Reign LIVE Recap – Catherine and Charles Framed for Murder: Season 3 Episode 14 “To the Death”

Reign LIVE Recap - Catherine and Charles Framed for Murder: Season 3 Episode 14 "To the Death"

Reign on the CW continues tonight with an all new Monday May 16, season 3 episode 14 called “To the Death,” and we have your weekly recap below. On tonight’s episode, Mary (Adelaide Kane) realizes her need to return to Scotland is becoming increasingly imminent and that along with the help of Bash (Torrance Coombs), she must raise her own army to save her throne.

On the last episode Mary unwittingly endangered Gideon as she attempted to safeguard Elizabeth, so she then turned to Dudley to help her save Gideon. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it we have you covered with a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the CW synopsis, “Mary (Adelaide Kane) realizes her need to return to Scotland is becoming increasingly imminent and that along with the help of Bash (Torrance Coombs), she must raise her own army to save her throne. Elizabeth (Rachel Skarsten) enlists Lola’s (Anna Popplewell) help to find out information about her mother, which backfires when Lola gets caught.”

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#Reign starts with Elizabeth watching as her mother Anne Boleyn is brought to be executed. She begs them to stop but her mother is beheaded. She wakes scared from a nightmare and Lola hears her. The maid promises that no one heard her and tells her to go back to sleep.

Catherine tells General Gaghan that the threat is significant. He says the men must be paid at once and someone from Greece is coming to hire soldiers and they will lose them. Catherine promises payment within two weeks. Charles overhears and asks why she didn’t tell him about the Red Knights.

Catherine says because those were men they also didn’t pay. Catherine says she will find the money. She asks the Vatican’s emissary who refuses to help them. Mary is with Catherine and Mary reminds him they still need to fight John Knox.

The man offers Mary 100,000 livre to buy an Army. He won’t help Catherine. Mary says she’ll share the Vatican’s gold but Mary says she needs more money and then asks if she heard from Gideon since he left. She says he had to go secure a safe place for his daughter Agatha.

Catherine tells Mary she needs to return home to Scotland and pulls out a new winter wardrobe for Mary that she bought her. Mary asks if Catherine tried to use her Medici connections to raise money and Catherine says the death of her doppelganger ruined things for her with the Medici.

Catherine says Mary looks like a queen that men would die for. Catherine advises her to consult Bash on a private army to hire. He knows the perfect men.

Mary wants to meet the mercenaries and Bash reluctantly agrees to take her to the meeting. He says other incentives made help and Mary asks if he means whores. She says she wrote Greer but hasn’t heard back and says she hasn’t come to court lately.

Charles and Catherine bring Narcisse in and explain they need a half-million in two weeks to pay the army. He says he has a sketchy option but can get the funds. Catherine says whatever it is, go do it and do it ASAP.

Mary forces her way into Greer’s chambers and sees her giant baby bump and knows why she’s been hiding. Mary wants to know why she didn’t tell her. Greer says her sister was helping her and was going to adopt the child but she was a fool.

Mary says she can retire and raise her child but Greer says she wants her child to have a good name. Mary says Castleroy could be released by Catherine. Greer says he probably doesn’t want to raise another man’s child but Mary insists on helping her.

Charles and Catherine ride out to assure payment to Gaghan’s men and they are assaulted by villagers complaining of a tithe. Catherine says Narcisse must have tithed the peasants and Charles reminds her they were tithed once already this year.

Elizabeth and Lola walk around and look at preparations for a festival and Elizabeth asks what she knows of her mother Anne Boleyn. She says King Henry beheaded her because she didn’t give him a son and he took her head when she was just two.

She says her mother was smeared with the most horrible accusations – incest, witchcraft and adultery. She says Lady Beatrice leveled the worst charges. Dudley is ready to leave for his duty and she says he needs to be gone.

She wants the Jubilee reminds the people she’s Henry’s daughter, not Dudley’s mistress. He asks her to promise that he’ll hold her again and Elizabeth says they will even if it takes years. Elizabeth asks Lola’s help to get revenge on Lady Beatrice.

Elizabeth says she has to smile in her mother’s butcher’s face because to act against them would put her reign at risk. She says Beatrice got her mother’s family lands as a reward for lying about Anne Boleyn. Catherine chews out Narcisse for the attack on them because of the tithe.

Catherine asks if they got enough money and he says no. Charles asks what now and Catherine says she thought Narcisse was her last resort. She says she needs to go think. Charles says there is an answer and they must travel and tells Narcisse they’re going to the Alps.

Mary is outraged at the price that the General asks for the services of his mercenaries. Mary asks him to take a risk and says free Castleroy from his prison and you have the job and the price you ask. The man says it will be done. Bash asks if Catherine knows and Mary says she asked not to know.

Bash asks what will she do when he’s out and she says she’s securing Castleroy some false documents. Elizabeth goes over the plan with Lola to sneak pearls into Lady Beatrice’s bag so she can be fined to retrieve her family lands.

Lola asks if she’ll show mercy to Beatrice after this and Elizabeth reminds her that Beatrice showed her mother no mercy. Mary paces in Bonnay’s tent and Bash tells her that the man is competent. He reminds her of when they ran away together before to save Francis from the prophecy.

Charles and Narcisses are at a casino and Countess Van Court greets him. He offers deeds to some royal vineyards to buy into the games. Narcisse says if he loses the vineyards gambling then there will be riots in the street.

Bash calls to Mary to come quickly. Castleroy is a mess and she has Bash take him to the carriage to be taken for medical treatment. Lola lurks near Beatrice and Elizabeth gives her a nod. The guards call attention and Elizabeth toasts to King Henry VIII.

Elizabeth then offers a favor to loyal courtiers but they must first be searched by the guard to be granted a private audience. The pearl hiding gag partially failed when the string snagged on Lola’s sleeve and Elizabeth orders them both arrested for theft.

In the dungeons, Lola and Beatrice are in adjoining cells. Lola lies and tells her that a man paid her to put the pearls in her bag and she thought it was a romantic gesture. Beatrice says Elizabeth might have arranged it and calls her a pawn since she’s Scottish.

Lola asks why Elizabeth would do that to her. She asks if Lola has heard about her selling out Anne Boleyn.  Beatrice says a chamber maid swears she saw Anne sleeping with her brother George and Henry knew it was a lie but leveraged her to lie then rewarded her.

The chamber maid is brought to Elizabeth and says she knows she said she saw her mother lie with George. The maid begs her not to make her speak of it. The maid says she doesn’t understand. The woman insists it wasn’t a lie and the Queen slaps her.

The maid says the truth is worse and says her mother had no choice. She says Henry was cruel to her and her mother. She says Anne was desperate for a son and that’s why she did it. She says her mother didn’t want an affair just a baby and could only trust her brother.

She says they couldn’t go through with it because Anna was crying too hard and loved Henry. The maid shows her hands and says she withstood two days of torture before she broke. She says someone else saw George leave the room and knew.

Charles has raised half what they owe the army and Charles says he can double it with one roll and Narcisse offers caution. The woman who runs the casino keeps a worrisome eye on Charles. He bets it all on one roll. He loses. All the gold is gone and the vineyards.

The woman says so sorry that he has to go. Narcisse says they want a chance to win back what they lost. Narcisse says he knows there is another game in this place and she says another match was about to win and he could win four times what he lost.

They go downstairs and there is a giant man who beat all the challengers. The proprietress offers 10,000 livres to bet on his own life if Narcisse plays. He spots a weak shoulder on the champion and that the man is drinking. Narcisse pulls off his shirt and is ready to fight.

Charles is concerned. They have wolverine looking claw weapons and they brawl. The man claws Narcisse then he sinks his claw into his shoulder. Narcisse head butts him then knifes his foot, elbow and abdomen. He kills the man brutally. Charles says he did it and that’s all the Army money. Charles calls him the savior of France.

Lola complains to Elizabeth about her three nights in jail before she agreed to the plan. Elizabeth says she had to convince her privy council to allow her to pardon her. Elizabeth says Beatrice gave back her family lands and is gone.

Elizabeth says her father was brutally effective as a ruler and she never understood it but now realizes she must always be seen as Henry’s daughter – brutal when she needs to be. Elizabeth says in her heart, she’ll be her mother’s daughter.

Lola asks her if she loves Dudley and she says yes. Lola says she must fear love because of what it did to her mother and says she chose Dudley perhaps because he was unavailable. Lola says now that he’s free, she’s not fighting for him.

Lola says there may be a greater love in Elizabeth’s future. She says Lola is brave and wise and definitely loyal. Elizabeth says the guards told her she never told her part in the plan against Lady Beatrice. She says she owes her thanks and delivers John to Lola.

Lola is thrilled to see him walking and grabs up her son. Catherine comes to see Narcisse who is in bed healing. He asks if she came to punish him for sneaking Charles out of the castle. Catherine takes his hand and says she wants him as Lord Chancellor.

He accepts before she changes her mind. He says he’s the fool she’s looking for and she says get better soon – France needs you. Greer comes downstairs and sees Castleroy has been brought to her. He says they are both much changed and says let’s get on with it.

Greer sits and asks what questions he has. She says she wants her child to have a proper loving home and good father. She says she would like her child to have him. Castleroy says thank you for allowing me to see you first. He says he can’t help her.

Greer says she’s all alone in this and he says he just can’t. Greer walks away hurt. Mary tells Castleroy that she can’t imagine what prison must do to you and says love doesn’t disappear. She asks him to look deep in his heart for any love he might have for her.

Greer is in her chamber when Castleroy comes to her. He says he’s sorry for his behavior and she deserves better. She says she understands. Castleroy says coming back to normal life is overwhelming. She asks if he could try to start over with her.

He asks if he was ever what she wanted. Greer says she fell in love with him and says he has courage, he’s clever and kind. She says that hasn’t changed. She kisses his cheek. Greer and Castleroy prepare to leave together and Mary gives them papers to forge their new life.

Greer says she has enough money to start over. Mary asks what she’ll do without her. Greer says it breaks her heart to say it but friends grow up and sometimes grow apart but she won’t forget what Mary did for her. Mary tells her she’ll be so happy.

Bash tells them it’s time to leave and they load into a carriage. They head out. Mary starts crying when they’re gone and she tells Bash she loses everyone she loves. He holds her and says not everyone. Bash says she’s going to Scotland soon and says she needs someone who she knows she can trust.

Bash says he will go with her and knows she must marry a prince or king. He says she has to know she can trust someone completely and says the embers of his love for her keep him warm and he says he’s lucky to serve her.

Charles gives payments to the generals and Catherine says France will be fearless with them protecting them. They toast to King Charles. They drink and Charles says let’s enjoy the feast. A page announces that Catherine has a delivery in her chambers to wear to the feast.

She goes to see what it is and finds a note that says history repeats itself and sees the red knight’s mask. Catherine runs back to the feast and finds that everyone is unconscious. He runs to Charles who is stunned. He says he doesn’t understand and thinks Catherine did this.

She says it was the red knights. He says he drank the same wine. Catherine says the glasses must have been poisoned and Charles asks why spare us. She says they want the world to think that they killed them like the other knights.

She says everyone who knew they paid them is dead and the armies will rise up against them and they will burn. Catherine and Charles are both terrified.