Once Upon a Time Recap – Killian Loses His Hook: Season 5 Episode 13 “Labor of Love”

Once Upon a Time Recap - Killian Loses His Hook: Season 5 Episode 13 "Labor of Love"

Tonight on ABC their fantastical series Once Upon A Time returns with an all new Sunday March 13, season 5 episode 13 called, “Labor of Love” and we have your weekly recap below. On tonight’s episode, news of Hook’s (Colin O’Donoghue) captivity reaches his friends, who must confront a beast guarding the prison, and Mary Margaret (Ginnifer Goodwin) thinks an old pal of hers can help them in this endeavor. Meanwhile, back in the Enchanted Forest, a young Snow White learns about heroics.

On the last episode, Emma, Regina, Mary Margaret, David, Robin, Henry and Gold arrived in the Underworld, on a mission to rescue Hook, only to discover that their search was more difficult than they had anticipated. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the ABC synopsis, “in the Underworld, an escapee from Hades’ prison informs the heroes that Hook is being held captive. But before the heroes can rescue Hook, they must face a terrifying beast that guards the prison. Mary Margaret searches for an old childhood friend who knows how to defeat the monster.

However, once reunited, she discovers that her friend is no longer the hero he once was. Meanwhile, in an Enchanted Forest flashback, a young Snow White struggles to preserve peace in her kingdom and must learn how to be a true hero if she wants to one day become queen.”

Tonight’s season 5 episode 13 looks like it is going to be as magical as ever so make sure that you tune in to our live coverage of Once Upon A Time at 8:00 PM EST!

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#OnceUponaTime starts in the underworld down deep in the lair of Hades. Killian wakes and looks beaten and bloodied. He sits up and asks if it’s a trick. A young woman nearby says don’t move, you can’t escape – it’s a trick. She says no one can.

He takes a step but she says he’ll hunt you down. Killian says Hades has done his worst. He says he won’t sit there and rot and says someone came to save him and he has to make it easier. He says he got a message but the girl says it could be a trick of Hades.

He says it’s not and when you love someone you know. He asks what’s in there with them and she says nothing you want to face. He staggers out of his alcove and reaches out a hand to her. She takes it and he pulls her out too. He asks if she’s ready.

They make a run for it. She says they won’t make it. He says he’ll draw the hell beasts away and tells her to run and find Emma and tell her where he is – he tells her both his names – Killian and Hook. Three dog heads with glowing red eyes come growling towards him

In the cemetery, David finds Mary looking at grave stones. She says they’re all from her father’s kingdom and says these are people she should have protected. He promises they’ll protect Emma and says no one is a better track than Snow and tells her to come on.

Mary sees a headstone and stops. She thinks back to a young version of herself sitting beside Regina who was queen at the time. People asked for her help to find a bandit. Regina tells them her step-daughter will take care of them – her father is away.

People are dying and they’re scared. Snow is confused and runs out of the room. Regina stares and smirks. Out in the woods, the young Snow falls into a trap in the woods. She calls for help. A sword handle is lowered down and a man pulls her out.

She thanks him. He says hunter traps are all over. She introduces herself to the young man who says his name is Hercules. She sees his tombstone now and tells David they were friends when they were kids. He asks what that means and she asks if he’s jealous.

David says the guy is a god and she says demi-God and he’s dead anyway. She’s sad. She says he must have unfinished business and wants to help him move on. She says he’s Hercules and can help them. She says he could save them all.

Henry and Emma are in the woods and Regina and Robin catch up with them and give them an update on their search. Regina says she has maps of the town back in Storybrooke in her office. She says maybe there are maps here.

Robin says he’ll go get them and Regina says take Henry since he knows the office well. Robin takes her son and goes. Regina looks around but Emma is gone and calls out to her. Emma found a trail of fresh blood. She calls out for Killian.

Instead they find the young woman and she says she knows Killian. They hear a roar and the girl says they need to go now. Emma and Regina take the girl to her parents’ apartment. It seems like it’s just waiting on her parents to die.

Emma asks where Hook is and she says in an underground prison and she came out through tunnels that came to a cave. Emma asks her to take her to the cave and the girl says it’s being guarded by something terrible with three heads and says the teeth can crush your burns.

She says its eyes burn through your soul as it devours you. She says nothing can defeat it but Mary is there and says she knows what it is and how to defeat it. We see teen Herc and teen Snow talking. He talks about being there to complete 12 labors for his father the God.

She says she must deal with the bandits before she can go back and sit on her throne. Hercules says he has a solution and tells her to fight them. He hands her a bow and offers to train her. He shows her medals he got for his labors he’s accomplished so far.

He tells her about a lion he fought. He says he will show her how to defeat the bandits and says she’ll make a great queen someday. He shows her how to use the bow. He says he’d like to spend his last moments on earth before he completes his last labor with her.

She asks about his last labor and he says defeating the three headed hell hound Serberus. Regina and Emma go see the kid eating witch who tried to murder Hansel and Gretel. They ask about Hercules and the woman says he comes in on his lunch break every day.

She says his muscles are always bulging and Mary asks where he works. She goes to the docks and finds him there. He still looks young. It takes him a moment to realize it’s Snow and they embrace warmly. She says he’s so young and asks how.

He says he died but it’s not important how. He asks how she died and she says she’s not dead – she came to help her daughter. She tells him she has two kids and a grandson and he says no way. She says it’s convoluted and has been quite a life.

He says he can’t say the same and she says sorry. Mary says there must be a way for him to leave the underworld and says Serberus is here guarding a prison where the man her daughter loves is being held. She says it’s his destiny to defeat it.

Hercules says that hero died but she says don’t forget what you taught me – you can’t let fear of failure keep you from trying. Killian is dumped at Hades’ feet and he laughs when Hook threatens to kill him. Hades says you can’t kill me  – this is death.

Hook says he will find whatever is worse and do it to him. Hades looks at the bites from Serberus on Hook’s neck and says he’s more unfriendly than his pet. Henry and Robin go to the mayor’s office and find a protection spell on the door.

Robin has an idea. He pulls back a sofa and opens up a vent. He tells Henry to stay while he goes but Henry says he should go and Robin should stand guard. He tells Henry to be careful. Henry goes into the office and finds Cruella there.

She asks how his mother is – then specifies – the mother of his that killed her. Hercules is with Regina, Emma and Mary in the cave leading to Hades’ prison. He tells them to wait for him and goes ahead. Back in the Enchanted Forest, Snow comes at a bandit who’s attacking her people.

She tells the bandit to leave her kingdom and says she doesn’t need her father’s army to stop him. He challenges her and she goes to grab an arrow then makes a mess. The bandit laughs and steps on them – he tells Snow to run back to the palace and says these are his woods now.

Hercules hits the ground and knocks them back with his power. He says leave her alone or answer to me. The bandit says her boyfriend won’t always be around and he and his men take off. Then we see Regina paying off the bandit.

She tells him to keep it up so these miserable turn on Snow and realize she should be queen. Now, Herc goes to face off with Serberus. Its eyes glow and he drops his sword and runs. The women see him running back towards them.

Emma nocks an arrow then we hear a whistle and Hades is there. He says he called them off. Hercules says it’s his uncle and Regina says Hades. She says maybe he can answer some questions and asks why this place looks like Storybrooke.

He won’t answer and then mocks Hercules for failing with Serberus again. Mary asks if the dog killed him and he says he didn’t want her to know. Hades says him dying brought them together as family. Mary says she’s not scared of him.

Hades says she should be and says the next time she interferes with his family, he’ll come after hers. Emma says they won’t rest til they find Hook. He says he told her pirate he would deliver this message personally and holds up a bloody hook.

She asks what he did and he says what should worry what he’s about to do. He drops the bloody hook and disappears in blue flame. Cruella tells Henry she needs his help and says Hades set up a terrible system.

They have two choices – leaving for a better or a worse place. Henry says he can guess where she’s headed. She agrees but says she wants to go back to the real world. She says the author can change it and that’s him. He says the apprentice told her no. She says the author’s power is great but he says he destroyed the quill. She says the quill is not a simple pen – it’s a living breathing thing.

He says the apprentice told her no. She says the author’s power is great but he says he destroyed the quill. She says the quill is not a simple pen – it’s a living breathing thing.

Henry is shocked it’s alive. She says when he broke it, it came to the underworld and he can find it down here with her help. She says he can send her back to the world. He asks why he would do that. She says if he brings her back, Regina will no longer be a killer.

She says Regina will be restored to the purse soul she was. Regina tells Mary she can’t quit but Mary says this is all her fault. Regina reminds her she dedicated herself to trying to ruin Mary and it never worked. She says Mary defeated her in a way no one thought possible – by making her a friend.

Mary says all she has are speeches and Regina says they don’t need Mary Margaret – they need Snow White. Back in the EF, we see Herc talking to Snow and she says she’s done and can’t be queen. She says Regina can run the kingdom better than she can.

Hercules tells her that his first labor nearly killed him. He says the Nemean lion’s fur was impenetrable. He says he was about to die then accidentally dropped his torch and it set the fur on fire then he could kill it. He says his failure showed him how to succeed.

Snow asks him how they stop the bandits. Now, Mary throws his sword at him. Herc says he can’t defeat Serberus and will just annoy his uncle. She asks how Serberus killed him and says that’s how they figure out how to defeat him.

He says when he faced one head, the other two kept attacking. He says he never should have fought it alone. Mary says that’s why he’ll win this time – he won’t fight it alone. Mary is ready to face Serberus with him. She says they will fight and win.

David calls out to Regina and then the roof of the place caves in. They run out the door. Serberus has come for them! Back in the EF, the bandits are robbing a village. Snow shows up and demands he gives back what he stole and leave.

The bandit says he’s not scared. She nocks an arrow and says give it back. She shoots and he laughs as she missed. The next shoots the sword out of his hand. She takes aim at the other bandits and they are scared especially when the villagers stand beside her.

The bandit says it’s not over. She says it is. He drops the necklace he just stole and the others drop their loot. He grabs up his sword and heads out. The people cheer. She and Hercules hug. He says he knew she could do it and she says he’s the reason.

He’s going to face Serberus and asks her to come. She says she would but her people need her more. He says she’ll be an amazing queen. She says Olympus will be lucky to have a hero like him. They kiss. Now, the gang meets in the street and David says Serberus is here.

They realize the dog is chasing the escaped prisoner. They find her huddling by the crushed clock tower. She points and they see the dog. Herc asks what now and Mary says get in there. They go into the library and hide. Herc asks Mary what to do and she says hit all three heads at once.

Mary says the girl can help and says give her your dagger. He hands it to the frightened girl. Mary tells her she has to try. The dog is breaking down the windows. They all three prepare and Herc grabs a pipe since he doesn’t have his dagger.

Marry nocks an arrow. They are all ready. The dog bursts in and Mary says now. She fires, the girl stabs and Herc strikes. The dog goes up in a puff of black smoke. They laugh. The girl collapses and Herc catches her. Her name is Megara. She says call me Meg.

Herc sits down with Meg and says he thinks they met before. We see back in the past and she says he’s the boy who tried to save her. She says Serberus got her right after he got Hercules. We see the flashback of Herc telling her to run then him facing the great beast.

Herc says he’s sorry and she says he made up for it by saving her now. She thanks him. David says Herc found a new friend and Mary smiles. She says maybe that wasn’t his only unfinished business and says maybe he needed to save her too.

Mary tells Emma that she took risks even when she was afraid back in the EF. She says she used to inspire people and says Regina reminded her of that. She says she doesn’t want to forget who she is. She says she wants to be Snow White again and Regina says about time.

David says they can make it happen and calls her Snow. Robin calls out to Henry who slithers back out of the vent and says he didn’t find anything. Meg made a map for Emma to find her way to Killian. Emma thanks her.

Herc asks if they want them to stay and help but Snow says to cross now before your uncle finds you. Herc says she’s an amazing hero like he knew she would be. They hug. He and Meg takes each other’s hand and walk out onto the rock ledge over the pit of fire.

The lighted bridge opens up to them and Meg asks what it is. He says it’s Mount Olympus. They walk towards it together. Snow is all teared up. The clock ticks twice more which means he lost two more. Hades tells Hook that the prisoner he helped has moved on.

Hook says good for her and tells Hades to get on with it. Hades says the sword isn’t for him, it’s for his friends. He puts it in Hook’s one good hand. He tells him he wanted his friends to leave at first, but now he decided they caused too much damage.

He says his vindictive side wants them punished. He tells Hook for every soul they free, one of them will stay and he conjures up three tombstones. Hades tells Killian he gets to decide who it is that will die.