Nashville Series Finale Recap 5/25/16: Season 4 Episode 21 “Maybe You’ll Appreciate Me Someday”

Nashville Series Finale Recap 5/25/16: Season 4 Episode 21 "Maybe You'll Appreciate Me Someday"

Tonight on ABC Nashville starring Hayden Panettiere continues with an all new Wednesday, May 25, season 4 finale called, “Maybe You’ll Appreciate Me Someday.” and we have your weekly recap below for you. On tonight’s episode, in the series finale, Rayna (Connie Britton) takes dire action when she discovers whom Maddie’s (Lennon ) Stellaencountered.

On the last episode, Elton John performed with Gunnar. Meanwhile, Scarlett did some soul-searching; Rayna and Deacon reflected on their relationship, and Luke went on a talk show to speak about a cause close to his heart, but then his focus shifted to a family emergency. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the ABC synopsis, “in the series finale, Rayna takes dire action when she discovers whom Maddie’s encountered. Meanwhile, Juliette must decide how to publicly address the truth of Jeff’s death; Will becomes a leader for a cause; and a music duo consider parting ways.”

Tonight’s episode looks like it is going to be great and you won’t want to miss it, so be sure to tune in for our live coverage of ABC’s Nashville at 10:00 PM EST!

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#Nashville series finale starts with Juliette and Glenn at an Oscar party and she’s annoyed at the parties and forced smiles. She says she wishes Cadence was here and Glenn says use your jet. In New York City, Deacon and Daphne are with Bucky at an arena in NYC.

Rayna sold it out for a foster child benefit. Daphne is performing with her mom and is nervous. They talk about Maddie not being there and Rayna says she doesn’t blame him. He says he hates being in the same city where she is and they can’t get in touch with her.

Maddie meets with Ms Donovan, the label head. She says Vince Pierce is going to produce her album and Maddie fangirls. He asks if she’s ready to get to work. She takes a selfie and tweets it. Luke skypes with Colt who has recovered and is doing well.

Colt tells him that his mom split up with Gary, her BF. Will comes in and tells Luke he’s been in media training for two weeks and shows him a nasty report from Cynthia Davis about Will pushing his “gay agenda.”

Layla tells Avery her album is at 10000 and is on Billboard 200. He says congratulations then says he’s distracted and says Juliette wants Cadence in LA. He asks what Layla thinks and she says she doesn’t want to see his ex.

Layla says Juliette is trying to control him and is making crazy demands. He says this isn’t bad and she just wants Cadence there on her big night. He says Juliette is his baby mama and will always be in their lives and he says he hopes Layla comes to LA with him.

The Exes’ manager asks Scarlett if she’s going to tell Gunnar that she loves him and she says she will but doesn’t know when or how. He hands her photos from the shoot. Gunnar is there and says a lot has happened on their break.

He sees the photos and she says she’s been thinking and says she’s in love with him. Autumn is there and says she hopes this won’t make things weird. She sees wedding rings. They got married and went to Aruba on the break. Scarlett walks out.

Rayna tells Deacon that Daphne is worried. He’s looking at Maddie’s Instagram and Rayna looks at a pic of her with Vince Pierce and says he tried to force himself on her when she was her age. They freak out. Juliette whines to Glenn about another dinner.

A reporter asks if she was with her manager when he fell to his death. He asks what really happened on that roof. Juliette is stunned. Gunnar tells Autumn what Scarlett said and she says Scarlett is playing with his head whether she means to or not.

He says The Exes have 30 more tour dates and Autumn offers him to play solo with her. Rayna tells Deacon what Vince did to her and how he tried to push himself on her and told her it would get her ahead in the business. She says she doesn’t know how she got out of there.

Rayna says she told her manager who says that’s what happens and then told her she was fine. Rayna says she has to stop this. Kevin stops by to see Will and Luke. Will says he’s taking the fight to Cynthia Davis and says he wants to make it hard for her to ignore him.

Kevin says he can call people in Atlanta and bring a lot of friends. He admits he is single now and says he has time. Luke says he’s never planned a protest. Juliette tells Glenn about Jeff’s death and says she should have died and says she wanted to jump.

Glenn says he’s sorry she was that low. J says it was all her fault and now everyone knows it. Glenn asks how did the find out and why now. She says she told Layla a few weeks ago. She says she can’t blame her even if she did tell. Glenn says it’s just a tabloid rumor.

He says they can ignore it and it will blow over. We see that Jeff’s sister is on the news talking about how she’s going to pursue criminal charges against Juliette. Someone shows Avery the article and Layla freaks out. Avery says it’s just a rumor and says it’s a gossip website.

Layla says she can’t go to LA and can’t be near her if it’s true. Avery says he won’t change plans until he talks to her. He calls and leaves a message for Juliette. Layla says J hasn’t changed. Layla calls Jeff’s sister and tells her to talk to Colt Wheeler and says he saw everything. She hangs up.

Glenn meets with lawyers who tell him that they have an eyewitness and they suggest making an offer. Avery tries to call Juliette again and she says tell him not to come. Layla tells Avery that Kate Fordham has an eyewitness and it’s in the news.

Avery tells Layla that Juliette told them not to come. Luke takes a call from the protest and they are outside Cynthia’s office. Maddie is in the studio recording. Vince tells Cash that Maddie is incredible. He asks who Cash is and she says sort of a big sister.

Vince invites them to a party. Rayna comes to the label head and says she’s concerned about her working with Vince and says it’s a bad experience. She says he was inappropriate with her and doesn’t want her daughter at risk.

Caitlyn says everyone is hit on and says it’s part of the job. Rayna says Maddie is just a teenage girl and Rayna demands she help. Conservative protestors show up and face off with Luke, Will, Kevin and their crew. Rayna reports back to Deacon that the label head doesn’t care.

Deacon says he called everyone he knows and can’t get in touch with her. Rayna says she’s going old school and is going to write a letter. Luke has a pop up stage assembled and Will and Luke take the stage to sing together.

(Side note – Atlanta has a very large gay population so this conservative protest seems somewhat contrived. Per capita, Atlanta is #3 on the list of LGBT populations in the US. Does ABC know this?)

Juliette tells her lawyers to pay Jeff’s sister what she wants. The lawyer says we’ll insists on a public retraction. Glenn says now Juliette can go to the Oscars with nothing to worry about. Cash and Maddie hit the party and start posting selfies.

Vince gives her a big hug and Cash spots Chris Martin. Cash goes to talk to Chris and Vince talks to Maddie. Colt tells Luke via text that he did tell Layla about Juliette and Jeff. Luke tells Will he thought he and Kevin were a good pairing personally and professionally.

Luke says he’s been thinking about his ex-wife. Trey Edwards, Cynthia’s protestor says Will can come on the show but it has to be right now. Gunnar and Scarlett argue and Gunnar suggests they split up. Gunnar says Autumn will let him tour with her as a solo artist.

They tell Noel tonight is their last show. Luke calls Avery and says there’s something he should know. Glenn calls Layla and asks if she leaked this story. He says he knows she sent paparazzi to follow her and Avery. Layla says Juliette lied about telling her.

Glenn says he knows J is telling the truth and says he quits as her manager. Layla says fine, she has all she needs. Deacon reads the letter Rayna wrote about what Vince did to her. She talks about how you don’t say anything because you feel ashamed.

Rayna says Huffington Post said they’d run it and she sends the email. Vince takes Maddie’s phone from her hand and pulls her into a private space. Maddie doesn’t see the text from a pal asking if she saw what her mom wrote.

Layla tells Avery she fired Glenn. Avery says he know Colt told her about Jeff’s death at the wedding. Avery is furious and says this is not about Juliette but whatever sick game that Lyla is playing. She says Juliette took everything from her.

Layla says she had to show him that Juliette is a horrible human being. Avery is stunned and says you did all this. He says you’re crazy and we’re done. Noel asks Scarlett what happened and she says Gunnar wouldn’t hear anything she said.

Noel says they need to have a real talk about their feelings. Noel says he talks about business but wants what’s best for them and says he cares about them. He says don’t throw away anything special. Cynthia won’t talk to Will until the cameras are rolling.

Cynthia calls Will aggressive and calls him a domestic terrorist with a homosexual agenda. Bucky tells Rayna that he thinks they’ll hear from other artists that were victims of Vince’s but no word yet from Maddie.

Daphne tells her mom she’s nervous. Cynthia says his lifestyle is wrong and he destroys marriage. Will says she’s scared and that’s why she didn’t want him on the show and won’t let him speak now. Will says if you’re not afraid, let me speak. She says fine.

Will says she doesn’t want her audience to see or hear him because they might recognize him as a brother, cousin, friend or co-worker. Cynthia asks if he’s done. Will says he knows people who feed on intolerance like hers but people’s minds change when they stop being afraid.

Rayna takes the stage as Deacon sees a selfie of Cash and Maddie with Vince in the background. He leaves the event. Glenn and Juliette are outside the Oscars and she says people clean up her mess. She says it perpetuates a lie and she’s a horrible person and people worship her.

Glenn asks how he can help. Bucky tells Rayna that Deacon stepped away. Juliette asks a person to get her Deborah Roberts and tells Glenn sorry. Scarlett tells Gunnar that she loves him and says he affects her more than anyone else ever has so she hid it.

Gunnar says how can he believe her. Scarlett says if you don’t feel the same that’s fine, but don’t you tell me how to feel. Vince and Maddie sit drinking and he says there’s an intimacy between people when making an album.

He goes to get them some more drinks. Her phone buzzes and she gets a link to the article. Daphne and Rayna take the stage together. Maddie reads the open letter her mom wrote to her on HuffPo. Juliette talks to the media and says some things shouldn’t be swept under the rug.

J says she was with him when he died. Juliette says she was trying to commit suicide. Avery watches the interview. Juliette says she was drink and high and didn’t remember it happened then went to rehab and the memories came back.

Juliette says this is not for sympathy and she doesn’t deserve it. She says Jeff was a hero who died saving her life. Vince comes back with a drink and Maddie says she needs to go upstairs. She says she shouldn’t be there. Vince says she came to his party now she’s not interested.

Maddie says she never was interested. He says he thought she wanted to be a grown up. Vince grabs her arms as she tries to get up.

Vince tells her to have a drink then says listen if you want to be a real artist, she needs to put herself into it. Deacon calls out to her and she runs to him crying. Cash comes in and Maddie screams at her that she took off with some guy when she needed to protect her.

Cash promises it won’t’ happen again. Maddie leaves with Deacon. Will and Luke come out of the studio to cheering protestors. Luke encourages Will to take a chance on Kevin. Luke says he’s taking off and says he should talk to Kevin.

Glenn tells Juliette he’s very proud of her. Avery calls and asks if it was after he served her with divorce papers. She says it’s not his fault and she has to take responsibility. Avery says they’re still there for her and she won’t lose them.

Layla sits crying when Bucky calls and tells her that her career is about to skyrocket. Gunnar and Scarlett are on stage performing. Noel tells Autumn it’s shame they couldn’t work things out and Autumn says some people aren’t meant to be a duo. She’s smirking.

Scarlett sings to Gunnar some very emotional lyrics. Luke calls his daughter and asks to talk to her mom. Juliette is on her plane – she walked out on the Oscars and says she has somewhere more important to be. Maddie runs to Rayna and hugs her. Deacon delivered her safely back to her mom. Gunnar now sings back to Scarlett then goes to kiss her. The crowd goes wild.

Autumn is furious. Noel says they’re still a duo and she says they’re fired. Maddie hugs her sister. Deacon tells Rayna sorry he ran out but he saw the pic of her at Vince’s and had to go. Rayna kisses him. Maddie tells her parents she wants to go home and the four of them walk out.

Will asks Kevin if he’ll give him another chance. Avery and Cadence wait for Juliette’s plane. A guy comes out to get Avery and says they lost contact with her plane 90 miles west of Nashville.