Love & Hip Hop Recap 12/19/16: Season 7 Episode 6 “Lock and Key”

Love & Hip Hop Recap 12/19/16: Season 7 Episode 6 "Lock and Key"

Tonight on VH1’s hit series Love & Hip Hop premieres with an all-new Monday, December 19, 2016, season 7 episode 6 and we have your Love & Hip Hop recap below for you.  On tonight’s Love & Hip Hop season 7 episode 6 as per the VH1 synopsis, “Bianca Bonnie opens up about her feelings for DJ Drewski, leading Sky to intervene. Later, Snoop confronts her past and makes a decision about her future with J; and tensions between Yandy Smith-Harris and Erika escalate.

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This week on Love and Hip Hop New York Moniece has shown up at Rich’s dinner with Jade. Rich is not happy to see her. She tells Jade “I am the girl that Rich was supposed to marry and have a child with.” The whole meeting goes absolutely sideways. Rich is trying to regain control but cannot. Moniece says “Rich asks to see my private parts. If he was trying to move on he wouldn’t be doing that.” Jade is so angry. She tells him “You are an embarrassment of riches.” Rich sits down and tries to talk to Moniece and Jade gets even more angry. She asks him “Why are you sitting down with this woman right now?” Finally, Rich snaps and tells Moniece “Go away!” Moniece continues to go on about how she has been getting texts from Rich asking her to get with him. She tells him “I learned from the best Daddy.”

Bianca, Mariah Lynn and Cardi are hanging out at the beach. Cardi tells them about the incident between Asia, Swift’s girlfriend, and her in the hotel room. She says “I popped off on her as soon as she opened her mouth. Mariah Lynn also reveals that she has broken off her business relationship with Self. She says “I was expecting to be the first lady of Gwinnin and when I took Sky to this event he introduces this other girl and I just kind of lost it.” Cardi applauds Mariah. She tells her “I don’t know why you were messing with Self anyway. He claims to have made Cardi, but I am self made.” Bianca also reveals her plans. She says “Now that Drewski and I have finished working on the record I am going to invite him back to the hotel and see what’s going on personally.” Cardi and Mariah laugh. Cardi asks “What about his girlfriend?” Bianca says “Who cares about his girlfriend?” All three ladies laugh.

Snoop is still struggling with the fallout from her fight with J. She decides to go home to Baltimore to speak with her Godmother Denise about the situation. Denise tells her “I think she may have been using you for a come up to see what you could do for her.” Snoop is also upset and talks about the death of her mother. She says “She died in a nursing home and I wasn’t there.” Denise tries to comfort her, but Snoop is inconsolable. She decides to move her mother’s grave back to New York so that she can be close to her mother’s grave.

Yandy meets up with Judy and Nefe to talk about the situation with Samantha and Erika. Yandy says “These women are trying to claim positions that don’t belong to them. Samantha says that I am trying to take over and raise little Mendeces. Erika wants to claim that she and Mendecees were in a relationship and that the apartment that she is living in was theirs together.” Judy and Nefe laugh and Judy tells her “It’s about time you gave Erika her eviction notice.”

Mariah was pretty upset after hearing Bianca’s plan to lure Drewski to her hotel room. She goes to Jade and tells her what is going on. Jade says “I knew this bird was up to something.” Mariah tells her “At the end of the day the person you need to be worried about is Drew.”

After returning from Baltimore Snoop has made a decision about her relationship with J. She meets with J and tells her “I love you very much and I wanted to build a family with you, but I have to let you go.” J is very upset. She tells Snoop “I can’t believe that you are breaking up with me after I caught you kissing some girl and got upset.” J tells her “I want to flip every table in here.” Snoop tells her “I’m sorry.”

Rich meets up with Jade to try and sort out the mess that happened with Moneice and salvage their relationship. Unfortunately Jade is not having it. She tells Rich “I want to know why you are still texting your ex girlfriend.” Rich tells her “She told you some stuff to get you all riled up and get into your head and you let her.” Jade tells him “I don’t want to be with you because you won’t be honest and man up about your actions.” Rich agrees.

After his break up with Jade Rich takes Ashley to his mom’s house. They both tell his mom about the disastrous dinner and the fact that he and Jade are not together anymore. Rich says “It’s hard because normally I feel justified in breaking up with them because they have done something to me, but she didn’t do anything to me.”

Mariah is back in the studio working when Cisco shows up at her rehearsal. She is shocked to see him. Cisco tells her “I came by to offer an apology to you for what happened last year.” Mariah says “It might be too late.” Cisco says “I know it might be too late, but I just wanted to apologize.” He then tells her about his mother being diagnosed with an aneurysm. That seems to stop Mariah in her tracks. She tells him “I really appreciate you coming here as a man. Maybe we can do business, just don’t get personal.” Cisco agrees.

Bianca is performing and after the mess she caused Sky has decided to put her in check. She catches up with Bianca outside the club and the argument intensifies. Sky tells her “You can’t have my man.” Bianca says “I can have your man if I want him!” Sky tells her “No you can’t. If you could he would’ve been with you. You are nothing but a pigeon!” Then she pulls out a piece of bread and throws it at her. Sky tells her “Here you go. That’s how we feed you birds.” Bianca just laughs at her.

Erika has figured out that Yandy has changed the locks on the apartment. Before she heads over there she calls Samantha and tells her what happened. Erika bursts into Yandy’s office to confront her about changing the locks on the office and the fight is on!