Pretty Little Liars Recap – Shocking Message: Season 6 Episode 13 ‘The Gloves Are On’

Pretty Little Liars Recap - Shocking Message: Season 6 Episode 13 'The Gloves Are On'

Pretty Little Liars returns to ABC Family tonight with an all new Tuesday January 26, season 6 Episode 13 called “The Gloves Are On,” and we have your recap and spoilers below. On tonight’s episode, the police turn to the ladies for answers; and Hanna (Ashley Benson) enlists Lucas’ help to come up with an alibi that will save her mother’s job and clear their names.

On the last episode, Aria started to look suspicious as she immediately headed back to Boston; Emily continued to lie about her life in California; and the ladies found themselves in familiar territory. Meanwhile, Alison kept a close eye on her friends. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the ABC Family synopsis, “Aria, Emily, Hanna and Spencer find themselves back in familiar territory with the Rosewood P.D. knocking at their doors looking for answers and their actions now affecting the loved ones around them. With her mother’s job on the line, Hanna tries to come up with an alibi that could save all four of them with the help of her old high school friend, Lucas.”

The season 6 episode 13 of PRETTY LITTLE LIARS is going to be really exciting and we’ll be recapping it for you right here.

Tonight’s episode begins now – Refresh Page often to get the most current updates!

Tonight’s episode of Pretty Little Liars kicks off with Emily, Hanna, and Spencer at the spa at the hotel getting facials – they invited Aria to join them but she never showed up. Spencer is certain she is hiding something about Ezra from the other liars – Hanna says they don’t have anything to worry about because she deleted the security tape footage at the hotel. Emily and Spencer think that was a big mistake. The girls all leave – and Emily bumps in to Sara Harvey, who was apparently listening in on their entire conversation while she was in the next room over. Emily shouts at her and tells her to stop following them.

Lorenzo shows up at the hotel and corners Hanna’s mom Ashley – he is investigating Charlotte’s murder and thinks it is suspicious that somebody deleted the security tape footage from the night that she was killed. He says they have an IT specialist checking in to it to see if the videos were deleted. He wants a list of all of the guests that were at the hotel that night.

Hanna is trying to work at the Brew and she bumps in to Lucas – he is apparently doing very well for himself and has houses all over the world. He spots Hanna’s ring and thinks that she is engaged to Caleb. Hanna corrects hi, and tells him that her fiance’s name is Jordan.

Melissa wanders in to the barn and finds Caleb in there working on his computer. Spencer arrives, she’s rushing because she is on her way to Hollis to register students to vote for her mom. Caleb offers to make her some breakfast and rushes off to the kitchen. Melissa questions Spencer about her relationship with Caleb and she insists that they are just friends.

Ashley corners Hanna and demands to know if her and her friends tampered with the security footage – Hanna insists that she had nothing to do with it. Ashley is freaking out, Lorenzo called and said that he knows the tape was erased – he wants Ashley to come down to the police station ASAP for questioning.

Aria meets up with Ezra to discuss the book that he still hasn’t wrote for her publishing company. He gives her a book and says that he only wrote the first chapter – then Nicole went missing and he never wrote any more. Ashley stops by their table to take their order, Ezra wants a beer, Ashley apologizes and tells him they can’t serve him alcohol any more because he apparently had a drunken incident.

Emily is at the drug store and her mother shows up and is freaking out – she got a letter in the mail from Pepperdine University and her mom opened it and read it. She knows that Emily has been lying the entire time and that she dropped out of college. Emily sits down with her mother Pam and tries to explain to her that things were complicated. Pam is devastated and she can’t believe that Emily faked her entire last five years, and even sent her fake graduation pictures – she doesn’t want to hear any more lies, she announces that she is going home.

Hanna rushes over to Lucas’s house – she fills him in on what happened at the hotel the night that Charlotte was killed. She needs an alibi, because she and the other girls were drunk. She wants Lucas to lie and say that he came to her hotel room and was with her when Charlotte was killed. Lucas reacts strangely at first, but then he tells Hanna that is she needs his help he will “be there for her.”

Aria sits down with Emily and reads the first chapter of Ezra’s book – Aria raves about how amazing it is. But, Emily thinks that it is weird and it sounds like Ezra is talking about Aria and not his former girlfriend Nicole. They argue, Emily explains she is just stressed because Sara Harvey has been following her all over town. Aria thinks they should have Ashley Marin kick Sara out of the hotel.

Hanna meets up with Spencer and tells her that she cleaned up their mess and Lucas is going to help them and say he is their alibi. Talk turns to Caleb – Hanna reassures Spencer that she is over him, and she is excited to be getting married to Jordan. Their conversation get awkward – Hanna asks Spencer if she has feelings for Caleb. Spencer doesn’t answer, but it is obviously that she does. Spencer admits that she hasn’t told anyone about her feelings for Caleb because she is scared that he doesn’t feel the same way about her. Hanna encourages Spencer to talk to Caleb and see where they stand.

Aria meets up with Ezra – she tells him that the first chapter of his book was amazing and he needs to finish it. She wants the world to know how compassionate, sensitive, and kind that he really is. Ezra scoffs that he might not be all of those things – and then he storms off.

Meanwhile, Spencer is being hounded by a college journalist at Hollis. While she is arguing with the reporter Damien, she learns that Mona is working for the opposing team – and running the campaign of the person who is running against Spencer’s mom. Spencer is shocked – Damien explains that Mona tried to get a job on her mom’s campaign, but Mrs. Hastings refused to hire her, she decided to go work for the opposition.

Later the girls are hanging out at Aria’s house – Hanna catches Emily in the bathroom injecting a needle in to her leg. Hanna corners Emily and demands to know what is going on, she thinks that Emily is sick. Emily explains that she dropped out of school and blew through all of her money, so she is donating her eggs and getting paid for it. Hanna comforts Emily and tells her that whoever she is giving her egg to is going to be “the luckiest couple in the world.”

Hanna heads to the police station to talk to Lorenzo – she tells him that Lucas stopped by the hotel room the night that they were hanging out and he brought her fried mozzarella sticks. Lorenzo brings Lucas in and questions him about visiting Hanna, Lucas screws up and his story doesn’t make sense – Lorenzo can tell that he is lying.

Spencer returns home and Melissa is having a meltdown – she just talked to the reporter Damien and she thinks that he is investigating their past. She tells Spencer that she saw him writing something in his notebook about a cover-up and a tape. Spencer reassures Melissa that she isn’t the one that Damien is investigating, she texts Aria and tells her that someone saw the security tape and Ezra needs to talk to the police ASAP.

Aria storms in to Ezra’s apartment and tells him that the others are on their way. She shouts that she knows what he did to Charlotte. Hanna, Spencer, and Emily arrive at the door. Hanna starts shouting at Ezra that he needs to own up to what he did before they all get arrested. Spencer butts in and tells Ezra that she should just plead self-defense because Charlotte was crazy. Ezra screams at them to all get out of his house now. Spencer, Hanna, and Emily rush out – Aria stays. Ezra tells Aria that she needs to leave too. Aria gets emotional and says that Ezra isn’t the same person that she used to know, and then she storms out as well.

Spencer returns home and Caleb is waiting up for her. He can tell that something is bothering her – she asks Caleb who he thinks killed Charlotte. Caleb says that Sara Harvey is at the top of his suspect list. Spencer says she doubts it was Sara – and then realizes that Caleb has no idea Sara is basically handicapped now and can’t use her hands. Spencer fills Caleb in on what happened to Sara the night of prom – how she was electrocuted while they were trying to find Charlotte, and Emily punched Sara in the head. Caleb comforts Spencer and reassures her that what happened to Sara was not her fault.

Emily returns home and her mom is waiting for her, she doesn’t seem too upset about college anymore. She wants Emily to promise her that there won’t be any more secrets – and from now on they are going to go through it together.

Hanna visits Lucas and apologizes to him for dragging him in to this. She reassures Lucas that she didn’t have anything to do with Charlottes death. Hanna gets emotional and confesses that her mom thinks she might be guilty. Lucas is going out of town but he gives Hanna the key to his apartment so that she can stay there whenever she wants.

Spencer and Caleb drink a few beers together – she tanks him for always being there for her and not judging her. Spencer tries to tell Caleb that she has feelings for him but she can’t get the words out, Caleb takes her hand and plants a kiss on her. While Specer and Caleb start stripping their clothes off – Hanna is sitting on her laptop and looking at old photos of herself and Caleb in high-school. All of a sudden all of the liars’ phones go off, they get an anonymous message and it reads, “You know who did it and I am going to make you talk”