Shades of Blue Recap 1/21/16: Season 1 Episode 3 “False Face, False Heart”

Shades of Blue Recap 1/21/16: Season 1 Episode 3 "False Face, False Heart"

Shades of Blue, airs on NBC tonight with an all new Thursday January 21, season 1 episode 3 called, “False Face, False Heart,” and we have your weekly recap below. On tonight’s episode, Harlee (Jennifer Lopez) refuses to give Stahl (Warren Kole) incriminating evidence against Wozniak (Ray Liotta) and instead hands him a resolved.

On the last episode, Wozniak saw informants everywhere, so Harlee suggested that he polygraph the entire crew; an appealed case caused Wozniak to watch tapes from his first encounter with Harlee; and Espada helped Tess deal with her husband’s infidelity. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed the episode we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the NBC synopsis, “Harlee (Jennifer Lopez) refuses to give Stahl (Warren Kole) incriminating evidence against Wozniak (Ray Liotta) but hands over a fully resolved unofficial investigation that Tess (Drea de Matteo) and Espada (Vincent Laresca) initiated when they moved a body by Tess’ house found to be murdered with a 3D printed gun. Wozniak confronts Harlee who executes a dangerous bluff. Also starring Dayo Okeniyi, Hampton Fluker and Sarah Jeffery.”

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#ShadesOfBlue starts with Cristina asking what happened to Harlee’s arm. Harless pulls Cristina close to cuddle instead of lecturing her about partying last night. The doorbell buzzes. It’s FBI and they want her to come with them. She says her daughter is there.

She tells Cristina it’s work and tells the agents to give her 10 minutes. She says she’s consulting on a case and says don’t tell Woz because he thinks she works too much. Woz is looking through a box of trinkets and pulls out a gun. His wife asks why he’s up.

She says she had a dream of Anna again – their daughter – and Linda says people make mistakes and you forgive them. Sounds like their kid is dead. Harlee is brought to the FBI and taken to the former NYPD cop Gail Baker.

Robert comes in and asks why she didn’t tell him. Chen tells Baker there is no mole and says when the FBI looked into the personnel files it left a digital fingerprint that probably alerted him. Harlee says Matt is nervous because something big is coming.

Harlee says she can’t go to jail and says Cristina needs her. Gail says one more day and she wants something real. Carlos comes to Tess’s house when she calls him over early. She’s got a dead body under a tarp.

Harlee meets Matt and he says thanks for putting up with last night. She asks the next move and he says he doesn’t know. She asks about the big new job and says she can’t keep borrowing money from him. He says he’ll handle it.

He says a public defender got hit with a charge and Zepeda could get a new trial. He says the new ADA Nava is getting the case and she asks if Zepeda will get out. He says he won’t as long as he’s there to testify. Harlee tells him to promise he’ll take care of Cristina if she goes down.

Matt tells the dirty IA guy that he thought Harlee lied because she tucked her hair but then she tucked it again when he knew she was telling him the truth. His buddy tells Matt to go with what his gut tells him.

Harlee finds Loman hard at work at his desk. He says he’s requesting a new gun since his is jamming. She looks at it then says it looks okay. He says the neighborhood is doing a car wash to raise money to bury the guy he killed.

Carlos shows Tess that the body’s name is Aabas Amir and his student ID was in his trunk. She says she checked him and didn’t find it. He says that’s an NYU kid. Harlee slides over and asks if they’re okay.

He says Tess moved a body she found so it won’t ruin her property values. Harlee says she’ll help them then goes to take a call from Robert. She says Matt isn’t talking and he says she has to find something. She says Matt has a black book of his contacts.

She says it’s in a locked file cabinet in his office. Robert says get it for them. She goes into Woz’s office. She finds the book then puts it back. Nava finds her in there. He says he’s there for the files. She grabs a box and says we should go through them and make sure they’re all there.

Stuart and Marcus take a domestic violence call – it’s a hooker and pimp arguing. Stuart asks if she was speaking Portugese. He shuts the door and speaks to her in private. He has her teach him some compliments. Marcus hears them talking and smiles.

He thought Stuart was making time with her. Nava says the files are all there. She walks him out. She tells him she has history with one of the files and asks if they can talk about it. He tells her to take a card from his pocket then says text me a time and place.

Matt sees his desk drawer open and his key is gone – Harlee took it. He scrambles through his files and finds his black book is still there. Harlee realizes she still has the key. Matt stares at her through his door then closes the blinds.

Harlee has to tell Robert that Wyatt came back and she couldn’t get the book. She hangs up and finds Tess crying over moving the dead body. She calls herself a moron. She says Joe didn’t want to sell their house then when she saw the body in the lot next door, she panicked.

She tells Harlee is sleeping with a girl half her age and she wants them to sell fast and get a do over. She says she hates him and still loves him. Harlee says she has a good heart. Tess says the dead kid’s dad is on the board of the mosque that got firebombed.

She says it may be a hate crime. She says she didn’t clean up the vacant lot. Harlee tells her to meet her out front. Robert calls again and she says she has a lead on a hate crime and is out of options. He says deliver or else.

Harlee goes into Matt’s office then says she’s going to lunch with Tess. She says a couple of files were missing from the box and she pulled his originals and copied them. He asks which files and she says Gerard and Dibble and hands him the key to his desk.

She walks out and he shakes his head. Loman goes to the neighborhood car wash. A kid hands him a card and says it was his cousin that got shot. Loman goes over to the woman who’s taking donations. He hands over $100 and she thanks him. He says don’t thank me.

Matt goes to Nava and says Harlee told him he was missing the Gerard and Dibble files. Nava checks and says he has those. Matt goes to Tess’ house and sees her and Harlee go into the vacant lot. Chen and Robert follow Harlee – whom Matt is also following – and park down the block.

Harlee and Tess look around and she finds the casing. Harlee points out a dent in the dumpster. She says the guy fired a gun and it ricocheted. They wonder where the gun is. Matt notices the car that Robert and Chen are in behind him.

Chen wants to follow Wyatt when he leaves but he says no and she wonders if he made them. Harlee finds a plastic gun with powder burns. Marcus asks Stuart about the Portugese and he says he’s into a Brazilian woman from a dating site.

He says she doesn’t speak much English so he asked the hooker to teach him some phrases. Marcus says he should have asked him for advice and calls it a betrayal. Harlee and Tess come back and Carlos says he looked into the kid.

Harlee says they can’t make an arrest for the plastic gun because they can’t explain how they got the lead. Matt goes to meet Donnie at a hotel and says the Feds were following him. Donnie says if they had anything they would have nailed him already.

He says Harlee is the mole and says she lied about being in his filing cabinet. Donnie says Matt has a choice to make since she made hers. He says protect your family and tells Matt tonight. Donnie grabs him and kisses him full on the lips. Matt kisses back. OMG!

Harlee goes to look around the dead kid’s place and finds Carlos already there. She sees a 3D printer and finds another gun in parts in a drawer. Carlos says the kid is a neighbor of Tess’s. She says to go tell Tess while she cleans up.

Harlee grabs the plastic gun parts and stashes them in a box. A guy comes in and calls out to Amir. She tells the guy NYPD and he runs. She kicks him down the stairs and he says he has nothing. She tells him to shut the hell up.

Carlos goes to see Tess and says he looked into the dead kid. She asks why. He says he’s a neighbor and says the kid’s parents live in the corner house. He shows her the pic that shows them standing on a balcony with a view of her yard.

Matt calls Harlee and tells her to meet him at the marina in two hours to explore a hunch. We see him loading a gun. Robert chats up his son and then chews out his ex Marta about dragging him to more custody hearings.

Gail calls and tells Robert there are three hours. She asks where he is and he says he had a custody hearing. Gail says she was warned about his stress. He says her arbitrary clock is a source of stress. She tells him that Matt wants to meet Harlee at an unusual location.

Harlee meets Nava and he compliments her dress. They are at a nice French place. He says this feels like a date when they’re supposed to be talking about a case. She says maybe it is a date. He mentions he has a former fiancee named Teresa.

She says the case she had insight on is with a guy she dated named Zepeda. He asks what the guy did. She sees Robert in the restaurant. He gestures. She says maybe he should read the file then excuses herself to the restroom where Robert is lurking.

He asks who killed the Muslim kid and she says he killed himself on accident. Then she hands him a key to a student union locker and says he was printing 3D guns. She says his roommate designed them and she left him handcuffed to a bed.

He asks about the meeting with Matt later. He says he has her phone cloned and she says it’s a pier where Matt keeps his boat and says it’s small and Matt will spot him if he tags along. He says take off your dress so I can wire you.

She says give me another necklace. Robert says no and says – take your dress off. She unzips and pulls it down. He reaches out and she says don’t touch me ever. He grabs her arms and holds them behind her back and says he owns her and will touch her however he thinks is necessary.

Matt waits for Harlee at the boat. She says she had to shut down her date with the ADA early. He says she has a tell and lied to him. He pulls a gun and threatens to shoot her. She asks what her tell is that has him so sure she’s a mole and he’s ready to kill her.

He says she pushes her hair behind her ear. He says she did it when she was lying about Zepeda and then did it last night. She says she did that since kindergarten, licks her lips and has a hundred small gestures.

He says he knows she lied about the ADA missing files. He says she lied again. She says she did lie about that and says she was looking for Loman’s psych eval. She says he bashed his clip and was trying to turn his weapon in. He says she’s lying again.

She tells him to call Loman and ask. She says he gave her lots of lead time for this meeting. She says if she’s a mole she must have a wire. She hands him her purse and tells him to check. He does. She pulls off her jacket and unzips her dress. He says stop.

She pulls the dress off and is in bra and panties. She says look at me and he does at a glance. She says she would do anything for him and hates that someone is trying to hurt him. He tells her to get dressed. The wire is taped to her back behind her bra. Good thing he didn’t ask her to turn.

Loman is out with the carwash kid and his mom – the cousin of the guy he shot. The kid gives him a t-shirt with the dead guy’s face on it. He invites Loman to the funeral and says it’s tomorrow. His mom thanks Loman and he asks to see her again.

She says he donated a lot of money and asks why. He says he’s familiar with tragedy. She writes down her number and says he would have liked her cousin. She leaves. Loman smiles. Tess calls 911 and reports a body she found near the water. She says he’s dead.

Matt goes to Gino’s bar for a drink. Chen calls Robert and reports that Matt just went into a bar. Harlee gets out of a cab. Robert says stay on him. Robert is out front of Harlee’s. She glares at him and goes inside her place.

Matt gulps a double and calls for another. Loman is in his car and looks at his gun. Tess goes to look at Amir’s body. Harlee walks down the sidewalk with a casserole dish. She sees the SUV following her. She’s at Nava’s place.

He says you know where I live – she says she’s a detective. She says her daughter cooked it and he says he’d like to finish our meal but he doesn’t want to cross the line of being professional. She asks where the line is and steps closer. She steps inside and says oops.

He shuts the door and says make yourself at home. He says he’s a minimalist. She asks if the fiancee took all the furniture and he says it was all hers. He says she left his cowboy movie collection and she says she likes black and white since it’s simpler.

He says they could watch one but she took the TV. She says they can think of something else to do. He says Scrabble and she says kiss me. He kisses her and she puts a hand into her purse and turns on the bug so Robert can hear them. She’s tormenting him. Robert is annoyed.