iZombie Recap 2/2/16: Season 2 Episode 11 “Fifty Shades of Grey Matter”

iZombie Recap 2/2/16: Season 2 Episode 11 "Fifty Shades of Grey Matter"

Tonight on the CW iZombie airs with an all new Tuesday February 2, season 2 episode 11 called “Fifty Shades of Grey Matter” and we have your weekly recap and spoilers below. On tonight’s episode, Liv (Rose McIver) and Clive (Malcolm Goodwin) investigate the murder of a young librarian who was secretly an erotic fiction writer.

On the last episode, Liv (Rose McIver) was crushed to discover that the lead actor on her favorite show, “Zombie High” had been murdered on set. Meanwhile, Vaughn (guest star Steven Weber) tests Major’s (Robert Buckley) loyalty, and Ravi (Rahul Kohli) delivered bad news. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the CW synopsis, “things become interesting for Liv (Rose McIver) when she and Clive (Malcolm Goodwin) investigate the murder of a young librarian, who was also secretly an erotic fiction writer. Meanwhile, things heat up between Blaine (David Anders) and someone quite unexpected. Lastly, Major (Robert Buckley) is hit with an unforeseen snag in his plan.”

Tune in tonight to catch the season 2 episode 11 of iZombie on CW – we’ll be right here recapping it for you live! While you wait for the recap, check out a sneak peek of tonight’s episode below!

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#iZombie starts with Grace coughing and sniffling. She’s a librarian. Another librarian comes over and kicks him out. She says the guy watches snuff films on library computers. Grace tells her she’s sick and wants to leave early. The other one is annoyed but sends her on.

Grace chases the guy off and says he was trying to tip the shelves on her. Grace starts spitting up what looks like chunks of something and then collapses. She dies, and Ravi says she was the victim of hemlock poisoning. Clive is there, and Liv says it makes no sense.

Liv says Ravi figured it out and is desperate for an attaboy. Clive grudgingly gives him one. Clive ass about hemlock and Ravi says it can be slipped into a salad or anything. Andy is the husband, and Clive asks Liv to come along when he tells him she was poisoned.

Liv mixes up a crunchy brain dinner and dives in. Mouth watches the front door of Mr Boss’s place. The guy says their stash house was raided. They tell him there is three of them, and he takes them all on after refusing to let them in to see the boss.

The guy goes full zombie and kicks all their asses. Then he calms down. He goes to see Blaine and says he Boss’s guys figured out there’s a rat, and he’s going to get killed. Blaine says Boss is on the ropes, and they can’t let up. He says all that was Boss’s will soon be his.

Liv and Clive go see the hubby of the dead librarian. Liv says she thinks this news will destroy him. The guy who answers the door is covered in tats and says he’s Todd, Andy’s home health aide. Andy comes in – he’s in a wheelchair. He asks what’s going on.

Clive tells him that someone poisoned his wife. Andy starts to freak. He talks to them, and Clive says it’s water hemlock that killed her – and says it’s a green leafy plant. Liv checks out a photo of them and asks how he ended up in the chair. He’s a firefighter, and it was a work injury.

Andy says Muriel, the other librarian, hated her. Todd, the aide, gestures to Liv and she comes over to him. Todd kisses her. Then he kisses her neck. She starts making out with him. She was just daydreaming. Andy says Grace just sold a novel and was going to quit the library.

He says the book comes out in two weeks and says it was a romance novel. They go see Muriel, who is shocked and says she tried to be friendly to Andy. She says Grace used work time inappropriately to work on her book. Muriel says she’s a writer too and would never do that.

Then Muriel tells them that Grace was not writing a romance novel but a dirty book. Kristen Bell is the voice of the book on digital that Muriel lets them listen to. It’s a dirty book. Liv runs her hand down Clive’s back.

Ravi is leaning over his desk when Liz comes in, and checks out his butt then slaps it. She says she’s been bad and sticks out her booty for him to smack. She says Grace wrote erotica and can barely keep it in her pants. He says to think about baseball.

He says take your list elsewhere. Then Drake shows up, and Liv says – God help me. She calls him babe and tells him it’s her brain. He says he needs some zombie to zombie advice. He says there was a fight last night, and he threw someone across the parking lot.

Ravi asks for a blood sample, and he agrees. Liv says she’ll take it then says it’s full-on zombie mode. She says acute stress causes it, and it’s a zombie thing you can’t control. He says Blaine has him doing odd jobs for brains.

He asks if she could help him and she says she doesn’t know him but would like to. Drake says just say when. He’s totally into it. Dale complains to Clive about there being no k-cups left, and they talk about John Deaux possibly being Blaine.

He says John Deaux didn’t exist until a year ago. They wonder who’s protecting the guy, and she says they can use FBI resources to go after him then says victory sex later. She says high fives then leads him hanging. She tells him they’re turning on the dog’s tracker tonight.

She says it will lead them to the Chaos Killer. Major drops Minor off at the kennel for dogsitting. Liv is with Peyton talking about her date with Drake. She tells her she’s sorry that the erotica novelist brain is getting to her. She looks up the book online and can’t find it by Grace’s name.

Then she finds another name Emanuelle LeFevre. She reads some to Peyton then gets a memory flash of Andy telling her to change into something that won’t make his friends want to nail her. He was standing in her flashback.

Liv goes to tell Clive that Andy is super-possessive. She says he slut shamed his wife. Clive says the guy was paralyzed when he ran back into the house to save a six-year-old. She also says the name on the book changed. Andy is surprised.

He says she was worried about her name being on the book in case they ever had kids. Liv asks if he thinks Grace was writing about her own fantasies. They go look around outside and don’t see any hemlock and then they see a flight attendant getting out of a cab nearby.

Clive says her name is Alyssa. Liv asks if she knew the book was about a sexy flight attendant. Alyssa’s husband comes out, and she gives them a hinky look. Clive hands over her card and says if you think of anything, don’t hesitate to call then says maybe they’ll stop back by.

She takes the card. Major wonders why people would bury license plates and tells Ravi he’s been digging but found nothing but license plates. Liv asks Ravi and Major if they’re ever oiled up and wrestled. She gets flirty. Clive shows up and asks Liv to come along.

Liv says if they wrestle, film it. Clive says Dale texted and says they’re looking into the GPS thing. Liv checks out Clive as he leaves. Ravi asks about the GPS thing. Liv tells him, and Major looks worried. He says he has to go dig and takes off.

He slurps back a can of Max Rager and puts up his hood then takes off. Dale and Clive are stuck in traffic when Major runs past at top speed. They get a read on the GPS tracker, but traffic is still an issue. Major does Parkour all the way through downtown.

He makes it to the dog place and says he needs his dog now, but the groomer says he’s not ready. He says Minor is stolen and says he stole him from a guy he was training and says it was a cop that beat him. He says, please give him Minor and don’t tell them he was there.

He begs her and says this guy is a monster. Dale and Clive show up and spot a dog place. Major picks up the dog and takes off. Clive spots a leash tag. Dale says the guy didn’t spring for a microchip. It’s in a dongle.

Major tells Minor he’s going to be famous and says everyone is looking for him. He pets the dog and says tomorrow he’ll have a great home and a couple of kids. Major says he’s going to miss him. He leaves Minor on the bus.

The sexy flight attendant shows up at the PD. All the men scope her out. Alyssa thanks Clive for letting her talk to him there. She sys Grace’s book is about her and says Grace has gone without sex for five years. She says Grace showed her the book, and she refused to sign a release.

She says she got a call from Lerna Stern, her editor, saying they changed it enough to make it not need her release. Then she says she can’t believe Grace would accept a pen name change. He asks for Lerna’s number and Clive calls.

The editor says Grace sent her a manuscript from a friend of hers about a hemlock poisoning. Clive asks if it was Muriel and she says yes. Blaine meets with Peyton to talk about Boss’s network again. The mayor sent a free bottle of booze.

Blaine says it’s quality stuff, and Peyton tells him she couldn’t have done this without him. She suggests a drink. Drake and Liz meet for drinks at her place. He tells her about the time he got busted in a foreign country.

He says someone picked their pockets. He says he stole a Pedi cab, gave tourists rides and earned the money. He says he was arrested for operating it without a license. He says she asked if he’d been arrested and she says no, she asks if he’d been handcuffed.

She straddles him then says she gave him some horny librarian brain. She says she hadn’t been laid in years, and he says he would have done it no matter what. Liv tries to slow it down. She says if they are still interested when the brain wears off, they can pick up then.

She says we can’t do it now. He kisses her on the forehead, and she’s struggling. Blaine and Peyton sit drinking and she talks about how when she gets drunk, she goes Southern. He says he goes drunk cockney and does his drunk accent.

Peyton slides closer to him and then asks about his hair. She asks how much product is in there. He says a dollop of pomade and he’s out the door. She says it looks like it takes serious time. He says they can’t all look like they were created in a lab by 14-year-old boys.

They start making out. She moans and lets him continue. Clive and Liv take a warrant to Muriel’s house with beat cops to search for the hemlock. They have photos of the plant. Muriel is stunned, and Clive says she neglected to mention she used hemlock in her book.

They call them around back where there is a garden. She says she doesn’t grow hemlock. Clive reads a passage from the book and Liv has a flash. She sees Andy and Grace talking about the book and Grace not wanting to send her book to Lerna.

Another cop finds a burned copy of the book in her fireplace. She had marked it up with snide comments. Liv says Grace didn’t want to send the book to the editor and thinks Andy sent the book. The pen name request was also from an email he set up.

They also tell him that Todd took the window planter with the hemlock and gave it to another client. Andy says he likes to be seen as a hero and says when they book was published, they were going to see him as the guy who couldn’t give it to his wife.

He says he begged her not to publish, but she didn’t care. They ask him to write out his statement. Clive tells Dale someone found the missing dog on the bus. She says she found Blaine’s record and she says that name is an alias too.

She says Julian DeWeed is also Julian DuPont. Clive says that’s the guy Major claimed attacked him. She says Blaine’s real last name is McDonough, and Angus McDonough was one of the Chaos Killer’s victims.

She says Blaine has an outstanding warrant for possession with intent to sell. She says they can put him in jail for a few years then figure out the rest later. Clive and Dale bring Blaine in and have him bolted to a table.

Dale says it’s unlikely the calls to would-be customers for his funeral home that were killed by the Chaos Killer. Then they ask about Angus and why he didn’t mention his dad was one of the victims. He says he didn’t know and says he and his dad didn’t talk a lot.

They show him a sketch and asks if he was there the night of the Meat Cute massacre. He says his name was written in blood on the wall. Clive says it’s no coincidence. Blaine asks if they’ve met. He says he came by after the delivery kid went missing.

He asks where Dale lives and says it’s tough to find a good neighborhood when you’re new in town. He says maybe Ballard and Clive says watch it. Dale snaps and says his drug charge has a 10-year max. Then Peyton comes in and says cut him loose.

She says the warrant is void, and he has immunity for cooperating in a case. Clive is furious. He and Peyton step out with Dale. Clive asks what the hell is this. She says the four-year-old drug charge is meaningless. Dale says he’s the Chaos Killer.

She says one of the victims was his dad, and he might be the culprit at the Meat Cute massacre. He says the detective killed that night wrote Blaine’s name on the wall in blood. Peyton says unless you have enough to book him for those crimes, turn him loose.

Clive says what happens next is on you. They go in and break the news to Blaine and cut him loose. Peyton looks worried. Peyton comes to see Liv and shows her a pic of Blaine then asks if she knows who this is. She tells her to come inside.

She tells Peyton that Blaine is dangerous, and Peyton says he’s the one who is her top witness against Mr Boss. Liv reads off a roster of his crimes and says he turned her into a zombie, blew up Tyler, almost killed Major and more.

Peyton tells her she slept with him and had no idea. Liv holds her while she cries. Ravi comes home calling for Minor and says he found some bones. Major says Minor is gone. He asks where. Major says he saw a missing dog flyer, and they picked him up.

Ravi says they must have been thrilled and that he wishes he could have said goodbye. Major says he’s sorry, but they got there fast. Peyton tells Liv she’s going to go home and take a Silkwood shower. She insists she’s okay.

Liv hugs her again. Peyton says you sleep with someone and you think you know them, but they could be anybody. She leaves. Liv goes back to her room where Drake lies sleeping naked in her bed. He asks if everything is okay.