Kate Middleton Pregnant Baby News: Prince William To Be Stay At Home Dad?

Kate Middleton Pregnant Baby News: Prince William To Be Stay At Home Dad?

Kate Middleton is reported to be pregnant again but this time with twin girls. An interesting twist has come about! Prince William is shirking Royal responsibilities and slacking off duties as a part-time air ambulance pilot because the Duke of Cambridge plans on being a stay-at-home dad!

Prince William has an overwhelming desire to be home with Prince George and Princess Charlotte, and any other Royal baby that comes along? Can you imagine the future King making breakfast for the wee ones?

Other daily duties might include packing George’s lunch and getting him off to nursery school. Later the Duke of Cambridge would change Charlotte’s diaper and perhaps it’s time for the little princess to be potty-trained? Just another day in the life of Prince William, stay-at-home dad!

Another sign that Prince William is getting ready to be the at home parent? At a reception hosted by the Welsh Rugby Charitable Fund on Friday, February 26 Prince William let guests know just how much he enjoys being a Royal daddy HELLO! magazine reported.

Princess Charlotte is a very docile and sweet baby, but Prince William has received lots of about little girls from his buddies. Wills has been told to just wait and see! When the girls get to be about nine or ten-years-old things are going to get complicated. But the Duke isn’t nervous. “I’m looking forward to it, there will be some drama.”

Prince William also revealed to guests at the reception that life with two children under the age of three is crazy! “No broken bones yet, but [George and Charlotte] are trying!” Guess the little Royals are running around everywhere, pushing things and jumping all over.

If Kate Middleton is pregnant she’s approximately 12 to 14 weeks along – and that means these twin girls would arrive sometime in August or September. Prince William thinks two children under three is challenging? How about four children under four?

We’re betting Prince William has no intention of being a stay-at-home daddy. But the future King has been slacking off. Two official Royal engagements in the first two months of the New Year? Part-time hours as an air ambulance pilot?

It’s time to pick up the pace and stop using Prince George and Princess Charlotte as an excuse to get out of work! Kate Middleton and Prince William are preparing for their official state visit to India in April. We wonder how long a vacation the Duke of Cambridge will need after that tour!

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Duke of Cambridge, Prince William, pictured trying to fill up his East Anglian Air Ambulance Helicopter after landing in Cambridge, England on February 24 by FameFlynet

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    Wills looks much more impressive standing with his hands in his pockets than trying to wrestle with the fuel pump.

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    lol! I do love lawyer jokes.

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    I’ve lost count of the number of times Kate has been pregnant during the last 12 months. Only an elephant would have a longer gestation period than the Duchess of Cambridge.

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