Once Upon a Time (OUAT) Recap 11/13/16: Season 6 Episode 8 “I’ll Be Your Mirror”

Once Upon a Time (OUAT) Recap 11/13/16: Season 6 Episode 8 "I'll Be Your Mirror"

Tonight on ABC their popular fantasy drama Once Upon A Time returns for an all-new Sunday, November 13, 2016, episode and we have your Once Upon A Time recap below. On tonight’s OUAT season 6 episode 8 Zelena (Rebecca Mader) and Aladdin (Deniz Akdeniz) try to help protect Belle (Emilie de Ravin) and her unborn baby from Gold. (Robert Carlyle)

Did you watch last week’s episode where in a flashback to the Enchanted Forest, Bandit Snow dodged a bounty hunter known as the Woodcutter while shepherd David went on a fateful journey to sell his family’s farm? If you missed the episode we have a full and detailed Once Upon a Time recap, right here of it!

On tonight’s Once Upon A Time season 6 episode 8 as per the ABC synopsis, “Emma and Regina formulate a plan to trap the Evil Queen in a prison of their own making, while Snow and David adjust to life without each other. As Henry nervously prepares to take Violet to the school dance, the Evil Queen impersonates Regina to give him some advice that could lead him down a dark path.

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#OnceUponATime starts with David asleep on his bed at the loft. Snow sits talking to his sleeping self about his being their new normal. Regina blames herself for this but Emma won’t let her sacrifice herself. Emma says she will die as the savior so Regina needs to be alive for Henry.

Snow writes a note for David and hands it to Henry then she goes to kiss her husband so she’ll sleep and he’ll wake. She pauses before she kisses him and then smashes a nearby mirror and says “she’s watching us.” She was right – the Evil Queen was spying on their bedroom.

David is up now and Snow lies asleep in their bed. He makes her breakfast and writes her a note. He kisses her so she wakes and he sleeps. We see them splitting time with their son and leaving video messages for each other. They are leading separate lives.

Emma comes to see Regina and says she had no luck tracking the dragon down. Regina tells Emma about a plan to trap the EQ in the mirror world. Henry offers to be bait and says that the EQ won’t hurt him. He says he’s nervous and needs a distraction from his trouble with Violet.

Teen angst in the middle of major drama

Henry meets with the EQ and she says someday he’ll understand what she did to his grandparents. She asks him if he remembers them going to feed the seagulls. Henry poofs away with magic and then Emma and Regina are there to confront her.

EQ says that’s not the right mirror and holds up the mirror she swapped it for. She uses it to suck Emma and Regina into the mirror that Regina enchanted. She shatters it to trap them there. Emma wakes in the other world and calls out to Regina.

She touches a nearby mirror and finds she can see the streets of the city. Regina is nowhere in sight and she’s worried. Emma keeps touching mirrors but the people on the other side can’t hear her. Regina comes up and says no one can see them.

Regina says they’re trapped and no one can hear them. Emma says maybe someone can break in to find them. They agree Henry could be their way out. EQ disguises herself as Regina and goes to the lift. EQ tells Henry that the plan worked and the Evil Queen is trapped.

EQ plays mommy Regina

Snow comes over and says she’s glad that monster is gone. Snow tells her she’s proud of her. The EQ struggles to keep a smile on her face. She ties Henry’s tie for the dance and says she’s going to make sure everything works out for him.

Belle finds Gold’s shop locked and goes to get Zelena’s help. Z isn’t interested in helping her but Belle says they both know what it’s like to care about people that let you down. Belle wants Zelena to open a portal to get her and her baby out of town.

Z says she needs the sorcerer’s wand. Belle and Zelena go talk to Aladdin and Jasmine. They ask Aladdin to steal the wand. Jasmine says it’s not his business but Zelena says it’s his fault because he brought the golden shears to town and now Gold has them.

Gold knows EQ on sight and doesn’t mistake her for Regina. She comes over and gets close to him. He says no, he has work. She wants the hammer of Festus. He asks why she needs something that gives magic to those without it. She says she wants it for Henry.

Henry gets a hammer

Gold has the hammer and asks what she has to offer him. She says they’re on the same team. He says remember your mother’s lesson. Love is weakness. He pushes her away from him. She says love can be a weakness or a weapon and she’s going to use the weapon on her son.

Hook is suspicious about Emma and figures out the EQ has done something to him. She attacks him after he finds Emma’s phone on the beach. In the mirror world, Emma and Regina are looking for Henry in the mirrors. Emma remembers Henry will be at Granny’s to meet Violet.

Henry sits alone at a table. Violet isn’t there. He goes to check his hair in the mirror and his moms see him. They almost get his attention but then the EQ shows up playing mom. Henry tells EQ that he doesn’t think he’s good enough for Violet.

Regina says he’s a prince and she’s a commoner. She says some day they might go back to her castle and he can be king. She says acting royal is how you carry yourself and your character. She offers him a flower to give Violet and says act like the prince you are.

Double Mom trouble

He turns to go and she says stop slouching. He turns and looks at her carefully then goes. Violet is at the table when Henry walks over and hands her the flower. She asks if a homecoming dance is like a ball. He says keep your eyes on me and smile. She goes.

Henry says that woman is not my mom, it’s the evil queen. Henry says he has to find out what happened to my mom and asks her to come up with a reason to leave. She makes an excuse about another dress and they leave. He says she’s a natural liar and Violet says thanks.

They leave so they can go find his moms. Regina is worried and says Henry doesn’t stand a chance against her. The dragon shows up – he’s in the mirror world thanks to the EQ too. He tells Regina she let the bad side out and that caused this. He says she needs balance.

He says he found a back door out of the mirror world prison. Aladdin breaks into Gold’s shop looking for the wand. He finds Gold spinning gold. He hides when Gold comes to look around and then Aladdin finds the wand.

Puzzle pieces

The dragon takes them to the place where Sydney once lived. He tells Emma he can’t break her parents’ curse and says it’s beyond him. He tells them Sydney was working on a way out and he’s been trying to put the portal back together.

They work on reassembling the broken mirror portal. Henry goes to the vault to talk to the mirror there. The EQ shows up and he asks if she trapped them in there. He says he sent Violet somewhere safe because he knows she’s not his mom.

The EQ says she was the one who helped him when he was afraid and toughened him up. She says he can have anything he wants if he’s not standing behind Emma and her other half. Henry tells her not to Darth Vader him. EQ says Darth Vader wasn’t all bad.

Regina shows him a heart she took. It’s the dragon’s heart. EQ speaks through the dragon and says she hopes they’re having fun. She shows Henry the image of Emma and the Queen there. Then she does some magic and the old man turns into his dragon self.

Mirror mirror

He tells them to stand back and says he doesn’t want to do this. The dragon roars at them. EQ orders the dragon to kill them. Henry tells her to stop and she says she’s giving him a choice. She shows him the hammer and says he can save them if he smashes the dragon’s heart.

Henry says darkening his heart won’t make him hers. She says his mothers need him. He says if Regina dies, you do too. EQ says she has face in him. Regina suggests to Emma that they get the dragon to aim his magic fire at the broken mirror portal.

They draw the dragon close and then duck out of the way so the fire hits it. Henry begs the EQ not to make him do this. EQ says sometimes you need a little push. Emma and Regina draw the dragon close again. He takes the hammer and smashes the mirror.

That combined with the dragon breath blows the portal open. He grabs the dragon’s heart out of the way. Regina and Emma are loose. Henry tells the Queen that family makes you strong but you’ll always be alone. She says he wasn’t ready for the choice.

Gold gets beastly

Hook is there and grabs her when she tries to threaten Emma and Regina. EQ says she’s Henry’s mother and wants what’s best for him. She poofs away. Aladdin is with Jasmine who says she likes him playing the hero. She says heroes help people.

He shows her he stole a lamp from Gold’s shop for her. She asks if the genie is inside and he says no, he moved on. He says whoever is in there might help them save Agrabah. Belle and Zelena have the wand. Z asks her to hurry and send her to the Enchanted Forest.

Gold appears and says he won’t let her take his child from him. He puts a gold bracelet on her arm and says wherever she goes, he’ll find her. She calls him a beast and he says call it what you will, it’s done out of love. Belle threatens to run so far, he’ll never find her.

Gold says Rumplestilskin takes children not the other way around. Zelena says tell it to your other son. He hurts her and then he almost collapses. Zelena reveals that when she saved him in New York, she made sure if he hurt her, it hurt him. He promises to find a loophole then leaves.

The curse gets worse

Snow starts to leave a note for David then says she can’t do it anymore. She says she misses him and then kisses him and goes to sleep. David wakes and sees his son there. He notices a crumpled paper in Snow’s hand and opens it. It’s blank. He says he misses her too.

Violet comes to Granny’s and finds Henry did it up for her since they missed the dance. She says this is better and says she loves it. Henry asks if she’s bored with him and has been distant lately. Violet says she’s having a hard time adjusting to school. Henry is stunned.

Violet says it’s like the movies he showed her and says she feels out of place. She quotes The Breakfast Club. He says he should have started with 16 Candles and asks her to dance. It’s sweet. Regina and Emma lurk outside talking about their son. Emma says he’ll be okay without her.

Gold sits looking at the ultrasound photo of his son when EQ comes in. She says we do what we have to do to make our children strong. Gold asks how far she’s willing to go. She says she’ll do anything. He says maybe they can both get their happy endings. He grabs her into a kiss.

He says they’re on the same town for now and says there’s give and take. Then he says they have to take care of Zelena and says she’s a problem for him. Gold tells her to kill Zelena.









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