Talking Dead Fall Finale Recap 12/11/16: Season 7 Episode 8 “Norman Reedus, Robert Kirkman, Austin Nichols”

Talking Dead Fall Finale Recap 12/11/16: Season 7 Episode 8 "Norman Reedus, Robert Kirkman, Austin Nichols"

Tonight on AMC their highly anticipated series Talking Dead featuring Chris Hardwick airs for an all-new Sunday, December 11, 2016, episode and we have your Talking Dead recap below.  On tonight’s Talking Dead Season 7 Episode 8 Fall Finale the “Hearts Still Beating” episode is discussed with Norman Reedus and Robert Kirkman.

Did you watch last week’s episode of The Walking dead where Chandler Riggs (Carl), Executive Producer Gale Anne Hurd and musician Josh Homme discuss the episode “Sing Me a Song” from The Walking Dead with host by Chris Hardwick?  If you missed the episode we have a full and detailed Talking Dead recap, right here for you!

On tonight’s Talking Dead as per the AMC synopsis, “Joining Chris Hardwick to discuss the season 7 Fall Finale, “Hearts Still Beating,” will be Daryl Dixon actor Norman Reedus, the writer, and creator of The Walking Dead Robert Kirkman and Austin Nichols

So make sure to bookmark this spot and come back between 10PM – 11PM ET for our Talking Dead recap!  While you wait for the recap make sure to head over and check out all our The Walking Dead recaps, spoilers, news & so much more, right here!

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#TalkingDead tonight has Norman Reedus, Austin Nichols, and Robert Kirkman. Chris reads reactions from tonight’s episode. John McDermitt says it was insane and Austin killed it. Others said no guts no glory, and one says they’ll miss his pretty face.

Austin says it sucks playing the bad guy trying to take down Rick. He says as soon as the season was done, he started watching the season and thought – that guy’s a douchebag. He says he can finally say it now. Chris says Spencer was sheltered.

Chris says the guts gag was great and Austin says it was fun. He says Jeffrey stabbed this pack with a razor blade and he was scared that he might accidentally really stab him when he was ripping open the blood bag. Robert promises it was safe.

Austin says they did it one take and Jeffrey nailed the right spot and says it was super fun and he’s proud of his death and calls it great. He says he’s glad it was Negan and so badass. Norman says he hates Easy Street now.

This season is rough on the actors

Norman says this season has been hard since he was stripped of everything that makes him Daryl. He says it was rough for all of them since a lot of them aren’t together. Chris says it’s hard for the fans to see what happened to the group.

Chris says he didn’t see Daryl beating Fat Joey to death with a pipe. Norman says it felt good. Robert says Daryl wasn’t in control of himself and he just snapped because Negan got under his skin.

Now the In Memoriam: signs in the head walkers in the lake, readheaded Savior, Fat Joey, Olivia, Spencer, zombie Spencer. Then it says Spencer lost his guts but Rick found his – watch out Negan. Short interview – Andrew Lincoln says Norman is an awesome actor so it was a great reunion.

Chris says people are happy they’re back together and some are “legit crying” and some call it the best hug ever between Rick and Daryl. Robert says what and hugs Austin. Chris says the hug was for the audience that the group is back together.

Norman says he and Andy Lincoln cry all the time

Norman says he and Andy always tear up like babies this season and it’s usually him first. He says everyone was crying when they hugged. He says he’s excited that they’re back together. Norman says when Daryl handed him the gun it meant they needed to fight.

Robert says Michonne hasn’t gone the journey that Rick has and she’s never lost the fight but losing Glenn and Abraham broke Rick down. Robert says Michonne is stronger than Rick and she inspired Rick and changed his mind.

Chris asks about Michonne shooting the ginger gal and says the woman wanted to die. Robert says Michonne has always been in the mindset and hasn’t backed away. Chris asks about Austin’s walker transformation.

Austin says it’s a privilege and it’s contacts and a lot of makeup. He says you can’t see anything and it’s cloudy and they were leading him around. He says he loved that Andy screamed on the first take when he stabbed him even though he knew it wouldn’t make the show. Austin says he loves Andy it was an honor to work with him and be on the show.

Now the quiz:

#1 Michonne tells Rick we’re the ones who live, fight or dance. The answer is fight.

#2 Which is not an item Eugene said he used to make the bullet – powder, funnel or copper. Copper is the answer.

#3 When Aaron emerges from the water he says I’m okay, I’m alive or I’m a-swimmin. The answer is I’m okay.

Interview with Lennie James

Lennie says Morgan has reluctance to speak out again about not killing people or doing what Richard wants him to do out of principle. He says Morgan worries he’ll have to leave because he won’t do what he wants.

Robert says Richard is right but he knows Morgan and Carol will step up when the fights starts. Austin talks about Spencer being okay with Rosita using him. Chris reads a fan question about Daryl’s personality changing after he escaped.

Norman says Daryl is in hate mode now that he’s out of that stupid outfit. Norman says he’s still reeling from Glenn’s death and he hopes Maggie forgives Daryl. He says Daryl is ready to kill someone. Chris says the fans have been very forgiving of Negan.

Poll and fan questions

Poll – who would you rather – Negan or Daryl? Daryl gets 91%. Robert says it’s Jeffrey Dean Morgan for him. Robert says 91% of people are wrong. Robert gets a fan question about why hasn’t Morgan let Rick know he found Carol.

Robert says Morgan knows Carol doesn’t want to be found and he likes it at The Kingdom. Another question is will Rosita become one of Negan’s wives to get close enough to kill him. Austin says no way would she do that.

Ann Mahoney, Olivia, talks about her death. She says she knew when Scott Gimple called her, that she was dead. He says people really like Olivia and says it’ll be quick and painless. Ann says Olivia is focused on other people and nurturers and it’s a lovely going away.

Inside the Dead

Andrew Lincoln had to dump water out of his shoes constantly. Lennie James says Morgan’s struggle with killing is like Bruce Banner from The Hulk. He says he has a monster inside he doesn’t want out. Ross Marquand says the Aaron beating scene was hot that day. The asphalt he was on was 140 degrees.

We see behind the scenes at the boat scene. They built a steel platform in the lake so the extras playing walkers could stand on them. We see Andy Lincoln bailing water out so the boat didn’t sink while they were shooting.

Ross says he’ll sleep well tonight because he’s been up late excited about shooting this. A fan from the audience comes up and asks Norman what’s the latest prank he played on set. Norman says Andy put his motorcycle on that boat with a sex doll and pushed it into the lake.

Fan gets the guts

Chris gives the fan some guts and says he has the best gift ever. He also brings out Fat Joey for him and the guy hugs him. Chris asks Daryl how he could do this to Josh Huber. Norman comes over to hug him. Chris tells him he can take Josh and they walk off.

Chris says Eugene is evolving for speaking up the way he did. Robert says Eugene has been a bit of a coward and knew Negan might shoot him but he still stepped up. A fan asks Austin why Rosita shot Ngan and if it was for Spencer.

Austin says he doesn’t think Rosita planned to do it then but it pushed her into action. Chris says it reminds him of the scene from Die Hard when the guy tried to negotiate with Alan Rickman. Austin says he’s been hoping for two years they wouldn’t kill him and he’d be a hero instead.

Chris does QVC

Robert says some actors don’t read the comics and points to Norman. Chris reminds him Daryl isn’t in them. Chris asks if Maggie blames Daryl. Norman says Maggie cares about Daryl. He says Jeffrey joked that it was Daryl’s fault at the season premiere finale.

Chris pulls out a model Lucille and calls it the perfect cosplay. He also shows a Lucille gold necklace. Chris says it makes him feel like it’s QVC and does a Southern accent and sells it for a wedding accessory and says the bat completes the outfit.

Some fan tweets say Carol and Morgan still don’t know about Glenn and Abe. Another says they eat peanut butter like Daryl did. We see video entries into the biggest fan competition for this year’s contest. Chris shows a Skype submission.

Fans from Skype

One woman’s Skype is in a wrestling ring and talks about how much money she has spent and then does a wrestling move and says Negan is next. Another comes on live, Rhonda from Michigan, she says she is a binge watcher of season 1 through 5.

She says she’s a therapist and is fascinated by why people love Negan and says sugar is bad for you but damnit, ain’t it good. She says the show is about how people change in adversity. She says she’d love to sit on the couch and analyze the survivors.

Rhonda asks Norman what was worse – being nude or wearing the grungy ass suit. Norman says he’s going to call Jeffrey sugar from now on and says the orange jumpsuit was worse. He says everyone on the show has seen him naked and Rhonda says not enough.

More fans from Skype

Now another Skype video. She says she made her hubby drive 12 hours while she’s nine hours pregnant and says her baby will be named Maggie. Chris says she had little Maggie on Monday night and they wonder how many babies have been named Daryl.

Norman says it’s more farm animals. Next is a YouTuber who has a horror themed channel. He says watching Walking Dead is like going to zombie church on Sundays. Now there’s Melanie live on Skype. She says she’s obsessed and has been a fan since day one.

She says she loves that’s it about the brutal things that people do and she thinks about what she would do. She shows off her leg tattoo of the don’t open dead inside door. She asks Robert if Negan did Rick a favor in killing Spencer. Robert says Rick could have handled it himself.

Sneak peek of midseason premiere

At Hilltop, Daryl says maybe they can blow them up or burn them down. They decide they need other groups to work with them. They worry they need to get back. Jesus says not yet and says he has a long range radio and says they can listen in. Jesus says it’s time they meet King Ezekiel.

Robert says those boots are from the boat scene and it’s a big part of what’s coming when they come back. He says they’re back together and ready to kick ass. Norman says he can’t stand peanut butter. Chris mentions he saw Rogue One last night and ran into Peter Mayhew (Chewbacca).

He says Daryl and Chewbacca are cross-bros. Daryl says there’s a shirt of that. Chris says Austin was fantastic and he thanks him for being there. Now it’s the holiday break and the midseason premiere is in 2017.