The Amazing Race Recap – Zach and Rachel Eliminated: Recap Season 28 Episode 9 “Salt That Sand!”

The Amazing Race Recap - Zach and Rachel Eliminated: Recap Season 28 Episode 9 "Salt That Sand!"

Tonight on CBS the Emmy award winning show The Amazing Race hosted by Phil Keoghan returns in an all new Friday April 22 season 28 episode 9 called “Salt That Sand!.” and we have your recap below. On tonight’s episode, The race continues in Bali, Indonesia.

In the last episode, the race continued in Dubai, UAE, where teams raced camels and swim with sharks. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it we have you covered with a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the CBS synopsis, “in a tight race to the mat, teams row and swim to the Pit Stop located on a boat, where the losers walk the plank and are eliminated.”

Tonight’s The Amazing Race season 28 episode 9 is going to be as awesome as ever, and you won’t want to miss it. Be sure to tune in for our coverage of The Amazing Race — tonight at 8 PM EST! While you wait for our recap, hit the comments and let us know how excited you are or this season of The Amazing Race!

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#AmazingRace starts in Dubai with Brodie and Kurt leaving in first place heading out at 12:30 am heading almost 5000 miles away to Bali, Indonesia. They have to go to a temple there to get their first clue. Burnie and Ashley leave in second place.

Burnie and Ashley are happy that they had to burn their express pass and that they are the only team that knows. The next three teams leave pretty close in time to the front runners but Sheri and Cole are last. The flight leaves at 8:50 am and arrives at 10 pm.

It looks like everyone will be on the same flight and Brodie and Kurt are upset that they lost their lead. The plane lands and they hop into a taxi. They are surprised by all the motorcycles. Sheri and Cole are happy they got out fast since they face a speedbump.

Burnie and Ashley are happy that they are balanced in roadblocks so they can pick and choose strategically. Sheri and Cole are with Brodie and Kurt to get the first two time slots. Zach and Rachel and Burnie and Ashley are next. The other two teams pull up last.

At the temple, Brodie and Kurt get a clue that tells them have to deliver offerings to two temples across the way from each other. They head out. Sheri and Cole go a different way than Brodie and Kurt who are off the path.

Two more teams show up. Brodie and Kurt realize they missed the closest temple and are first to deliver their offerings. Now they have to take a snake around their necks to the other temple. The next two teams load up their frit offerings and head off.

Sheri and Cole make it there too and Sheri has no issues with the snake. Sheri and Cole head out as do Burnie and Ashley. Tyler and Korey are freaked out. Brodie and Kurt deliver their snakes to the temple and get their clue to go to the bat temple nearby.

Brodie and Kurt are unhappy they lost their lead. Tyler and Korey complain about their snakes. Dana and Matt and Zach and Rachel are in fifth and sixth place. Matt is freaking out terrified of the snake. Rachel isn’t happy either.

Zach and Rachel drop to a close last place. Brodie and Kurt grab the first roadblock clue. They must do Salt of the Earth or One Square Meal. Salt is where they collect seawater to harvest salt. They have to fill four bags of salt. The meal is to make several breakfasts and eat one.

Tyler is doing salt and Kurt is also doing salt. Sheri and Cole are doing food first since they’ll have to do both for the speedbump. Sheri and Cole learn how to make a breakfast bowl. They make and sell two and have eight more to go plus eating one.

The salt making looks really painful. Kurt talks about his colon cancer struggle and has been a cancer survivor for seven years. Rachel decides to take on the salt and Matt is doing it for his couple. Sheri and Cole sit down to eat their breakfast that turns out to be very spicy.

Cole calls it hot goat testicle soup and talks about all the neutered goats there must be. Rachel can only carry partial loads and is really struggling. Burnie gets a thumbs up to move on to stage two at the brine troughs.

Kurt also gets thumbs up and heads to stage two. Rachel is the only woman doing it. Cole takes it one instead of his mom. Burnie and Kurt are now bagging the salt. Cole gets cheers from his mom. Tyler is at the troughs. Burnie has to pack more salt into his bags and is sent back.

Cole gets a thumbs up and moves past the others. He totally crushed it. Matt gets a thumbs up and moves on too. Rachel is in pain and it’s so hot that Zach worries that she’s losing it.

Burnie moves into first place with his salt bags and they head out to get the next clue. Cole worked at an ice cream shop called #MilkyMoos and says he has this. Kurt breaks a bag and that sets him back. Tyler and Korey get theirs down and head out in 2nd place.

Rachel still struggles with the water. Rachel finally gets a thumbs up and runs off. Kurt is still struggling with his salt bags. Burnie and Ashley get their detour clue and face a #Roadblock with the Bali kite festival. They have to build a kite with a team and then fly it.

They have to get a giant kite airborne to get their next clue and Ashley takes it on. Kurt can’t do any roadblocks so they know Brodie faces it. Korey takes this on for them. One team asks Brody why they didn’t use the express pass.

Kurt finally gets his thumbs up and they’re in third place. Cole gets his bags checked and they head out in 4th place. Brodie has to do it for them and he’s flummoxed. The kite guys laugh at Brodie. Rachel takes her salt bags up and gets her clue. They are in last place.

Ashley is annoyed that Brodie is looking at her kite. The kite guys continue laughing at Brodie. Sheri has to do the kite challenge. Dana and Matt show up and Sheri starts. Dana has to do the kite for them. Zach does the kite challenge.

Korey is ready to try and fly his. Ashley is close behind. He gets his airborne and that puts Tyler and Korey into 1st place. They have to take an outrigger to get to a beach and meet Phil on a traditional Indonesian sailing boat that’s the pit stop.

Tyler and Korey get on their outrigger and Burnie and Ashley make the beach next but the other guys are long gone. Sheri struggles with her knots. Brodie does too since his hands are so big. Sheri runs to launch her kite and it’s impressive that they caught up and are in 3rd place.

Brodie gets a fail on his kite and is told to redo some things. Tyler and Korey can see Burnie and Ashley behind them and Phil straight ahead. He tells them they’re in first if they can get on the boat. They hop off the outrigger and swim for it.

Burnie and Ashley are mad that this is their fourth 2nd place in a row. The guys are thrilled that they won $5k each. Burnie and Ashley run up and hear that they’re second officially. Sheri and Cole see the boat and are neck and neck with Dana and Matt.

Brodie and Zach are launching their kites at the same time. Brodie and Kurt leave right before Zach and Rachel. The outriggers hit the water and Zach and Rachel are working hard. Sheri and Cole check in for 3rd place and barely beat Dana and Matt who take 4th place.

Brodie and Kurt bicker as they row. It’s close. Brodie and Kurt beat them to take 5th place. Zach and Rachel show up moments later and are last and hear that they are eliminated from the race. Phil makes them walk the plank and they dive into the water.