Pregnant Eva Mendes Won’t Marry Baby-Daddy Ryan Gosling – Says Marriage Not Important?

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Are pregnant Eva Mendes and Ryan Gosling getting married? If you have been holding out for an elaborate over-the-top star-studded wedding between Eva Mendes and Ryan Gosling – don’t hold your breath.

Eva and Ryan like to keep their private lives private, but sources close to the happy couple says that Mendes really has not any interest in marrying her hunky baby-daddy. What?!

Who would have ever thought that Ryan Gosling would have a tough time convincing a woman to marry him? ‘The Notebook’ hunk has been a Hollywood heart throb for years, and we’re pretty sure there are a couple thousand women who kiss posters of him hanging over their beds “goodnight” every night.

But, Eva Mendes doesn’t think a wedding is a priority.

Eva Mendes and Ryan Gosling already have a 19 month old daughter named Esmerelda that they have been raising together. We’re sure she is cute, I mean look at her parents, but the tiny tot has been kept hidden from the public eye.

In April 2016 it was confirmed that Eva is pregnant with baby number two for her and Gosling. There is no news yet on her due date or whether or not it is a boy or a girl – but she was definitely rocking a baby bump in recent photos.

Despite their growing family, Eva Mendes is not interested in marrying Ryan Gosling. An inside source close to the couple dished to Naughty Gossip that Eva is  “adamant that it’s not important” whether she or Ryan Gosling seal the deal officially and walk down the aisle and say their “I Do’s.”

It seems strange, but Eva may be on to something, Hollywood marriages seem pretty cursed these days. Maybe avoiding a wedding is a sure fire way to stay together, seeing as how celebs have a tough time avoiding divorce.

What do you guy think? Is it odd that Eva has no interest in marrying Ryan? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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