The Walking Dead Recap 10/30/16: Season 7 Episode 2 “The Well”

The Walking Dead Recap 10/30/16: Season 7 Episode 2 "The Well"

Tonight on AMC television’s most watched drama The Walking Dead airs with an all-new Sunday, October 30, 2016, episode and we have  The Walking Dead recap below.  On tonight’s The Walking Dead Season 7 episode 2 called, “The Well,” a new society seems to have it all.

Did you watch last week’s The Walking Dead episode where in the seventh-season premiere, Negan’s actions of killing Glenn and Abraham will haunt the surviving members of Rick’s group forever?  If you missed it we have a full and detailed The Walking Dead recap below for you!

On tonight’s The Walking Dead season 7 episode 2 as per the AMC synopsis, “Following a number of familiar faces, the group’s introduced to a new well-established community that seems too good to be true.”

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#TheWalkingDead starts with Carol on the back of a wagon being pulled by horses. Morgan is walking close by. She’s really out of it. Carol wakes to walker trouble and Morgan fighting zombies. The men of the Kingdom fight alongside him. She’s seeing things and scared.

Carol staggers off the cart and into the woods because she’s disoriented. She sees an old house and woman in the window waving. It turns into a walker. There are walkers shambling nearby to. The men on horseback ride up and kill them and save her.

Carol tries to take in what she’s seeing. The men on horses have pikes and Morgan is with them using his staff. She thinks he killed a human. One of the men says they’ve been looking for them. Morgan carves an arrow into the mailbox of the creepy house and puts up the flag.

Carol wakes wounded

Carol sleeps and Morgan sits by her bed. They’re somewhere safe now. She wakes and asks how long she slept. Morgan says two days. She asks where are they. He puts her into a wheelchair and takes her for a ride to show her the community.

He says it’ll be a week while she heals then they can head back to Alexandria. He says this place is called The Kingdom. He wheels her around and says he’s been helping them to pay back them helping Carol. She sees gardens and productivity.

Carol asks what he told them about her. He says he just told the men what they needed to know – that they got split up and he came looking for her. Morgan takes her to the theater inside the school building that’s in the middle of the town.

Meet King Ezekiel

He tells her the leader’s name is King Ezekiel. She’s stunned. He says the guy does his own thang. She asks what that means. The tiger roars at Carol who is shocked. Morgan says I forgot to say Ezekiel has a tiger. Shiva roars at her and Ezekiel pets the creature.

Morgan wheels Carol closer and Ezekiel tells Shiva that’s enough. He has an outrageous accent and he calls Jerry a steward. Ezekiel speaks in almost old English. He says Morgan is a friend of the realm and they will consider Carol one too.

Ezekiel says it pleases him to see Carol up and about. The tiger stalks around then lies down and glares at Carol. Ezekiel asks why she has not spoken to the king and asks if she thinks him mad. He asks what she thinks. Carol smiles and says she thinks he’s amazing.

Well said

She says Shiva is amazing too. Carol says she doesn’t know what the hell is going on in the most wonderful way. Ezekiel says enjoy the fruits of our grandeur so long as you contribute. He says once she heals, she can contribute. He says drink from the well, refill the well.

They offer Carol some fruit that Ezekiel says grows inside. Jerry says it’s fruit time. They insist. Carol says pomegranates aren’t her thing. Ezekiel says they have guitars and a choir. She says she wishes she had brushed her hair before she met royalty.

She says thank you, your majesty and says it’s her pleasure. Ezekiel says be well and Morgan wheels her out. The tiger growls again. Outside Carol asks if Morgan is shitting her. She says this plays is a circus and calls it playtime. Carol says she can’t be here.

Carol still has a death wish

Morgan tries to calm her down. Carol says when no one is looking, she’ll leave. Morgan says he won’t let her. She asks if he’s going to tie her up like a Wolf and says it’s not up to him. Carol says she doesn’t give a shit if he thinks he has the secret to life.

Morgan says he doesn’t have it. Morgan says he won’t let her die out there. Carol says it doesn’t matter. Morgan wheels her away. Some trucks roar out of the kingdom. We see pigs eating a walker that’s been tied up. Morgan is taken with Ezekiel, Jerry and others.

They show him a herd of pigs and a walker tied up to lure them. The guy in charge of the hunt and says he wanted their bellies full of rot. Ezekiel sends Diane for the truck. They tell Ben he’s up when walkers stagger nearby. They tell him to use the machete.

Pigs in a poke

Young Ben tries to kill one but gets it in the neck. Ezekiel kneels and puts his pike through its head. Ezekiel tells Ben next time. The guy in charge of the pigs tells Morgan that no one at home needs to know about this. The guy nods and says none of it.

Morgan saves Ben who panics when a walker appears. Ezekiel tells the walkers may one day we release you from this curse but for now we live free and faithful. They leave the hunt leader and they go in one truck while he goes in another.

Morgan asks where they’re going and Ezekiel says somewhere else. They return to The Kingdom. Ezekiel asks Morgan about his staff skills. He says a cheesemaker taught him. He remarks that Morgan saved Ben with a single blow. Ezekiel says Ben needs an adjustment and asks Morgan to train him.

Carol considers Kingdom

Ezekiel says Ben has failed with blades and munitions and says maybe he needs another course. Morgan says he had to shoot to save Carol. Ezekiel says didn’t the staff save you and asks again to help the boy live. He says please and Morgan agrees.

Ezekiel says The Kingdom is favored by his presence. Everyone is at work. The tiger sits enjoying the son. A choir sings and Carol sits staring at her wheelchair. Out the window, she sees Morgan teaching Ben. Carol wheels herself outside. She steals a knife and some chocolate.

Carol talks to someone folding clothes and she’s playing nice. The man says they have cobbler at every meal. She says they were eating possum out there. Carol acts happy and flummoxed. She asks for a tissue. He walks off and she steals some clothes.

Ezekiel oversees his kingdom

He happily watches Ben make progress with Morgan. Ben asks Morgan about the book in his pack and asks if he can read it since he’s read every book there including one on HVAC. Ezekiel tells Ben and Morgan to come with them to deal with matters of import.

They tell Morgan to bring a gun too. They are at the site of the skinned pigs. Ezekiel says they slaughter them far away so the screams don’t attract walkers. He says he keeps secrets from his people. He says these are the burdens of leadership.

Two trucks pull up and it’s Saviors. Ezekiel says they always fulfill their obligations. The guy counts eight pigs. The hunt leaders says they are well fed. Diane starts to whisper who the men are but Morgan says he knows exactly who they are.

Slaps and chaps

One of the Saviors hassles the hunt leader and says they’ve been letting them off easy. The guy says he might have that backwards. The kid goes to hit him and the hunt leader hits him hard. Everyone pulls guns and Ezekiel says to cease this.

Morgan doesn’t like having a gun in his hand. Ezekiel tells Richard to let the guy go and he does. He says this is not what we do. The guy punches Richard in the face. Ezekiel tells Gavin to make him stop and he tells the guy to stop. He stops and flips Richard off.

Gavin reminds Ezekiel that next week is produce week and threatens him. He says if they don’t fill the list, Richard will go first. The attackers mocks them as they drive away. Morgan says he knows who they are. Ezekiel says the man Morgan killed was one of them.

Morgan doubts everything

Morgan asks if that’s why he wanted him here. Ezekiel says it’s the opposite. Back at The Kingdom, Ben tells Dutch, a kid, to clean his plate before movie time and tells him to be in bed by 10. The kid goes. Ben sits with Morgan who says he’s a good kid.

Ben says it’s hard to raise him and Ezekiel helped. He says the king was tight with his father who was a good fighter, one of the best. Morgan asks how it happened. Ben says a year ago, a group went to clear a building and eight men died.

Ben says Ezekiel is more careful now and says he’s keeping the deal with the Saviors quiet because the people here would want to fight and he doesn’t want to lose people. Ben says he doesn’t know what’s right when Morgan asks him.

Morgan’s philosophy shared

Ben asks about the handwriting in the book about not killing. Morgan says he didn’t write that. Ben says he notices he only eats vegetables and seems to not want to kill. Morgan says no one can show you the way, you have to find it for yourself.

Morgan says he thought he had it but he’s fumbling. Morgan says you may change your mind. Ben invites him to movie night but Morgan says he needs to talk to Carol. Morgan goes to Carol’s room but she’s gone. The bed is made, wheelchair there, but no Carol.

Carol picks some fruit and stows it in her bag. Ezekiel calls out to her and lights a fair. He calls her fair maiden and tells her to have one. Ben is with him. He says this garden is his favorite place in the kingdom and it pleases him she saw it before she left them suddenly.

The king and I

Carol says what good am I here. She plays dumb. Ezekiel asks Jerry to leave them alone. He says he’ll be in hollering range. Ezekiel says never bullshit a bullshitter. He drops the accent and says her sweet and innocent act is clever to get people to trust you.

He says he knows the gun she brought belong to the Saviors. She asks what he knows about them and he says more than he cares to. Ezekiel says she won against them. Carol laughs and says by ending up here. She sits. Carol says this place is a joke and that’s why she laughed.

Carol says out there it’s real. She says she’s been places she thought was safe. He says these people need the fairytale. Carol says he rules over everyone and gets his ass kissed. Ezekiel sits beside her and says people want someone to follow. He says it’s human nature.

Ezekiel comes clean

Ezekiel says there are stories about him being larger than life and wrestling his tiger into submission in the wild and treat him like royalty. He says they needed someone to follow so he acted the part. He says he faked it til he made it. He says he was a zookeeper.

Ezekiel says Shiva fell into a concrete moat and her leg ripped open and she was crying and says she was going to bleed out. He says he had to try. He says he tied his shirt onto her leg and saved her life. He says after that, she never showed him even a tooth.

He says keeping a tiger isn’t practical and she could yank the chain out of his hand but she hasn’t. He says she won’t. He says he lost a lot like others and he went back to the zoo and she was one of the last animals left. He says she was trapped and hungry.

Shiva’s story

He says she was alone and hungry like him and was the last thing in the world that he loved. He says she protected him and made him larger than life then he made this place. He says he did community theater and did a few kings on stage.

He says his name really is Ezekiel. He says that part is real. He says cards on the table. He asks Carol to keep this between them. Carol says she doesn’t care, do what you want but says she wants to go and he asks where. She says away.

Ezekiel says he’s sorry for what bad she’s been through. He says there’s too much bad out there and it’s worse when you’re alone. He says it’s not all bad and can’t be. He says life isn’t like that. He says life is hope. He says there’s heroism, grace and love.

Go and not go

He says he hopes she’s not walking away from life. Ezekiel says he went overboard with good to make up for the bad and embraced the contradiction. He says maybe she can, too. He says maybe she can go and not go. Ezekiel says he can help if she lets him.

She asks why he cares and he says it makes him feel good. He says he’ll have someone bring her stuff and meet her at the gate and she can go and not go. He says we’ll see if it’s more bullshit.

She asks why he cares and he says it makes him feel good. He says he’ll have someone bring her stuff and meet her at the gate and she can go and not go. He says we’ll see if it’s more bullshit. Carol and Morgan ride on horses by a cemetery. He asks if it’s what she wants.

Morgan says it should have been up to her and he was wrong. They approach the rundown house they were near before. They get off the horses. Morgan helps her down. He hands her a pack and she pats the horse. She says she might regret all the times she tried to stab him.

Goodbye for now

Morgan says she’s his favorite person he ever knocked out. He tells her to take care and she grabs up a staff. She says she’s always watching always ready. Morgan gets back on the horse and grabs the reins of the other. He takes the staff and goes.

Carol opens the gate and goes into the yard of the creepy house. Morgan puts the red flag on the mailbox down. The walker is at the window. Carol goes inside and kills it. She buries it in the cemetery out front. She starts a fire and is startled when there’s a knock at the door.

It’s Ezekiel with Shiva. He offers her a pomegranate. She stares at him then smiles a little smile.