Shades of Blue Recap 1/14/16: Season 1 Episode 2 “Original Sin”

Shades of Blue Recap 1/14/16: Season 1 Episode 2 "Original Sin"

Shades of Blue, airs on NBC tonight with an all new Thursday January 14, season 1 episode 2 called, “Original Sin,” and we have your weekly recap below. On tonight’s episode, Wozniak sees informants everywhere, so Harlee (Jennifer Lopez) suggests that he polygraph the entire crew.

On the last episode, Harlee Santos (Jennifer Lopez) was a detective at the heart of a tight-knit crew of Brooklyn cops lead by Lieutenant Matt Wozniak (Ray Liotta). The crew often stepped outside the law to protect their precinct and their own. When Loman (Dayo Okeniyi), the newest member of the team, killed an unarmed man, Harlee covered it up.

As a big illegal job for the team loomed on the horizon, FBI Agent Stahl (Warren Kole) arrested Harlee and leveraged her daughter in order to turn her into an informant. Also starring Drea de Matteo, Vincent Laresca, Hampton Fluker and Sarah Jeffery. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed the episode we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the NBC synopsis, “Wozniak sees informants everywhere, so Harlee suggests that he polygraph the entire crew; an appeals case causes Wozniak to watch tapes from his first encounter with Harlee; and Espada helps Tess deal with her husband’s infidelity.”

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#ShadesOfBlue begins with Robert watching Wyatt on his tablet as he rants to Harlee about an FBI informant on the team. He says he needs to kill the rat. She reaches for her gun then stops when Wyatt says she has to help him since she’s the only one he trusts.

Harlee sighs and then asks how he knows – she tells him to tell her what he heard. Wyatt asks how many years they’ve worked together – it’s 10. He says Espada has been with him for eight, Tess for 15. He’s known Tufo and Sapperstein for six years.

He says he went to funerals and weddings with them. Harlee says it’s probably not true. He says it’s 45 years of friendship and loyalty. She asks what has him so convinced of this. Marcus says they need to check out Red Simon’s store.

Harlee and Wyatt leave since they’re sober. He says he knows his crew and says they are going to watch them to see who wants to be caught. He gets out and Harlee asks her necklace if he heard it. Robert flashes the headlights nearby.

They spot the car that was driving by the store and it drives by and fires shots. Wyatt pulls her out of the way and he’s grazed. They call it in. Stuart says Harlee needs to wear Kevlar. Carlos says two more liquor stores were hit by the same car in drive-bys.

Wyatt rants and says no one goes home until they get the shooter in cuffs. Wyatt tells Harlee to stick with him. Harlee spots a woman in the crowd looking funny. Harlee steps away and goes into the donut shop bathroom.

She whispers to Robert that he messed up and says he knows there’s a mole. She says there’s a leak on his end and he’s going to get her killed. She yanks off the necklace and smashes it with the butt of her gun.

Harlee asks Cristina if someone else can drive her to practice. Her phone rings with an unknown caller. Robert says come meet him now. She hangs up on him. He’s furious and beats his steering wheel. SA Molly Chen is there and says she’s on his detail now.

Wyatt works the case to figure out who the liquor store shooter is. He watches the team. He talks to Donny the IA who says Wyatt also needs to consider Harlee. He says the FBI would have looked for the one with the most secrets.

James Nava, the new ADA is there but Wyatt blows past him to chew out Marcus for dozing off. He says go meet Loman at the donut shop. Nava says some new cases are appealing based on police problems. Harlee comes over and says she has a suspect named Morris.

He says put Tess and Carlos on it. Nava gives him the names of the appeals and mentions Miguel Zepeda. Nava says he’s coming for the files tomorrow. Stuart says they recovered 12 gauge slugs from all the shootings.

Wyatt pulls Zepeda’s file and pops a disc into his computer. We see Harlee as a uniform cop and she’s asked if she framed him for murder. She said she hadn’t seen Miguel since he went to prison six years ago.

Looks like Zepeda might be her baby daddy. She gets a text from Robert telling her she’s not of the hook. Wyatt watches more of the Harlee interview about the murder then notices she’s gone from her desk.

Tess and Marcus are at the suspect’s apartment. They bust in looking for Stroke. They find him in bed. Robert sees Harlee coming to the SUV. He tells Chen that Wyatt’s whole crew is dirty. Chen says she looks mad and he says he is too.

He gets in the car and Harlee says he blew it and he has a leak. He says there is not – only a few people knew. She says she wore the wire as long as she could. He asks if she told Wyatt, there’s no play. He says no one outed her. She says someone is talking.

He says Wyatt’s intel is limited or else he would have acted. He says he needs to find out what Wyatt knows. She says her life is at risk because of him. She says she needs a chance to survive his incompetence.

He tells Chen to draw her weapon because they’re shutting down and arresting Harlee. He cuffs her. He sees Tess and Marcus across the street and she caves. He pulls her aside and she says she’ll follow his protocol and do what he tells her. He uncuffs her.

Robert meets with his boss and she says his informant is a problem already. He says she had second thoughts and it’s fine now. He says he just needs to find the leak. She says she knew Harlee as a rookie and says if Wyatt didn’t get his hooks into her, she could be in his place.

Robert chews out Chen for ratting him to their boss. He chews her out for sticking to protocol and she says she’ll get reassigned. He says that’s a bad idea. Stroke demands pants. He says he was with his girl all night.

Nava is there and comments on her creative police work. He introduces himself and she walks away. She see Wyatt at his desk and goes back to hers. Harlee is accused of planting the knife in Zepeda’s car to keep him away from Cristina.

Marcus comes in and says Loman is still in place and got a partial pic. Stroke says he didn’t do this and would not have shot at a cop. They ask to see his arm since the shooter has a tattoo. Wyatt says the shooter was in his car.

Stroke says he sold the car off the books then says it’s Reggie and tells them where the guy holes up. Cristina shows up with clothes for her mom. Wyatt smiles at her then asks if her car is fixed already. She says the subway is fine for a week.

He says never loan your wheels to a friend. She says someone backed into it on the street. Then Cristina says she has to get school supplies and Wyatt gives her a $50. He tells Harlee to come for a drive with him and says there’s a new development.

They go to Reggie’s place. Harlee shows him some bottles of Lithium and they wonder if he’s a nut. Wyatt asks if Cristina is starting to lie to her and she says she hopes not. He says Harlee said her friend smashed the car.

Harlee says she let the story slide instead of interrogating her. He says kids don’t listen anyway. She says they should polygraph the crew about something else then ask them about the Feds. She warns Wyatt about Reggie when he comes out of a side room.

She alerts him in time to avoid being shot and Wyatt gets a shot off at Reggie. Carlos says nice shooting and Wyatt says if he wasn’t mentally ill, he’d be meeting the coroner. Wyatt tells Harlee they’re doing her polygraph idea tonight at his house.

He says he’ll tell the crew to come for dinner. Tess complains to Carlos that Joe, her lousy hubby, is working late tonight. She says they’re going to check things out. They go to a bar looking for Amber the waitress.

Tess says it was rude not to text back after their hot text sex session. She asks if she pulled her hair too hard. Amber calls her a bitch and says she doesn’t know what she’s talking about. Tess smashes her in the head with a glass and chokes her.

Carlos runs in and pulls her off Amber. He tells the crowd it’s police business. He drags her out and says show restraint. He says that was. Harlee comes home and sees her door is ajar. She pulls a gun but it’s Robert sitting in her place.

He says it’s a nice apartment for her pay grade. She says they’re polygraphing the crew tonight. He asks why she didn’t talk him out of it and she says she suggested it because she thought he was looking at her.

Robert says she needs to own the trust he has. She says she didn’t think Wyatt would agree. She says she doesn’t think Wyatt is testing her. Robert says it can be good and maybe he’ll believe that there is no informant.

Harlee says if someone has a bad day and he gets a false read, it could be trouble. Loman is still at the donut shop when Marcus comes in and calls him killer. He says he was being hazed made to sit there all day.

Loman asks why the shooter took aim at the liquor stores and Marcus says he doesn’t care. They argue about justice. Marcus says in his neighborhood, people see blue not black. He tells Loman he’s the one who killed a black man who was slinging dope and pointed a gun.

Marcus says cry babies who criticize how they do their jobs never tried it. He says no one understands what they do. He says all that matters is you get home alive, the same way you showed up. Loman is disgusted and walks out.

Harlee shows up to Wyatt’s. Robert gets into a car nearby with Chen. Harlee goes inside and calls out for Woz. He says he’ll be out in a sec. She asks if everyone is in the basement. He says he changed his mind and says he’s just going to clear her tonight.

The kettle whistles and she says she’ll get it. He says sooner we start the sooner it’s done. She says she has to pee and isn’t going to do it on a full bladder. She looks at the steaming kettle and then lifts the arm of her sweater. She burns it and holds back a yell.

She has a big burn on her forearm and covers it with her sweater. She calms herself down. Chen tells Robert that no one else went into the house. Harlee calls Cristina and gets a hang up after she hears loud music.

She asks where she is and Cristina says she’s in Bushwick. Harlee says she’s not old enough to be in a club. Harlee says don’t get into a car with someone who was drinking. She says make a good decision. Cristina can’t hear her.

Wyatt waits for Harlee. She cries and tells Cristina she’s the best part of her life. Cristina says she’s headed home. Wyatt knocks on the door and she says she’s coming. She dries her eyes and focuses. Wyatt tells her not to take it personally.

She says she gets it and says it’s basic police work but says she’s going to give him crap for it later. Chen wants to call this in since they don’t know what’s going on and Harlee’s life is at risk. Wyatt starts by asking her full name.

He asks her badge number. He thinks about the video he watched. She says Miguel had a bad temper and they show her a photo of herself with black eyes. She says no charges were filed. It was Wyatt asking her the questions.

He asks if she ever got an unsanctioned gratuity while working as an officer. She says yes. He asks who pinned her badge on her. She says him. In the past, Harlee told Wyatt she had to get away from him and needed a way out then found out she was pregnant.

She says she almost lost her baby. She says she tried to get away and he threatened to kill her and she knew he would. Robert stews and worries. He starts to get out then gets back in. Harlee told Wyatt it was a miracle when Miguel went up for grand theft.

She says six years later he got out and came after Cristina – hanging out at her school and watching her. She says he let her know he could still control her. Wyatt told her he sees a woman pushed past her limit. He says she did what she had to do to keep Miguel away from her.

Now, Wyatt asks if she’s an FBI informant or has ever been. Harlee says no. In the past, Wyatt turned off the camera and says he’s got her. He says the trail on Miguel leads right back to her and says it was a big mistake. She says she wants a lawyer.

Wyatt says a lawyer can’t help and she needs to erase the trail. She asks how and he says trust the right person. Wyatt says he ever doubted her and she says he did and pulls off the poly stuff. He says it’s just her right now then asks if she’s hungry.

She says Cristina ran off to a club – he asks why she didn’t tell him and she says it would have seemed like an excuse and they needed to do this. She says – see you tomorrow – then leaves. She comes out and flips off Robert then goes to her car.

Wyatt looks at the polygraph report and runs back the video tape he made. When he asked about the FBI, she said no then brushed her hair back. She did the same thing when he asked her about planting the knife on Miguel. She has a tell!