Queen of the South Recap 6/30/16: Season 1 Episode 2 “Cuarenta Minutos”

Queen of the South Recap 6/30/16: Season 1 Episode 2 "Cuarenta Minutos"

Queen of the South airs on the USA network tonight with an all new Thursday, June 30, season 1 episode 2 called, “Cuarenta Minutos,” and we’ve got your Queen of the South recap down below! On this evening’s episode, Teresa (Alice Braga) sets out to prove her worth to Camila; (Adriana Barraza) Epifanio hones in on Teresa.

On the last episode, on the series premiere of QUEEN OF THE SOUTH the Mexican drug cartel came after Teresa Mendoza with a vengeance and she was forced to run and do whatever it takes to survive.  Did you watch the last episode? We’ve got your detailed Queen of the South recap right here.

On tonight’s episode per the USA synopsis “Teresa sets out to prove her worth to Camila; Epifanio hones in on Teresa; and, in Mexico, Brenda desperately searches for Teresa and tries to hide from the cartel.”

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#QueenOfTheSouth starts with Teresa being told to wake up by a woman who tosses a sandwich down beside her. Teresa sits up and looks around. There are women cleaning their clothes and taking care of business. One does her nails.

One woman is given an injection as she moans and another laughs. Teresa finally gets up and asks a guy if she can see Camila. He hits the fence with a rifle and busts her lip and a woman yelled at her about messing up her nails.

Future Teresa tells her I never told you this would be easy. Later, Teresa sits and a woman approaches and offers her a napping for her busted lip and some food. The woman says her name is Aveline and Teresa tells her her name too.

Pro or mule?

She asks if Teresa is a pro or mule and she says neither. She says that a-hole that hit you is the nicest guy here and says stick close and I can help you. She says she helps a lot of girls and says she’ll be in her position soon and says she worked up to being a mule and makes more money.

She says she has to do some things to get what she has and advises Teresa to stay quiet like a mouse. She asks if Teresa has kids and says she’s trying to get back to her son in EL Paso. Aveline says follow me and you’ll turn out like me and be fine.

Teresa refuses the food and then the girl keels over on her and is ODing. Teresa calls for help and says something is wrong. Men shout in Spanish and one curses that they burst again and she’s dead. They haul Aveline out and they try to get the drugs out before it’s too late.

OD and escape

They cut open Aveline’s belly as Teresa watches. He digs his hand into her stomach and pulls out bloody packets of drugs. The other women watch horrified. The guy counts them out and Teresa makes a run. She heads out and then hits a locked fence. Men chase her.

Teresa has to run up and up and then she runs into a man with a rifle. She climbs over the ledge and jumps down but falls through some rotted boards. They come after he and she’s too limp to fight them off.

They get 22 bags out of Aveline then another guy takes over and grabs one more. He washes his hands and glares at Teresa. In Culiucan, Mexico, Brenda and Tony walk down a street. Brenda leaves a message for Teresa and asks if she’s alive and says Epifanio’s men are everywhere.

Brenda and Tony alive – saved by delivery dude

Tony whines that he’s hungry and Brenda writes him a reality check. Oscar pulls up and tells Brenda and Tony to get in get down. He asks what they did and where’s Chino. Brenda hangs her head. Oscar gets out of the van and takes a box of fruit to the store and then gets back in.

Oscar acts like he’s just making routine deliveries. He drives away. None of Epifanio’s men seemed to notice. Brenda tells him sorry for how mean she was to him as a kid. She tells him that she’s sorry for setting his truck on fire and he’s stunned. Brenda thanks him again.

Camila and the Quinceañera

Camila gets out of her car and goes into a party with a gift. Men stand in respect and call her Don Camila. She hands a gift to the man whose daughter is having the party – it’s her goddaughter’s party. She brought her a diamond tiara and the man thanks her.

Camila tells the men that her daughter Isabel’s Quinceañera is next year. The host, Rubin, tells her some numbers and she says this is no time for business – this is family time. She says these moments are fleeting and says embrace them. They thank her.

Rubin puts the tiara on his daughter and dances with her. Camila’s phone buzzes and she gets a text that Teresa tried to run. She leaves the party.

Camila calls Teresa’s bluff

Camila asks James why the bags are bursting and he says it’s the new chemist. Camila says this is his problem since he found the guy and the plane is leaving soon. Camila comes into the cage with Teresa and says – you’re a runner.

Camila puts her phone on the table and makes a call to Epifanio on speaker phone. She asks him about the emails he’s sending about the girl. He tells her it was Guero’s GF and knows she’s in Texas so shouldn’t come there.

Camila asks what she did to him and he says Teresa and Guero stole from him and Guero is dead. He says he has to send a message. He says let me know if you find the girl and maybe I’ll do something nice for you. She ends the call and asks Teresa if Guero stole.

Teresa says she knows nothing and Camila asks why Epifanio wants her dead so badly. Teresa says she’s just a GF. Camila says she’s going to make her a girlfriend to a lot of people. She tells her men to drug her and put her to work.

Teresa chooses mule over hooker

Teresa screams and begs. Camila stops her men before they give her an injection. Camila asks if she remembers something now. Teresa begs her to wait and says she can be more for her. She says she’ll deliver the drugs.

Camila has them stand her up and. Teresa says she’ll deliver the drugs the mule didn’t. Camila says there are problems with the mules and says the cops know what they’re doing. Teresa insists she’ll do it and Camila says use her.

Camila chews out James and says Han is important so you better drive fast before they bust and kill her. Teresa is taken to a room. She sees women cutting drugs and then James takes her photo to make her a passport. They hand her a packet of drugs.

Teresa puts it in her mouth and swallows. They hand her one after another. She keeps swallowing. She stops and coughs. She got 17 down and keeps going. She has 23 inside her. James tells her don’t eat or drink anything until they come up.

A flight to nowhere

They take her to get on the plane. Camila hands over the passport and then shows her the necklace of St Malverde they found on her. She hands it to her and says she’ll need the patron saint of comfort and tells them to go.

James drives fast with Teresa in the stolen car. He runs over her address and other facts from her passport. She says driving like this won’t help but he keeps on. He almost runs down some pedestrians then runs a red light.

He tells Teresa to tell him if she feels numb. He hits a road closed sign and has to back up. He says we won’t make it and then says she won’t have time. He says throw it up now. He says that’s not the first girl that died and he won’t have it.

Teresa says no, she won’t do it. She says get me to the airport on time and says she’s doing this job. She says drive. He says she’s going to die. They drive. She hands on and he runs a red light. They are struck by an SUV.

Drugs in, drugs out

They get out of the car and she looks around. He grabs the bag and they run. They run inside the airport. They run up the escalator and to the counter. He does the e-check in for the tickets and they head to security. James tells the guy his GF is always late.

They wait to go through the scanner. She goes first and it beeps and the guy calls her over. She looks around and sees a drug dog. She gets a pass. She waits for Jason and then he grabs the bag and they head for the concourse.

They run for the flight. A guy punches in a security code onto a door as they walk up. He gives them a nod and they duck into an authorized area. Jason tells Teresa get them out and she shoves her fingers down her throat. He grabs a coffee can and starts rinsing the bags and counting.

Back to the cage, more threats

She keeps puking them up. He counts and she keeps gagging. There’s three more to go. He says they’re dissolving and she has to hurry. She says she can’t. She’s getting dizzy. He grabs the soap out of the dispenser on the wall and pours some down her throat.

That makes her vomit. That’s the last of them. She hands him one he dropped and says we’re good. They get them into a plastic bag and a man waits watching his watch. They walk by him and he grabs the bag off their arm.

They go outside and get a cab. Teresa is put back in the cage and one of the women says she should have died, not Aveline.

Epifanio gets an update, Camila gets a new guy

In Sinaloa, Mexico, Epifanio’s men tell him no leads on Guero’s GF and got a ping on her friend Brenda. He tells Cesar to take care of this personally. Brenda is with Tony at Oscar’s. Epifanio tells his men to keep tracking Brenda.

Camila goes to see Teo (Mark Consuelos!!). He’s her money man. She tells him she wants to take over a trawler company with no paper trail. Teo says he knows who she is and what she does but wonders why she’s coming to him. He offers her a cherry mint. She glares. He says life is like that – sour and sweet. Teo says he doesn’t want to go to jail and she says she doesn’t either.

She says she has a challenge and was told he likes challenges. She says she doesn’t want her husband to know what she’s doing because she’s going to war with her husband and says she can handle him. She says do it quietly, methodically, no red flags.

Oscar offed – Camila gets a call

Cesar unlocks the trunk of the car and finds Oscar there. They tell him that he picked up Brenda and Tony. Cesar’s guy says he pulled out three teeth and he still wouldn’t tell them where Brenda is. Cesar shoots Oscar and tells Gato to bury him.

Camila goes to a nightclub and up some stairs to a private area. Epifanio calls her and says no matter the cost, I want to find the girl. She says it must be important and he says she should come home. Camila says she asked around and no one has seen her.

She asks him how much manpower to put on it. Then she asks dead or alive and he says preferably alive. Camila asks again what this girl means to him and he doesn’t give a clear answer. She asks if Batman showed him the new terms and he says this is stiff.

She says if you refuse, our split will get less amicable. He calls it tough talk and she reminds him she built the business not him. He says okay 12 months then they’ll revisit it next year. He ends the call. She tells James to get closer to Teresa.

She says to scare her about running away or going to the cops and the only way to live is to stay with me. James smokes a cigarette and thinks as Camila walks out. Teresa sits on her mattress in the cage and her future self tells her sweet dreams.