The Last Ship Finale Recap – Tom Takes a Life – Then Chooses a New One: Season 3 Episode 13 “Don’t Look Back”

The Last Ship Finale Recap - Tom Takes a Life - Then Chooses a New One: Season 3 Episode 13 "Don't Look Back"

Tonight on TNT The Last Ship based on William Brinkley’s popular novel airs with and all-new Sunday, September 11, 2016, episode and we have your The Last Ship recap down below.  On tonight’s Last Ship’s season 3 finale, called “Don’t Look Back,” Chandler (Eric Dane) must face a challenge that could change his life forever.

If you missed last week’s episode where Chandler (Eric Dane) returned to America to get to the bottom of what had really been happening you can read our full and detailed The Last Ship recap, right here!

On tonight’s episode as per the TNT synopsis, “As the fight for America reaches its conclusion, Chandler must face a challenge that could change his life forever.” The episode was directed by Peter Weller

Tonight’s episode of The Last Ship season 3 episode 13 finale looks like it’s going to be great, so don’t miss it.  Make sure to bookmark this spot and come back between 9PM – 10PM ET for our recap. While you wait for our The Last Ship recap, make sure to check all our The Last Ship spoilers, news & more, right here! 

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#TheLastShip starts with Tom in San Diego at an emergency shelter they’ve opened. The President hears horror stories from the refugees. They are told that the regional military ran them out of their homes and took everything from them.

Howard encourages them not to give up hope. Tom looks at all the people gathered there. Doc Rios tends to the wounded. One couple walks out and says they’ve done enough to them. Tom talks to his team and the President about the regional leaders and taking them out.

Howard has them work up a plan to take the leaders. Tex says he’ll take care of Roberta. They plan to strike at once to take out all three leaders. Kara says they have to take out Allison too. The leaders talk and Roberta says the train was attacked.

Allison tries to calm regional panic

Allison tells them all to chill out and says she’ll take care of it once she gets answers about the train. Allison is told that they’re outside of San Diego. She tells them to keep looking for Howard too. Kara tells Danny that she thinks her mom kept their son safe.

Danny doesn’t want her going and says it’s too personal but she says no one knows Allison like her. Danny asks what if they both die and Kara says Frankie will know they died fighting for something important. Jeter and Tom talk about fighting to fix the country and it’s big.

POTUS is on board the Nathan James and comes into the ops center. Alicia updates him and Tom on the body cams and surveillance efforts. They are working with satellites to cover the teams. The teams move in on all the targets.

Tom hopes this can be done in an hour

The satellites are up and things are moving. The New York leader comes out of a bar and he and Mike are with Wolf and Vulture team is on him. The teams all check in and everyone is ready to go. Tom tells them it’s a go and they move out.

Tom updates them with info from his eye in the sky. Kara moves in to take Allison. Danny moves to open his door and heads inside. Tom warns them of a guard as Tex moves in on Roberta’s house. He gives each team tips on how to avoid guards.

They take Croft down first. Wilson is taken next. Roberta is not in her bed. He reports back that she’s not there. Kara comes for Allison. She and Sasha are there and they don’t find her either. They have half of the problem. Allison has an idea.

Roberta and Allison are together and worried

Allison warns her that Tom might be coming for them and is alive. Howard talks to Tom and he’s worried about starting a civil war. Tom tries to reassure him and Howard says the refugees aren’t happy and don’t seem to want their help.

Tom says they will get the people to unite and fight but Howard isn’t sure. Kara and Sasha move to the secure site where she thinks Allison is holed up. They send backup to help. The general with Allison launches a missile at the Nathan James.

They take it out before it hits them. They wonder where it’s coming from. The radar guy says he saw something for just a second then it was gone. Tom says it was launched from a drone. We see a drone cruising up above them.

Tom doesn’t want to send Kara in

The general is ready to fire again. Alicia says the signal is from St Louis. Tom warns them that the drone attack is coming from the White House. The team races to back up Sasha and Kara. The other teams are too far out to stop them from firing.

Tom orders Alisha to take out the coms on the satellite. Allison’s guys shoot Roberta to get rid of her. Alisha is trying to figure out the satellite the drone is firing from. They take out another missile that comes at them.

Tom says let’s kill the satellite. They get missile lock on it and then another missile hits the James. The general is thrilled. They lost sat links, cameras, and some missiles. They have no fire control and are sitting ducks. He asks them to change engine settings.

A scramble to save the Nathan James

Andrea tells her people to work faster. The circle around leaving a cloud of smoke to obscure them. The general curses and Allison says aim at the smoke but he has to figure things out. Andrea says it’ll be an hour before they can be up and running.

Tom has no choice. He tells Sasha and Kara to move in and take them out. He says they’re under attack and asks if they can breach without backup. Burk is with them. Sasha says they found their weak spot and can do it. Tom puts them on communication lockdown.

Kara, Sasha and Burk take out the first layer of guards. The general tries to find a way to fire on the James soon. Andrea warns Tom the engines will be shot in three minutes. The White House is a haze of bulets and gunfire. Allison calls for backup.

Nathan James is a sitting duck

The general fires on the Nathan James again. They take out the missile with a 50 caliber gun. The team moves deeper into the White House. Sasha is shot. She says she’s okay and they move on. They block the door and Kara has access to the drone and it’s on auto fire.

There are a number of missiles coming for them. The targets are taking out. They know the drone has missiles left on it. Kara puts them into the water. Tom and the team wait scared. Alisha says it’s gone quiet. They realize Kara put the drone down.

She takes the case and they move on. Tom has them break M-con to check on Cobra team. The three of them are locked down and they hear gunfire at the door. They are ready to make a last stand. Tom thinks Cobra team is down but then they hail them.

Tom gets good news

Danny, Tex and Miller made it to them and took out the rest of the forces. Sasha reports that the White House is secure. Allison and the general report to the plane and are ready to take off. Mike pulls up and tells the soldiers to put down their guns.

He says he’s there to arrest them on President Howard’s orders. Mike tells them if they take off, they have an RPG ready to take down the plane. Allison has Ashley, Tom’s daughter, hostage on the plane. Allison tells him to get down to business.

Tom says if you touch my kids, I will hunt you down and I will kill you. Allison says she’ll make a trade – him for his kids. She ends the call. Tom shows up to the airfield. Sasha says they have options but he says he wants his kids back. Tex insists on going.

Into the breach

Tex tells Tom if he goes in there alone, they might kill all three. Tom makes Mike promise to take care of his kids if anything happens to him. Sasha tells Mike if the plane takes off, they’ll never see Tom again. The general comes down the stairs.

Tom tells the general that Kara is there to take his kids and Tex is there to make sure they don’t shoot him until the kids are safe. Tex moves closer and checks out the plane. Tom goes on board and is frisked. He checks on the kids.

Kara is with him. Tom tells Alison – here I am. Let them go. She lets the kids go. They hug their dad and Ashley tells Tom the blood on her is not hers and says they killed Grandpa. He tells them to go when they protest. Kara takes them off.

Tom and Alison face off

Alison tells Tex to leave too and he tells Tom to be safe then goes. The plane is revving up to go. Mike tells them to move the trucks back out of the way of the plane. They do. The general holds a gun on and Tex skitters under the plane and into a hatch area while everyone is distracted.

Tom asks Alison where they’re going and she says it’s a big world with a lot of nice places. He asks if she’s going to kill him and she says that’s the plan. The plane rolls out of the hangar slowly. Mike tells Danny to wait. Mike tells the soldiers they are sworn to protect the Constitution.

He says the woman on that plane is the enemy and says Alison lied to them. The general screams at them not to listen. Mike says it’s not too late to choose the right side. He says join is. The general fights to regain control.

The last hurrah

Alison tells Tom that Michener had to be killed because he believed in him. Alison says if you want to win, you have to fight. Alison tells him she came from a small town that the virus tore apart. She says the man who ran the town locked out her family because he wanted all the food for himself.

She says that man killed them so she killed him and says they now do things her way. Tex is there and starts taking out her men. They hear the gunfire and Sasha fires on the pilot and Tom finishes him off. Then it’s just Alison.

Mike tells the soldiers it’s over. Tom holds her at gunpoint and Tex tells him not to do it. He says she’s not worth it. Tom keeps the gun on her. Tom holds the gun up and Tex says it’s not who you are. Tex collapses. Turns out he was shot. He says Tom is a good man.

Alison makes a play

Mike tells the general to stand down. He holds his gun on Mike and won’t put it down. One of the soldiers puts his gun down. Then another and another. They abandon the general in turn until he stands alone. The general drops his too, finally.

Alison tells Tom to take her away and says it won’t matter. She says someone else will take her place. She says people are too wounded and scared to follow him. She asks if he’s so naïve and says he didn’t save the world, he unleashed the worst.

She says he has to be terrible to get people in line. She monologues and Tom shoots her out of the blue. Wow. She thought she would walk out. He’s floored by losing Tex and what he just did. Mike comes on board to check on them.

Mike is stunned

Tom sits shell-shocked. Back on the Nathan James, Tom is still horrified by what went down. Mike comes to see him and Tom says he didn’t have to kill her. Mike says she’s responsible for what happened in Asia, took his kids and killed his father.

Tom says he lectured Rachel on the rule of law right there on the ship. He says Alison was right that the country has lost its moral compass and says it needs someone to guide it and get it back to its core values. Tom says he can’t be that person now.

Tom walks away from Mike and goes back inside. Howard is at the White House and Danny is there too when Kara comes in with his son Frankie that he’s never meet. Danny is thrilled and just stares at him then takes him in his arms.

A new hope

Kara smiles as Danny holds their son and he says it’s nice to meet him finally. The President smiles at them. He shuts down the briefcase that controls the drones. Sasha goes to find Tom packing to leave the ship. She tells him he can’t go.

Tom says Mike is running the ship and she says the crew needs him and Kathleen needs him and he hasn’t talked to her. Tom says he doesn’t know what to say to her and has given too many speeches about heroes dying for the cause.

Tom lists off everyone he failed that has died including his wife and father. Sasha tells him to put his uniform back on but he left it on his bunk. Tom kisses her then he walks out. The President addresses the nation.

Explanations to the nation

On the Nathan James, the crew gathers to salute Tom has he leaves. Howard tells them they can’t give up on what’s right even when things seem hopeless. He asks them to stand and fight with him so they can move forward and be strong again.

Sasha watches Tom go from the upper deck. Tom stops in front of Mike and asks permission to go ashore for the last time. Mike grants it and they salute one another. Tom walks off the Nathan James. Mike and the others shout him a goodbye and Mike says don’t look back.

He doesn’t.