Nashville Recap Spring Premiere 3/16/16: Season 4 Episode 11 “Forever and for Always”

Nashville Recap Spring Premiere 3/16/16: Season 4 Episode 11 "Forever and for Always"

Tonight on ABC Nashville starring Hayden Panettiere continues with an all new Wednesday March 16, season 4 episode 11 called, “Forever and for Always,” and we have your weekly recap below for you. On tonight’s episode, paparazzi ambush Deacon (Charles Esten) and Rayna (Connie Britton) at their rehearsal dinner and Deacon doesn’t react well, necessitating a location change for their wedding. Meanwhile, Avery (Jonathan Jackson) has trouble keeping on top of the lies he’s forced to tell the press due to Juliette’s  (Hayden Panettiere) absence.

On the last episode Fans of the hit ABC series “Nashville” got a rare and intimate look at life on the road when cameras followed cast members Clare Bowen, Chris Carmack, Charles Esten, Sam Palladio, Aubrey Peeples and Lennon and Maisy Stella, as they toured around the country performing the music of “Nashville” as well as original material they had written, during sold-out concerts. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the ABC synopsis, “it’s the wedding viewers have longed for when Deacon and Rayna tie the knot, complete with captivating music performances by series regulars Charles Esten, Clare Bowen, Sam Palladio, Lennon Stella and Maisy Stella as well as cameos by Jay DeMarcus of Rascal Flatts and singer/songwriter Jim Lauderdale portraying themselves.

When the loving couple are ambushed by paparazzi after their intimate rehearsal dinner, Deacon’s hot-headed reaction casts a pall on the plans and forces a change of venue. Meanwhile, wedding guest Avery is struggling to keep up with the lies Juliette is forcing him to message to press in her absence.”

Tonight’s episode looks like it is going to be great and you won’t want to miss it, so be sure to tune in for our live coverage of ABC’s Nashville at 10:00 PM EST!

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#Nashville starts with Deacon practicing his vows while his suit is fitted. He says he’s about to get everything he’s ever wanted. Bucky shows Rayna another magazine curious about the wedding. Rayna says this is insane right now.

Marcus’ second single went platinum so she’s busy. Tandy takes the girls to the rehearsal and Scarlett is nervous about singing at the wedding. Deacon says he can’t believe she pulled this together so fast. She says she wanted it there on her favorite property growing up.

She says her mama always wanted her to get married there. They also talk about the loss of Beverly. Emily shows up with Cadence after her visit with Juliette. Emily says Juliette is really doing well and says she should reach out to his wife.

Avery says he’s not sure and says Juliette is only keeping this quiet because she’s up for an Oscar. He asks what he’s supposed to say if anyone asks why she’s not at the Oscars. Emily shows him a prepared statement and he says fine.

Scarlett meets Deacon at the rehearsal dinner and he’s twitchy. She says he and Rayna are meant to be and he says he wishes Beverly was there. Maddie and Daphne take the stage at the Bluebird and Maddie says she wrote this song for her parents.

Maddie says the song is for her mom and dad and Daphne is stunned by the statement since Maddie has always called Teddy her dad. Maddie is all smiles as they sing but Daphne isn’t too happy. Bucky tells Rayna he’s so glad they got to sign them.

Daphne stops singing all together as she watches Rayna and Deacon kiss. Tandy tells them they sounded nice and Daphne claims she forgot the words. The manager sneaks Deacon and Rayna out the back since tabloids are lurking but they’re in the alley too.

She loads the girls into the back of the SUV. Someone yells out to Maddie which is worse, the criminal dad or the drunk dad. Deacon pushes the guy back. At home, Deacon says he can’t believe they got up on the kids like that.

They find out the florist leaked the wedding location and says paparazzi and fans are setting up and the wedding planner says there will be helicopters since it’s outside. The wedding planner says she has a friend with an event barn.

There’s a story online showing Deacon’s angry face and Maddie sees it. Tandy comes to talk to her and Maddie asks what Deacon was like when she first met him. She asks if it was just drinking problems. Tandy says he’s come a long way and always loved Rayna.

Deacon tells Rayna he hates that they have to move the wedding but she says it’s okay. He says it’s not and just another damned thing gone wrong. He thinks it’s a sign and Rayna says don’t talk yourself out of happiness.

The barn is rush decorated overnight and the news reports that they are getting married today at her family’s property. Then they show a clip of Deacon pushing the reporter. Rayna says he was just trying to protect them.

The wedding planner says it’s a go and says they have decoys to get them out of the gates. She wants to take Rayna to the venue early and Maddie wants to go with her now. Tandy says she’ll stay behind and get Daphne there.

Deacon asks Maddie if she’s okay and she acts weird but says she’s okay. Casey calls Will about songs and he says he’s got writer’s block. Casey says Cole put the word out that Will is difficult to work with. Deacon finds Daphne in bed and he asks if she’s okay.

She says like you care then won’t let him check on her. Tandy comes in and ushers Deacon out and says she’ll take care of Daphne. Gunnar gets ready for the wedding and Avery says this is strange with the wedding change. Will says he’s not going.

He says his publisher has pretty much fired him and Gunnar says he can hang with them. Will says he’s just a gay has-been singer or a songwriter that can’t write a song. He storms out after telling them to make excuses for him not being there.

Rayna loves the new venue admires Maddie in her dress. Maddie is upset about Deacon shoving the photographer and breaking his camera. Maddie says only Deacon freaked out and Rayna says he was protecting them.

Maddie says after Beverly died, she went to Deacon’s house and he was destroying Beverly’s room. Maddie says Rayna is making excuses for him. At the bus transfer site for the wedding, the wedding planner takes up cell phones and says no phones allowed.

Jay comes to talk to them and talks to Gunnar then asks about Juliette. He tells the lies he was scripted to tell and isn’t happy about saying she’s in London. Gunnar finds Scarlett tweaking a song and he closes her notebook and says she’s working non-stop since her split with Caleb.

Gunnar says she needs someone fun and says he’s going to find her someone. Deacon shows up to see Rayna and she says she doesn’t believe in bad luck. He says Tandy and Daphne are coming later. He says Maddie, Tandy and Daphne are all upset with him.

He says he went to check on Daphne and she got upset with him then Tandy brushed him off. Rayna says Daphne is anxious. Rayna says Maddie was worked up over the camera man getting shoved. Rayna says she explained it.

Rayna says Maddie got scared because she saw him busting up Beverly’s room. Deacon says their daughter thinks he’s a monster. Rayna tells him not to get like this on their wedding day. He says he’s going to let her get ready.

He leaves as the glam squad comes into the room. Deacon is outside and the planner points him to where he’s supposed to get changed but he goes to his truck and drives away. Layla shows up to the wedding and Bucky greets her.

Bucky says Rayna has been worried about her. She says she’s okay but still misses Jeff. Bucky says things will get better. Cole looks for Maddie but then he spots Layla. Tandy shows up with Daphne who is still not too happy.

Daphne is short with her mom and says you don’t know how you feel. Daphne says Rayna, Maddie and Deacon have a family and she’s outside of it. Daphne says she and Tandy don’t want her to marry Deacon. Gunnar points out dudes to Scarlett.

Gunnar introduces Scarlett to Mike who says his mom and Rayna grew up together. Gunnar gets them talking and Scarlett is horrified to hear when he says he likes animals, it’s taxidermy. Avery says he’d like a date but he’s still married.

Avery says this is awful and he’s just having to lie and play along. Scarlett comes over and smacks Gunnar and says they need a signal. Avery says maybe that would work for him and they develop a signal if he needs bailed out.

Cash talks to Maddie and asks about her bad mood. Maddie says her dad almost killed her mom in a car crash and says that’s still in him somewhere. Cash says her dad is a recovering alcoholic too. Maddie worries her mom doesn’t see Deacon as he really is.

Cash says based on the 20-odd years they’ve been together, her mom probably knows more than Maddie does. Cash says being sober is the ultimate in self-control and says them staying sober shows they care about them.

Tandy comes in and Rayna asks the glam squad to step out. Rayna asks why is her sister telling Daphne she doesn’t like Deacon. Rayna says she knows she doesn’t like Deacon and Tandy says he has a long history of causing Rayna pain and calls him volatile.

Rayna says he may be but is also the best man she knows. She says no one will get in the way and tells Tandy she should leave if she can’t support her. Tandy goes to walk away and Rayna asks if she’s leaving – Tandy says she’s just getting hair and makeup.

Deacon is at the cemetery and Frankie shows up to give him encouragement. He’s at Beverly’s grave. Cole finds Layla and tells her that Juliette was going to jump off the roof and Jeff saved her but then he fell on accident. Layla is so upset she has to run to the bathroom to throw up.

So many people talk up Avery about Juliette and he’s drowning in annoyance. He also keeps downing wine. Rayna talks to Maddie and Daphne. She tells them she wants them to not have doubts about her marrying Deacon.

Rayna tells Maddie that Deacon feels things deeply and sometimes overreacts. She says Deacon would never hurt her. Rayna tells Daphne she knows she feels left out. She says the three of them are the family and Deacon is the one who’s left out and says he gets to join if they let him.

The wedding planner says they’re almost ready but no sign of Deacon. Scarlett and Gunnar chat. Cole comes to sit by Maddie. Layla sits by Bucky and she’s freaked out. Avery is surrounded by women asking about Juliette.

Cash asks Frankie who he’s looking for. Rayna tries to call Deacon but he’s not answering. But then he’s at the door and tells Rayna put on your dress. Scarlett and Gunnar sing and the wedding starts. Deacon says he knew they were meant for each other the first moment he saw her.

Avery toys with his wedding ring while he listens to Deacon’s heartfelt vows. Deacon says she’s his best friend and one true love. He says once she wears the ring, she’ll be his wife and he slips it on her finger. Rayna says he was the one that almost got away.

She says here we are finally. Tandy is in tears as she watches them say their vows. Rayna says they’re stronger and wider together. Rayna slips the ring on his finger too. They’re husband and wife and Deacon kisses the dips her.

Rayna and Deacon are introduced as man and wife and do their first dance. Layla approaches Avery and asks where Juliette is. Gunnar watches Scarlett dance with a guy. Avery tells Layla the programmed lies. The guy Scarlett is dancing with talks about Hulks and says Scarlett reminds him of She-Hulk.

Scarlett tugs her ear and Gunnar runs over to cut in. She says that guy was a 12 year old in a man suit and tells Gunnar to just dance with her. Rayna approaches Avery later and he says Juliette is sorry she couldn’t be there.

Rayna says she knows Juliette was having a hard time after the baby. He lies and says they’re good then walks away. He’s drunk and hyperventilating from the stress. Maddie asks what Colt has been up to and he says his granddad is pretty hard core and he likes the structure.

His watch beeps and he says he has to go since he has curfew and it’s a long drive home. Maddie asks to see him next weekend and he says he can after his chores are done. He leaves. Deacon asks Maddie to dance and she nods.

Daphne asks Rayna if she ever loved her dad Teddy. Rayna says she did and will always love him because he gave her Daphne. Deacon tells Maddie that he never wants to scare her and says tell me if anything he does scares her in any way. She says okay.

Deacon asks Daphne to dance and she’s thrilled. Rayna and Maddie dance together. Tandy is all smiles and everything goes nicely. Deacon comes to stand beside Tandy and she says it was a beautiful ceremony and Rayna seems happy.

Tandy says if he hurts her again, she will come after him with the force of a hurricane. He smiles. They leave between a path of everyone holding sparklers. Tandy has the girls with her. Rayna waves goodbye. Deacon carries Rayna over the threshold at his lake house.

He sings Rayna a song he wrote for her then later they go to bed as man and wife. Scarlett is giving Gunnar a ride home and they wonder where Avery got off to. Scarlett thanks Gunnar for the match making efforts and says she misses having someone special.

Avery comes home stressed out and tells Emily he had a panic attack. He says he knows he made the deal but says he didn’t know how many times he’d have to wear the ring, lie, and pretend to be happy. He says he can’t do it anymore.

Layla tells Glenn she needs a new manager. She says she wants him to get Avery to produce her new album and says the songs are already written.