Teen Wolf Premiere Recap – Eraser Beast: Season 6 Episode 1 “Memory Lost”

Teen Wolf Premiere Recap - Eraser Beast: Season 6 Episode 1 "Memory Lost"

Tonight on MTV, their popular fantasy drama Teen Wolf premieres with an all new Tuesday, November 16 season 6 episode 1 called “Memory Lost,” we’ve got your recap down below! On tonight’s episode,  season 6 premiere Liam, (Dylan Sprayberry) meanwhile, discovers evidence of a new enemy in the high school.

On tonight’s Teen Wolf episode per the MTV synopsis, “In the Season 6 premiere, a supernatural force crosses paths with Scott (Tyler Posey) and his friends. Liam, (Dylan Sprayberry) meanwhile, discovers evidence of a new enemy in the high school.”

Tonight’s episode is going to be really interesting. You’re not going to want to miss even a minute of this exciting season 6 premiere! So make sure to bookmark this spot and come back between 9PM – 10PM ET for our Teen Wolf recap.  While you wait for our recap make sure to check out all our Teen Wolf news, recaps, spoilers & more!

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Beacon Hills was finally recovering from everything that Theo did when out of nowhere a new enemy arrived in town. However, a new enemy was something that Stiles apparently needed. Stiles and Scott have tried helping Stiles’s father with a few petty crimes yet their town had mostly returned to normal and the worst crimes out there just happened to be some guy trying to steal helium. So Scott and Stiles were beginning to figure out that they weren’t necessarily needed anymore and only Scott was happy about. Scott had said that they were going off to college soon and that the Beacon Hill should be able to stand on its own now. And, well, Stiles disagreed.

Stiles had liked helping people and he was looking forward to the newest adventure. So Stiles was actually excited when his father later called him for help because a young boy couldn’t remember anything or what happened to his parents. Yet, Scott could only find out so much by looking into the boy’s head and he walked away from the experience feeling like something was off. Scott had told Stiles and Sheriff Stilinski that he saw that the kid was coming back from the movies with his parents when suddenly they saw a man on a horse in front of them, but that’s where the vision ended because Scott didn’t see the parents get taken.

Scott had said that they were there one second and gone the next. But it was the feeling he had that persisted. Scott hadn’t been able to describe the feeling though luckily the boy he was helping had known what he meant. The kid had said that they were going to come back for him and quite honestly that had been unnerving. Who was they and why did both Scott and the boy feel like they were going to come back? So Stiles had wanted to find answers to that and he had enlisted some of their friends. He had gotten Lydia to try and get a reading from the car and he had also gotten Malia to try and get a smell of the parents. And both had come up with nothing which was a little odd.

Lydia couldn’t detect if the parents were dead and Malia couldn’t detect if they were still alive. So what happened to them was the part that bugged Stiles the most. Stiles had felt like that there should have a definitive answer and he was a little surprised to see that none of his friends were all that concerned. They were a little too busy taking their senior class photo and trying to make their last semester count so none of them had thought about what had happened to the parents or even if Alex their son was going to be alright. Though Stiles was concerned and he tried getting his friends to cooperate even when they didn’t want to.

Stiles had hounded them during their photo shoots, he had interrupted their study sessions, and that led to him finally convincing Scott to skip school to investigate. However, Malia and Lydia had thought that he was taking things too far. The girls had thought that Stiles had wanted something paranormal to happen and so they didn’t pay attention to anything that he was saying yet Lydia had started her own strange feeling not long after she had dismissed Stiles. Lydia’s strange feelings began when she was hearing music that no one else hears and at one point she had thought she had fallen into the floor. So that had scared her as well as gave her hint that there was something wrong.

Stiles however, had figured out what was wrong. Stiles and Scott had gone to Alex’s house and they had practically found the place abandoned which didn’t make sense. Alex and his family had lived in that house up to a few hours ago and so it was odd that the place looked abandoned. Yet, Stiles had checked out Alex’s room and that had helped him see what was wrong. Stiles had seen that Alex’s room was intact however his photos were all off because his parents had been completely erased in them. So Stiles had had the answer and it merely took him seeing the guy with the gun to put all the pieces together.

Stiles had figured out that Alex’s parents had been erased and he went on to find that Alex’s room had also been erased not long after he saw it intact. So Stiles quickly began researching anything that could erase people when Lydia told him about the music she had been hearing. Lydia had been hearing this song called Riders on the Storm and she hadn’t known it until Stiles had correctly named it. But Stiles didn’t know what Riders on the Storm meant and so it had been Lydia’s turn to inform him what was going on. Lydia had said that there was a myth about The Wild Hunt and the creatures Ghost Riders. And that it was these Ghost Riders that take people without leaving a trace.

So Stiles had gotten scared by that because he later learned that these Ghost Riders erased everything about a person’s existence and he knew that Alex’s room had been erased as well. Though by the time he guessed that, it had already been too late for Alex and for him. Alex had disappeared without anyone knowing and the only person that had remembered Alex was Stiles who also had seen the Ghost Rider at Alex’s house. And so Stiles hadn’t known that seeing the Ghost Rider would put his entire existence in jeopardy until he tried talking to his teachers, his father, and even Scott.

Scott who was his best friend and practically his brother shouldn’t have been able to have forgotten yet he did and that told Stiles that he was next. So Stiles had thought that he had no one that would and he had been surprised to find out that Lydia still did. Lydia had held onto her memories longer than everybody else and she had tried telling others about him as well. But they just wouldn’t remember and so Lydia knew that she had to defend Stiles on her own. She had later found him outside of the school and they had tried to run from the Ghost Rider together because she refused to leave him.

And while she couldn’t see the Ghost Riders, he could. So Stiles knew that he couldn’t run forever and so he told Lydia that she had to remember him. He had asked her to remember how much he loved her and she had promised to just before he had been taken. However, Lydia tried to hold onto her memories and unfortunately they had been gone by the next day.