The Bold and the Beautiful (B&B) Spoilers: Sasha Reveals She’s Julius’ Daughter – Nicole’s Warm Response – Vivienne Goes Insane

The Bold and the Beautiful (B&B) Spoilers: Sasha Reveals She's Julius' Daughter – Nicole's Warm Response - Vivienne Goes Insane

“The Bold and The Beautiful” (B&B) spoilers tease that Julius Avant’s (Obba Babatunde) baby daddy secret will blow wide open on next week’s episodes with surprising results. Sasha Thompson (Felisha Cooper) will come clean to Nicole Avant (Reign Edwards) and Nicole will shock Sasha with her response.

Poor Sasha is so grasping and needy and it all becomes clear to Nicole when Sasha finally admits that they really are sisters. The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers suggest that rather than Nicole rejecting her or doubting her sincerity, Nicole stuns Sasha by immediately accepting her.

The paternity announcement puts everything into focus for Nicole. She’ll see that Sasha has been sidelined by their father her entire life and has to watch Nicole get everything. This lets Nicole see why Sasha went after Zende Forrester (Rome Flynn) and Nicole’s life.

B&B spoilers say that Sasha and Nicole can now move forward as real sisters – just in time for Nicole to go into labor with Maya Avant (Karla Mosley) and Rick Forrester’s (Jacob Young) baby. But how long until the sisters let their other sister in on the secret?

And what about Vivienne Avant (Anna M Horsford)? B&B spoilers reveal it will not be long until Nicole’s mama learns the truth and the whole family finds out what a hypocrite Julius has been when he’s really a cheating, lying, baby-denying jerk.

On next week’s episode, Monday, May 2, Nicole and Sasha have the big talk and when Julius is called out for his long-term lies, he tries to deny it. But by the end of the week, Nicole and Vivienne corner Julius about his almost two decades’ worth of fibs and he has to own up to it all.

This will hit Vivienne hard because not only does her husband have a kid he’s been lying about – but that means he cheated on her – and kept that woman in their life all these years since Sasha has always been around and her mom has been too!

It looks like Sasha will finally get the attention and family she so desperately wanted – while Julius is poised to lose everything. B&B spoilers have to assume that Maya will be thrilled since her dad hassled her so much about her life choices – while he was up to no good all along.

Will Julius be allowed at the hospital with the family when Nicole gives birth? B&B spoilers reveal that the Avant family drama will carry right up to Nicole’s labor and delivery so could the Avants gain one cute family member while cutting loose their patriarch?

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