The Originals Finale Recap – All The Originals Down for the Count: Season 3 Episode 22 “The Bloody Crown”

The Originals Finale Recap - All The Originals Down for the Count: Season 3 Episode 22 "The Bloody Crown"

On the CW their drama, The Originals continues with an all new Friday May 20, season 3 finale called “The Bloody Crown,” and we have your weekly recap below. On tonight’s episode, season 3 ends with Klaus (Joseph Morgan) being put on trial for centuries of atrocities he’s committed.

On the last episode, Freya received new visions of the looming prophecy and learned her family was on a collision course with a dangerous new enemy. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we recapped it all right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the CW synopsis, “season 3 ends with Klaus being put on trial for centuries of atrocities he’s committed. Meanwhile, Marcel is stunned by the unexpected arrival of someone from his past; and Elijah, Freya and Kol frantically search for a way to save their family before it’s too late.”

We hope you stop by for this cool show! Klaus, Rebekah, and Elijah have been some of our most favorite villains on TV, and we’re excited to see how this season ends.

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#TheOriginals starts with Marcel in the water. He thinks about Klaus telling him as a kid that he’s a survivor and naming him Marcellus and telling him he’s family now. He thinks about Elijah teaching him piano and to read. Marcel is out of the water and all healed up – and he’s mad.

At the Mikaelson’s, Elijah lies in bed with Hayley who’s still sleeping. He strokes her back and she wakes and turns to him. She asks if he was watching her sleep. He says a little. He kisses her hand and she says despite all they’ve done and those they’ve lost they’re still here and he’s not alone.

Hayley kisses him and he holds her close. Klaus is with Hope talking to her about life if someone else had been her father. He says everyone who loves him regrets it and calls her his littlest wolf. He promises to do right by her. Elijah comes to him and says he won’t ask his forgiveness.

He says he had no choice but to kill Marcel and Klaus says he knows the burden is heavy of protecting their family. Elijah says this time it was too much for Klaus to bear. He walks away. Kol talks to Freya and she says she couldn’t sleep because of her dread or intuition.

She has a map to trace Klaus’s enemies. She chants and the blood all concentrates on New Orleans. They are all here to coming here. Kol says looks like a horde of killers is out to get him. Marcel is at Davina’s crypt and Vincent is there. He tells Marcel that Davina helped shut down the ancestors.

Marcel says it’s time for him to do his part. Marcel says he tested them by letting them think he didn’t take the serum and they tried to kill him. Vincent is worried about the innocents of the city caught in the crossfire. Marcel says he’s going to protect them.

Elijah says the compound is protected and Kol says should they let the enemies amass at the gate. Freya works a spell and says no. A vampire is there and cuts her throat. The brothers come to check on her when they hear a sound. Vampires fill the compound.

Marcel says he never thought it would come to this and says he would be dead in the river by now. Elijah says he’s the one to blame. Marcel says Klaus’ sire links are there to bear witness. Kol asks if Marcel has a show planned and Marcel says it’s the fall of the Mikaelsons and the show has started.

Vincent meets with the witches and tells them the ancestor link is broken. They ask about the vampires that are flooding into the city while their strength is down. Vincent says Marcel is taking charge again and says what happens next is up to them.

They mill around annoyed. Kinney is there and says nice speech. He says he can’t believe all this is real and Vincent says he’ll adjust. Kinney says he saw a crime scene and can’t call it in. He asks Vincent to come see. Hayley takes out the vamp who attacked Freya.

Freya says she was poisoned. Hayley takes out another vamp who comes to attack. Kinney shows Vincent a brutal scene at the boxing gym. He asks what this is. Marcel says it’s what’s left of the Strix. A vamp attacks Kinney and Vincent kills it.

Freya tells Hayley the prophecy is coming true. Hayley gives her blood to drink. She says Lucien has an antidote and Freya says she has no power to stop Marcel. Hayley says there may be one thing and tells her to stay and watch hope.

Kol tells Marcel that he loves Davina too and it would break her heart to see him doing this. Kol says this is an insult to her memory and Marvel attacks then bites him. He throws him away like a toy and then Klaus attacks him and he beats him then beats Elijah down too and bites him also.

That means both Elijah and Kola are infected. Suddenly Rebekah is there and says take out brothers and go now. Klaus grabs them and goes as Rebekah faces off with Marcel and says explain yourself before this mark makes me insane.

Hayley and Freya tear about Lucien’s place looking for the antidote. Freya says if she can’t find the cure she’ll die. Klaus is there with his brothers. Kol is the worst off. Hayley is upset to see that Elijah is wounded too. Kol says he’ll die and Klaus says he won’t.

Freya says they need three different cures – one for her, one for Kol and Elijah, and another for Rebekah. Rebekah asks Marcel to cure them. He says there is no cure. She asks what he means. He says Kol and Elijah are as good as dead and says Klaus will follow.

She asks if she’s his next victim and he says he would never hurt her but won’t back down from this. He says he’s taking back his city and freedom. She says the Marcel she loved never fancied himself judge jury and executioner. Marcel says she wants justice?

He says that’s more than what they offered him but okay. Marcel says let’s have justice. Freya treats Kol and he says they’re paying for what was done to Davina. He says put me out of my misery, put me to sleep. Elijah says this is not our finest hour.

He asks Klaus to take care of Hayley and Rebekah. Klaus promises but says he can’t do this without him. Elijah says be strong, they need you. The mob of vampires is destroying their house. Rebekah calls Klaus and says Marcel has agreed to an alternative.

She says Klaus has to stand trial for his sins. She says if not, the mob will hunt them down and will kill anyone near him. Kol freaks out and calls for Davina. Freya tells Klaus she needs time to save them. She says the trial is the easy part. She says he needs to come out of the trial alive to save them.

Klaus looks at his daughter in her play pen. He tells Hayley he took her from Hope when he didn’t trust her and he was wrong to have done that. He says take care of her. Rebekah tells him that he needs to make this work and he says she told him he could talk his way out of hell.

Klaus goes to face his accusers. Marcel tells the crowd to silence. Marcel mocks him. Klaus says go on, put me on trial. The crowd cheers.

Marcel tells him he sired a thousand years of angry faces and asks how it feels to be this hated. Marcel says look at them, they’re all yours. He points out one from 1694 that he turned and compelled to kill his wife. He says another he wanted his land so he turned and made him burn his village.

He says another was one he turned and then her mother too and made her watch while he burned one of them. Klaus tells Marcel he could have left them nameless and alone. Marcel says did you turn us because you were afraid of being alone. He calls him vile and disgusting.

He says you made us and abandoned us and took everything we love and you must pay. The crowd cheers. Rebekah looks at the growing mark on her arm. Kol is going mad and Elijah has to subdue him to protect Hayley.

Rebekah says they can’t condemn him until she has a chance to speak on his behalf. Marcel says go ahead. Rebekah says they accuse him of unjust retaliation. She says they are the same and the strong fight for power among them. She says his first instinct is to protect his blood.

Rebekah says would any of them do any less. Marcel say is that your argument that all is fair in defense of family. Marcel reminds her that Klaus daggered her for loving him, exiled her, then put her away. Marcel gets closer and she says stop as the insanity grows from the mark.

Rebekah says he’s right and says she hasn’t’ been entirely honest. She says perhaps it’s time to tell the truth about her dear brother Klaus. The crowd cheers wildly.

Rebekah says no has felt Klaus’ ire more than her. She says he lies and Klaus says the curse has poisoned her mind. Marcel says let her speak. Rebekah says when she speaks out of turn she often ends up with a dagger in her chest.

She says Klaus can’t handle the truth that he destroys everything he touches. She says he murdered their mother and both his fathers and dagger his siblings and leave them in coffins. She says he forbids them love because he can’t find love of his own.

Rebekah says she envies all of them for breaking free of him and says she has a foolish pact with him they made when they were children. She says what if he could suffer the way she has, the way they all have. Marcel says they’ve heard enough.

Marcel asks the crowd if they came to a decision. They cheer loudly. Elijah shivers with illness. Hayley comes to see him. He says he saw her and had a dream he was holding her and says she seemed happy. Hayley says that wasn’t a dream.

She comes closer and says she was happy and takes his hand. He says promise me she’ll get as far away as she can and be happy. He holds her and kisses her. Klaus says enough and then says he’s disappointed in Marcellus.

He says he used his poor impaired sister. Marcel says have the last word. Klaus says Davina routinely defied him and Marcel too. He says what happened to her was Marcel’s fault but no matter it did help defeat Lucien so she proved to be of some minute worth.

Klaus says he murdered their loved ones, killed his harlot, rid the world of his slum, and freed that one of her decrepit mother. He says they stand there because he willed it to be so. He says their immortality is a gift from him and is a debt they can never repay.

Klaus says he owes them nothing and says go on, kill me – I welcome the peace of death compared to this tedium and the scales remain in his favor. He says in the end they will all know that he won. He says you will remember Klaus Mikaelson, your maker.

Rebekah says the dagger is too good for him and tells Marcel to end him. The crowd goes wild. Marcel says justice for Klaus should be a fate worse than death. He says this blade is imbue with dark magic and will cause unending agony and says he will feel worse than he’s done to them.

Marcel says that will last as long as he decides to let him live. They grab him up and Marcel lists off a list of people close to him including him, that he once called son, and jams the blade into Klaus’ chest as he screams in agony.


Freya works to try and save them when Rebekah calls Hayley and says Nick found a way to stay alive. Rebekah says make his sacrifice count. Hayley promises to come for her soon. Freya has the dagger with Rebekah’s blood on it and she’s written out some runes.

She chants and Hayley holds Elijah’s hands. Blood streams out her nose. All of the Originals collapse and Hayley is the sole one left standing. Klaus goes limp. Vincent comes in and says the king is dead, all hail the king and gestures to marcel.

Marcel asks what he wants. Vincent hands him a coin and says he just bought back the fight gym and is making it back into a church. Vincent says what he did was just like what Klaus would do. Marcel says it was necessary but Vincent says he did what he wanted.

He says a friend of his is hurt bad because Marcel is sloppy. Vincent says he’s making the church a sanctuary for anyone – vampire, human or witch – as long as they are sick and tired of Marcel and his sick family with their always and forever.

Vincent says if Marcel doesn’t like it, he’ll take a page from his playbook consequences be damned. He calls him your highness and walks out. Hayley puts all the Mikaelsons in coffins and kisses Elijah before she lowers the lid on his.

Hayley has them loaded in a truck. She and Hope are up front and they drive away while we hear a voice over from Klaus with a letter he wrote to Hope about what he had to do to save his family. Kol, Elijah, Freya and Rebekah are in a spell she created.

Freya says they’re linked to Klaus’ life force and they’re all in a deep sleep. She says they bought time for Hayley to find a cure. She says they can be together until they wake. Klaus says he did this in service of those he loves. He says his sole regret is to be away from Hope.

Rebekah tells her brothers that Klaus saved them by being the anchor for the spell. Klaus is in agony and the others are safe. Klaus writes to Hope that his sacrifice will allow her to grow while Hayley looks for a cure. He says she is the legacy.

Hayley drives them out of New Orleans. Klaus says she is and always will be their Hope.