Lucifer Recap 10/31/16: Season 2 Episode 6 “Monster”

Lucifer Recap 10/31/16: Season 2 Episode 6 "Monster"

Tonight on FOX their drama Lucifer airs with an all new Monday, October 31, season 2 episode 6 called, “Monster,” and we have your weekly Lucifer recap below. On tonight’s Lucifer episode Maze (Lesley-Ann Brandt) takes Trixie (Scarlett Estevez) trick-or-treating for Halloween.

Did you watch the last Lucifer episode where Lucifer was excited to investigate the murder of his favorite action movie hero, Wesley Cabo?  If you missed it we have a full and detailed Lucifer recap, right here!

On the last Lucifer episode as per the FOX synopsis, “Guilty and self-destructive, Lucifer (Tom Ellis) clashes with Chloe during an investigation, leading her to team up with Dan instead. Meanwhile, Amenadiel bonds with Charlotte, and Maze (Lesley-Ann Brandt) takes Trixie trick-or-treating.”

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Lucifer Recap Here!

There was apparently a shooting on a young couple’s wedding. Edgar and Peggy it seems had wanted to get into the Halloween spirit and throw a zombie/ghoul wedding. However, a shooter had unfortunately ruined the event when he or she took a shot at the couple and fatally injured the bride.

So Chloe and Lucifer for that matter had been assigned this tragic wedding case yet Chloe as it turns out was the only one that was taking the case and what happened seriously while Lucifer on the other hand was simply spinning out of control. And it didn’t appear as if he knew how to stop or even wanted to.

Lucifer had recently done something that he couldn’t take back and so he was losing all the progress that he had made with everyone. He was missing out on appointments with Linda, he was throwing orgies at the club, and worst of all he was behaving inappropriately as he and Chloe investigated the case. Lucifer had used his jedi mind trick like always and it had worked for him.

He had found out that one of the bridesmaids had wanted to ruin Peggy’s wedding and that she had even invited Peggy’s ex-boyfriend to accomplish it. Yet, Lucifer had ruined that great lead when he began making out with that same bridesmaid. So Chloe was at a loss.

Chloe had been advised by Dan to bench Lucifer however she didn’t want to do that because she could see that he was going through something. But eventually Lucifer forced her hand. Lucifer had already made out with a potential suspect and then he had followed that up by locking himself in the interrogation room with Peggy’s ex-boyfriend.

So Chloe didn’t have a choice. She had to tell Lucifer to get out of the squad room and then she had to check on Jason. When she and Dan had gotten to him, he was rocking himself back and forth with tears his eyes. And he didn’t seem to be responding to their presence.

Lucifer though did come back to the station later and that time at least he had actually been helpful. Chloe and Dan had found out that their suspect had ordered food from this popular food truck and Lucifer was the only one out of the three that knew how to find the truck. He apparently had an app for it and so he led Chloe to Freddie’s Food Truck.

However, Freddie hadn’t been there when a man carrying a guitar case had ordered some food and so he was asking the woman that worked with him about it when suddenly someone shot him too. So Chloe tried to find the shooter and sadly the shooter had gotten away. And the only thing that she found had been a screwdriver.

The screwdriver had been used to angle the gun and so that told Chloe that Freddie’s death had been intentionally. Though what bugged her was that she didn’t know why. Freddie had never seen the man with the guitar suitcase because he had taken that man’s order and he didn’t have any personal or business connection to Peggy.

So something Dan had said had triggered something in Chloe. He had said that now they were two spouses that were torn up and so she figured out that the shootings hadn’t been about the victims. It had been about their spouses who did know each other because Edgar would often represent Freddie’s wife in a malpractice lawsuit.

Edgar usually represented the entire hospital, but Freddie’s widow had explained that the two often worked together so the detectives decided to start there. Yet, Chloe had finally had enough with Lucifer after he punched Dan and she ended up throwing Lucifer off the case entirely. So Lucifer of course went back to his bar where he began drinking again while Chloe and Dan pursued their leads.

Chloe had found out about a case involving a husband losing his wife from a terminal illness and that the husband just hadn’t been handle to handle it therefore he needed someone to blame. And so Chloe thought the husband was their guy though Dan hadn’t really wanted to blame the guy for lashing out.

Dan had said that if something were to ever happen to his wife that he wouldn’t know what to do. But Chloe had told him that he wouldn’t be out there committing revenge killings. So they had tried to find their shooter and unfortunately they had missed him again yet they did find out where he was heading.

The shooter had created a fake badge for himself at a pharmaceutical company so they raced there as they tried to figure out who was the next target and they had a problem with that latter part. As it happens there was a husband and wife team that handled the radical treatment that the shooter’s spouse had tried. And so Chloe and Dan didn’t who they should save.

However, Lucifer had somehow beaten them to the scene and had correctly which spouse was the target. So Lucifer could have warned Dr. Peterson and he also could have simply gotten her out of the hospital himself yet he done none of those things. What Lucifer chose to do was walk right out in front of the doctor and make himself a human shield.

Lucifer had wanted to die and so he begged the shooter to shoot him. He had lost his way after he had been forced to kill Uriel and all he had wanted was for someone else to take the pain away. And that was never going to happen.

Chloe and Dan had luckily arrived on the scene in time to save Lucifer’s life however Chloe had realized that Lucifer needed to talk and she told him that if he couldn’t talk to her that he should his therapist. So Lucifer did go to see Linda and he had tried to tell her what was wrong.

But Linda had had enough with the whole angel/devil thing and she had asked Lucifer to be truthfully with her for once. Linda had said that his therapy wouldn’t be able to move forward until he was honest and so he showed her his true face. As way to be honest! And she didn’t know how to handle it.

Linda wasn’t like Trixie. Trixie had seen Maze’s face and had thought it was a great costume because it was so cool. So Trixie had no problem with trick and treating with Maze. Yet, Lucifer’s secret was now out there and he might not have a therapist anymore who could possibly help him come to terms with what he did and not blame others like his father for it. That’s what Amenadiel and Charlotte were doing and that couldn’t end well.

The End!