The Walking Dead: The Journey So Far Recap 10/16/16: Season 7 “Special Episode”

The Walking Dead: The Journey So Far Recap 10/16/16: Season 7 "Special Episode"

Tonight on AMC in anticipation of the season 7 premiere an all-new Sunday, October 16, 2016,  The Walking Dead: The Journey airs and we have your The Walking Dead: The Journey So Far Recap below for you!  On tonight’s episode the cast and producers of “The Walking Dead” recount the epic journey that the characters have experienced through the first six seasons of the show.

During tonight’s special, “The Walking Dead” fans can get up close and personal with the cast as they tell the stories of their characters from the moment they were introduced to where they were when last season ended. Clips from the most pivotal moments in series history will be intercut between cast and executive producer interviews.

As per the AMC The Walking Dead: The Journey So Far synopsis, “Season by season, from the moment Rick wakes up in the hospital (as told by Andrew Lincoln), all the way to the excruciating first swing of Negan’s bat (told by Jeffery Dean Morgan and others in the lineup), the story of “The Walking Dead” will be told by those who have lived it. “

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#TheWalkingDead The Journey So Far starts with Greg Nicotero talking about Robert Kirkman’s graphic novels that inspired the series. Scott Gimple says he’s a fan of the comic and the show. Denise Huth says it’s about what happens when you accept this is your world.

Andrew Lincoln recounts Rick Grimes’ early history including Shane and Rick getting shot then waking in the hospital. He says Rick has no idea what’s going on when he wakes from the coma and finds the world is a nightmare. We see a look at Rick’s early days.

Denise says in this world, there are no “zombies” and no films about this to give people any guidance on what to do. Andrew says he likes Rick because he’s a family man. We see Lennie James saying that Morgan is an everyman who was a husband and father.

The world according to Morgan

Morgan is the one who told Rick about walkers and that the dead come back to life. Morgan tells him not to get bit and why. We see Morgan unable to shoot his wife who is shuffling around outside. Denise says this is all very sad. We see Rick and Morgan making plans to meet up later.

Rick then heads back to Atlanta looking for his family on horseback. Then we see him run into the horde and the horse being eaten while he climbed into the tank. That’s when Glenn calls him dumba** on the radio. Glenn got Rick to safety. Steven Yeun says Glenn knows his way around.

Glenn’s group scavengers for supplies. Andrea blames Rick for the horde coming for them. Then we see them smearing themselves in zombie goo. Andrew says that was a fun day of filming. Steven Yeun says that was a big moment and it was bada** when they shut down Atlanta to film it.

Shane reunited with Rick

Chandler Riggs talks about Carl finding out his dad was alive. Denise says Lori and Shane were shocked since they are coupled up. Chandler says Shane is happy to see Rick but worried about the Lori dynamic. Andrew says that first community was ragtag.

There was Andrea, Amy, T-Dog, Dale, Carol and others. Melissa McBride says when we first met Carol, she was with a-hole Ed and her daughter. We see Ed hitting her. Then there’s Daryl. Norman Reedus says he thinks the group are idiots for not knowing how to kill zombies.

Daryl blew up at Rick for leaving his brother Merle on the roof handcuffed. Shane doesn’t want them to go back for Merle but Rick agreed to go with Daryl. Glenn went along but all they found was Merle’s severed hand where he cut it off.

Rick leaves, camp attacked

We see the massacre at the camp including Carol’s hubby Ed and Amy. Andrea was shocked and horrified. Greg Nicotero says this was the first time we saw someone we know turn and Andrea had to put her sister down with a bullet to the brain.

Then we see Rick talking about the CDC and the group heads out. They find just one person left there – Dr Jenner – who explains to them the science of the outbreak and the zombies. Jenner set the self-destruct at the CDC with the group inside. They run to make an escape.

Jenner whispered in Rick’s ear as they went to run out. That was the end of Season 1 – the big boom as the CDC went up explosively and the gang left with no purpose and as Andrew says “on the road to nowhere.”

Out of Atlanta without purpose

Season 2 kicked off with the gang moving on out of Atlanta. They are looking for safety. We see the big herd that moved in on them when they were stopped on the road. Greg says they started the herd mentality in season 2 with walkers joining together.

The group is trapped and Sophia goes missing. Carol wants to go look for her and Daryl goes to look for her. Denise says the ideas of right and wrong change and break down over time. Shane doesn’t want to look for her because the whole group is at risk.

The group sees a deer and then both Carl and the deer were shot. Chandler says this was a big deal. This leads them to Herschel’s farm looking for help for the gunshot wound. Herschel brings them inside and tells Rick to back off so I can do the surgery.

Shane makes a human sacrifice

Otis takes Shane to a refugee camp to get an intubator and walkers are stalking them. Otis is too slow and Carl’s life is on the line. Shane shoots Otis to leave him as bait for the horde so he can save Carl. The group seems safe at the farm.

Herschel thinks there will be a cure and thinks walkers are still human. Maggie and Beth are there with their dad. Lauren Cohan says that Maggie and Beth are sisters and friends. We see Maggie and Glenn first meet and his bravery dealing with the well walker.

Glenn wants to be respectful but likes Maggie. Then they went on a run together and Maggie kissed him after teasing him about condoms. They got busy then came back. Herschel told Rick that he and his group need to move on. Rick tried to reason with him.

Humanity changes

Herschel says they are not his responsibility. Rick tells Herschel that Lori is pregnant. Glenn and Maggie heat up and swap a love note. Glenn wants to meet her in the barn for some sexy time but he finds the barn of walkers instead. Maggie’s mom and their friends and neighbors that turns are there.

Dale and Shane tell them those aren’t people anymore. Shane opened the barn to kill all the walkers. Herschel is horrified with them. Sophia comes out as a little walker and Carol collapsed as Daryl held her. Greg Nicotero says he loved Sophia being a walker and under their noses.

Steven Yeun says that world is ruthless. Rick put Sophia down while Carol watched and cried. Norman says that changed everything for Carol. Then we see Herschel at the bar getting drunk when Rick and Glenn found him.

Rick vs Shane

Two guys show up and we see Rick kill them off. We see Rick saves one of the marauders and Rick and Shane fought over it. Shane thinks the old rules don’t apply and we see them struggling to define humanity in the new world. We see Carl find the gun and wander off.

He finds a walker and can’t shoot it and then it almost gets him. Dale ended up attacked by the walker. Carl doesn’t want to mess up again. Rick says they need to let Randall go but Shane thinks Rick is a big problem and wants to kill him to make the group safe.

Andrew says Rick realized what was happening. Rick tries to talk Shane down and then when he can’t kills Shane off. Carl saw it happen and was horror struck. Then Shane came back and Carl puts Shane down to save his dad. It was Carl’s first zombie kill.

The farm falls

We see them setting the barn on fire to draw the horde so they can escape. The gang gets separated. Andrea goes off one way. Rick tells the group the big secret from Jenner and says they are all infected. He says they will all come back after they die.

At the end of season 2, they have nothing and then this grim truth about their ultimate fate. We see the gang moving on and getting good at killing walkers. Lori is heavily pregnant when they find the prison. They have to clear it to make a home there and we see them fight for it.

Greg says this scene was designed as hand to hand combat so we saw the level the group has gotten to. Then Herschel is bitten on the leg by a walker. Rick decides to chop off the leg to keep him from turning and it was brutal and icky. Andrew says it was unpleasant to shoot.

Prison peril

Then we see more walker problems at the prison and T-Dog sacrificed himself to save Carol. Carl, Maggie and Lori were alone when Lori went into labor and they had to do a c-section with a dagger. We see Judith born and then Carl knew his mom would die and turn.

Carl had to shoot his mom and Maggie brings Judith to Rick who has a breakdown. In one episodes, they lost T-Dog and Lori. Carl suggested Judith as the baby’s name but Daryl called her little a** kicker. Judith represented new life and open.

Andrea is out on her own and is saved by Michonne. Sanai Gurira talks about Michonne with her two pet walkers on a leash. They found the helicopter crash and the Governor’s people. Merle is with them and takes Andrea and Michonne to Woodbury.

The oxymoron of Woodbury

We see the Governor who is charming and offers them hospitality. Michonne didn’t trust him but Andrea was taken in by him. Michonne checked around Woodbury and found walkers in the cage and tells Andrea it’s not what it seems and they part ways.

The Governor sent Merle to go kill Michonne and bring back her head. Michonne fights people off then saw Maggie and Glenn kidnapped by Merle. The governor threatened Glenn and Maggoe caved so the Governor wants the prison. Michonne showed up there with formula.

Michonne told Rick about the Governor and that he has Glenn and Maggie and Rick knows they have to make a move on him. Rick, Daryl and Michonne go try and rescue them but Michonne goes looking to kill the governor and finds the head collection that he keeps.

Governor vs Michonne

Michonne found the Governor’s daughter Penny and he begged her not to kill his kid. Michonne did it anyway. They had an epic fight that included busting up his head collection and she stabbed him in the eye but then Andrea stopped her brandishing a gun.

Michonne knows he lost Andrea as we see the Governor holding Penny and crying. We see Merle and Daryl’s big fight in Woodbury and Rick showing up to save them. Rick knows the Governor is a threat and war is inevitable.

Rick goes to weapon up and meets Morgan again and finds him off the rails and alone after his son died. Andrea confronted the Governor and tries to broker peace. The Governor wants Michonne in exchange for peace but Rick says no and the war is on.

Walker Merle and plans for war

Merle goes to kill the Governor to save his brother but then the Governor bit his fingers off and shot him down. Daryl finds Merle as a walker. We see Daryl stabbed him relentlessly in his anger and sadness. Andrea ran off to join the Scooby gang but then the Governor got her.

He tied her up and left her with a dead man he knew would turn and attack her. Then there’s the attack on the prison that goes bad. The Governor snaps when his people run. He guns them down. Rick comes looking for Andrea and find her infected and bitten.

Andrea says her goodbyes and they put her down. The gang takes in the Woodbury refugees at the end of Season 3.

Farmer Rick goes hippie

Season 4 kicks off with peace at the prison and Rick being all hippie and lovey dovey. Tyrese and Sasha are there and Chad Coleman says Tyrese never lost the sanctity of life. Then we meet Bob who was a military medic that Daryl found.

Michonne is out looking for the Governor. We see Carol teaching the kids some survival skills because she feels guilty that Sophia couldn’t defend herself. Then there’s a virus that breaks out and starts killing people and coming back inside the prison.

They quarantine the sick. Carol begins murdering the infected and burning them. Glenn and Sasha are both infected and Bob knows what they need to help them so they go on a run. Chandler Riggs says they had to wait until he was 14 before Carl could hold a big gun.

Rick exiles Carol

Bob comes back to save people. Rick asks if she killed David and Karen and she says yes. Rick drives her out and tells her to leave. We see the Governor rambling around on his own. He burned down Woodbury and is off his rocker.

The Governor found Tara with her family. He hangs with them and tells them about the people in the prison and says they are murderers and thieves. They capture Michonne and Herschel and tell them to leave the prison or they will both die.

Rick offers them to all live together in peace. The Governor killed Herschel and the actors agree it was the most traumatizing death. War broke out at that point and it was insane. The Governor beat Rick and Michonne stabbed the Governor.

The prison falls and the group is disbanded

Tara’s sister finished him off. The walls fall and the group is splintered in many directions. Rick is with Carl and they assume Judith is dead. The group was scattered and each has their own storylines. They all started seeing the signs for Terminus and Bob says it made sense for them all to follow.

We see Beth and Daryl together and their growing friendship. Daryl felt guilty over not preventing the Governor from wrecking the prison. Beth was taken in the car and then we saw Daryl chasing the car until he collapsed. Beth, Bob and Sasha were heading for Terminus while searching for Glenn.

Glenn was stuck on a roof and trapped, weak from the flu on a ledge. He put on some gear and headed out but found Tara and asked for her help. That’s when they met up with Abraham, Eugene, and Rosita on the road. Michael Cudlitz says everyone needs an Abraham.

The Eugene lie

We are reminded of Eugene’s lie about how he’s a scientist with the cure. Rosita is tough and in a relationship with Abraham back then and he told Glenn about the mission. Glenn wants to get back to Maggie and follows the signs she left him.

They find each other finally and head to Terminus looking for the others. Tyrese is with Carol, Judith and the sisters. Carol is keeping the secret that she killed Tyrese’s gal pal Karen. We see the craziness with the girls and then Lizzie killing her sister and ready to kill Judith.

Carol takes Lizzie out and tells her to look at the flowers and puts the kid down. Scott Gimple says that was horrible for Carol to have to do. She confessed to Tyrese that she killed Karen and he forgives her. Michonne meets up with Rick and Carl.

The road to Terminus

Rick gives Carl a gun and they head to Terminus too. Then the Claimers are revealed. They capture Rick and Michonne and Daryl is with them. Daryl wants to get away from them but then they have the three. One of the Claimers is ready to attack Carl and Rick ripped his throat out.

Michonne loves that Rick fights for his child. Rick tells Daryl that he’s his brother and he steps in for Merle who was a bad brother. Then there are arrivals at Terminus. Gareth greets them and tries to calm them down. It’s an organized place and seems good.

Rick notices things are off and sees Glenn’s watch on one of them. He put the gun to Gareth’s head but then the minions herd them into the train car and lock them in. That’s where they find Glenn, Maggie and the others and that shuts down Season 4.

Human feast

Season 5 kicked off where Season 4 ended with the cannibal reveal and the gang is about to become a human buffet. There’s the trough and Greg Nicotero says they felt like they went too far. Carol blew up Terminus and attacked.

Carol puts down one after another and Rick knows something is going on. Rick attacks and cuts the people free. Chaos ensues. Greg says about 80 people died in the episode. Rick is thrilled to see Carol and greets her warmly. She’s no longer an outcast.

She also hands back Judith so it’s all over. They wreck the Terminus signs on their way out. Next they find Father Gabriel who is a weak hot mess. Seth Gilliam says Gabriel was tormented by locking out his congregation that all died.

Bob bitten and bad

Carol suspects Gabriel and snuck out. Daryl followed her and they go chasing down Beth when he sees a car that looks like the one that took Beth. Bob bitten but keeps it hidden. Gareth caught Bob and told him it wasn’t personal. They ate Bob’s leg and he laughed and told them he’s infected.

The Termites come for the gang at the church. Gareth and his people come in and Rick snaps and slaughters them along with others from the group. Andrew says Rick has gone ferocious. Gabriel was terrified of all of them. Bob is dying and Sasha is with him but can’t kill him.

Tyrese offers to take care of it for her and does it. Sasha buries her BF and then it’s time to go to DC. There’s a giant herd and Eugene finally confesses that he lied about who he is and what he knows. Abraham attacked Eugene who went down.

Zombie general hospital

Beth at the hospital. She wakes to find out she’s pretty much a slave and she meets Noah who wants to get out of there. They make an escape plan. He gets out, she doesn’t. Carol is hit by a car and taken to Grady too. Tyrese wants to kidnap some hospital cops to make a trade.

Beth was shot in the head for standing up for Noah and Daryl snapped and murdered the lady cop. We see how sad Daryl was when he carried out dead Beth and Maggie broke down screaming. Andrew says it was a terrible loss of an innocent spirit.

They head to Virginia to take Noah home and Tyrese is bitten in his home. Tyrese saw all the dead people talking to him. This devastated Sasha and the whole group was at a low point. Then Aaron showed up to greet them and they didn’t handle it well.

Introducing Alexandria

Aaron tells them about his community and Rick is distrustful. Aaron promises them safety and Rick clocks him. They go to meet Deanna. Norman Reedus says they came in like animals fresh off eating dead dog. Andrew talked about his ZZ Top beard.

Rick met Jessie and Pete, the porch dick, and alcoholic doctor. Carol went undercover with her happy homemaker personality. Deanna threw a party and Carol snuck back looking for guns and Sam found her. She promised him cookies.

Carol told him a scary story about being outside the walls tied to a tree. Sam likes Carol despite her scariness. He asks for a gun to protect his mom and Carol realizes Pete is abusing them. Rick tells Jessie he doesn’t want her to die. Pete and Rick go to war.

Meeting in Alexandria

Rick got aggro with Pete and Michonne knocked him out to give him a time out. Eugene goes out on a supply run with Glenn and the others. Aiden and Nicholas were with them and are idiots. Things go bad and Noah died in the revolving door of doom while Glenn watched.

The town meets to discuss Rick’s behavior with Pete and exiling him. Rick fights the walkers that get in when the gates are left open by the idiot Alexandrians. Rick tells Deanna that their luck is running out. Pete goes off on Rick drunk and kills Deanna’s husband.

Deanna told Rick to take care of it and he puts Pete down like a dog. Morgan showed back up just as Rick went off and put down Pete for Deanna. Things are changing again for the group.

Alexandria sanctuary

As Season 6 kicks off everyone has settled in except for Daryl. We meet Heath and Denise in this season. Denise takes over as doctor since Pete is dead. Morgan and Rick found the quarry full of walkers and see that it’s going to be a problem. They make a plan.

The horde breaks free and then they hear a horn from Alexandria and the horde heads back to the settlement. The group is split and people are dying. Rick heads back to find out what it is. Nicholas and Glenn are trapped on a dumpster and Nick kills himself but then takes Glenn down.

That’s the moment when we thought Glenn died. Abraham, Sasha and Daryl continue to try and lead the horde away but then someone takes shots at them. Daryl is taken by Dwight and they steal his bike and weapon. The Wolves attack Alexandria.

Big bad wolves

Carol plays wolf and goes out killing. Morgan goes to let one go and Carol kills the guy. Morgan and Carol argue. Morgan lets one go and she’s not happy. Then the horde is at the wall and surrounding them. The tower fell and the walls were breached.

Rick shows up and Deanna saved Rick but was bitten. Everyone takes shelter and are trapped. They decide to do the meat poncho again. Jessie and her kids are with them and they head out but Sam flips out and calls for his mom. He’s eaten just as Carol predicted.

Ron sees his mother and brother get eaten and now he’s an orphan and he blames Rick. He shoots Carl and Rick rushes to save his life. Denise goes to work on him and Rick goes to work on the walkers. Glenn shows up and he’s alive thanks to the dumpster.

The group goes to work

Glenn rushes to save Maggie. Glenn is about to die and then Abraham and Sasha are there gunning them down and Rick is in berserker mode. They all team up and attack the horde. Daryl lights up the pond and the walkers all head for the fire.

Alexandria is safe and they are united as a community. Rick tells Carl he saw what they could do together as a group. The second half of Season 6 is a few months later and the community has pulled together. Rick and Daryl meet Jesus.

Rick and Michonne ignite. Josh McDermitt says “finally.” Jesus was in their bedroom and woke them up. He tells them about Hilltop and takes a few of them there. That’s when we first hear about Negan. Daryl says those dicks needs to go.

The Negan bargain

Alexandria is low on food. They make a deal to take out Negan in exchange for food. The group goes to kill the Saviors and Glenn kills his first human – so does Heath. They wonder if they killed Negan but they think they took care of it.

Carol is sick of the killing and walks away from Alexandria. Then she met the guys on the road and begged them to leave her alone. They don’t so she kills them. She’s wounded and Morgan has to kill to save her. Denise is with Rosita and Daryl and then she’s killed with the eyeball arrow.

Dwight did it and they go to war. Dwight captures Daryl, Rosita, Michonne and others. Then Maggie’s pregnancy goes into distress and they head to Hilltop but are herded by the Saviors. Eugene has a plan to get Maggie to safety but it doesn’t work.

Negan traps the group

Negan and his crew have them trapped and then it’s time for the lineup. They have Eugene who has been beaten, Daryl looks bad too. They put them all on their knees and then Negan appears with this barbed wire wrapped bat and toys with them.

Negan says you give us half your shit or more of you die and says he will beat one of them to death. Rick has totally underestimated the threat and he’s powerless to stop things. None of them think there is any way out of it – and there isn’t.

Rick is terrified and they are all breaking down. Denise says this is the start of more loss than they’ve ever had. Scott Gimple says this moment changes everything moving forward. Rick says don’t watch the Season 7 premiere alone.