The Originals Recap – Davina and Lucien – Dead and Gone: Season 3 Episode 20 “Where Nothing Stays Buried”

The Originals Recap - Davina and Lucien - Dead and Gone: Season 3 Episode 20 "Where Nothing Stays Buried"

On the CW their drama, The Originals continues with an all new Friday May 6, season 3 episode 20 called “Where Nothing Stays Buried,” and we have your weekly recap below. On tonight’s episode, Klaus, Elijah and Freya search for a way to take down Lucien once and for all, and the result is a showdown between Klaus and Lucien that forces Freya to take matters into her own hands.

On the last episode, Cami’s life was in danger, and Klaus was forced to rely on his family and allied to find a cure as he took care of her at the compound. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we recapped it all right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the CW synopsis, “Klaus, Elijah and Freya search for a way to take down Lucien once and for all, and the result is a showdown between Klaus and Lucien that forces Freya to take matters into her own hands. A chain of events follows that forever changes all of their lives.”

We hope you stop by for this cool show! Klaus, Rebekah, and Elijah have been some of our most favorite villains on TV, and we’re excited to see how this season unfolds.

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#TheOriginals starts with Kol in the bar looking thoroughly ashamed. Marcel shows up and asks why he’s back. He sees blood on him then runs to Davina and lifts her body and starts sobbing. Kol says the ancestors took hold of him and says he never would have hurt her.

He says he made her dagger him but nothing worked. Marcel stands and turns on him and begins beating him. Kol cries and says he loved her. Marcel is furious. He tells Kol to get up and he does. Marcel says this is New Orleans and they are bringing her back from the dead.

Hayley has Jackson’s journal with all of his notes that Klaus’ wolf dad told him about the ancient wolves. Hayley wants to arrange an Irish wake for Cami. She says that’s what Cami wanted and he says there’s no time because they’re at war.

Vincent says he found a way to draw the serum out. Freya tells Vincent since he cast the new spell on Lucien, he may be able to reverse it. He doesn’t think it will work since the ancestors channeled him. He says he has to go see Marcel.

Elijah finds Freya working and she asks Elijah for a hair to set up an alarm spell. She says there are centuries of dead witches who can reach beyond the grave. She says she’s going to send them back to hell. Vincent says they have to consecrate Davina so they can bring her back.

Kol says if they do, the ancestors will get hold of her. Vincent says they can consecrate her and stash her somewhere safe. Lucien talks to Van Nguyen who asks why he wants him here. Lucien says he wants an update on him breaking into the Mikaelson’s home.

He says Freya has to invite him in and Lucien says maybe he can lure Klaus out another way. Lucien says he’ll kill Klaus’ other sister and that will get him out. Marcel and Kol come to Elijah for help with Davina. Klaus says he’ll have it.

Klaus tells Kol to come get cleaned up and gently takes his brother away. Marcel thanks Elijah. Vincent tells Davina the ancestors are supposed to offer a safe place in the afterlife but if they took her and Cami, he doesn’t know.

Freya talks to Kol and Klaus and then candles light and then a portrait of Rebekah goes up in flames. Freya says he’s going after Rebekah. They know he has Van and the Regent is tampering with them. Klaus says Lucien is kicking hornets nest to get them to come out.

Freya says she cloaked all of them so Rebekah will be found eventually. Klaus says he moved Rebekah and Elijah says he’ll go get her. Klaus says you stay here and prevent Kol from suffering the same loss that I just did and Klaus storms out.

Hayley is there and says she’s going no matter what and Klaus has no choice but to cave. Kol, Freya and Elijah are going to work on Davina. She tells Kol that eleventh hour spells are her specialty and says tell Vincent to start the consecration.

Kol texts him then Freya takes Elijah’s hand to channel him. Vincent consecrates Davina and says see you soon. She wakes and says no Kol. She stands and is in the cemetery but on another plane of existence. Kara tells her they’ve been waiting for her.

Davina hears the ancestors whispering and Kara slams her with magic. Kara says we have such plans for you. Witches gather all around. Freya chants and Kara says nothing will be left of you. Kara starts an incantation too.

Freya ratchets up her power and then Davina is there in a circle. She says whatever you did, thank you. Kol reaches out his hand but can’t quite toucher because of the magic circle. She’s in a safe little bubble. Hayley and Klaus are in the bayou.

She says she knows he’s hurting and he says they are not the same since the person she truly loves – Elijah – is still breathing. Davina tells Kol what happened and he says Kara was using the La Gemme Vital and says it’s a witch’s greatest punishment.

He says it shreds your soul. Kol promises to bring her back. He gets a text and says Vincent is ready. He says they’ll have the magic to resurrect her soon. Freya tells Elijah she thinks she can kill Lucien. She says while Davina is trapped between worlds, she can use her to channel the ancestors.

She says then she can make Lucien killable. She says she has to draw through Davina and will have to break the protection circle. Elijah says they can’t but Freya doesn’t see any other choice. Elijah calls Klaus and tells him the option to place Davina in danger and kill Lucien.

Klaus says find another way because that will rip them apart. Van sits canting at Lucien’s place – he’s trying to find Rebekah’s body. He says his magic says she’s close by in the bayou somewhere. Lucien smiles. Klaus loads Rebekah’s coffin into the car.

Klaus says he told Cami everything about his past and since she died, he realizes all the things he forgot. Klaus tells her to stop wasting time and talk to Elijah because the prophecy is still upon them. They leave. Vincent finds Van in the cemetery and calls him a murderer for hire.

He mocks the fancy watch that Van is wearing thanks to Lucien. He asks why they’re targeting Davina and says he’s the regent and doing favors for Lucien who is dead set on destroying New Orleans. He says Lucien is just a means to the end.

Vincent says he has no clue the trouble he’s in – he asks if the ancestors told him their plan. Van says he’s been shunned and doesn’t have the power he thinks. Vincent hits him with magic and Kol bashes him against a tomb and knocks him out.

Hayley tells Klaus what if Elijah doesn’t want her still but he says he does. Elijah calls and Klaus hands her the phone. Then a car crashes into them. Elijah says the Strix told him Lucien is headed to the bayou. He says they’re out of time.

Freya says she has to use Davina. Davina tells Marcel the ancestors hate her because of her choices then tells Marcel she’s not his responsibility. She says he couldn’t hide her in an attic forever. She thanks him for saving her the first time and for everything after.

Davina tells him she loves him. Elijah says forgive me and knocks Marcel out of the way. Davina begs Freya to stop as her eyes start bleeding. Freya doesn’t’ stop and begins channeling all the ancestors through Davina who screams then falls back.

She’s with the ancestors and is not safe anymore. Davina screams as Kara stares at her evilly. Freya tells Elijah it had to be done. They leave Davina’s body and Marcel knocked out and walk out of the room. Marcel gasps awake and Vincent comes in with Van and Kol.

Marcel says they have to bring her back now. He says Freya and Elijah did this. Klaus comes to and sees that Lucien is there. He hits Klaus hard. He tells him it’s no fun if it’s easy and says Cami went down swinging. He throws Klaus into a house then follows him and beats him.

Davina tries to get away from Kara. Lucien howls and hunts for Klaus and says he can smell the stench of his fear and says his life could be snuffed out any second. Kara is using the soul splitting stone and Davina begs her not to do it. A symbol is carved onto her forehead.

Marcel lays her body down and they force Van to bring her back. He starts chanting. Kol begs her to wake. Van chants louder. Van stops abruptly. Davina lies still. Marcel asks what happened. Van says nothing. He says it’s like she wasn’t there at all.

He says the ancestors got to her first. Vincent tells them that’s it – she’s gone. Marcel holds her head and cries. Kol stands at her feet crying. Marcel sobs and holds her hand.

Hayley coughs back to life and sees she’s impaled on metal. She hears the sounds of the fight. Lucien tells Klaus this is about the stable by besting the king. Klaus says he’s not the villain of this fairy tale. He says they were friends and Lucien throws him like a rag doll.

Hayley joins the fight and he takes her on too. Lucien knocks her out of the house with a shovel. Kol tells Van that he’s disposable but Marcel says Davina would have wanted it this way. Kol flings him out of the house. Marcel rants and tells Kol his family destroys everything they touch.

Kol glares and walks out. Klaus is battered and beaten and Lucien has his hand in Hayley’s back about to rip her heart out. Lucien says he doesn’t care who dies and says he might spare her. He tells Klaus to kneel. Lucien says he can feel her heart pounding in his hand. Klaus kneels.

Freya and Elijah are there and knock him back. Freya chants and her hands glow and Lucien screams. Freya says he’s just a vampire now. Elijah kicks him to his knees. Lucien says the prophecy still stands. Klaus says Lucien could never crawl out of his shadow.

He says despite the gift of immortality he knows what he is. Klaus cuts his mouth open then says you are nothing. He rips out his heart. Lucien is dead. Klaus drops his heart onto the ground.

Klaus glares at Lucien’s body then lights him on fire. He desiccates as he burns. Klaus talks to Hayley about Cami’s wake and says they should hold it at Rousseau’s. Freya tells Klaus that he has to know something. She has to tell him what she did.

Back in the Quarter, Marcel is boozing and crying. Elijah comes to see him with Klaus. Marcel says he did everything he asked and says he fought for Hope, kept Hayley breathing and kept white oak out of his cold black heart. Elijah says they know.

Marcel says they don’t know. Klaus says Elijah had no choice. Marcel says they were right about him then says Aurora, Tristan, Lucien and says anyone who is not family is nothing to you. Elijah tells Marcel he is family but he says not anymore.

Marcel says never again. Klaus tries to comfort him but Marcel throws him back and says no. He backs away from them enraged and walks out. Van is in the cemetery when Kol shows up. He says Vincent was right that Davina would not have wanted him dead.

Kol says Davina was the only one keeping me from being me and he rips out Van’s throat. Then he kicks his body and knocks candles everywhere. He stomps out. Freya comes to Vincent and he says she destroyed someone good to save people that have had more lifetimes than they deserved.

Freya says she’s sorry but she had to. Vincent says stop and screams at her. He says she’s as much of a bloodsucker as the rest of them. He walks away from her and out the door. Elijah sits drinking when Hayley comes into the room.

She approaches him and sits close then takes his drink and sets it down. Elijah kisses her hand. She puts her face near his then they stare at each other and then he kisses her head. She puts her head on his shoulder and he holds her hand and puts his arm around her.

Klaus sits playing with Hope in her crib. Freya comes in and asks if he’s seeking respite from the darkness. She says he avenged Cami today and he says to do that they sacrificed someone she cared about. She says their family is safe but he says they’re fractured.

He says there is no victory to celebrate and says his demons won today. Then he says today they may have created new ones. Marcel stares out the window when Vincent shows up. Vincent pours a drink and says what happened to Cami and Davina cannot go unanswered.

Vincent says he doesn’t like vampires or Marcel but does respect him. He sets something down on the table. He says it’s the same stuff that made Lucien and says he took it out of Aurora’s heart. Vincent reminds him that he ran them out of New Orleans before by summoning Michael.

He says New Orleans is their home and they need to take it back and says Marcel can be the thing they fear now. Marcel goes for the vial.