Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Recap 5/8/16: Season 5 Episode 6 “Mother of All Problems”

Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Recap 5/8/16: Season 5 Episode 6 "Mother of All Problems"

Tonight on VH1 their series Love & Hip Hop Atlanta airs with an all new Sunday May 8, season 5 episode 6 called “Mother of All Problems” and we have your weekly recap below. On tonight’s episode, a surprise guest arrives at Joseline Hernandez’s party; the cracks in Momma Dee’s marriage become apparent.

On the last episode, Joseline gossiped about Karlie Redd, Stevie J and KK; Kirk’s daughter asked for help with her music career; and Tommie’s suspicions about Scrapp continued to grow. Did you watch the last episode? Did you miss it, we’ve got a detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the VH1 synopsis, “a surprise guest arrives at Joseline’s party; the cracks in Momma Dee’s marriage become apparent; Scrappy learns about Bambi’s extracurricular activities; and the King family is divided over a loss. Later, Deb Antney orders a sit down.”

It sounds like the 5th season of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta will be packed full of can’t miss drama that you won’t want miss and neither do I. Don’t forget to check CDL for our live recap of Love & Hip Hop tonight at 8PM! Excited for Love & Hip Hop Atlanta? What kind of drama do you think is going to unfold during the season 5 episode 6 of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta? Sound off in the comment and let us know!

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This week on Love and Hip Hop Mimi, Chris and Joseline are talking at the video viewing party. Mimi tells Joseline that Karlie and the rest of the girls had decided not to come to the party. Joseline says “I am going to see these women. They can’t run from me forever. I run Atlanta.” Scrapp shows up and is still angry about Tommie coming to his house looking for a woman that Joseline told her he had hidden in his house. Scrapp tells Stevie “You need to get Joseline in check because she is telling Tommie about some woman that I supposedly had hidden in my house.” Stevie says “Joseline came back to stir up trouble and I don’t know what she is on but she is all about dropping bombs.”

Mimi takes Chris over to meet Stevie and he says “Chris is not what I expected, but she seems nvice. I’m happy for Mimi.” He then proceeds to call Chris beautiful, which upsets her and she responds “I was going for handsome.” Mimi says “I told Stevie not to call Chris beautiful and that is exactly what he does.”

Joseline walks over and Scrapp confronts her. Joseline says “If you can’t handle what I told Tommie about your ugly duck then that’s your problem.” Scrapp says “I am ready to watch the video.” Joseline plays the video and everyone likes it. As everyone is applauding and praising Joseline for the song and the video Joseline’s old rival Dawn walks out. Everyone is blown away to see her. When Tommie notices her she is angry. Scrapp is trying to keep her calm, but Tommie pushes him aside. She storms up to Joseline and Dawn and gets in Dawns face. She asks her “Do you know me?” Dawn responds “No I have no idea who you are.” Tommie says “Dawn had a beef with KK back in the day because it was going around that Dawn was spreading rumors about her. Now I have heard that she is doing the same thing to me.” The fight gets so intense that Tommie has to be escorted out and Scrapp places her in a cab and sends her home. Scrapp says “I think Tommie’s behavior is acceptable because she was a bit out of control, but I do have to say I can’t blame her.”

Scrapp and his brother leave the party after Tommie’s exit and text Stevie to meet them so that they can talk about the rumor that Joseline was spreading about Stevie and their mother. Scrapp is really angry and tells Stevie “I don’t want to disrespect you by disrespecting your woman, but the fact that she is saying that you and my mother had something going on is really not cool.” Stevie says “I knew she was up to something with this party. Rest assured that you are my nephews and I would never disrespect you guys or her. Your mother and I have never done anything inappropriate.”

Rasheeda is at her store and talking to her mother about the situation with Momma Dee. Rasheeda asks her mother “Will you sit down and talk to her and try to be friends?” Rasheeda’s mom says “No way. Momma Dee is doing too much. and I don’t have time for that.”

Tammy sets Bambi up on a blind date after her break up with Scrappy. Waka comes into town and Waka and Tammie accompany Chaz and Bambi on their date. They seem to hit it off really well.

Momma Dee and her husband are having serious marital issues in the bedroom. Momma Dee says “Curtis has been lacking in the loving department lately, but he has promised to make it up to me tonight.” As they are together Curtis has issues performing and Momma Dee gets angry. She tells him “You need to perform your duties as a husband and make me happy.” Curtis gets angry and tells her “You know about all of the stress I have been going through since I got out. You could at least help me out.” Momma tells him “You’re crazy.”

Stevie and Joseline are talking the day after the party. Joseline is very upset and says ” I don’t know why Tommie flipped out the way she did.” Stevie responds by saying “I don’t either, but seeing Dawn surprised us all. Why was she there anyway?” Joseline tells him “Dawn is my friend.” Stevie scoffs and says “Even after all the trouble she has tried to cause between us? I don’t want anything to do with her.” Joseline says “If you don’t want to deal with her then don’t deal with her, but she is still my friend.”

Scrapp and his family are at his cousins grave to celebrate Dollar as they do every year. Scrapp is hoping that his mom will come. He says “Family is important and I really hope my mom comes because despite the difficulties we are having now I love her and we are all we have.” As they are standing around Karen shows up and breaks down. She says “I can’t look at the grave because it is admitting that he is gone and I am not ready to release him even though I know I need to.” She is lead away, back to the car and Sass and Scrapp follow and embrace her. They all stand around crying.

Rasheeda is trying to make peace between her mom and Momma Dee. She has Deb come as well to make sure things stay peaceful. When Momma Dee shows up she is not happy to see Rasheeda’s mom. She says “I wanted some eggs, not some rotten ones.” The brunch starts off really badly. Momma Dee tells Rasheeda’s mom “Maybe if you sat on your eggs and watched over your nest a little better maybe she would have turned out better.” It breaks down from there and when Ernest shows up he reveals that Momma Dee has been drinking too much. The lunch spirals further out of control and Scrappy is shocked to learn that Bambi is dating someone new. He asks Rasheeda if she knew and she tells him “I did, but I do not want to be in your business.” Momma Dee goes off on Rasheeda and tells her she is a terrible friend. Scrappy decides it is time to get his mother out of there.