Reign Recap 1/8/16: Season 3 Episode 8 Winter Premiere “Our Undoing”

Reign Recap 1/8/16: Season 3 Episode 8 Winter Premiere "Our Undoing"

Reign on the CW continues tonight with an all new Friday December 8, season 3 winter premiere called “Our Undoing,” and we have your weekly recap below. On tonight’s episode, Mary (Adelaide Kane) must marry again in order to help Scotland, whose welfare she has to prioritize over her heart. Meanwhile, Catherine (Megan Follows) is accused of poisoning Francis, (Toby Regbo) but Mary believes Catherine is being framed by Narcisse, (Craig Parker) who’s angling to become Regent of France.

On the last episode when Prince Don Carlos (guest star Mark Ghanimé) of Spain visited France, Mary (Adelaide Kane) uncovered a dark secret he is hiding and enlists in Catherine (Megan Follows) to advise her on how to handle. When Gideon (Ben Geurens), the new ambassador from English court arrived, suspicions arose about what his true intentions were, while Bash’s (Torrance Coombs) pursuit of the mysterious killer came to a head at Greer’s (Celina Sinden) tavern. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it we have you covered with a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the CW synopsis, “Mary (Adelaide Kane) and Catherine (Megan Follows) deal with the aftermath of Prince Don Carlos’ (guest star Mark Ghanimé) accident, Mary realizes that she will have to marry for the good of her country and not follow her heart. When Catherine is accused of poisoning Francis (Toby Regbo), Lola (Anna Popplewell) is shocked when Mary thinks Narcisse (Craig Parker) framed Catherine in order to become Regent of France.”

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#Reign start with Mary and Catherine in a panic over the death of Don Carlos. Mary says they should explain this but Catherine says Mary could be implicated by Spain and punished. Catherine says they need a cover story.

She says they need to say they were playing a game in Catherine’s chambers. They burn bloody clothes and Mary realizes she left her sash with him as a blindfold but doesn’t think anyone might now.

Catherine has Mary throw out her poisons then there’s a pounding at the door. Catherine tells them to enter and Narcisse comes in under power of the Regent. He says he’s heading up an inquest to see if she’s guilty of poisoning Francis.

He says King Charles was sent away to protect him from her. Narcisse says he’s not accusing her but others are. He says Francis’ death could have restored her to power. He says she placed a rat in his wife’s chambers and Catherine says he knows she didn’t do this.

Catherine says Narcisse planted it and blamed her to scare Lola into marrying him. Narcisse calls in the guards to take her cache of poisons. Catherine tells Mary she didn’t do that to Lola and Mary says she knows but Narcisse seems conflicted.

Catherine shows her a bottle she took out of her stash and says it’s not hers and she slipped it out. She wonders who may have poisoned Francis and Catherine tells Mary to leave her so she can save herself and control the Don Carlos situation. Mary says Narcisse wants to block Catherine from the Regency and says she’ll talk to Lola about the rat.

Catherine tells her she can tell Lola that Narcisse cheated with her if it will help. Mary goes to see Lola. Mary tries to get Lola to hold back from testifying because it would implicate Catherine in Francis’ poisoning.

Lola says Catherine is mad because Narcisse would never touch her again. Mary says after the rat, Lola ran to Narcisse. Lola says she can’t believe that of her husband. Lord Cunningham approaches Mary – he’s an advisor from Scotland.

He says the southern barley crop was taken by fleeing English troops who destroyed more crops on their way out. He says some Scots raided the English on the border to get it back and that went poorly. Mary comes to check on Don Carlos.

The healer says it doesn’t look good. The Duke of Alba, Frederico, asks to speak to her. He asks if she saw him tonight. She says she saw him briefly then went to see Catherine. He says he found a sexual device and says her fallen lady – Greer – should be questioned.

Mary tells Greer to take her girls and go ASAP. Mary tells Greer something seems different about her. Greer tells her it was better she learned about Don Carlos but it was better she found out before the wed. Greer also tells her some people heard two women with Don Carlos.

Mary asks if they know who it was and Greer says no but nothing stays secret.

Catherine goes to see Claude and asks where her usual guard is – she says now that Catherine has been accused of poisoning, she has extra guards. She says she was called to the inquest and reminds her mother she did poison her.

Catherine says she wasn’t in her right mind when that happened. Catherine says they have a complicated relationship and says their world undervalues women and she may have over-valued her sons. Claude rants at her and Catherine says she loves her.

Claude says she will not tell the inquest that she poisoned her if she can get Charles to agree she can chose her own husband. Mary reports back to Frederico and says she knows the device was brought with Don Carlos.

Then she realized that Frederico already knew. They agree to keep it secret. She asks what he’ll tell King Philip about his son’s death. He says the prince was out on a stroll and climbed a wall to pick wildflowers for her and slipped and fell.

Mary and Frederico agree to the story. Catherine has some girls lure guards way as she goes to walk out the gate. But Bash grabs her and accuses her of trying to leave. He whispers that Mary tasked him with helping.

She tells him to find the embalmer who took out Francis’ organs to find out if his liver was black when it was removed. That way they know if someone tampered with the liver. She thanks him and says she knows he has no reason to be kind to her.

Catherine tells Mary that the doctor told her that Don Carlos will alive. They are worried that Don Carlos will tell his father that she brought around the sex machine. Mary says she will sit by Don Carlos and when he wakes talk reason to him.

Lola testifies before the inquest about the rat and note. After, Narcisse asks if she’s all right and she says she doesn’t feel good about driving a nail in Catherine’s coffin with no real proof. She tells him that Mary told her that he planted the rat to scare her into marrying him.

He asks what she said and she says she told Mary it’s not true. Narcisse says he has done unscrupulous things but did not terrorize her into marrying him. He says they love each other and that’s why they married.

Lola gets a note from her mother and it says her father and brothers have been captured by the English. Narcisse promises to get them back for her as ruler of France. She embraces him warmly.

Catherine is with Mary at Don Carlos’ beside ready to kill him if she must. Don Carlos wakes and asks what happened. Mary says he had an accident and asks if he remembers. He says he remembers Mary then says pretty Mary.

Catherine says he must not remember. Catherine asks if he remembers Mary coming to his chambers and he shakes his head then says slowly – you’re so pretty Mary. Catherine says he’s an idiot.

Mary says the fall damaged his brain and Catherine says let’s hope it’s permanent. Narcisse and Mary talk to the English ambassador. He says if Lola will visit English court, Elizabeth will free them.

He says Elizabeth will get to know Mary better through Lola and this is a peace offering. He says send Lola within a week or they will hang. Narcisse says he can send in a military unit to try and regain them.

Mary says that can destroy the tenuous peace and says they must try a diplomatic strategy. Narcisse says he will do what he wants then rants at her about the rat and Mary says she knows he slept with Catherine again.

He says Catherine is a miserable liar and says he will send soldiers in to rescue the men. Mary says the Scots are under her command as queen and she will command them not to obey. Don Carlos plays with his dinner and Frederico says there’s little improvement.

He says he doesn’t remember his accident and only remembers liking music and pretty Queen Mary. Frederico says no one can see him until King Philip decides what to do. Don Carlos drops his fork he was using to bang his cup.

Mary hands it back and says it’s all right. He says he wants to go with Mary but the Duke says he has to follow orders. Claude comes back to the inquest a second time. Narcisse says one of her ladies in waiting gave him her diary.

He asks if she wants to change her statement that her mother would not poison a child of hers. He reads a section about her mother poisoning her. Claude runs out and hugs her mother. Narcisse follows and says they have her diary. Catherine says she did nothing wrong.

Mary wants to sneak Catherine out dressed as a man. She dresses her as a boy and takes her out of the castle. Catherine says running is an admission of guilt and Mary says it’s run or die and gives her a bag of gold. She says give her enough time to clear her name.

Catherine says she has one piece of advice. She says Narcisse is not behind her and Elizabeth will come for her again. Catherine tells her marry Don Carlos and says he’s docile and decent and no more sexual contraptions.

She says it’s a small sacrifice and marriage to Spain makes her powerful and says she can take him back to Scotland like a potted plant and care for him. She says he has no other marriage prospects and the king would be unkind to her.

Mary tells the carriage to stop and let her boy out to go to his house in the village. She tells her she found a family to take her in and go. Lola drafts a letter back to her mother about how heartsick she is. She looks at the scribe’s handwriting and then grabs the rat note.

She asks Cedric if he wrote it. He says no and she asks again – he says all court scribes use the same calligraphy. She drops the subject. Bash rides up on Catherine and he says Francis’ embalmer got some cash and fled.

She says he was bribed and Bash says he has another idea. He says the blackened liver may not have belonged to Francis at all. He shows her some documents and says he thinks the dates show that Francis was never embalmed.

She says Francis must be exhumed and says they must go visit her son. Cedric tells Narcisse about Lola’s questions about the handwriting. He says this has all gone bad. Cedric says Mary fled and Narcisse says he can’t lose the regency over this.

He rants about power being nothing without love. He says Lola will never forgive him if she finds out. He says he has to spin one final lie to cover his tracks. He tells Cedric no one else must know and throws the boy off a parapet to his death.

He makes sure the scribe is dead and says – please God, let it end here. Lola asks Narcisse where Cedric is because she wants to send a letter home. He says he fired him and she looks at him askance then asks if he bribed him to go away.

She demands to know if he killed the boy and says tell me one honest thing. He says he loves her and would do anything to keep her. She tells him she’s going to England to save her family and tells him he means nothing to her.

She says her love for him is gone and says he murdered it too. She walks out. He’s shocked. Mary is told some Scottish lords are there. Lord Rutherford introduces himself and says they need their queen.

He shows her starving children that are victims of the famine. Mary calls for guards to take the children and tells him he was cruel to starve them for the journey. She sees them taking bodies of small children that died on the journey. Mary is stricken.

Catherine comes riding back into the castle and Narcisse orders her taken into custody. Catherine says she came back to redeem her freedom. Bash says unload the king and she says she was forced to look upon the decaying corpse of her first born.

She says her son’s body will prove her innocence. She tells Mary to look away. The coffin is opened. Narcisse walks closer. He says the body has not been cut open. Bash says the liver used in this witch hunt was not from his brother.

The Vatican apologizes and Narcisse says he will reverse the inquest’s ruling. Catherine stalks away as Narcisse calls out to her. He orders Bash to close the coffin. Lola comforts Mary who is crying over the corpse.

She says she hopes this whole mess is behind them. Lola tells Mary she was right about Narcisse and tricked her into marrying her. She says she’s going to London to Elizabeth and says her family is all she has left.

She says she’s going to leave the baby with her mother and beg Elizabeth for mercy. Lola says she has to get away from Narcisse and says she doesn’t want to give him a chance to win her back and says she still thinks he’s involved with Catherine.

Lola promises to work on Mary’s behalf in London. Mary says she wishes she had her courage and Lola says she’s terrified. Mary and her future groom Don Carlos are toasted by the Duke. He says King Philip sees this as an ideal alliance.

Catherine says Narcisse must be unhappy to see her head on her shoulders and he insists he didn’t frame her and doesn’t hate her. Catherine says he will pay if she finds out he tried to blame her for her son’s death.

Frederico says he has an engagement gift for her and Don Carlos says a gift for Mary. She whispers to Don Carlos and he says – send Scotland grain. She says it’s what she needs and she kisses his cheek and thanks him.

The Cardinal meets with the man who engineered the plot against Catherine. He says he can help them bring down the Valois another way. He stabs the cardinal in the neck and tells them to dump him in the river. Is he working for the other French faction?