Heartbeat Premiere Recap 3/22/16: Season 1 Episode 1 “Pilot”

Heartbeat Premiere Recap 3/22/16: Season 1 Episode 1 "Pilot"

Tonight on NBC  Heartbeat airs with an all new Tuesday March 22, season 1 episode 1 called, “Pilot,” and we have your weekly recap below. On tonight’s episode in the premiere, heart-transplant surgeon Alexandra Panttiere, (Melissa George) who’s as unorthodox in the OR as she is with the two men in her life, takes on a new case.

“Heartbeat” is a character-driven medical series that follows the professional and personal life of world-renowned heart transplant surgeon Dr. Alex Panttiere (Melissa George, “The Slap”). There is nothing conventional about Dr. Panttiere, who is as cutting edge and unorthodox in the OR as she is with the two men in her life.

Her approach to medicine is without boundaries, as is her approach to everything else in her world. Between Dr. Panttiere’s hectic hospital life where she is caught between two brilliant but stubborn surgeons (Dave Annable and Don Hany) and her household of two kids and a gay rock star ex-husband (Joshua Leonard), Alex is constantly striving to overcome numerous daily obstacles and be the best mother and doctor possible.

On tonight’s episode as per the NBC synopsis, “when a new patient is in desperate need of a heart transplant, we are introduced to the life of world-renowned heart transplant surgeon Dr. Alexandra Panttiere (Melissa George). There is nothing conventional about Alex. She is as cutting edge and unorthodox in the OR as she is with the two men in her life. Her approach to medicine is without boundaries, as is her approach to everything else in her world, which is always full of surprises.”

Tonight’s season 1 premiere is going to be exciting. We’ll be blogging it right here for you. In the meantime hit up the comments section and tell us your thoughts on what you expect from this new show!

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#Hearbeat starts with an airline flight with Alex looking for her seat. A guy refuses to get out of her seat. She tells him he’s putting on too much salt and she needs to practice her speech. A kid is kicking her seat. She scares the kid and then someone asks for a doctor in first class.

She’s in coach because of the drama with the guy. And of course, it’s the jerk that was in her seat. She makes a scalpel from an Amex black card and goes impromptu heart surgery on the plane. She’s introduced as the Chief Innovation Officer and has to come out in a flight attendant uniform.

Her blouse was bloody. Alex blow dries her dog and her ex shows up to take the kids to school. He asks for money and tells her how to change her outfit. Pierce comes in and grabs Alex up and kisses her then says Dr Shane came into the OR last night.

She runs out and the guys laugh that she thinks the kids have school since it’s Saturday. Alex checks on her patient Freida and lectures the interns following her. She says she gave her one of the first artificial kidneys and tells her patient she can go home.

Alex takes the interns around and says she has a lot of different patients. She drags them around and then gives orders, changes, and heads out. Callahan remarks her on her tight skirt. She says she has to talk to her boss and sends the others away but keeps Marty as her new sidekick.

She hears that another patient’s family decided to donate her organs. She goes in to talk to Deanna Munroe and says the lady was declared brain dead. The patient and her sister are thrilled. Alex says they have a heart and the sisters hug.

We see 12 years ago, Dr Shane caught a glimpse of Alex who lies and says she’s the intern he’s looking for named Millicent. He asks her about her father and she lies and says good. He remarks on her losing her accent.

He pulls out a heart and hands it to her. She’s thrilled. He says the heart only knows how to beat. Millicent shows up late and Shane glares at her. After, Shane asks who she is and says she’s married to the guy on his shirt Max Elliot.

She admits they’re getting divorced. She says he wrote the song he likes for the guy he left her for. Shane says he would have done what she did today. He says don’t pretend to be someone else next time – just come into the OR.

Now, Alex runs up to take over a tour for Millicent. The men ask her what she likes to do in her spare time. She says she likes long walks on the beach and the sound of cracking a chest open. She says Japan is whooping their asses in bio-engineering and she’s going there next week.

She knows all about them and says she has a better investment for them – lives – and says it’s high risk high reward if they have the balls. Callahan comes looking for lab results and insults an Asian nurse so she does a really thick Korean accent.

Alex talks to her and the woman has no accent. She says they’re ready to pull the heart. Gi Sung says it’s Saturday and asks if Callahan can assist. Dr Shane calls out to her and says it’s been a while. Millicent is there with him and she says she has a transplant.

He says her patient isn’t getting the heart. He says the hedge fund guys gave $150 million and his dad needs a heart transplant. She’s furious and says Millicent did this. She says Millicent has been a pain in her ass. She says her patient is dying and she wants the heart.

Shane says he just put it on a plane to New York so she better figure something out. Marty runs after her. She tells Pierce that Jessie stole her heart. He kisses her and says she’ll find one then says her mom called and wants to go to the benefit.

Pierce says she asked her to dinner and Alex says her mom loves him. Pierce talks about them getting closer and she says all the sex he wants and no ring on her finger. He doesn’t like that but has to leave for surgery.

Alex comes back to see the sisters and Alex sees a guy on the roof across the street. She asks if her ex visited her before. It looks like he might be on the roof. Alex goes up there to talk to Thomas, Deanna’s BF. Dr Hackett, the shrink, comes out but Thomas says he wants to talk to Alex.

He says he can be the donor and throws her a note to let her have his heart. Alex tries to talk sense to him. She says if he jumps the impact will crush his organs and she can’t do the transplant. He says she’s right. He shoots himself instead.

Alex says we’ve got a donor. Millicent isn’t going to let her have the heart but Alex rages and says it was a directed donation. Millicent says she won’t release the heart until it’s cleared by legal to make sure Thomas’ family doesn’t sue them.

Millicent says she thinks Alex saw Thomas as a donor and says she hopes others don’t think that. Alex goes to tell her about Thomas and the other heart. Max is there cooking and Alex asks if he can keep the boys tonight because she has another surgery.

Alex wants to call the doc about Gabe but Max says let him adjust to the new meds. He says Bryan wants to move in with him and she says she likes Bryan. He says they may rent Pierce’s beach house. She says no and he says Pierce has been in her bed and is a great guy.

He asks about Shane and she says she doesn’t want to talk about it. She kisses the boys and then goes to lurk outside Millicent’s office til she gets the heart. Callahan stares then sits across from her. He says he’s thinking about asking out Gi Sung. He says he bets she gives a great massage.

She and Pierce play basketball while she waits. She says Millicent was right that she saw him as a donor. Pierce says he would have done the same thing. He says she needs to open up so they can move forward and says he wants to move in.

He asks if it’s about his ex. She says no. She says it was a mistake him cheating with his ex-GF. She kisses him and then her phone buzzes. Deanna is in distress. Her sister freaks out. She stops breathing and Alex tries to bring her back.

Alex gets a pulse and says get her the heart. She tells Callahan to bag her. Shane asks what she’s doing and she says she’s doing a heterotopic transplant. Shane says only four doctors in the world can do this and she says she’ll be five.

Years ago, Shane is operating with her. He says talk me through it when she freezes up. She tells him the steps. It’s working. The transplant is done and Shane says next time do better. She says he has no capacity for empathy and he almost let her kill the guy.

He says she has a shot of making it and that’s why he pushed. He walks out and she whispers look back. He doesn’t. Now, Shane tells Alex to slow up and she says they don’t have the time to wait on the committee. He says he’s chief of surgery and won’t let her do it.

She says she’s a chief too and doesn’t need his approval. She tells Marty to go tell Maggie, the sister, that the surgery will take eight hours. She tells him to explain the procedure. She says Thomas’ heart will teach her heart to remember and she’ll have two heartbeats.

Callahan flirts with Gi and says he wants her while they’re in surgery. The heart is frozen. She pulls out a blow dryer and then does the procedure. Shane scrubs in and stands by. There’s a size discrepancy she has to figure out. She freezes.

Callahan tells her she’s got this. Shane steps up and asks her to show him how it’s done. She explains it to him and it gets her focused. She panics and says the piggyback isn’t working. He says she did it right and sometimes things don’t work out.

She has an idea and says she needs to restart the donor heart. She stimulates Thomas’ heart and says they just need time and have to figure out how to beat together. She says Deanna won’t survive another transplant.

Millicent talks to Alex about doing a surgery that the privileging committee hasn’t approved and says she’s done too far. Millicent says she’ll make her look good if it works out. She says if her patient dies, she’ll be fired on the spot.

Millicent says she was like this when they were interns. She says if her patient dies from an unapproved procedure, she won’t work again and she won’t be able to protect her. Alex comes to check on Deanna before the fundraiser.

Only one of the hearts is beating. Pierce says George Clooney showed up so her mom is going to kill him. Pierce says he’s not afraid of commitment and will always be there for her and her boys. She tells him she loves him and he says that’s why he sticks around.

Pierce says he doesn’t like the way she was looking at Shane today. He walks away but then comes back to kiss her. Alex hears beeping and runs into Deanna’s room – both hearts are beating. She wakes her sister and says look at this.

She shows her that the two hearts are beating together. She tells Gi to wean her off the VAD. Alex tells Millicent she did this and asks if she can borrow Millicent’s dress for Jimmy Fallon. Millicent says if they were friends she would give it to her.

Alex says she doesn’t have many friends then says her little sister was her BFF. Millicent says she remembers when she was in the hospital and how sweet she was. She asks a waiter where George Clooney is sitting and Shane tells her.

Shane mentions it might be awkward for them to work together. She asks why he came back and he says he couldn’t turn down the offer. She stares at him then goes to make her speech.