renard says he hopes she joins them very soon and says she needs sleep. He says he loves her and tells her goodnight. He clicks the light off and she lies awake. Downstairs, Renard finds Conrad Bonaparte downstairs and he tells Renard that Adalind must make the right choice.

He says if Adalind chooses the Grimm, they have to kill her. Renard says don’t mention that to Diana. Conrad says Diana is valuable and will trust her mother and father but they must be together. Conrad says he should convince the Grimm to align with them.

Conrad says he’s part of their world and they have a place for him. He says there is no other choice. Diana calls out to Adalind and asks where she is. She’s an apparition at the foot of her bed. She calls out to her and then she finds Nick with a crying Kelly.

He asks if she’s okay and she says she panicked because he wasn’t in the crib. She comforts Kelly and lies him back in the bed. Adalind says they have to talk. He asks if there’s a problem. She says it’s a communication problem.

She shows him her magic is back. She sighs and asks if he knew. She sits beside him and says she should have told him sooner. He asks why now. She says she tried to tell him but was scared. He takes her hand and says he’d never hurt her.

He says he lost his mom at 12 then lost her again and would never do that to Kelly. Adalind says the world will never leave them alone. He kisses her and holds her hand. The nurse checks Wu’s vitals. He’s in a nightmare  and he woges. The nurse screams and runs out.

He sits up with a growl. The nurse comes back with a doctor and orderly. Wu is gone. She calls him it. The toiler flushes and he comes out of the bathroom. He says he had to use the bathroom and they all stare at the nurse like she’s crazy.

Hank wakes beside Zuri and she asks if this is okay. He says she’s wesen and he’s not and Zuri says it’s okay. She says Nick was an obstacle for her at first. He says Nick has no reason to hurt her unless she hurts him. She asks what it’s like working with a Grimm and knowing all this.

He says it’s like chasing Alice down the rabbit hole. She says she’d like to meet Nick under more normal circumstances. The weird guy lurks in the waiting room as Nick and Hank come to check on Wu. The doctor tells Wu his blood is showing a strange anomaly but he can go home.

She says check back if you feel light headed. They take Wu home with some takeout. He gobbles the food up and Wu says he’s been dreaming of red meat then says he’s had other weird dreams. He says he’s running through the woods hunting.

He says it’s very primal and he had them before he hit his head. He says maybe it’s too much time around Wesen. Nick encourages him to call Rosalee for something to sleep. They insists he stays home today and not go to work. They head out.

Adalind is on a work call and hears Adalind calling her again. She ends her call and looks around. She calls out to Diana who is outside the window as an apparition again. Diana asks where are you and says come home now. She’s gone and then Eve gets a twinge.

Eve also hears Diana calling for mommy. She sees Eve and says you’re not my mommy. Glass shatters in front of Eve. So why can Eve hear Diana? Meisner and Trubel come to Eve’s cell and says Black Claw took Diana.

She says they brought Diana here for Adalind and shows them the mirror Diana broke and says she saw her. Trubel asks how that happened and Eve says something about Juliette’s spell swap with Adalind. She says Diana has more power they can imagine.

Trubel says they have to tell Nick. Wu watches Renard on TV while he fixes a sandwich. He looks out the window and sees the creepy guy in the truck. He shuts his blinds. Wu can’t get a jar open and accidentally breaks it. His injured hand woges and then turns back.

Trubel calls Nick and says bring Hank and come now. They head out. Wu calls Rosalee and she asks how he’s feeling. He says he’s got some strange stuff going on that he can’t figure out. He asks to come by the shop. She tells Monroe.

Monroe says if it’s anything serious, they wouldn’t let him out of the hospital. Conrad is introduced to Adalind as an important client. Her boss leaves them alone. Conrad says it’s great you bring your son to work and he says he knows Kelly is his name.

Conrad says he’s an orphan and says when you lose a spouse it’s widow or widower but says there is on word for when you lose a child. Adalind asks what he wants. He says her relationship with the Grimm is unhealthy and her future is with them.

He says she has to make a decision by the end of the day. Wu goes to his car and eyes the truck with the creepy guy in it. He passes his car by and walks on down the street. The guy gets out and follows. It’s Theo Delano and Wu asks why he’s following him.

Wu says he’s going to impound the truck and the guy woges and comes at him.

Meisner, Eve and Trubel wait for Hank and Nick and tell them that Black Claw has Diana and are trying to get Adalind. Hank gets a call and says they have a body. Meisner says they have to move and Nick says do what you have to do.

Eve stops Nick and says she will keep Kelly safe if she can but says don’t trust Adalind – she may not be in control. The beat cops tell them Theo had his throat ripped out. Rosalee calls Nick and says they’re worried about Wu because he was supposed to come right over.

Nick says they haven’t seen him in a while. Nick says they’ll go check on Wu. They head to Wu’s place and find a bloody handprint on The door. He’s on the bed with blood all over him. He’s breathing. They try and wake him and he comes to.

They ask what happened and he asks what they mean. He freaks when he sees the blood on him. He goes to the bathroom and panics when he sees himself. Nick asks what happened. He says he was on the way to see Rosalee and then he doesn’t know. He says someone must have attacked him.

He says he was on the way to the car and saw something. He says it was Theo Delano in his truck outside. He says he’d arrested him before. He says he walked past his truck to see if he would follow and he did so he confronted him.

He says Theo woged and then attacked me. They ask what he was and he says skalengeck maybe. Nick says Theo is dead and the crime scene is around the corner. Wu asks if he killed him. Nick asks if he thinks he did.

Wu says he has no idea and is distressed. He asks if this is his blood on me. Nick says if he attacked you, this is self-defense. Wu asks who he died and if he shot him. Nick says his throat was ripped out. Hank says go clean up and they tell him he’s being watched and this was no accident.

Wu cleans up and comes to the crime scene to look at Theo’s body which is still on the street. He looks down and the beat cop says no one will care about this. Nick says let CSU have it. Wu tells them that’s the guy who attacked me.

He takes them to Theo’s truck and says he was there all day. Hank sees a paper with his address on it. Nick texts Trubel to see if Theo was with Black Claw. Wu says he thinks it’s more than dreams and says something is happening to me.

Zuri calls Hank to see if he can come over tonight. Conrad Bonaparte is with her and Zuri tells him that Hank will be there later. Adalind is holding Kelly and freaking out over what she needs to do. Renard calls her but it’s not him – it’s Diana channeling his voice.

She says we need an answer now. Wu tells Rosalee and the gang about his hunting dreams but says he doesn’t know what happened with Theo. He says he came at him and then it’s like he blacked out. Roalee says they can do an herb to help him remember.

Rosalee says it makes you remember the stuff your brain tries to bury. They mix a bit in some water and she says drink it fast. He worries he might have killed others. He drinks it down and she says lie down because it will knock you out.

He drops off into a sleep and Rosalee says they want him to stay asleep so he can access his memories. She says he will sleep talk. He says Theo Delano then repeats their confrontation word for word. He says he woged and came at me.

Wu says he dug his fingers into his throat and then they watch as he woges. Rosalee backs away and she says she’s never seen this before. Monroe records it. Wu says killed him, felt good. He relaxes and the woge goes away.

Monroe says that’s not wesen and Rosalee says this is bitten by a lycanthrope. She says maybe he was scratched or bitten and Monroe says that lycanthrope attacked him. Wu wakes and says he killed Theo and panics. He asks how.

Monroe shows him the video and Wu asks what am I. Rosalee ask if the lycanthrope attacked him. He says yeah. Rosalee asks if he was scratched. He says yeah. Monroe says you’re not wesen and Rosalee says it’s an emotional response like fight or flight.

Wu asks how I stop it and Rosalee says they’ll find something. Nick gets a call from Trubel who says Delano is a wesen thug. She says he joined Black Claw six months ago. Nick says he’s dead and Trubel says good. Eve comes in and grabs the phone.

She says something is happening with Adalind and says go home. Hank says they all need to watch our backs. Zuri waits for Hank who finally shows up. She kisses him and asks about his day. He says it was long and weird. She says she missed him.

Nick comes home looking for Adalind and finds her gone and Kelly gone too. She left a note and says she’s doing something she has to do and is the only thing she can do to protect her children and says she loves him and is sorry.

Most of the words disappear after he reads them until the note says “I have to protect you.”