Hawaii Five-0 Recap 1/8/16: Season 6 Episode 11 Winter Premiere “Kuleana”

Hawaii Five-0 Recap 1/8/16: Season 6 Episode 11 Winter Premiere "Kuleana"

Tonight on CBS Hawaii Five-0 continues with an all new Friday January 8, season 6 winter premiere called, “Kuleana.” and we have your weekly recap below. On tonight’s episode, McGarrett (Alex O’Loughlin) and Danny (Scott Caan) attend a couples retreat in Maui to work on their partnership issues.

The series covers the actions of a small special state task force in Hawaii, headed by Lt. Commander Steve McGarrett, USNR as it investigates crimes ranging from terrorism to kidnapping. McGarrett chooses as his partner Honolulu P.D. Detective Danny “Danno” Williams. He fills out the team by selecting Chin Ho Kelly, his father’s protégé, and Chin’s cousin, Kono Kalakaua, a rookie H.P.D. cop.

On the last episode, investigated when the brother of promising local boxer, Luke Nakano (Lewis Tan), was murdered and the prime suspect was Devon Haynes (Harold House Moore), the outspoken reigning champion opponent from the mainland. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it we have you covered with a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the CBS synopsis, “McGarrett and Danny attend a couples retreat in Maui to work on their partnership issues. Meanwhile, Kamakona’s dangerous past comes back to haunt him.”

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#H50 starts at a housing project back in 2003. We see Kamekona get out of an SUV. They meet with some other drug dealers and a guy sasses him and says he has buyers lining up to buy his stuff. Kamekona makes the deal and the drug dealer takes it.

Then his sidekick pulls guns on the other dealers and they tell them they’re taking the cash and drugs. Kamekona says they can work it out and then HPD busts in and arrests them all. Chin leads the charge.

They are taken out past the project kids and then Chin uncuffs Kamekona and takes off the wire he was wearing. He tells him he did good and will be out in a couple of years. Kamekona is at his food truck and his old partner in crime Levi shows up.

He just got out of jail. He says he reevaluated his life and made some changes. Levi says that’s good. Levi remarks that he never even called him and Kamekona says he’s a different person. Levi says he’s getting ready to make some moves and he says no thanks.

He says if Levi wants a legit job, he can hook him up. Levi tells him he’ll be seeing him soon and acts all menacing. Danny and Steve sit on opposite sides of a woman stuck between them on an airplane and they bicker non-stop.

The woman offers to move so they can sit together and they decline but the bickering continues. Steve says they’re sorry for being destructive and Danny says she’s a buffer from his constant criticism.

The woman says this will be the longest flight of her life. She says her name is Alissa. Steve asks why she’s going to Maui and she says she’s visiting friends. Steve says he and Danny are going to a relationship conference and it’s a brocation.

Danny says he’s trying not to kill him. At Halawa Correctional Facility, Kono goes to see Adam and tells him about Gabriel’s power play. She says he tried to kill the Triad heads at the boxing match. Kono sys she’s worried about him.

Adam says he’s fine. She says nothing about this is fine. He nods and says she’s right. He says he just Remynds himself that she’s waiting on the other side. He tells her 539 more days. She tells him she misses him.

Lou is with Chin at State Wayside Park to look at a John Doe. Max is there already and says the victim was killed execution style with a GSW to the back of the head after a brutal beating. Max says no ID yet since his fingers absorbed too much to run prints.

Chin says that’s Antone Remy, a known dealer who supplied Kamekona and his gang. They go see the big guy who tells them Levi came by the night before. He says Levi must have thought Remy ratted to the caps.

Chin says Remy turned his life around too and Kamekona says it should have been him. Chin says they need to put Levi away for this so that no one else gets hurt. He asks Kamekona to go undercover to get to Levi. He says he’s in.

Back in 1987, we see a teen Kamekona cooking for his family. They live on a beach in a park. He’s making them breakfast and his mom tells him not to be late to school. There are tents all over like a refugee camp. He skips school and instead goes to sell stuff to tourists.

A guy approaches him and asks his name – it’s Levi. He tells him to talk to him if he wants to make some real money. Now, Levi and Kamekona talk. Levi says he feels like he has no one on the outside.

Kamekona says his mom died while he was inside. He asks where they’re going and Levi says he’ll know when he sees it. Kamekona says he’s willing to help as long as they don’t end up running into Remy. Levi says no running into him.

Steve talks about all the features of the luxe hotel and Danny says it’s not spring break and they need to go to the classes. Steve says they’ll just put in a little time then slip out the back. They meet their therapist Loraine who tells them they have to surrender their cell phones.

She also gives them an itinerary for the week. Danny is annoyed to realize he signed them up for couple’s therapy and Steve says they can work with it. Kamekona pulls up where Levi telsl him to and they’re at the place Kamekona did his first deal for Levi.

His mom is broke so Kamekona kept working for him back in the day. He says Zeke has been holding onto something for him and says his PO will be all over him if he goes inside. Kamekona goes inside and the guy checks him. Kamekona freaks because he’s wearing a wire.

Zeke recognizes him and comes over and tells the guy he’s good. He asks what brings big boy back after all these years.

He gets a bag of cash from Zeke. Looks like about $50k. Levi says it’s a drop in the bucket and says he’s dead if he doesn’t come up with $300k in the next 24 hours, he’s dead. Chin, Kono and Lou talk to Kamekone and tell him Levi has an alibi for Remy’s murder.

Chin says Remy is dead and so Levi may have ordered the hit since he likes other to do his dirty work. Chin says to help Levi set up the drug deal so even if they can’t pop him for the murder they can put him away for life. He agrees.

Steve tells Loraine he misread the course description and that’s why they are there. They ask why they are still there. Loraine says the principles covered can still apply to work partners. Loraine says their relationship is fraught with serious problems.

She says it would be irresponsible to abandon them. Keren says they’re not a couple but her husband says Steve and Danny fight and don’t have sex which sounds like their marriage. She’s not happy.

Loraine has them do some affirmations about love while holding hands. Steve says this is great for them and Danny tells him he hates him. Chin and Lou talk and he says he’s worked with CIs and says he’s not sure Kamekona is up to this.

Chin says once a CI is yours, they are yours for life. Chin says Kamekona is family and they need to get Levi put away. Kono says they got Levi’s burner phone and he wasn’t near the crime scene but after TOD, he got a call from close to where the body was found.

They figure it’s the shooter calling to confirm the kill. Steve and Danny are doing a three legged walk around the room while Loraine encourages them. Steve has Danny take a dive so he can steal his phone and text sexy Alissa from the plane.

He texts her then comes back with ice for Danny’s ankle and says it actually looks bad. Loraine says that’s the kind of partner you want by your side in a crisis. Levi and Kamekona sit listening to the ocean and Levi says it’s a sound he misses.

Kamekona says he wants some details about the buy and he tells him the harbor. He asks who’s the buyer and he says a guy on the inside he wouldn’t know. Levi says Kamekona should trust him and he says he does.

Levi says he won’t make the same mistake dealing with rats like Remy. He says you can only depend on your family. We see Kamekona and his brother come to the house – Chin is there with cops tearing up the house.

He shows him a pic of Colby Jefferson and says they know the kid was dealing for him and now he’s missing. Kamekona says get the hell out of my mom’s house. Chin says Levi is dangerous and he needs to see this as an opportunity to cut Levi loose.

Kamekona says he doesn’t roll on family. Chin says tear the place apart. The team goes to take down Levi and don’t find him. Steve creeps into the room late and wakes Danny being noisy. He’s drunk. Danny tells him that he’s ruined his weekend.

Steve tells Danny he’s a black hole of negativity and Danny says he crippled him to go after that girl. Steve says they can’t go to bed arguing and apologizes. Danny asks if he’s that negative btu Steve has passed out.

Levi gets a text and slams the brakes on the SUV and tells Kamekona they have to make sure they’re not being followed. Lou tells Kono to drive past them without stopping. They do and Levi goes another way. He says they have to go to the seller.

He tells Kamekona to trust him. Back in the day, Chin tells Kamekona they’re going to book his brother – turns out he was selling for Levi too. Kamekona says he’s going down for 20 years if he doesn’t give up Levi. He says to tell them.

His brother says he’s no snitch. Kamekona says release his brother and he’ll give them Levi. That’s how he became a CI. At therapy, Keren says her husband isn’t present and he says she’s too busy. He says they don’t get enough sex.

Loraine asks Danny to speak up. He says it’s stupid and he wants to take a nap. Danny says his folks were married 40 years and fought. Loraine says it’s about him. Danny says he doesn’t know why we need to over analyze our lives and relationships.

He tells them they’re poking at each other like open wounds and are going to say something they can’t take back then they’re going to end up alone in a one bedroom apartment ordering pizza. Loraine sighs and Steve says he feels like they’ve made some progress.

Kono tries to catch up to Levi. Chin says they’re pulling into a hotel. They’re tracking GPS. Lou wonders why Levi called for a last minute change. Kamekona’s brother is in the hotel room and he and Levi both pull guns on Kamekona.

He asks Kanoa what he’s doing and his brother says it’s just business. Levi says he and Kanoa launched a business while Kamekona was slinging shaved ice. He says he let him know that it was Kamekona who snitched him out.

He asks why he took out Remy and Levi says he disrespected them. Kamekona says he’s using him to put together quick cash. Levi says he’s not going to kill him. He says Kanoa is and Kamekona’s brother takes aim at him.

He says he still doesn’t see Levi for who he was and had him run drugs as a kid and do Remy so he didn’t have to and now he’s going to kill his own blood for him. Kanoa says he’s been dead to him for a long time and this will make it official.

The team is in the building. Kamekona says go ahead and calls him baby brother and says he still loves him. Kanoa puts down the gun but Levi pulls his back out. Kanoa shoots Levi just as the others bust in.

Kono checks and says Levi is dead. Kamekona thinks back to how much he loved his little brother growing up. Now he’s in cuffs. Back in the day, we see Chin telling Kamekona he’ll be out in two years and says second chances for guys like him are pretty rare.

Chin asks what he’ll make of his second chance and thinks there’s nothing he can’t do. He gives him a copy of the book Think and Grow Rich. Kamekona tells him shaved ice – big margins. Chin says he’ll be his first customer.

Now, Danny sits by the pool eating and Steve sits by him and calls him good looking. Steve says he blew off Alissa to hang with him. Danny says his ex wanted him to see a marriage counselor but he wouldn’t and it fell apart.

Danny says therapy probably wouldn’t have saved them but she was willing to try and save his family and he wasn’t and it sticks with him. Steve says he moved to Hawaii for Gracie and says he’s committed to her.

Danny says things maybe would have been different. Steve says there are worst places to end up after a failed marriage. Danny says their dysfunctional relationship brought them here and Steve eats the other half of his burger. He says the $25 burger is amazing.

Adam gets a visit from Gabriel. He’s stunned. Gabriel tells him he has people outside his house right now and if he doesn’t call in 10 minutes, she’s dead. Adam asks what he wants.