Scandal Finale Recap – Olivia is Rowan 2.0: Season 5 Episode 21 “That’s My Girl”

Scandal Finale Recap - Olivia is Rowan 2.0: Season 5 Episode 21 "That’s My Girl"

Tonight on ABC Scandal starring Kerry Washington continues with another exciting episode in an all new Thursday May 12, season 5 finale called, “That’s My Girl,” and we have the recap for you below. On tonight’s episode, in the fifth-season finale, running mates are selected by the presidential candidates.

On the last episode, Though Olivia and Abby were at odds, they had to team up in order to defeat Hollis. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the ABC synopsis, “in the fifth-season finale, running mates are selected by the presidential candidates. Meanwhile, Olivia gets into an alarming situation; and the election could be upended by harmful info given to Cyrus.”

Tonight’s episode of SCANDAL is going to be absolutely incredible and you won’t want to miss even a minute. We’ll be recapping it for you here live.

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#Scandal starts with Richard, Vanessa’s dad, talking to Jake about how his dad demanded he have a son but he was thrilled to have her. Richard says Jake is the son he never thought he wanted. Richard is in bad shape and says call 911. Jake sits tight.

Jake says he’s sorry but there’s another man that also thinks of him as his son and wants him to have Vanessa’s inheritance. Jake says it’s almost over as Richard collapses. He says almost there then kneels to check his pulse. Then Jake dials 911.

Cyrus laughs as he reads the Tribune and Tom comes in looking grim. He hands him an envelope and says Michael is in Virginia in an apartment that his aunt rented for him. He hired two private tutors for Ella. Cyrus says he’s got to pick a VP.

Sally is at the Republican convention this week. She smack talks Fitz then asks who will the candidates choose for their running mates. Cyrus asks David if he’d like to be Frankie’s running mate. David says what’s the hitch and why would he do that.

Cyrus says he’s a bright seasoned Democrat who works across the aisle. David calls him the Dark Lord and asks who he wants him to kill. Cyrus claims that Frankie has changed him and says he’s a once in a lifetime guy who wants to make the world a better place.

Cyrus says he’s cut from the same cloth as David. Olivia talks to Mellie and the team about VP candidates. Alden McKay is one but Huck says the guy is a closet gay. Joe Walton is next but he was part of tax scam. Bill Wagner is next, governor of Missouri.

He admits to Liv he was a coke dealer to pay off his student loans. He says that’s a sin of his past but he wanted Mellie to know about it. Mellie says even Democrats love him. Olivia says he may be a felon but he didn’t lie. Huck says we can try and clean him up.

Edison shows up to see Olivia. He tells her about Jake’s message and that he’s Rowan’s prisoner and puppet. Olivia says thanks for bringing the message. Edison asks what she’ll do about it. Liv says it’s not like that and he storms out.

Huck tells Olivia about Vanessa’s dead father and says her dad is building a war chest. Olivia tells Huck that she can’t save Jake or her dad will kill him. Frankie is meeting with Rowan when Cyrus show up. He’s calling himself Eli Pope and offering to help fund the campaign.

Frankie steps out so they can talk. Cyrus tells him he’s not welcome there and says what do you want. Rowan threatens to tell Frankie that Cyrus rigged the shooting and wants Jake Ballard as Frankie’s VP on his ticket.

Quinn and Huck go see Doug Morton and they tell him they know he’s Anthony Musser and says it’s his new identity. Quinn says he did a bag thing dealing coke with Bill Wagner. He says that was 35 years ago and threatens to call the cops.

Huck says you will move to Albuquerque and threatens him. Abby says Mellie wants to hear Fitz’s convention speech. He’s being very cooperative. Fitz says he’s out of here soon and will be a free man in five months.

He’s making plans and mentions Vermont. Frankie asks Cyrus about Jake and says he might be a good option for VP. Cyrus waffles then says he’s a soulless dead eyed monster that murdered the love of my life and is a traitor to this nation. Cyrus goes off.

All of that was in Cyrus’ head. In reality, he says Jake would be great. Frankie smiles. Liz approaches David and she asks if he met with Cyrus. She asks why. He says he offered him the VP slot and Liz is excited. She wants to be on his campaign and says Frankie will win this.

David says no and no. He says she ruined his life and stole Susan from him. Liz says she cried real tears in her eyes thanks to him. She says he’s not the only victim. David calls her power hungry and terrible. Liz tells him to take the ticket and goes to kiss him.

He says no but she says let’s debase ourselves and they make out. Abby calls Olivia and says Fitz agreed to everything Mellie wanted. But then Abby finds Fitz in her office looking through Olivia’s medical file she got. He asks where she got it and he says Rowan. Fitz says it’s a lie and storms out.

Cyrus comes to see Olivia and tells her about Rowan hijacking the campaign and forcing Jake onto the ticket. She asks what Rowan has on him and he won’t tell her then caves and admits he set up the capitol shooting.

She’s stunned at what Cyrus did and he says her father stole his horse to ride him across the finish line. Olivia says he made this problem, he can fix it. Cyrus tells her that her dad will steal the election from Olivia and Mellie.

He says if he’s out of this because of Rowan, she’s already lost. Mellie comes upset to Olivia about Fitz’s speech and says it’s all about himself and he doesn’t mention her. Liv is nonchalant and Mellie goes to talk to Fitz. Marcus says don’t poke him.

Mellie tells Fitz that his speech is an abomination and he says he’s trying to help her. She asks how talking about himself helps. He says the best thing he can do for her is talk about him. He says if he talks about her, that becomes the story and people might think they made a deal.

He says they had a big messy relationship and he had an affair with her campaign manager and supported her opponent in the primaries. He says this is her moment to shine so the best thing he can do is to make the Grant name look good.

He says he’s not an unpopular mayor from a small town but a two term Republican and says they still love me after all of it. Mellie says he’s so arrogant and presumptuous. He made a crack about how he could beat her and she takes offense.

Mellie says it’s just one more time to talk about how great he is. Mellie asks is there a scenario when he doesn’t talk about how great he is. She says he stood on her back and Olivia’s to get where he was. She says she’s not a white man and is there on her own.

She says she got there because she escaped him and so did Liv. Mellie says he whined and cried about how much he hated being President and he tried to walk off the gig. She calls him privileged and entitled for thinking that job was a prison.

Mellie says she wants this, unlike him, and she earned it. She says she will not squander it. She says that stage is hers. She walks off and he glares.

Olivia meets Jake in a parking deck and he asks if she got his message. Liv says she wants to help him and mentions the wedding. He says don’t explain it – just give me the plan. She says it was the only way to keep her dad from killing him.

Liv promises to find a way to save him but he has to trust her. She says everything is in his best interests that she says and does. She asks if he believes her and he stares then shakes his head. He says he does. He says do what you have to but get me out.

Huck tells Olivia she has to go in like a gangster through the front door and take him. She asks where she can hide him. She says her dad can find him anywhere and Huck knows that. Liv sits at her desk thinking. Quinn tells Liv that the coke dealer pal is gone.

Liv shushes her and thinks. The guy spoke anyway and the news breaks it. Mellie freaks out. Liv says she has the perfect person for him. Liv comes to the Oval to talk to Fitz and Abby tries to block her. Abby says he’s too busy but Fitz says come in.

He shuts the door and blocks Abby out. Olivia tells Fitz that Jake will be Mellie’s running mate. Fitz acts cordial and she says her ex BF is on his ex-wife’s ticket so she should sit with him for a minute. She does. He says it’s a good choice then says he’s no good at picking VPs.

Olivia laughs and he says he misses her just being able to talk to her. He asks if he listened to her enough. She asks what this is about. He tells her all the things Mellie said about his speech. He says he’s sorry he didn’t listen more to her. He looks sad.

Olivia looks away. He says he’s going to change the speech and she asks why. He says because Mellie asked him too. Olivia smiles then gets up to leave. Fitz says he supports her choice not that she needed it. She thanks him. Does she thinks he means about Jake as VP?

Huck asks Olivia how it went at the Oval and she says good and it’s a go. She worries Rowan might be ahead of her. Huck says you have to become Command to take Command. Cyrus is with Tom who is half dressed brushing his teeth.

He offers to take out Michael and get Ella back for him. Tom sits with him and Cyrus says he needs a new Michael. Tom asks what about him. Cyrus is stunned. Tom says he found a baby once on a train and cared for it from Prague to Vienna.

Cyrus brings up Of Mice and Men and Tom is offended at the comparison. Cyrus tells him theirs is the truest most honest relationship he’s ever had and that means more than a man who can pack a lunch box. Tom says he can make Michael’s death look like an accident.

Cyrus puts his arm around him and Tom snuggles into his neck. Cyrus kisses his forehead. Jake watches Sally on TV talking about the VP nominations. Rowan tells Jake he’s so proud of him getting on the Frankie ticket.

Olivia walks in the front door and says she’s there for Jake. Rowan asks if he should be alarmed. She says the news is about to report that Jake is running on Mellie’s ticket and says Jake, let’s go. Olivia tells Jake it’s simple, stand up and let’s walk out.

Rowan reminds her of the threat to slit his throat. Jake looks back and forth at them then stands. Rowan puts a gun to his head. Rowan tells Liv to tell him to sit back down. Rowan says it’s her finger on the trigger. Olivia shakes her head.

Jake stares at her. Olivia says go ahead – kill your son. Do it. Rowan asks if this is how Jake pictured his death. Olivia tells Jake to come with her. She takes his hand. She says you’re his son, he won’t hurt you. Jake goes with her and Rowan screams go before I change my mind.

They walk out and Jake and Olivia both say damn. She did what Huck said – right in the front door like a gangster.

News breaks that Jake is on Mellie’s ticket. Cyrus is thrilled at what Olivia dead but Frankie is stunned. Cyrus tells him he has the perfect guy. David takes the call from Cyrus and says he doesn’t know who it is but it’s not him and Liz rants.

Liz asks how he messed it up. Fitz greets Republicans at the convention and there are cheers. Marcus approaches Mellie and says enjoy it. Tom catches up to Cyrus who tells him he’s getting back with Michael and they’re done.

Tom begs him not to say that and he can make it up to him. Cyrus says it won’t work. Cyrus greets Michael and Ella warmly while Tom glares. Fitz tells the crowd that Mellie was born to do this job. Jake sits in shirtsleeves while Liv comes in and says he’s ready.

He thanks her for staring down Command. She says get your tie on because you look like a gigolo. He says he’s taking himself off the ticket. He says he’d rather work at Gettysburger and she says he’s already been announced.

He shows her an average house he wants to live in with her and says he can coach at the local high school and raise some kids. She says she’s running a campaign and he says dare to be normal. Liv says put the tie on. He says no.

Olivia says she didn’t go through all this to live an unimpressive life and she does not want mediocrity and neither should he. Jake says it wasn’t about saving me, it was about saving her ticket. He says he was her dad’s bitch and now he’s hers. She says put the tie on.

Jake puts it on. Mellie watches Fitz then it’s time for her to take the stage. Jake finally shows up and she’s pleased. Fitz introduces Mellie and Jake and they take the stage. Jake greets her warmly. Abby tells Olivia that Frankie announced his running mate.

She accuses Cyrus of using her. She threatens to spill his dirt but he has dirt on her. Cyrus is Frankie’s running mate! OMG! He made the move to the big stage. Cyrus has Michael and Ella at his side. They are the perfect running mates since he’s gay and has a husband and minority child.

Olivia is furious. Rowan thinks about all he’s done for Olivia. She thinks about Jake telling Olivia she’s the woman Rowan raised her to be. Olivia walks with determination and thinks about what he said to her. Rowan is laughing wryly as he watches the news.

Olivia tells her people that she’s taking the White House from Cyrus. Rowan pours a glass of wine. Jake stares at Olivia from the stage. Rowan is pleased. Was this what he wanted all along? Rowan looks at the convention coverage and says – that’s my girl.