The Vampire Diaries Recap – Hunter Becomes Hunted: Season 7 Episode 15 “I Would for You”

The Vampire Diaries Recap - Hunter Becomes Hunted: Season 7 Episode 15 "I Would for You"

Tonight on the CW The Vampire Diaries starring Nina Dobrev, Ian Somerhalder and Paul Wesley continues with an all new Friday March 4, season 7 episode 15 called “I Would for You,” and we have your weekly recap and spoilers below. On tonight’s episode, Stefan (Paul Wesley) and Valerie (Elizabeth Blackmore) search for a magical herb that will keep him hidden from Rayna; (Leslie-Anne Huff)) Damon(Ian Somerhalder) plots to take Rayna down for good; Stefan questions his future with Caroline. (Candice King)

On the last episode, Stefan visited New Orleans to lure vampire hunter Rayna Cruz away from his friends in Mystic Falls. In the Big Easy, Stefan met Klaus Mikaelson, who became suspicious of his old friend’s unexpected arrival. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we recapped it all right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the CW synopsis, “Stefan and Valerie search for a magical herb that will keep him hidden from Rayna; Damon plots to take Rayna down for good; Stefan questions his future with Caroline; Matt decides it is time to take a stand against the vampires of Mystic Falls; Damon races to complete unfinished business with Stefan and Bonnie.”

You’re not going to want to miss any of the action tonight, so tune in at 8PM EST to the CW to catch the latest. We’ll be live recapping the season 7 episode 15 for you right here and in the meantime, hit up our comments section and tell us your thoughts on this new season!

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#VampireDiaries begins with Rayna waking in New Orleans. She’s naked and near the swamp. She sees tents nearby and a fire. She walks over and steals clothes off a line then retrieves her sword. She sets off with determination.

A guy approaches a woman walking through the streets of Mystic Falls. It’s Penny and he’s a vampire. He threatens Penny then Matt stakes him from behind but misses the heart. Other vamps show up and surround them.

It looks bad but then Rayna is there and kills them all then asks Matt if he knows a vampire named Stefan Salvatore. Valerie is with Stefan and he says he just used the last of Freya’s herbs. Valerie says they will get more of them.

Stefan says he just wants to get more herbs and see his GF. Valerie rolls her eyes at him and he asks if she enjoys this. She says there’s some constance in the lack of constance. Valerie and Stefan get out at a witch herb greenhouse.

They look around and see hundreds of plants. Bonnie ignores a call from Enzo when Damon comes in with coffee. Her magic is back and he says he has a plan to kill Rayna but it’s the Damon only show.

Enzo calls again and Bonnie says he might know and decides to take the call. She thinks he’s ready to apologize. Damon says he can’t let her go back there and says she almost died for him and he can’t let it happen again.

Rayna is threatening vampires and tells Matt and Penny they need to treat them like wild animals. Dangerous. She tells the vamp she has to tell her about Stefan. Damon is there and says that’s the wrong vampire.

Rayna says he’s dumb to come there. Matt shoots Rayna and Damon rips her heart out. Matt tells Penny that Damon and Stefan are his friends. Damon hands Matt the sword and says get rid of it then asks where he can find a buzz saw.

Damon hacks her up and bags her then throws her down a well. Her body lights into flame and smoke rises up out of it. Damon says here we go and groans. She’s back in one piece and cracks her neck. She looks up and sees that Damon threw some clothes down into her.

She asks if he’s going to put the lotion in the basket. He says if it stayed dead, he wouldn’t have to. He says he has plans and her hunting his brother is messing up his plans. She says let me kill your brother then you can do what you want.

He says family is such a hassle. He says they need a plan B. She says it’s her nature. Rayna says family is the reason this is her nature. She says her father envisioned a world without vampires and won’t rest til she sees that through.

Valerie and Stefan walk through the greenhouse and she identifies lots but can’t find the one. He admits to smoking pot when they spot some and she asks who with and he says her name was Rebekah.

Stefan spots the place where the herb was and it’s all gone. A woman comes out – she’s all scraped up and then spray comes down and they’re knocked out. Bonnie meets Enzo and asks if the hand grew back. He says he had to reattach it. She shrugs.

Bonnie says disable my magic again and I’ll cut off more than your hand. Enzo says she’s a Damon groupie. Alex shows up and introduces herself to Bonnie. Alex says Enzo wasn’t following protocol and says Rayna is a common enemy.

Bonnie says they know more about Rayna than they’re revealing. Alex says that’s fair and tells Bonnie to follow her. She takes her to a room of Rayna info and the shaman’s bodies that were sacrificed to make her.

Bonnie points out that not all those bodies are everlasting. Enzo says if they lose all the bodies, Rayna dies for good. Alex is upset since another one died. Damon asks Rayna if she wonders if there is a way to change things.

She says there’s not. He says he was a jerk but changed and says maybe she needs the right person too. He asks if she tried to find someone and asks if there was a Mr Hunter. Bonnie texts and says Rayna has just two lives left.

He shoots her and another of the bodies desiccates. Enzo threatens Bonnie’s life. Bonnie sasses him and says she did nothing. He says Damon is an idiot and says Rayna comes back stronger every time.

She asks why do they want her alive? Enzo shows her the spell that created Rayna and she reads about the spell that linked Rayna to the sword. There’s another part of the spell. If Rayna dies so does anyone she marked.

Enzo tells her that Stefan has a scar. Bonnie calls Damon and asks where’s Rayna. He says shallow grave. Bonnie says dig her up and says if Rayna dies again so will Stefan. Stefan comes to and Valerie is awake waiting for him.

The woman says she’s sorry and isn’t used to visitors. Valerie says someone took the herbs they need. The woman says that herb is rare for a reason and that’s how she was wounded. She says this was the only source of it in the world.

Penny is surprised to hear from Matt that they are bad vampires and sort of good ones. He says Damon killed his sister but has changed and says his brother is a good one, Stefan. She asks if the good one feeds on people and kills them.

Matt says not now and it’s complicated. Penny says he helped a vampire take down a vampire killing machine. Matt says she has no idea what he’s been through. She says maybe he went through more because he never took a stand.

Damon goes with a shovel to dig up Rayna. He hurries before she dies. He digs with his hands desperately.

Alaric and Caroline are in crying baby hell. He brings poopie diapers to her and grabs bottles. Stefan calls and says he can’t come soon because of the herbs. She’s distracted and he says he can’t slow down but asks if she can come meet him.

He says they can go to Europe. Caroline says she wants to see him but it’s a warzone here and Ric needs her. Stefan says he understands. She asks what he thinks about Dallas and says it’s not a terrible place.

She wants to be near the babies. Then the crying starts again and Alaric begs for back up and diapers. She tells him she loves him and ends the call as Valerie walks up. She says Caroline is staying and he admits it’s true.

Valerie says they’ll figure something out. He gasps and nearly collapses. He asks what’s happening. Damon finally gets to Rayna. He tries to revive her. Stefan is dying. Damon feeds vamp blood to Rayna then does CPR. Nothing.

Valerie tries to revive Stefan with magic but can’t siphon it. Damon keeps on with the CPR and finally Rayna chokes to life and so does Stefan. Rayna gasps and Stefan says thank God. Rayna grabs him by the neck and throws him.

He says uh-oh. Rayna says uh-oh is right. Bonnie looks for a way to stop Rayna from killing Damon. Is angry and asks if she thinks Damon cares that much for her and she says she does. Damon stalls Rayna and asks about Mr Hunter.

She says it was a vampire and she staked him. She says run and she doesn’t mind chasing him. He comes at her and she hits him with the shovel and then she goes to decapitate him. Damon says he can’t kill her and she says all he did was get himself killed.

She goes to stake him then a dart shoots into her neck then a bunch more in her back and her chest. It’s the Armory. They came for her. She goes down unconscious. Enzo stares at the last elder that’s still alive.

Alex comes in and says they got Rayna. She’s annoyed he let Bonnie go and says Rayna was their #1 target and Bonnie was their #2. Stefan meets Damon and says she was taken then explains the last life was what would kill him.

He says he killed her then had to save her. Damon says the Armory has her locked down. He says it’s what they have and Stefan says Caroline is staying with Alaric and he says he knew that and he saw it coming.

Stefan says Rayna will always hunt him and says there are kids involved so he can’t be near Caroline. Stefan says they need to get rid of the scar. Damon says good plan. He hands him an envelope and says it’s for him.

Damon says he’s been walking a tightrope and always falling. He says he’s not a good brother when he’s not with Elena. Damon says he’s going to desiccate with Elena til she comes back, Stefan is annoyed that he’s ready to leave him when he always sacrificed for him.

Damon says it’s temporary and he’ll see him again. Stefan says if you care about me at all, you won’t walk out on me. Damon says save a good bottle of Bourbon for me and says see you in 60 and walks out.

Matt comes to see Stefan and he’s in a mood. Matt says he’s been thinking about his place in the town – his home – and him not being strong enough. He says as long as there are vampires, humans will be at their mercy.

He says they don’t stand a chance against them and it stops today. Stefan stands and faces off with him. Matt says vampires have to leave Mystic Falls for good. Stefan says this is his home too. Matt hands him footage from the grill and says he has footage of him too.

He says he has hundreds of hours of surveillance footage and threatens to expose them all. Matt says he has til the end of the day to clear out.

Damon goes to Brooklyn to a storage building to shut himself in with Elena. In Dallas, Ric finds a bottle of Bourbon and a note from Damon. It says he knows he’s a jerk for doing things this way and says he’s a jerk.

He tells him he’s desiccating until Elena wakes up. He says Ric deserves the truth. He says he told Stefan the world is better without him. Damon says he doesn’t care about the world and he’s just miserable.

Caroline comes in holding the babies and smiling. Ric looks at her. Damon says he can’t be without that feeling. Stefan peers in the window at Caroline and Ric happy with the babies. He slumps against the house for a minute then texts Valerie that they need to keep moving.

Damon touches Elena’s coffin and then Bonnie is there annoyed. She says you weren’t going to say goodbye and says she didn’t believe it when Enzo told her. He says he wrote her a letter. Bonnie asks if they’re friends.

Damon says of course then tries to make a joke. She asks again and says seriously. She says he did this in a letter so he could desiccate in peace. She says too bad and then says she’s not okay with this.

She says he doesn’t get to choose himself like this and she’s not okay never seeing him or Elena again. She says this hurts her. She’s crying and then stops and says he desiccates and the blood drains out from him remember that – that he hurt her.

Damon says listen and she says no. She says he doesn’t get to say goodbye. She walks out. Damon looks at the coffin then looks out at the lights of the city. He closes the warehouse door and gets into the coffin. He nods in determination then shuts the lid.

Stefan opens the lid three years later and says wake the hell up and feeds him blood. Stefan says they have to go. Arrows strike the coffin. We see Caroline being shot, Bonnie in therapy, and Damon telling Ric that Caroline will be used as bait.

Stefan’s been with Valerie, Caroline was with Ric. Rayna has Damon and she poisoned him with werewolf toxin. Matt was forced to help Rayna. We see Stefan tied to a chair and Rayna is there and says he came to her when he was safe.

She says he was smart then got dumb. She says she too someone he loves – Damon and Caroline. She asks which one did he come for? Stefan says nothing and she says he can think about it in hell. Then she says there’s a plan B.

He asks what’s that? Rayna says she doesn’t want to kill him and says someone else deserves that mark and she can transfer it. She says it should have been Damon all along. Stefan says nice try pitting us against each other. Damon says it was his idea, not hers, as he walks out of the shadows.