Shameless Recap – Eviction Day Goes Badly: Season 6 Episode 5 “Refugees”

Shameless Recap - Eviction Day Goes Badly: Season 6 Episode 5 "Refugees"

Tonight on Showtime the uniquely twisted and highly entertaining show Shameless returns with an all new Sunday February 7, season 6 episode 5 called “Refugees” and we have your weekly recap below. On tonight’s episode, Frank (William H. Macy) helps Erica through the cancer concierge process; Debbie (Emma Kenney) ups her game as a shoulder for Tyler to lean on.

On the last episode Fiona confronted Patrick about the eviction notice, but her only choice was to get a mortgage from the bank and bid on the house at auction. Meanwhile, Ian baked cookies for the firehouse and discovered he was saved by the shift of gay firemen. Did you watch last week’s episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the Showtime synopsis, “Frank helps Erica through the cancer concierge process; Debbie ups her game as a shoulder for Tyler to lean on; Lip tries to protect Helene from the fallout of Amanda’s disclosure, but she refuses to see him anymore.”

Tonight’s Shameless season 6 episode 5 is going to be great, and you won’t want to miss it. So be sure to tune in for our live coverage of Shameless — tonight at 10 PM EST! While you wait for our recap, hit the comments and let us know how excited you are about the new season of the Shameless? Also down below let us know what you think of the sixth season so far!

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#Shameless starts with the Gallaghers talking about losing their house. Frank is stripping copper pipes out of the house to screw the buyers. He calls it spoilers of war. Fiona tells them the house is gone and they have to find a place to live.

Chuckie says it’s all the mud people’s fault and points to Nick who growls at him. He has no clue what it means but says he heard it in juvie. Lip is banging Helene in her office while the family wonders why he’s not there to deal with the crisis.

At Tyler’s house, Debbie gets the kids ready for school. He complains about her being there all the time and asks if she has school. He says it won’t be a long term gig since he thinks his wife will recover. But the wife likes having her there to help.

Helene cleans up the mess they made screwing in her office and she gives him a book she bought about art. They start kissing again and she says Theo is going out of town and she asks him to spend the night at her house.

Carol, Veronica’s mother, prays at a bible study circle and V and Kevin are there. He prays for his girls to be athletes then prays for Yanis to rest in peace. Carol says they need a volunteer to host the foster child and Kevin says they’ll take him.

Veronica is stunned but it’s only for a couple of days. He’s trying to make up for Yanis dying and says it’s his fault and he wants to make up for it. Frank pulls out more wires and the electricity dies. Carl offers money to get a new place and Fiona refuses.

Frank says she believes in rainbows and calls Carl a hero. He asks Carl for some cash. Some people show up – they’re measuring for furniture. Carl asks if they know what a machete does to a human body then Ian shoves him out of the door for school.

Debbie comes home and says the house is just a pile of wood and plaster. She says she got a job and is still going to school. Fiona says she will find a new place. Debbie says it doesn’t matter since Fiona won’t let her baby live there anyway.

Frank calls Fiona a baby killer and Debbie says it’s too late for an abortion. Frank says she needs to convince the dying mom they need her full time. Debbie says she’s been trying to prove it to Tyler but he doesn’t want her there.

She asks Frank what to do and he says see to all the man’s needs. Frank says cancer girl hasn’t given it up for months. He tells her to take care of Tyler when he gets home today. Frank says he’ll make sure the wife isn’t home to cock block her.

He unbuttons her shirt and pops her boobs out of her tank top some and says – that a girl. Nick and Carl come to school and he flirts with Dominique. She checks out Nick’s lock as Carl calls her his boo thang. Carol shows up to Veronica’s house with five kids to leave with them.

V says no but Carol says she already took three. Kevin thought they were from Miami and she says Myanmar in Asia. She says they were involved in Civil War and forced to fight. Kevin thinks taking them all will get his karma points out.

The Asian kids all light up cigarettes and Kevin bums a smoke. Sean finds Fiona in the office searching for a house. She asks what time they need to pick Will up and he says she seems too busy. He says go karts, arcade and more. Fiona suggests Six Flags.

Debbie calls and tells Fiona the sheriffs are putting their stuff in the street. Debbie runs out with a bat to try and chase a guy off their chair. Frank goes to Erica’s room, the wife, and pretends it’s an accident. He says he’s a cancer concierge and works there.

She tells him every day she feels worse even though they tell her that she can go into remission. Frank encourages her to reconsider chemo and says the insurance companies push you into it. He asks if she has her affairs in order and says he can help with end of life preparations.

She says she can’t afford a specialist. He says let’s use today as a trial run for no charge. He says finish up and then he’ll take her to his casket guy so she can find one she’ll want to stay in forever. Then he laughs and says it’s industry humor.

Fiona and Sean show up and she says she called all the brothers. The sheriff’s deputy says her eviction notice was her notice. Kevin, V and the refugee kids run up to join the discussion. Frank recommends a coffin for Erica then tells her to climb in. She hops in and says it’s like a bed of roses.

The coffin guy slips him a little bit of money and Frank suggests the cheaper one until she slips him some more. Kevin and V are taking their stuff in for now and V tells the Asian orphans to start helping. Lip tells Ian he can crash at his dorm room but he says he’s going to a fireman barbecue.

Lip gives him some keys and says come by when you’re done getting your gay on. Sean helps them pack. Debbie says she can stay with her bosses. V says she can take Carl and then he does his gangster act and V goes off on him.

Sean tells Fiona that she and Liam can stay with him, but not the others. He says Carl has done time and his ex won’t let Will come back if he lets the gun toting kid stay there. She yells at Sean and he storms out. Frank next takes Erica to The Alibi.

They take a table and she starts vaping her marijuana meds. He says it’s time to talk about the funeral and asks about her outfit. He says she’s a good looking piece of tail and says it’s the last time people will see you.

He suggests a short skirt so men will want to hump in her casket and then he asks if she wants to go out with a bang. She asks if he means sex. She says no. He offers coke and she says she tried it before and mentioned doing it the first time when she was 16.

He mentions heroin and she knows about that too. Frank says he misjudged her. Lip brings the last box out and Fiona says they can take it from here. She asks why this shit always happens to them. Lip offers to stick around and help wrap this up but she says no.

She says she thinks some of them can stay at The Alibi then brings up Debbie and Lip says she can’t make her change her mind. He says she may be a good mom and helped raise Liam. Lip tells Fiona she can now spend more time taking care of herself.

He asks about her abortion and she says she had to cancel her abortion. The sheriff says they’re locking up and she asks for just a minute. The guy is nice and says yeah. Fiona runs back inside and looks around the empty place. She looks around sadly then leaves.

Nick and Carl lock up his bike then head inside an apartment building they’re considering. Tyler comes home and finds Debbie at the house. She asks about his day and he says he just wants to relax. She hands him a drink she made him.

She goes to rub his shoulders and he freaks then he calls her Donna and creeps away. Erica tells Frank she was a groupie who followed bands around the country and says her bucket list was crossed off before she was drinking age.

They talk about their debauched experience. She says she snorted PCP off a man’s penis sand he says him too. She asks if he’s woken up naked in the street and not known how she got there. He says that’s a Tuesday.

Then she says she was used as a rotisserie by two members of Guns n Roses but says Axl couldn’t get it up. Then she talks about falling for Melissa Etheridge but says she dumped her. He offers her a bathroom quickie but she says she’s not that stoned.

Carl meets the realtor who asks if he’s a rapper and he says they call him White Chocolate. She says he needs a parent to cosign and won’t meet board approval. Carl sasses her and walks out. Amanda shows up to see Lip and he says he’s in a relationship.

She says she needs a photo of the painting she put on his wall for art class. He grudgingly lets her in. She asks if he’s still f-ing the professor then says she’s seeing Josh Phelps, math prodigy. She says he licks her and does all the digits of pi.

She snaps photos and tells him he can go take his shower and she’ll be done before he gets back. He says she looks good then walks out. She snaps photos then Lip’s phone chirps and Amanda looks at it. Carl tells Nick they can get a hotel suite. Nick and Carl see his boke was stolen.

The lock is laying on the sidewalk. They are devastated. Fiona comes to the bar and finds Frank there. Svetlana says no other customers. Kevin says Fiona needs to stay with her but Svetlana says no and says she has a contract.

Fiona says she can’t afford a hotel and Svetlana says she can get her a massage job. Fiona scoffs and Svetlana says she has an ATM machine between her legs and says she’s working her way up to owning a Quizno’s. She writes Fiona a rude reality check.

Ian shows up to the firemen barbecue and Caleb asks if he pitches. Ian misunderstands and says usually but it depends on what he’s into. Ian is surprised to see they are playing softball with gay cops and sees Tony who used to date Fiona.

Tony tells him that Fiona turned him gay. Debbie walks in on Tyler naked from the shower. She tells him that he needs her and so do his kids and he needs to understand his wife is dying and tells him the kids are struggling.

Lip sees some people in the library laughing. Amanda stole the photo of Helene lying in his bed and tweeted it and everyone on campus is seeing it. Lip runs out in a panic. At the softball game, Ian gets a guy out and the guy complains so Ian punches him.

A full on gay brawl breaks out. Carl promises Nick a new bike. He tells Nick to give him his gun and then walks off. Carl follows. Fiona comes back to the diner and Melinda hassles her for being late. Fiona says she got evicted and asks if her cousin is still a super.

Melinda says she can’t afford to buy and Fiona asks if they can crash in one that’s up for sale. She has Liam with her and Melinda says she likes Liam, not Fiona, and will call her cousin. Fiona calls Carl and says she may have a place for them.

V hides the machete and knives in the closet and tells the refugees she better not find any more weapons. Then she says they stink and hers them upstairs for a bath. She strips them down and loads them in the tub and scrubs them off.

Lip goes to Amanda’s room and he asks how she could do that. She says the idea just popped into her head and says her therapist is an idiot for telling her revenge doesn’t give satisfaction. Amanda tells him he shouldn’t have screwed her over.

She asks if it hurts and he curses her then walks out. V tells the last kid to get cleaned up and she’s surprised to see he’s not a boy but a girl. V gets into Debbie’s box of clothes and digs her out a dress and the girl smiles. She sees a bullet wound scar on her shoulder and says they can put makeup on it.

Chuckie comes home and sees the sheriff lock on the door and knocks on it – the whole family forgot about him. Lip knocks on Helen’s office door and finds the photo taped to her door and a list of appointments that says “sign up before the holes are filled.”

Frank is happy to see that Debbie scored a room at the house and tells her to leave the window unlocked so he can sleep on the floor. She says sure. The firefighters ask Ian when he’s going to take the test to become one of them.

They do shots to celebrate the brawl. Caleb says he should do it. Ian says he was just hoping to get his hands on his hose and Caleb asks if this is just a fuck. Ian hits on him and Caleb says he thought he was a grown up then walks off.

Ian follows and says he’s into him and thought he was into him. Caleb says he doesn’t stick his dick into just any guy. Ian asks what he wants. Caleb says do I have to spell it out and Ian says yes. Caleb says a date and Ian asks if he wants flowers and chocolate and shit.

Calen says he can skip the flowers and Ian says okay. Lip comes to Helene’s house and bangs on the door. Theo is there and says he came back because of this. He says he can’t believe Lip took a photo of her in his room and says he just buried her career.

Theo shoves him away when he tries to go into the house. Lip says it’s not his fault someone took his phone. Theo says she’s being called in to the disciplinary board. Lip yells for Helena some more, but she doesn’t answer.

Fiona and Liam are at Sean’s and she says Carl is getting a hotel room and says she’d like for them to stay there. He says he still has hard feelings. Will is there and Liam waves at him. Youens yells at Lip for not showing up to TA for the class.

He tells him about the photo and is stunned it was Lip. He says elephant sized shit is about to hit the fan then asks if she’s as hot in bed as she looked in the photo. Youens tells him about his older woman and offers to take Lip to get drunk. They head out.

Carl and Nick show up and V asks if the ballers want mac and cheese. Carl says yeah. Nick’s gun is jammed and Carl can’t fix it. One of the Asian kids fixes it fast for him and hands it back. Carl curses and is impressed.

Lip comes back to his dorm room late and sees Ian asleep in his bed. He sees the book Helene just gave him of paintings to study. He sits down with it and leafs through it sadly. Debbie hears noise and thinks it’s Tyler. It’s not.

It’s Erica who is stoned singing a Melissa Etheridge song. She spoons Debbie and sings. Debbie is shocked. Fiona tells Sean she rescheduled her abortion and says everyone is getting on with their lives so she needs to as well.

She asked if he thought she had changed her mind. She asks for pillows then starts w pillow fight. Will and Liam join in. Carl checks out the Asian girl in the dress. He asks if she ever killed anyone. She counts on her fingers and gets to double digits and his jaw drops open.