Hawaii Five-0 Recap 1/22/16: Season 6 Episode 13 “Umia Ka Hanu”

Hawaii Five-0 Recap 1/22/16: Season 6 Episode 13 "Umia Ka Hanu"

Tonight on CBS Hawaii Five-0 continues with an all new Friday January 22, season 6 episode 13 called, “Umia Ka Hanu.” and we have your weekly recap below. On tonight’s episode, Grover (Chi McBride) travels to Chicago to finally get a confession from his old friend Clay Maxwell (Mykelti Williamson) about why he killed his own wife.

On the last episode, McGarrett’s Aunt Deb (Carol Burnett) visited Oahu on a very personal mission. Meanwhile, Five-0 investigated when some unstable Japanese World War II bombs left behind on the island were stolen. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it we have you covered with a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the CBS synopsis, “Grover travels to Chicago to finally get a confession from his old friend Clay Maxwell about why he killed his own wife. Meanwhile, Chin and Kono accidentally stumble upon two killers who hold them at gunpoint and have no idea they are cops.”

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#H50 begins in Chicago. Clay gets out at his house with a pizza and goes inside. He puts down his badge and then he’s struck from behind and injected with a syringe. Lou pulls off his mask after the attack. Lou drags Clay into a room and duck tapes his ankles.

Chin and Steve go surfing and Kono and Danny are there too. Danny calls Steve a wave hog and Chin agrees. Kono too. Chin says they need to leave and beat traffic. Steve checks traffic and says it’s gridlock and they have to go another way.

Chin says they can take the service roads. They argue and Chin challenges Steve. They bet on dinner and drinks. Steve says no speeding, no sirens. Danny says he’ll break them and then Steve runs off to his car. He hops in his window and Kono says he Bo and Luke’d it.

Lou revives Clay who asks what the hell he’s doing. Clay sees blood and says he needs to go to the ER. Lou says shut up. Lou sits down with a beer and eats his pizza. Lou tells him to confess that he killed his wife and Clay says no way.

Lou says he came for a confession and he won’t leave until he gets it. The race is on and Steve is speeding and weaving around traffic. Chin takes back roads through the fields. Danny asks why he’s breaking the rules he made.

Danny lectures him and says he’s like a child. Danny asks him to pull over. He says he has to pee and asks him to pull over. Steve calls him a child and says he’s not stopping. He hands him a bottle and Danny says no. He tells him to pee out the window.

Kono props her ankles out the window and Chin says she looks happy. Kono says she needed that today. He says they have guards looking out for Adam and he’ll be home this time next year if things go right. He tells her he’ll be fine. She says she knows.

Then she asks Chin about Abby. She says everyone at work knows they’re hooking up. He says all right. She asks what happens when Abby leaves. He says he’s not thinking about it. Lou talks his son through his algebra homework – he’s taped Clay’s mouth to keep him quiet.

Lou pulls the tape off Clay’s mouth and he tells Lou this is messed up. Lou says so is cheating on your wife and throwing her off a cliff. Lou says he can’t let go of this since his best friend put his wife in the ground. Clay says he didn’t kill Dianne.

Lou turns off his phone and tells Clay there are no cameras or recordings – just two cops talking. Clay says he needs a hobby and Lou says he’s his hobby. Lou looks at a painting then says he used to have another picture there – his wedding picture.

He asks if his GF made him take it down. Clay says it made him sad to look at it. Lou asks where LeAnn is and he says she’s out of town. He says he was hoping to see the look on her face when he confessed to killing his wife. Clay says it won’t happen.

Lou says he figured he’d say that. He goes to the garage and gets a sledgehammer. Clay flinches. Lou says he went into damage control as soon as he got back from Hawaii. He says the blue wall went up and no one would talk to him.

He says he realized he would never be able to nail him for killing his wife. Lou says he won’t let him walk for it either. Lou says he doesn’t care what he goes to jail for as long as he goes. Lou says it hit him last week – 2304 Kirkland Avenue.

Clay says he doesn’t know what that means. Lou says it’s a stash house they raided and Clay was first in the door. He says the perp drew and they dropped him. Lou says they all split up to search and Clay found two bags of $250k of cash in them.

Lou asks if he remembers. Clay says he does. Lou says the bills were sequential of the ones in the bag then the money got turned into evidence but there was a huge gap in the numbers. Lou says there was at least a bag of cash missing and no one ever found it.

Lou says he knows what happened. Lou says he squirreled one away. Clay asks why he didn’t turn him in and Lou says he was his partner and trusted him. He says now that he killed his wife, he sees things differently.

Clay asks why he’s still living in Hyde Park if he stole all that. Lou says he’s smart and has the cash hidden in the house. He says he thinks it’s in a wall. He says he helped him with a do it yourself project and he hid poker winnings in the drywall back in the day.

Lou says he remembers and says he’ll break every wall in the house if he has to. Chin and Kono stop and she says they have no GPS signal. Kono spots a car and they go to ask for directions. They get out and Chin says the engine is still warm.

They hear digging sounds and go check it out. They see a guy digging a grave. Another guy walks up on them with a gun and calls out to Jeremy and says they have help. They steal Adam’s wedding ring from around her neck and tell them to dig.

Lou keeps tearing up walls. Clay says he’s wasting his time. Clay says Lou will go to jail for this and Lou says they can go together and he gets the bottom bunk. He hears a sound and tapes Clay’s mouth then goes to check. There’s a car in the driveway.

It’s LeAnn and Lou wheels Clay into the garage and pulls the tape off his mouth. He tells him to do what he says or he’ll hurt her. Lou says crazy people don’t know how crazy they are. LeAnn looks around for Clay and he calls her on her cell phone.

He says he’s not home and he says he took a taxi. He tells her to meet him at Finn’s for a drink. She says okay and he says he loves her. She leaves and Lou ends the call. Back at Five-O, Steve and Danny look around for Kono and Chin. Steve says they won.

One of the guys tells Chin to come with him. He takes him at gunpoint to the trunk of the car. Inside is a body that’s been gunshot. Chin asks who he is and the guy says get him out. They pull him out and a badge falls out and Chin is stunned to see it’s a cop.

Chin tells the guy that his brother won’t make it in jail. Chin says he’ll get caught. He sees the blue lights in the front of Chin’s car and they grapple. Chin gets away and the guy runs after him. He stops and looks around. Chin hides behind a tree.

He swings a branch at the guy but he’s not close enough and the guy holds a gun on him. Steve is worried that Chin and Kono aren’t answering their phone. Danny says maybe it’s car trouble and they have no signal on the service road.

Danny says they can go look for them and they head out. Chin tries to reason with the older brother who tells them to keep digging and make sure there’s room enough for three. Lou keeps chopping up the walls and finds a wall safe behind a picture.

He tries a combination that doesn’t work then tries another. There’s no cash inside but there’s an engagement ring that belonged to his wife. He asks why he didn’t pawn his wife’s rings. Clay says he won’t find what he’s looking for.

Lou says he will and is going to find the cash then light a cigar and report him. Clay says he has no proof and Lou says he had a girl on the side, told her she was going to leave his wife and now his wife is dead. He says he was lying to LeAnn and wasn’t going to leave Dianne.

He says if he was going to leave his wife, he would have called him. Clay brings up Philly and Lou threatens to knock out his teeth. Clay says after all this no one will believe that he might have been right about Dianne.

LeAnn comes home and Lou grabs her even though Clay told her to run. Steve and Danny are fruitlessly looking for Chin and Kono. Steve worries they’re missing because of Gabriel and Danny says don’t think that way – be positive.

Lou ties LeAnn up and she asks what he wants. Clay says he still thinks he killed Dianne. Lou says she should have stayed at the bar. LeAnn says he’s wrong and Clay did nothing wrong. Lou tells her that he has a great life, a kid and wife he loves.

He says he has a country club membership and a pension and wouldn’t throw it all away if he had any doubt about this. Lou says he killed his wife on their anniversary. Lou says he pushed her off a cliff and watched her head crack open for her.

Lou says what will happen when he finds the next LeAnn – will he do the same to you. Lou says he’s going to let her talk to Clay alone. Clay says don’t let him get in your head then says she knows he’d never do that. She nods.

Chin and Kono are told to stop digging and get out. They drag the dead cop into the grave then tell them to turn around. Chin and Kono turn. He takes her hand. They hear three gunshots. Steve and Danny are there and shot the cop killers.

Lou continues chopping up the house and screaming. He destroys the office and then stops. He looks at a photo on the wall of Lou and him back in the day. Lou asks Clay why does he have a brand new car sitting in the Chicago winter?

He wheels Clay down the hall and says he has a junkyard car in the garage – he asks him to explain it. Clay says he’s been working on it. Lou says this car has not changed in a decade. Lou says it’s not a car – it’s a safe. He bashes the side panel of the car open and cash falls out in clumps.

Clay is furious. Lou says he told him he’d find it. LeAnn listens to Lou telling him that he knows he’ dirty. Clay says congratulations Lou. Clay offers him the money to just walk out. Clay says he can put his kids through college and still have some left over.

He tells Lou not to be stupid. Lou calls the station and talks to a guy he knows. He says he needs a couple of detectives sent to Clay’s house from internal affairs and a police union rep too. He says no rush.