How to Get Away With Murder Premiere Recap 9/22/16: Season 3 Episode 1 “We’re Good People Now”

How to Get Away With Murder Premiere Recap 9/22/16: Season 3 Episode 1 "We're Good People Now"

Tonight on ABC their hit drama How To Get Away With Murder (HTGAWM) premieres with an all-new Thursday, September 22, 2016, episode and we have you How To Get Away With Murder recap below!  On tonight’s HTGAWM season 3 premiere,  the “Keating 5” begin their second year of law school with perhaps more baggage than they can handle.

Did you watch the How To Get Away With Murder season 2 finale where Annalise (Viola Davis) was feeling the pressure from the chaos surrounding her and was desperate to put it behind her?  If you missed it we have a full and detailed How To Get Away With Murder recap, right here!

On tonight’s How To Get Away With Murder Season 3 premiere as per the ABC synopsis, “With Wallace Mahoney’s murder unsolved and Frank’s whereabouts unknown, the “Keating 5″ struggle to move on with their lives as they enter into their second year of law school. Meanwhile, Annalise’s reputation at Middleton University is on the line, so she creates a criminal law clinic where the students will compete to try their own pro bono cases.”

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Wes had been interviewed by the police following what happened with his biological father however there wasn’t much he could tell them and he hadn’t bothered with the truth. Wes had simply told them that he was asking for directions because he was lost and didn’t know his way around the city. But the truth had been that Frank had set him up. Frank had apparently told Wes that Annalise had asked him to drive him to meet his father and so Wes had gone along with it because he thought Annalise had wanted to help him find closure.

So it wasn’t until Wes’s father had been shot right in front of him that he realized Frank had set him up. Wes hadn’t been able to run after Wallace Mahoney had been shot because the driver had seen him and he would have looked guilty if he ran. However, Wes still had enough trust in Annalise to call her for a ride after the police had let him. And so Wes had heard from Annalise directly that she hadn’t played any part in what happened to Wallace. Annalise had said that Frank did it for her yet it couldn’t make up for what he did.

Annalise had told Wes that Wallace had hurt her too and that Frank had known about it though chose not to say anything in order to protect her. So Annalise had driven Wes to the side of the road and she told him to get out. Annalise had wanted to shout out all her anger and she asked Wes to join her because he had been hurt too. Yet, despite what they had gone through with Frank and Wallace Mahoney, they both acted as if nothing could be four months later when Annalise began her Criminal Law Clinic at the university.

Annalise had made sure that the Keating Five got into her clinic regardless of their actual grades so her favoritism had caused some issues with the other students. But everyone was pretty much trying ignore the favoritism moniker as well as the fact their grades actually hadn’t been strong enough to get them into the clinic off of their own merits. So they were all still pretending like everything was fine until Annalise pulled down the blackboard and saw that someone had pinned her picture to the board. With the word murderer written on it.

Though Annalise had made a joke about that. Annalise had said that whoever put that picture up must be one of the students she rejected for her clinic so she had managed to downplay what happened, but the Keating Five had been left jittery by what they saw. So they had asked Annalise about it once class was over and she had downplayed it again when it was just them. She said no one had anything definitive and that meant they could ignore that along with everything else. And they would have ignored it if that murderer photo on the blackboard had been the only one.

There had later been several photos in the courtyard and that had spooked some of the guys if not Annalise or Wes. But Annalise and Wes were preparing for their first pro bono case from the clinic. The clinic was designed as a teaching opportunity where the students could get some real-life experience defending pro bono cases. So Wes had been promoted to first chair because he had come up with the best defense and some new guy named Drake had been promoted to second chair because no one else had come close to defending a man that was about to be deported.

The client’s name was Karim Assaf and the Immigration Court wanted to deport him to Iraq because he had been found with enough pot in his car that made it seem as if he had the intention to sell. So Annalise and Wes had a tough time on their hands stopping the deportation yet Laurel did find something that could help them. Laurel had found out that the weed had been Karim’s daughter and that he hadn’t found out his daughter was dealing until he had been found with her stash. And so Laurel thought they could throw Karim’s daughter under the bus to keep him here in the states.

Annalise however, didn’t want to do that because she knew Karim would rather be deported than risk getting his daughter deported. His daughter has been in the states since she was six and so going back to Iraq would be a culture shock for her. Yet, without the daughter, all the defense had was character testimonies from friends and family. So no one was sure if that was going to be enough least of all Annalise who didn’t think they could win a trial in the Immigration Court so naturally Michaela just had to prove them all wrong.

Michaela and Asher had still been doing the dirty deed when she saw all the ideas that he had come up with to defend Karim and decided to follow up on one of them in particular. Asher had apparently thought Karim’s court appointed attorney had failed him and it turns out he had been right. Karim’s first attorney hadn’t told him that confessing to such offence could get him deported. So Michaela had brought a recording of the lawyer admitting to that to court and gave it to Annalise.

So Annalise had taken that recording and had made a deal with the ADA. Annalise got the ADA to bump Karim’s charges down to a misdemeanor and so Karim didn’t technically have to face deportation anymore, but the judge had to sign off on that and unfortunately that’s where they ran into a problem. The judge had asked Karim why he had confessed to distribution, to begin with if he had been innocent and he said it did because he had thought it would save him from deportation. However, lying on the stand had made the judge question all the testimonials she heard and so she deported him anyways.

But Annalise hadn’t gotten upset by what the judge did because she said that they could take their anger from Karim’s case and channel it elsewhere. So Annalise was quick with moving on though she had had to tell Connor something she knew he wouldn’t want to hear. Annalise told Connor that she was hiring Oliver. She said Oliver had the ability to hack into her computer and she also mentioned that Oliver had already rerouted Connor’s acceptance letter into Stanford because he wanted to stay on in the city and work for Annalise.

So Connor had understood where Annalise was coming from when she hired Oliver behind his back. Though he had felt a little guilty because he thought he had pushed Oliver into wanting to be part of Annalise’s world so he had gone home to Oliver ready to apologize however Oliver didn’t want Connor’s apology. He said that Connor should be angry at him and the fact he wasn’t had made Oliver reconsider their relationship. And so Oliver broke up with Connor because he realized how much they’ve both changed.

The boys though weren’t the only ones that changed. Wes was now dating some girl named Meggy and so Laurel was trying to recover from that. However, Annalise had been the one that changed the most. Annalise had made everyone on her team choose between Frank and her and they all chose her over Frank. Even Laurel who was still a little heartbroken. So that should have been the end of it yet Annalise has been looking for Frank since he disappeared and she hired someone to kill him.

And unfortunately, she had procrastinated too long on giving the final order because Frank had found the guy she sent after him and he had killed him. Yet, while the lengths that Annalise was now prepared go to was shocking, it seems desperation was finally kicking in. Annalise had apparently been asked to give up her class because of the scandal. So she had come up with the clinic as a last resort to cleaning up her image and she had hoped that by doing some good she wouldn’t be fired by the University.

But months into the future, tonight’s sneak peek told us that someone on her team dies.