Teen Mom OG Premiere Recap: Season 3 Episode 1 – “Put a Ring on It; Tweet Tweet”

Teen Mom OG Premiere Recap: Season 3 Episode 1 - "Put a Ring on It; Tweet Tweet"

Tonight on MTV their series Teen Mom OG continues with an all new Monday August 22, season 3 premiere called “Put a Ring on It; Tweet Tweet” and we have your Teen Mom OG recap below. On tonight’s episode, in the Season 3 premiere, Amber and Gary settle their custody dispute; Farrah questions her relationship with Simon while planning a move to L.A.

On the last episode, in the season 2 finale, Farrah and Simon took their relationship to the next level; Maci was upset that she did all the work for Taylor’s T-shirt business; Ryan planned a big move; and Cate learned that she had postpartum depression. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed Teen Mom OG recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the MTV synopsis, “in the Season 3 premiere, Amber and Gary settle their custody dispute; Farrah questions her relationship with Simon while planning a move to L.A.; Catelynn and Tyler contemplate having another baby; and the moms travel to L.A. to film their reunion, where Taylor’s surprise for Maci steals the show; also Farrah’s mom confronts Simon, who posted an old mugshot of her on social media, at Sophia’s 7th birthday party; Amber deals with a rumor about Matt; Catelynn turns to Dr. Drew for help with her depression, which has returned; and the newly engaged Maci receives another shock.”

It sounds like Teen Mom OG is going to have another amazing season and will be an awesome show. What kind of crazy drama are you expecting to see in this current season? Can’t wait for tonight’s episode that’ll recap the entire show! Sound off in the comments down below and let us know what your thoughts are. Don’t forget to check CDL for our live Teen Mom OG recap at 10 PM ET!

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#TeenMomOG starts with a quick look at last season. Then we start with Farrah at her house in Texas and production moving in the port-a-potties since she won’t let them use her bathroom. Larry and Heather are there and so is Debra.

Farrah says she’s moving to LA because she has a new podcast out there. Farrah says she and her mom are getting along better. Farrah still wants a commitment from Simon. Farrah tells Debra that she bought an engagement ring that Simon looked at.

Farrah says he didn’t propose even though she has the ring and he never paid her back for the ring. Farrah is upset that he hasn’t stepped up. She says she’s going to LA and will see him there and will work and hopes to see Simon.

Catelynn and Tyler

Catelynn greets her producer with a hug and Nova is up walking. Nadine is there – she’s Butch’s girlfriend. Catelynn and Tyler are house hunting and Butch is still living with them but is staying clean. Cate is still dealing with her depression issues.

Catelynn says she has good days and bad days. We see Cate put Nova to bed and Tyler tells her they got a counter offer of $73k on the house. They talk about the work the house needs and about having more kids. She says they need to start now if they want a big family.

Tyler says they need a new house before they have more kids. Cate agrees.

Amber’s animal arcade

At Amber’s place, she and Matt are surrounded by dogs. One of them peed on Kerthy, a producer. They are still engaged and making wedding plans. Amber has forgiven Matt for lying about all his kids and we see that Gary is sharing custody and they are still locking down the details.

Amber says she hasn’t signed the custody agreement because he wanted a bunch of money from her. She says she hasn’t been getting the 50% custody she wants.

Maci and Taylor are in business

At Maci’s house, she and Taylor talk business and she says they have to go to LA to do some MTV stuff. She says Ryan is going to be there too. Maci says Ryan and her are still struggling but are getting along better now and communicating better.

Maci says he’s being a much better dad to Bentley and says Taylor still hasn’t proposed. Taylor calls up Tara Rose, a jeweler, about getting a ring. He wants to design a ring. They chat about the ring and then end the call. The producer is thrilled.

They’ll get that on camera, no doubt.

Matt and Amber horse around

Matt, Amber and Leah go for a horseback riding lesson. Matt makes a phone call to his lawyer about another paternity suit to a woman who says she married him and he left her when she was five months pregnant.

He ends the call and they go for their ride. Amber is struggling with her horse. She’s freaking out and the instructor says her stress is setting off the horse. Gary calls his lawyer about the papers. She says remember still hasn’t signed the papers.

Gary tells Kristina that this is stressing him out that she’s nit-picking and not signing things. He says she just needs to get up out of bed, put on her makeup and go sign the papers. Gary cracks that she has seven other problems to worry about – Matt’s kids…

Cate and Tyler buy a house

They talk about the new house and that she wants to join Weight Watcher’s again. Tyler says he doesn’t want to be married to a heifer and the producer Jessica tells him that’s awful. Cate wonders if she should lose weight if she’s going to get pregnant.

Nova shakes her head no to more brothers and sisters. They laugh and then Tyler says they need to get her depression issues straightened out first. Cate agrees. They have the house they put an offer on locked down.

Their offer was accepted to the counter offer and now they plan to refurbish the house to get it like they want before they move in.

Farrah faces controversy

At Farrah’s place, Debra cleans up after Sophia while Farrah is in LA for work and makes plans to meet Simon later. She has Larry and Heather, Teen Mom producers, on her Podcast. A caller asks Larry how they can let Farrah on the show when she’s a bad representation.
Larry says Farrah is a hard working single mom and says he has a different perspective on her. The caller makes cracks about Farrah being in a sex tape. Heather says a lot of people are just judgmental.

That wraps the show.

Amber vs Gary and Maci and Taylor have action

Gary calls Amber about the latest contract and asks her about signing it. Amber says these things take time and says this one looks good. She says she’ll sing it within the next couple of days. Gary tells Kristina that she’ll sign it. Gary says he hopes this time it’s good.

Taylor goes for a haircut and talks to his barber about his ring shopping. He tells Taylor that Maci will leave if he doesn’t put a ring on it. Taylor says he’s got a plan working and is getting her a custom ring.

He says he wants to propose on the beach in LA while they are there.

He asks Jaala the producer for help getting Maci to the beach. She says they can tell her it’s a work thing and get her there. Taylor says he’s doing it traditional and getting on one knee and everything.
Snowing on Catelynn and Tyler

Tyler goes to see Kim, his mom, and tries out her massage chair. He says he wants to go get a real massage and then says they’re thinking about more kids but he doesn’t think Cate is ready. His mom agrees and says the pregnancy will be challenging for her.

Tyler says he told her she has to get her psychological issues worked out and then he brings up her weight and says he stepped in it when he said he didn’t want to be married to a heifer. Kim says she’s never seen a lot of drive in Catelynn.

Kim says be supportive of her and keep his mouth shut about her weight and good. He agrees he won’t say anything.

Farrah and Simon

Farrah and Simon go look at a place in LA she’s considering buying. They are shown to all four of the bedrooms, the two fireplaces and three car garage. They check it out then leave. Farrah and Simon talk and she says she wants a place to stay in LA that’s a home.

He asks who will watch Sophia and she says she’s going to hire an au pair to travel with her to take care of her daughter. Simon asks if her parents will mind and Farrah says she doesn’t care what her mom thinks. Simon says he’s happy that Farrah will be closer to him.

She interrupts, they bicker, and it’s like they always are. She can’t open up her ears and listen….
Amber and Matt get a visit – Cate and Tyler talk mental meds
Cousin Krystal comes to hang out with Leighton and Matt tries to burp the baby. He’s awkward with the kid and Amber teases him. Krystal says Matt has enough kids and should know. Amber jokes that it should be second nature by now.

Amber says she and Gary have worked things out and she’ll get 50/50 custody but Gary will have more time since he lives closer to the school than she does. Amber says she settled for Leah’s sake and says it was bad last season.

Amber says last year, it was so bad she couldn’t get out of bad and is still on anti-depressants. Matt says she’s been better lately. She says it’s a big deal to get joint legal custody. Tyler says his mom agreed that it’s not a good time for them to have more kids.

Tyler says they need to get Catelynn straight psychologically and she says it’s likely she will struggle with post partum again. Tyler wants her to try and lower her mental meds. At Maci’s place, Taylor is looking at his messy garage and tells his buddy a plan to avoid a garage sale.

Back to Farrah for more drama

Farrah has a small role in an indie horror film and calls home to Sophia to sow her some of the people on set. She gets off her video call and then gets back to work on the set. She’s playing a mom with a killer kid.

Later, her pal Jenna stops by to see her and they talk about her move to LA. Jenna asks about Simon and Farrah tells her about the engagement ring she bought and that Simon hasn’t paid her back or proposed. She’s annoyed. Jenna says maybe he’s not the one for her. Farrah says she doesn’t want Simon to keep wasting her time.

Maci and Taylor in LA

She gets ready with her makeup while Taylor sneaks down to talk to production and shows Kiki the ring. There are 84 diamonds in the ring and it’s totally non-traditional. Kiki asks if he’s freaking out and he says not yet then says he asked her dad permission and he got nervous.

Taylor says right now he’s fine, but will freak out when he goes to propose. They get in the car and head to the beach under the excuse of production work. They pose for some photos on the beach with the

MTV crew there. Then Jaala asks Taylor how he feels and he says excited.
Taylor says he’s going to wing it. Taylor gets into the photo with her and they pose together. He says, can I ask you something and drops to one knee and pulls out the ring. She’s stunned. She says of course, she’ll marry him. He slips the ring on her finger and she’s thrilled.

Teen Moms get the big engagement news

Maci says “finally!” then tells him good job. She poses with her new ring and is all excited. Maci calls to spread the engagement news. Cate screams when Maci tells her the news and they hug. Catelynn says Taylor finally “got some b*lls.”

Amber is there next and has a fit and says they’re all bling blinging – only Farrah isn’t married or engaged. Wow. Maci says Taylor did good with the ring. Farrah comes in and congratulates them and says the ring is really nice. Cate says make more babies soon.

They all get ready for the reunion show they’re in town for and take the stage. Later, we see Maci and Taylor talking about telling Bentley they’re engaged. At the after party, they tell the others about the engagement. Bentley starts crying.

Taylor asks Bentley to be his best man. Ryan even looks happy. Ryan’s parents hug Maci and Taylor and congratulate them. Maci and Taylor share a sweet kiss.