Survivor 32 Spoilers: ‘Brains vs. Brawn vs. Beauty’ Premieres February 17 – Cast Revealed, Big Brother’s Caleb Reynolds Included

Survivor 32 Spoilers: 'Brains vs. Brawn vs. Beauty' Premieres February 17 – Cast Revealed, Big Brother's Caleb Reynolds Included

“Survivor: Kaoh Rong – Brains vs. Brawn vs Beauty” will premiere on Wednesday, February 17. The cast for the new season includes former “Big Brother 16” contestant Caleb “Beast Mode” Reynolds, who will be part of the Gondol Tribe – aka Beauty.

This season’s “Survivor” contestants come from every walk of life and span several generations. Glancing over the tribes, it appears that there could be some overlapping on the “Brawn” and “Beauty” tribes. But the “Brains” tribe doesn’t appear to be a bunch of weaklings – they may just give the To Tang (Brawn) and Gondol (Beauty) tribes a serious run for the million dollar prize.

Some of the castaways to highlight include Debbie (Brains) – the chemist – who has also been a bartender, and electronics expert – and between jobs – a waitress at Red Lobster. Oh, and Debbie is a caretaker to none. Then there’s Liz (Brains) who has a degree from MIT and Liz got a perfect score on her SATs! Apparently, Liz is, in her own words, unusually intelligent.

The guy who may have the biggest target on his back, if anyone recognizes him and you know someone will, is Scot Pollard (Brawn). His friends called him “Caveman” – it was Scot’s job for 11 years to push people around in the NBA.

If anyone can take on “Caveman Scot” it’s Cydney the Bodybuilder (Brawn)! According to Cydney, people are intimidated by her muscles. Cydney is a woman who takes care of her body – you won’t find her eating double cheeseburgers all day. Cydney may be begging for one of those double cheeseburgers she abhors after a few days eating rice and…bugs.

Tai (Beauty) is a gardener who loves all living creatures. Tai is definitely unique and he is out to prove to viewers that a 51-year-old gay Asian guy can win “Survivor”!

And then there is Caleb (Beauty) “Beast Mode” from Big Brother 16 who readily admits that he “may not have all the brains.” Caleb says he’s a man’s man – but we think the women may want to steer clear of Caleb Reynolds. Ladies, Beast Mode can be a bit obsessive if he finds you attractive. But this former “BB16” contestant won’t hesitate to vote you out if he thinks you’ve backstabbed him.

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The 18 castaways appear to be one of the most diverse “Survivor” casts to date. Here is the list of the 18 contestants – and a short bio – who will compete for $1 million in the jungles of Kaoh Rong.

Survivor 32 cast

Chan Loh Tribe – aka Brains:
Peter Baggenstos, 34, emergency room doctor from Minneapolis, Minnesota
Aubry Bracco, 29, social media marketer from Cambridge, Massachusetts
Joseph Del Campo,72, retired FBI agent from Vero Beach, Florida
Neal Gottlieb, 37, ice cream entrepreneur from Sausalito, California
Elisabeth Markham, 27, quantitative strategist from Brooklyn, New York
Debbie Wanner, 49, chemist from Reading, Pennsylvania

To Tang Tribe – aka Brawn:
Cydney Gillon, 23, bodybuilder from Douglasville, Georgia
Darnell Hamilton, 27, postal worker from Chicago, Illinois
Alecia Holden, 24, real estate agent from Dallas, Texas
Kyle Jason, 31, bounty hunter from Detroit, Michigan
Jennifer Lanzetti, 38, contractor from Salt Lake City, Utah
Scot Pollard, 40, former NBA champion from Carmel, Indiana

Gondol Tribe – aka Beauty
Michele Fitzgerald, 24, bartender from Freehold, New Jersey
Anna Khait, 26, professional poker player from Brooklyn, New York
Nick Maiorano, 30, personal trainer from Redondo Beach, California
Caleb Reynolds, 28, Army veteran from Hopkinsville, Kentucky
Julia Sokolowski, 19, college student from Boston, Massachusetts
Tai Trang, 51, gardener from San Francisco, California