Rizzoli & Isles Premiere Recap 6/6/16: Season 7 Episode 1 & 2 “Two Shots: Move Forward/Dangerous Curve Ahead”

Rizzoli & Isles Premiere Recap 6/6/16: Season 7 Episode 1 & 2 "Two Shots: Move Forward/Dangerous Curve Ahead"

Tonight on TNT RIZZOLI & ISLES returns with an all-new 2 hour Monday, June 6 season 7 premiere called, “Two Shots: Move Forward; Dangerous Curve Ahead” and we have your weekly recap below. On tonight’s episode, fallout from a shooting finds the team searching for Alice Sands, hoping to bring her to justice before she destroys Jane’s life in the season 7 premiere.

On the last episode, a state trooper was killed in Maine and the getaway car had tied to the mastermind of attacks on Jane. Mysteries surrounding the mastermind’s obsession with Jane had to solve to keep her safe and to take down the predator for good. The Season 6 finale. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode per the TNT Synopsis “fallout from a shooting finds the team searching for Alice Sands, hoping to bring her to justice before she destroys Jane’s life in the season 7 premiere; also a car crash is much more than it seems. Meanwhile, the entire department continues a search for Alice Sands and a romance blooms.”

Tonight’s episodes of Rizzoli & Isles season 7 looks like they are going to be great and you won’t want to miss them, so be sure to tune in for our live coverage of Rizzoli & Isles at 9:00 PM EST! While you wait for our recap hit the comments and let us know how excited you are about season 7 of Rizzoli & Isles?

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Korsak’s wedding ended with gunshots on last season of “Rizzoli & Isles” and, picking up from where they left off, it was revealed on tonight’s all new episode that several of the wedding guests had been left with injuries following that night.

As it turns out mostly everyone had taken cover once they heard the gunshots. So naturally a lot of them were left injured by the fall to the ground and not necessarily by the actual shooter however one of their own had taken a bullet to the shoulder. Nina it seems hadn’t been as quick as the others so she had been left open to the shooter and unfortunately the shooter didn’t appear to be discriminatory about who got hurt as long as Jane got to see the damage.

Everyone and that goes most especially Jane believed the shooter was Alice Sands so that’s where they decided to begin their investigation into what happened at Korsak’s wedding. Alice as some of us may remember was a woman completely unhinged. Apparently she blamed Jane for destroying her life because Jane had come at the top of their class back at the academy and Alice had then dropped out seeing as she couldn’t be the number one anymore.

But in spite of how ridiculous that sounded, Alice’s anger at Jane was truly danger. She had burnt down Jane’s apartment, had Maura kidnapped, and appeared to take whatever opportunity she could to afflict pain on Jane. So what Jane wanted more than anything was to find Alice before Alice could hurt someone else close to her yet there were no new leads. And it didn’t seem as if the police were going to miraculously get some.

By then, the media had found out what had happened and that Alice was a danger to everyone around her. So of course the media made it out as if the police should have already have caught this Alice before she had allegedly escaped to Canada. However, Alice had her chance to get away free and clear but ignored it. Instead she just snuck back into Boston in order to get near Jane.

So Jane later decided to use Alice’s obsession against her. Jane, you see, had known that Alice would be keeping up with the news and what was happening with Jane so Jane had gone behind everyone’s back to make a statement to the media. She told the press that Alice was crazy and that her recent behavior was one of the exact reasons why Alice had never cut it at the police academy. And liked she planned, that had enraged Alice who really was watching the news.

Alice it seems just could not help herself, but making her even angrier didn’t work in Jane’s favor. Jane’s boss hadn’t liked the part about her going to media and so she got reprimanded for that. Also Alice didn’t then commit some large mistake that drew the police’s attention. Yet, the police were able to figure out on their own how she was able to flee the scene back at Korsak’s wedding without Jane catching up to her.

Apparently there were tunnels running through the entire city that many of the homeless tend to use as a way to have shelter during the winter. So it was actually pretty reasonable that someone like Alice who wouldn’t want to be seen would then use those same tunnels to appear and disappear at any time she wished. But while there must have been witnesses who would have seen Alice, no one was stepping forward. And in fact they seemed like they wanted to protect Alice which really wasn’t all that unusual.

Alice tends to be very charismatic and she somehow draws followers to her cause no matter where she goes. So it wasn’t all that surprising that Alice managed to do that with the group of homeless teenagers that knew the tunnels best yet what they really needed was for someone to care about them. Though the same way Alice was able to get her cell mate to do whatever she wanted, she got those kids to hide her whereabouts and hand Jane a message from her.

Now Jane didn’t allow for anyone else to see that message, but it had upset her so odds are that Alice had taunted her with that little message.

And seeing Jane upset had upset Korsak. Korsak had been trying to convince Jane to slow down before she commits another mistake that might cost her, her career. So he had been partly concerned and partly disappointed in Jane that she had ripped up the note rather than turn it in for evidence. He later told Kiki that he was worried for her because he didn’t want the case to turn her into something she wasn’t and seeing the toll it was all taking on Jane had made him think about his retirement again.

Korsak had been all for retiring and enjoying the rest of his life with Kiki yet the case made him doubt that decision because he wondered who would take care of Jane if he wasn’t there. However, Korsak wasn’t alone when he was thinking about changing his life in order to be there for Jane. Jane’s mom was also of the same mind and one of the things that convinced her that she shouldn’t go to Europe with her boyfriend Ron had been Ron’s daughter.

The young woman had stopped by the bar to just sort of take everything in and so Angela had seen how scared she had been at simply thinking about her father almost getting hurt. So later Angela went to Ron’s office and she broke up with him. She said that she needed to focus on her kids who needed her and that she didn’t have time for a relationship at that point in her life.

But while one crazy woman was making everyone reconsider their life choices, that same woman had made it perfectly easy for Jane to find her. Alice had ultimately wanted to be found by Jane and no one else. So that’s what she made sure would happen. She led Jane into a position where she knew Jane would be separated from everyone else and then she matched Jane deal with the fallout after she told one of her newest followers to begin shooting the others.

So Alice was crazy, but she hadn’t wanted to get caught in the first hour of tonight’s recap and so that’s what ended up happening.

Only things didn’t immediately go back to normal once Alice had gone back into hiding. Apparently Maura had suffered some bleeding in the brain from that fall at Korsak’s wedding so she was still suffering from some symptoms and needed additional help at the office. And in the meantime she was just trying to get on with her job as a Medical Examiner while Jane continued in her own hunt to find Alice.

However, Jane’s hunt soon began to seem like an obsession of her own. Jane had followed Alice’s entire life and she looked for all possible acquaintances yet the closest she came to finding Alice was finding Alice’s accountant. Accountant being a prettier word for the guy that helped her smuggled her drug money. So Jane had thought that she could use that guy to lure Alice or get Alice to go on the move again, but the accountant was no such help.

Holtz chose death over imprisonment so the only thing their investigation yielded was the money stash at his apartment. It seems that Alice had left everything she had with Holtz so the police were finally able to cut her off and leave her without resources. But Jane hadn’t been happy with only that. She didn’t just want to hurt Alice or simple arrest her, she actually wanted to kill her and even as admitted as much to a priest during confession.

Jane had told the priest that she wanted to ask for forgiveness for what she was about to do. So that had put a whole different meaning on Jane’s obsession with Alice and it had also made things look as if it was only going to end one way. Yet, Maura had probably stopped her from that mistake when she found bovine blood on Holtz’s shirt. That blood sparked an investigation into any slaughterhouse he might have visited recently and led to them finding Alice hiding out in a back room.

And the great thing about Alice hiding out in a back room was that there were far too many witnesses around for Jane to do what she really wanted. Though her back and forth with Alice was far from over. Alice had gotten arrested at the slaughter house and at first it had seemed like a boon that she had been found right next to a rifle that could have been used on Nina, but analysis came back on that and it showed that the rifle she had with her wasn’t the same one that had been used in the shooting. So Alice’s lawyer was able to fight the charges once one of them didn’t pan out and he later got Alice out in spite of everything she had done.

Which included talking a runaway teenager into shooting his friends. However, Alice was able to walk on those charges because she somehow convinced all the teenagers to claim that she hadn’t been involved with what happened and that she had actually tried to talk the young man out of hurting the others. So right away, Alice was making herself out to be a saint and she was using that to paint Jane as the villain.

Alice and her lawyer had held a press conference where they accused Jane of going after Alice out of pure spite. So they were calling to attention her past behavior on the job as well as the fact that she had been wrong in the past though what they were really trying to do was to get everyone to question Jane’s personal involvement into who allegedly targeted her. And that right there made it look like Jane was the unbalanced one.

But there was thing that Alice couldn’t deny and that was her DNA found in a ditched car. Remember, Alice had been involved in the death of a State Trooper up in Maine so as long as they could tie to the car then it wouldn’t’ even matter if she pulled the trigger. She would have been in the same vehicle as a known criminal while she was on probation and that alone would have been enough for any jury. So all Jane had to do was bring Alice in again however Alice wasn’t going to make her second arrest as easy as before.

Alice had seen the police coming so she made sure to gain leverage. She had pulled out a gun and had taken a teenager hostage when Jane tried to follow her into a room. So Alice was still trying to control the story, even at the end, and her final act had been to push Jane into a corner. Where Jane then had to shoot her so that people will always wonder if Jane had shot her in cold blood or not.

And so Alice ultimately got what she wanted, but Jane and her family were the ones that were left feeling like they could finally get on with their lives. Frankie finally pursued things with Nina and it turns out she was open to the idea. So that was one relationship that seemed to survived the reign of Alice yet is there a chance for Angela and Ron?

The End!