Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen X Finale Recap – Winner Chosen – Season 33 Episode 14

Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen X Finale Recap - Winner Chosen - Season 33 Episode 14

Tonight on CBS their Emmy Award-winning series Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen X airs with an all-new Thursday, December 14, 2016, episode and we have your Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen X recap below.  On tonight’s Survivor Season 33 episode 14 called, “I’m Going for a Million Bucks” 

Did you watch last week’s Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen X season 33 episode 13 where two tribal councils were held and two castaways were sent to the jury. Immunity was on the line in a classic game of “Survivor” pinball? If you missed it we have a full and detailed Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen X recap, right here for your enjoyment!

On tonight’s Survivor season 33 episode 14 episode as per the CBS synopsis, “Season 33 concludes with the final three castaways being questioned by the jury, who then vote for the winner.”

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#Survivor starts with Jeff with the cast of Millennials vs Gen X in the live studio. He comes over to Michaela and says she had one of the best reactions after a blindside. She forgot her shoes. Jeff says some transformed this season if they had the guts.

The #SurvivorFinale will also show us a look at Season 34 and who will be playing. We start with a look back at the start of the season including the typhoon that hit the islands, the Figgy-Taylor showmance, and Adam’s reveal of his mom’s cancer to Jay.

We see the rock draw that sent Jessica to Ponderosa and that led us to the final six of three each of Millennials vs Gen X. Adam has dedicated his game play to his terminally ill mom. Jay is vulnerable now that he has no idol left and could be a target.

Hannah has turned into a dangerous player but may not have enough to win. Bret is the cop that has focused on a social game. Single dad Ken who has the legacy advantage in his pocket. Then there’s his ally David, the oddball who has turned into a major game threat.

Starting on Night 35

The six come back after Tribal Council and they five are happy they flushed Jay’s idol but he’s upset that he wasted it. David says he was bold for hanging on as long as he did. Jay plans to find another tomorrow. Bret talks to Hannah and he’s upset he didn’t get David out.

He says it’s like the Navy SEALS deciding not to kill bin Laden when they had him in their sights. Hannah says her opinion is different. Bret thinks Jay and Dave will win it and the others are morons for not seeing it. They all finally crash for the night. David is awake.

David is worried they’ll come for him and he decides to create some chaos. He’s been stealing shells and beads from Tribal tortures, tree mail and other items. He assumes there are no idols left but decides to make a fake one to mess with someone’s game.

He hides it just like the others were hidden and hopes someone will find it and think they scored. Next day, Jay is out early idol searching. Ken is up early too and Jay fakes that he’s coconut hunting to cover up for searching. Jay spots something.

The idol fake out

David sees Jay glance at it and is thrilled since that’s the fish he wanted to catch. Jay goes to get it and thinks it’s a real idol. He’s jubilant. He feels like a real winner and thinks the others are stupid for not seeing it. He says he’s going for a million bucks.

Ken is happy that he gets to open the #LegacyAdvantage today. He opens it and it says he’s got immunity at the next Tribal Council. That means Ken is guaranteed to make the final five. The survivors head over to the immunity challenge and Jeff is waiting.

Jeff takes back the necklace from Ken and explains the challenge. It’s up and over an inverted V wall, collect bags of tiles, crack a combination lock to get a key, go through obstacles, then solve a puzzle and the first to finish wins immunity plus reward.

The survivors are excited to learn the winner gets a steak with “all the fixings.” They draw for spots and get started. Ken and Jay are off to a strong start and Adam lags behind a bit. Jay gets his bag first then Ken. Hannah is doing well.

Immunity Challenge is on!

Everyone is through and there are six possible combinations to try. They start trying combinations. Jay gets it on the second try and has his key in hand and takes off running. He didn’t cover it so Dave peeks and uses it to solve. Jay messed up by not covering his numbers.

Jay is up to the top to start his puzzle and Ken is close behind. Bret takes off. David got the combo wrong. Hannah takes off. David finally gets it and heads off. Him, Hannah and Adam are lagging back but all are on the bat puzzles now. Jay’s big lead is gone.

Jay is in the lead but not by much. David begins to catch up. Jay is upset at himself. Bret is moving along too. Adam is studying David’s trying to get help. David is just a couple pieces away. It’s neck and neck for him and Jay then Jay’s puzzle falls apart.

David wins immunity and reward when he gets his last piece of the puzzle. That means both him and Ken will move on to the final five. Hannah, Adam and Jay are at risk, but Jay has no idea his butt is on the line. David is happy about the steak.

Reward steal!

David is told he can choose two to join him for a steak dinner. Jay speaks up and reads his steal reward option. He says he will eat with David since he won and he’ll choose someone else. David thanks him for letting him eat. Jay chooses Adam for giving him the advantage.

David thanks Jay for keeping him in it. Jeff says it’s a big political decision. That leaves Hannah, Ken and Bret to go hungry. Jay is upset that he blew his shot at final four and wants to work on Adam and David to try and save himself.

Back at camp, the guys find their table set for them with steaks, potatoes and veg plus wine and iced tea. They toast. Jay wants to use this reward to change his fate and vote Bret out tonight so he can save his idol and not play it tonight.

Jay tells David they’re both threats and once they’re eliminated, they’ll come for Adam. Jay says he’ll take both of them to the final three. He says Bret won’t take either of them. David says Bret hates him. Jay says Bret has every friend on the jury.

Strategic talks

David thinks it’s a good idea because he knows if they take Jay out, they’ll come for him. Bret, Hannah and Ken talk about taking Jay out tonight. Ken wonders if Jay convinced the guys to keep him. Hannah asks if Jay has an idol and they don’t think so.

Bret thinks they’ll have a 5 to 1 vote to take Jay out and says that was Jay’s last supper. David brings Hannah into the discussion to talk about Hannah. Adam worries and thinks they should take out Jay since he wins individual immunity.

Adam tells them they should keep Bret because he can’t win challenges. David says if Bret goes to three he’ll win. They argue over it. Jay talks to Bret later and Bret worries the crazy people will vote to keep Jay. Hannah comes to get Jay to talk to him.

Bret is worried he’s the target. Hannah and David talk to Jay. Hannah says Adam won’t keep him. Jay says he’ll talk to Adam and gets a promise from Hannah to vote with them if he can give Adam on board. Jay is confident that he can play his idol if he has to.

Final three deals

Jay asks Adam to give him another shot and vote with him tonight. Jay works on Adam hard and says they’re brothers for life. Adam agrees to give him a shot but he’s still not sure. He says he and Jay have this weird relationship with rivals and brotherly love.

Adam is worried he won’t beat Jay if they go to final three together. They head to Tribal and the jury comes in – it’s Michelle, Taylor, Chris, Jessica, Zeke, Will and Sunday. Jeff talks about Jay stealing David’s reward. Jay says he’s trying to scramble his way out.

Adam says it was a working lunch and Jay won’t give up and it’s a good opportunity to make a pitch. Bret says he knows it’s him or Jay so he hopes he didn’t sell them. Jay says the problem is the jury are Bret’s friends. Hannah says you have to read the jury right.

Jay says he should have covered his combination and he’s sweating it instead. Ken says it’s hard to remember this late in the game when you’re tired and hungry. David says he feels like with that steak, he could beat Jeff arm wrestling right now.

The vote!

Jeff brings up idols and Ken says there might be some in the game. Hannah says every vote is huge with six of them here. Jeff calls for the vote and Bret starts it out. Everyone votes and then Jeff goes to tally them up. He comes back and makes the idol call.

Jay speaks up and David smiles. The jury and survivors are shocked. Jay takes it up to Jeff. Then Jay is shocked when Jeff says this is not an immunity idol. #Wow. He says it’s a work of art but has no value in this game and throws it in the fire. Jay is floored.

Jay says you got me, you bastards. Ken stands up and pulls out his legacy advantage. Everyone is clueless. He reads it off and says it’s an automatic individual immunity. Jessica is floored. Jeff says votes for Ken won’t count. Votes are Ken, Jay, Jay, Jay.

He says he hates all of them for getting him but he’s laughing and smiling. Jay says he had fun and says they’re all warriors and it was mad fun as Jeff snuffs his torch. Jay took it better than any blindside this season. Jay says it sucks to go out but it was great and he’s got much love for everyone.

Next immunity challenge

David is worried if he doesn’t win, he’ll be voted out but there’s a swimming component. David hands back the necklace. Jeff explains they must move a buoy through obstacles then move puzzle pieces across a teeter totter and solve a word puzzle.

The puzzle spells “Not a participant trophy.” David is first in the water with his buoy. He’s playing as hard as he can. Now they’re untangling the line. Ken takes the lead, then Bret and David. Adam is in and Hannah is in last place.

Ken is out and moving his letter tiles. Bret is moving some of his tiles now too. Ken drops his tiles and has to reset. Bret is on another small group. David is moving and Adam delivers some tiles. Hannah is moving – they are all in it but she drops.

Bret has his last tiles and has a big lead. He starts solving the puzzle. Ken is on his last bunch and is working. Adam starts working. All the guys are on the puzzle but Hannah keeps dropping. Hannah finally makes it there and starts the puzzle.

Race to solve the puzzle

Ken thinks he has it and he does. He wins individual immunity and is jubilant. That locks him in for final four. David is upset. Jeff gives Ken the necklace – it’s his third individual win. Back at camp, they congratulate him and the others are upset they didn’t win.

Adam plans to target David to send home tonight. He runs to talk to Bret then goes to look for an idol in case there is one, so David doesn’t find it. Adam says David is incredible and would win, so he needs to go. Adam says if he doesn’t find one, David might have it.

David notices Adam is gone then pitches to Hannah and Ken that they vote out Adam. He says if they’re final three, it doesn’t matter who goes and says Adam has a better shot at winning immunity and will target him. Hannah says this three is great, let’s do it.

Bret comes over. They ask where Adam is and Bret says he’s having stomach issues. Adam spots the idol and he’s thrilled. He says he has such a feeling of joy and hasn’t been this happy because it’s been a nightmare since his mom was diagnosed.

Idol changes everything

David asks Bret if he would vote Adam and he says anything to take him to final four and agrees. David says he knows he’s a target. Bret is happy that his name isn’t on the block and says it’s Adam vs Dave. He says he’s playing cool but he wants David out.

Bret runs to Adam and tells him they’re voting him. Adam shows him the idol and says they’re not going home. Hannah talks to Adam and says David is coming for him, not Bret. Adam reveals to Hannah that he has an idol and she says he gets to use it correctly.

Hannah has been playing both sides and now she knows. She says the boys are so arrogant to tell her things. Hannah tells Adam she’s so excited. Hannah gets to decide who’s going home and no one knows it. She asks David later if he thinks Adam has an idol.

David says he doesn’t think there’s an idol. Hannah says she will make the choice when it comes down to it. They head to Tribal Council. The jury enters – Michele, Taylor, Chris, Jessica, Zeke, Will, Sunday and Jay who is all smiles at everyone.

Tribal talk starts

Hannah says people started looking for the idol and talk so it’s non-stop play. Adam says he was the first person to go look for one. Jeff says they all have imagined final threes. Bret says he’s just thinking of tomorrow, not final three.

Hannah says Bret is thinking about how to get there and they all are. Hannah says it’s no secret David is the biggest threat. David says Bret is a bigger threat. David says he could go home but you have to trust the people you trust.

David says he really wants to be sole survivor and wants to take the confidence he learned, he’ll win either way. Adam says David has a beautiful story because he’s scared of birds. David says they chased him. Adam makes a case for the danger of David.

Bret says you try to get there and realize how far you came and you don’t want it to end. He says he’ll be devastated if he’s voted out. Hannah is the last woman and the youngest. She says the numbers are smaller and everyone has a plan.

Time to vote

Adam starts the voting. We don’t see any of the votes. Jeff goes to tally them and comes back and does the idol call. Adam pulls out his idol and plays it saying he really wants to get to the final four. Jeff confirms it’s a hidden idol and Jay laughs.

The votes are: Dave, Bret, David, Bret, Bret. That sends Bret to jury and he says the flipper flips again to Hannah. Adam’s jaw drops. He had no idea Hannah was playing him. Bret congratulates David and tells the rest of them they just lost a million dollars.

Jeff says the blindsides have to come from the belief that each person is a legitimate threat to win the game. Even the jury’s jaw drops. Bret says going out like this sucks and says these people need to understand that David is going to eat them alive.

Adam and Bret voted for David. Ken, Hannah and David voted for Bret. Bret says he’s lucky to be part of the game of Survivor after being a fan for so many years. He’s smiling but clearly was stunned. He thought he and Adam had a lock.

Final immunity challenge

David is thrilled and Adam says he had no idea the loyalty ran so deep. Ken explains to Adam that the jury loves Bret. Adam says Bret can’t win challenges and David is also a physical threat. Adam tells Hannah she made a huge mistake.

Hannah says she had no path without David since Ken would turn on her for breaking loyalty. Hannah believes Bret would not have taken her to the end. Adam says Ken will take David to the final three. He’s ranting and stressed out. He tells Hannah they have to win tomorrow.

Jeff greets them at #FinalImmunity. He takes the necklace from Ken. This is the tricky classic. They have to use a long stick to move a bowl through a wire maze. You must stack your bowls. The maze is on a spring and you can knock them down.

The first to 13 bowls or the most at the end of 30 minutes wins it. David and Ken take an early lead. Adam has 10 and then Hannah places her tenth and Ken too. David’s fall and he must restart. Ken takes the lead. Hannah’s fall.

A tight race

It gets windy as Ken place his 12th then they all fall because of the wind. Adam is in the lead then his all fall. David’s fall again and Hannah takes the lead with four. There are just two minutes left and Hannah has ten, Ken is on his tenth. David is at six and Adam has stopped at eight to watch.

David’s fall again. Ken puts his tenth and ties with Hannah. Ken decides to try 11. Hannah has 10. There are seconds left. Time is up and it’s a tie between Ken and Hannah. Jeff says they’ll have a showdown. They have five minutes to place the most and if one gets to 13 they win.

Ken goes aggressive and Hannah is slow and steady. Ken is one ahead. Hannah ties him when he pauses for wind. He takes the lead. There’s one minute left. She ties it. He places six, she ties it again. Ken works on number seven.

Ken breaks down crying in the sand after he wins his fourth individual immunity. Jeff puts the necklace on him and tells him he’s officially in the final three. The other will face Tribal for one last vote to decides who goes to the end.

Will loyalty deals stick?

Back at camp, David hopes his loyalty with Ken can be trusted and thinks worst case, he’ll go to the fire making challenge with Adam. Hannah tells Adam she’ll talk to Ken about voting against David. Hannah tells Ken she’s never flipped on him.

She tells him that David can beat them. Ken understands that but tells her that he bonded with David on day one. Ken tells Hannah to trust him. Hannah is frustrated. David tells Adam he and Hannah should go after each other since he and Ken have a final three deal.

Adam tells David that he has to go home for him to have a shot to win. Adam decides to practice making fire in case it comes down to that. David tells Ken he trusts him and won’t push a hard sell on him and says he’s writing down Adam’s name and if it’s a tie, he makes fire.

Ken wonders what to do and if he should let David and Adam fight with fire. They head to Tribal and the jury comes in – Michele, Taylor, Chris, Jessica, Zeke, Will, Sunday, Jay and now Bret. Jeff says this decides who will be the final member of the jury.

Tribal scramble

Jeff says that challenge was so dramatic. Jeff talks about how confident Hannah has become. Adam says people have been shooting at David and missing. Ken says everyone talked to him but he went to fish and says he’s not changing because he won immunity.

David says he had a deal with Ken on day three or four and they’re both still there. He says Ken has so much honor and integrity and he trusts no one more than Ken. Adam says Ken needs to make a choice based on more than loyalty and think about who he can beat.

Ken says all of them have grown and have done great things in the game. Jeff says it’s the big decision and calls for the vote. Adam tells David good luck and he tells him the same. They vote. Jeff comes back and reads the votes: David, Adam, David, David.

Wow. David says so close and Adam says he did awesome. Ken gives him a big hug as he goes to become the final member of the jury. David says this was his biggest dream to play this game and says he was grateful to play it with them. Hannah, Ken and Adam are the final three.

Final three

It’s morning on day 39 and Hannah is thinking about how hungry she is. Ken says this generation can’t sit and appreciate things without talking. Hannah and Adam are yakking. Ken is proud of the game he played and how loyal he was.

He says his daughter is hit motivation and he wants to give her a better life. The #Final3 get tree mail and breakfast. Hannah is trying to be calm and confident and thinks she deserves to win. Hannah says no one from their original tribes thought the three of them would be there.

Adam wants to win for his mom and says he can’t let the opportunity slip away. The jury comes in – all the usual plus David now all cleaned up. Jeff says the jury decides who wins and tells them some of them have been waiting on this.

He says they can compose their thoughts then get started.

Final three

It’s morning on day 39 and Hannah is thinking about how hungry she is. Ken says this generation can’t sit and appreciate things without talking. Hannah and Adam are yakking. Ken is proud of the game he played and how loyal he was.

He says his daughter is hit motivation and he wants to give her a better life. The #Final3 get tree mail and breakfast. Hannah is trying to be calm and confident and thinks she deserves to win. Hannah says no one from their original tribes thought the three of them would be there.

Adam wants to win for his mom and says he can’t let the opportunity slip away. The jury comes in – all the usual plus David now all cleaned up. Jeff says the jury decides who wins and tells them some of them have been waiting on this.

He says they can compose their thoughts then get started.

Questions and answers

Taylor is up first and says his vote isn’t set yet. He asks them to pitch. Hannah says she hopes all are open. She says her moves weren’t flashy but she was strategic and cut throat. Hannah says she put most of them on the jury and is ready to explain herself.

Ken says he showed others that you are a human within the game and loyalty let him move forward. Adam says he played the best game of the three and kept people he wanted to go to the end with safe. He says he has more to say later.

Sunday asks them how were they adaptable in the game. Ken says he’s old school and he played by rules. Ken calls Hannah a flipper. Adam says Hannah was always flipping on allies and he’s a combination of them. Hannah says she adapted to a game that was constantly moving. Hannah and Adam bicker.

Jessica tells Ken he had himself on a pedestal about loyalty then he took out David who he promised to keep til the end. Ken says it was so hard and tears up and says his daughter is his number one alliance and David is number two. Jess thanks him.

The grilling continues

Will tells Ken he respected him for voting David out. Will asks Adam about the Bret move and asks why he couldn’t make moves work. Adam says Hannah went rogue and it was a terrible decision to take Bret out and leave David in. Hannah says she has her own strategy.

Hannah says Adam wanted to target David and then Bret. She says she didn’t want to lose Ken’s loyalty. Zeke congratulates them and says Ken didn’t evolve the game. He asks Hannah and Adam how they evolved the strategy of the game.

Adam says people that take control try to stay in control and saw him and Chris in control so he made sure there were bigger threats in front of him. Hannah says she and Zeke worked together in a trust cluster and that’s an evolution of the game.

Hannah says she used shields and says Adam is taking credit for moves she made. Michele is next and asks Hannah how many votes she was on the wrong side of and she says just Michaela. She asks Adam how he made more good moves than blunders.

Questions roll on

Adam throws shade at Hannah. Then Hannan says she will own voting Bret out since he wanted to take Adam to the end instead of her. Bret asks Ken what point did he start playing the game. Ken says right off the bat and says he was at the bottom of Gen X.

Bret cuts him off and asks Adam how long it took to vote out David starting with the Sunday vote. Adam says voting Bret out was a blunder. He says Ken won’t do what needs to be done. Jay asks Adam why didn’t he use him to take out David.

Adam says he and Jay are rivals and also loves him like a brother. Adam starts crying. He says Jay knows why he’s playing this game and why he’s so important but Jay was in the way. Chris says he’s a lawyer and says he’s never served on a jury before.

Chris says he wants to advocate for one of them. He says David planned the demise of all of them. He says one of them took him out and credits Adam for using his social game to turn Ken against David. He says no one else did it. He tells the others to vote for Adam.

David goes last

Ken speaks up and says Adam didn’t convince him, that was his choice. David goes last and says this game has changed him and asks how it changed their lives for the better. Hannah says she is different from day one and says she was scared when she stared and pushed through.

Ken says he was awkward when he was young and to now he puts himself in position to play this game where he has to interact. He says he would wake up scared to play and put himself in social position he normally never does and says he’s playing for his daughter.

Adam says this has been a personal dream of him since he was nine but two years ago, he applied with his mom and it was their dream. He says this was about an opportunity to bring joy to his family. He tells them about the cancer diagnosis and says she’s his best friend.

Ken comforts him. Adam says even if he doesn’t win, whenever he found an idol or won, he felt like he was winning with her and that was what this journey was about. David says he’ll see her soon and she’s thinking about him.

Jeff calls for the vote!

He lets the jury think for a moment before they vote. Jeff calls for the vote and the jury casts their votes. Hannah whispers to Adam that she’s sorry about his mom. Jeff gets the votes and says he’ll see everyone back in LA for the live show to read the votes.