Reign Recap 6/13/16: Season 3 Episode 17 “Intruders”

Reign Recap 6/13/16: Season 3 Episode 17 "Intruders"

Reign on the CW continues tonight with an all new Monday, June 13, season 3 episode 17 called “Intruders,” and we have your weekly recap below. On tonight’s episode, Mary (Adelaide Kane) is presumed dead, so Elizabeth (Rachel Skarsten) seeks her crown with assistance from Lola. (Anna Popplewell)

On the last episode Mary arrived in Scotland and must hide her identity in this suddenly treacherous and changed land. Meanwhile, Elizabeth made a misstep with an insufferable new suitor; and Charles covertly schemed to have his mother surrender her power. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it we have you covered with a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the CW synopsis, “Mary is presumed dead, so Elizabeth seeks her crown with assistance from Lola. Meanwhile, Mary’s half brother tries to safeguard her throne from John Knox; and Mary and Bash wind up in the clutches of the intimidating clan leader who killed Francis.”

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#Reigns starts in Scotland with Bash and Mary along with Duncan and his men. They plan to ransom Mary to her wealthy (yet non-existent) fiancé. Bash worries about the danger of Mary’s plan to kill Munro. Bash doesn’t want her at risk.

Mary says she has to avenge Francis’ death. Duncan rides up and Mary asks about how much further. Duncan says they must take a detour to refresh their horses. Bash and Mary agree – it’s what they wanted after all.

Thierry’s father tells him he did well by betraying Charles and says France will be better for it. He’s being held in a wagon which is stopped by a tax collector. His captors slit the throat of the collector to keep secret that they have them.

Catherine goes to the nobles about the Red Knights capturing Charles. She says these men are trying to bring down the entire Valois family. She charges them with finding King Charles and they agree. She thanks them all as they leave.

Martel de Guise is there and Catherine spars with him verbally. He asks if she found the men who murdered his father but she says the Protestants covered their tracks well. Catherine says it’s been hard since Francis died.

Martel says the nobles won’t help her like she wants. He says they think Charles is a figure head and he says she needs powerful allies. He says he can protect Catherine and offer her council. She doesn’t like this. Martel says they have a common goal.

He says they can both benefit. Catherine accepts his protection but is clearly skeptical. In Scotland, one of the men from the ship is wounded and says he wants passage back to France for the message. He says Mary is in Scotland.

The man who talks to him is stunned to hear that Mary is alive. The man begs him to get word to James to protect Mary. He sets that the man holds a coin. James gets a report about French mercenaries. John Knox shows up to talk to him – he hands him a piece of the Pope’s gold.

Knox says he spoke to a man before he died. He lies and tells James that he reported that Mary is dead. James is upset and Knox says with Mary dead, Lord Darnley will take the throne – he’s a Catholic. Knox wants an end to the monarchy.

He says James can be among the Protestant rulers. James consider dissolving the monarchy and says if Mary is alive, this is bad. Knox insists she’s dead and says let the throne die with her.

Elizabeth comes to talk to a grieving Lola. She asks if she’s thinking about Mary. Lola says if Mary died at sea, they will never find her body. Lola blames herself but Elizabeth says she was a good friend to Mary. Lola says she can’t convert to Protestantism.

Elizabeth says she can arrange for her to have private Mass in her quarters. Then she tells Lola about the power vacuum and John Knox’s activities in Scotland. She tells him Lord Darnley may take the throne and then try to take hers.

Elizabeth says Darnley and Knox are both a danger to him. Elizabeth says she could pursue the Scottish throne herself to try and block them. Elizabeth says Lola’s support could help her. Lola asks if she would be tolerant of Catholics.

Elizabeth says she’s no zealot and says she will be tolerant and just. Elizabeth says they could bring peace to both countries. Lola says Mary was the true queen but now that she’s dead with no heir, it should go to her. Lola pledges her support.

Catherine chews out Leith and Claude for losing Charles. Catherine calls him useless and threatens him. Claude says it’s her fault because she insisted. She says Charles promised to make Leith a Duke so they could marry. Catherine is furious.

But she says as stupid as Leith is, at least he’s loyal and that’s in short supply these days. Catherine dismisses him. Catherine updates Claude on her talk with the nobles and says she needs to trust no one, not even the King’s Guard or Martel de Guise.

Catherine says Martel may be one of the Red Knights. Claude asks why Martel would move against them and Catherine says he doesn’t know, so keep your distance. Claude goes to confront Martel – she slept with him in Florence but didn’t know he was a de Guise.

She says he’s one of them and there to sabotage her family. He says he’s not a Red Knight. She says tell me why you’re there. He says he came to find his father’s killer. He doesn’t believe it was Protestants and says he will help find her brother and protect her too.

Claude believes him. He says now that things are clear, she can stay and have wine. Claude smiles and says it sounds awful. She walks out slamming the door. In Scotland, Mary and her escorts stop at a village. The locals stare.

Mary says it’s not a friendly crowd and Bash says it could be worse. Duncan tells them to come meet Munro. They go into a small building. Munro greets them warmly. He says Pauline needs a warm bath and clean clothes.

OMG! Munro is special guest star John Barrowman. (For Doctor Who and Torchwood fans, he’s Captain Jack – for Arrow fans, he’s Malcolm Merlyn). Munro says his scouts are back and sends Mary to be bathed and changed.

Bash’s sword is taken and Munro says he sent a rider to Falkirk to find Pauline’s fiancé and says if he lived, they won’t leave his camp alive. Elizabeth sends the priest to Lola. It’s Narcisse in disguise! He says he’s there to rescue her and she’s stunned.

Narcisse says he’s Lord Chancellor of France but it means nothing without her. He says come home to me. Lola says where is that? He says it can be anywhere she wants even in Scotland with Mary. He reveals that Mary is alive in Scotland.

Lola says this is terrible then says Elizabeth is moving on the Scottish throne. She says Elizabeth trusts her and she has to tell her Mary is alive. Narcisse says that Elizabeth may not give up anyway and he could be in danger.

Lola says she can talk sense to Elizabeth or she may attack. Narcisse says they need to leak Mary’s survival from another source. He says have Rene leak the news to Elizabeth through a Protestant anonymous source at court.

Narcisse says he can try to help Mary but all he cares about is Lola. He says he won’t’ leave England without her. In Scotland, there’s merriment at the camp. Bash tells Mary that Munro sent someone to check their story.

He says they need to sneak out. Mary says they will never get another chance. Bash says he was disarmed. Mary says she can do it. Bash says they were risking the monarchy and she says they’ll do it tonight. She goes to dance with Munro.

Charles is angry at Thierry who says this is the start of a revolution. Thierry says the Red Knights won’t kill Catherine but will topple the monarchy and Charles will live his life in exile. Charles says that’s a lie that they will kill him too.

Claude goes to talk to her mother who realizes her daughter slept with Martel. Claude says he’s not a Red Knight. She says the de Guise’s benefit from their reign. She says he just wants to know who killed his father.

Catherine says it’s complicate and Claude asks how many people her mother killed. The Red Knights sent a ransom note for Charles. She says they want a life for a life. They want Catherine in exchange for Charles. Catherine says they won’t let Charles go.

She says they’ll try and kill them both but she has to go anyway. She tells Claude to get her brothers and sisters safely to her older sister to Spain if she and Charles are both killed. Catherine says she won’t go down without a fight.

Catherine talks to Leith who found some men they can trust. He founds three guards. She wanted four and he says he’s the fourth and won’t let her go alone. He says he has a duty to his king but he wants her to protect Claude.

He says Martel will protect her and Catherine says she knows he wants to redeem himself then asks if he’s recovered after his injury. She asks if the seamstresses do what she asked. She tells Leith to get there before the Red Knights.

James is in bed with Lady Kirkland when John Knox interrupts them and says fornication is a sin. He says Darnley will be installed as King and James says not until proof of Mary’s death is confirmed. James says he still rules Scotland.

Knox threatens him and says Elizabeth is plotting to take the crown. He says she must know about Mary. He says if she invades, she’ll take them both out. Knox tells him to dissolve the throne or Scotland will fall into ruin.

Mary dances with Munro who asks her about her wedding. She makes a sad face and says she doesn’t know the man she will marry but he’s twice her age. She says an older warrior maybe not an older merchant. Munro offers her a gift.

She says she’ll dance with her brother before they go. Bash warns her that Munro wants more from her. Mary tells Bash to find horses and stage a diversion. Elizabeth and Lola play chess and a man comes in and tells her that Mary is alive and on Scottish soil.

Lola acts surprised and shocked. Elizabeth says they don’t know for sure that Mary is alive and she can’t pull her forces on a rumor because of John Knox’s threat. Lola says she understands but then later tells Narcisse what happened.

He wants to take her and John and run now. Narcisse says he can’t bear it if anything happened to her. Lola kisses him. She tells him Elizabeth will leave in a few days and she can escape then. She says Rene will contact him when she’s ready.

Munro tells Mary to take whatever item catches her eyes. She chooses a necklace and says it’s grand. Munro puts it on her neck. He leans close and she says she’s nervous. He kisses her neck and says the wool merchant doesn’t deserve her.

She sees a sword and asks him to teach her how to use it. It’s the one Francis has made for her. He talks about losing his lands to Catholic enemies. He reads it and says my queen, my light, my love. He says it was found among mercenaries.

He seems to know she might be Mary. She plays dumb. He says he’s heard tales of Queen Mary’s raven haired beauty. He says she has not bewitched him.  Duncan finds Bash who plays drunk. He attacks Duncan and drowns him in a water trough.

He sets fire to the thatched rooves in the camp. Munro says he sent his men to kill her and she says they killed her husband instead. He says she named his father a traitor and stole his lands. Mary says she made no orders and tells him she did nothing to his family.

She says her husband is dead for nothing. Munro says someone has to finish it. Mary says she knows and stabs him in the neck. She runs him through with her sword. She says she would have stayed in France the rest of her life but he took her heart so she came to repay him.

He falls down bleeding out. She hears screams outside. He dies. She’s covered in blood. She mounts up and she and Bash ride away. She has her sword!

Thierry listens to Red Knights argue over whether or not to kill Charles. One of the leaders says he won’t kill him and the Red Knight kills him instead – it’s Thierry’s father that’s killed. Thierry comes to Charles to help him escape.

Catherine rides to the field and demands to see her son. She says produce Charles or I come no further.  Men come out of the fog and then they hear a sound. Leith and his men are dressed as Red Knights and take out the others. Catherine calls out for Charles.

She tells Leith he’s not there and says one Red Knight fled. Leith says he kept one alive. Catherine threatens to flay the prisoner left alive if he doesn’t tell her where Charles is. In England, Narcisse waits for Lola.

Lola gets a note using Mary’s code and it asks her to kill Elizabeth. There’s money with it to bribe guards. Mary and Bash ride at top speed. James meets with the council to disband the monarchy. John Knox pressures him.

John Knox says Scotland must cast off the chains of the monarchy. The council is ready to vote on dissolution. Hands are raised. James has the final vote. The doors are kicked open and bloody Mary walks in very much alive.

John Knox is stunned. She says she has come for her throne. The council all drop to a knee. Only Knox remains standing. He glares not happy to see her.