The X-Files Recap 1/24/16 Season 10 Episode 1 Premiere “My Struggle”

The X-Files Recap 1/24/16 Season 10 Episode 1 Premiere "My Struggle"

Tonight after  approx. 13 years tonight on FOX The X-Files returns with an all new Sunday, January 24, season 10 premiere called, “My Stuggle,” and we have your weekly recap below.

On tonight’s episode in the Season 10 opener, agents Mulder (David Duchovny) and Scully (Gillian Anderson) return to investigate a government conspiracy at the behest of a popular web-TV-show host, who introduces them to a woman who claims she’s an alien abductee and shares startling news with them.

On tonight’s episode as per the FOX synopsis, “thirteen years after the original series run, the next mind-bending chapter of the thrilling series THE X-FILES is here. FOX MULDER (David Duchovny) and DANA SCULLY (Gillian Anderson) have been approached by TAD O’MALLEY (guest star Joel McHale), a popular conspiracy theorist web-TV show host, who believes he has uncovered a significant government conspiracy.

With the assistance of FBI Asst. Dir. WALTER SKINNER (Mitch Pileggi), O’Malley seeks to enlist the help of former X-Files agents Mulder and Scully, who have since severed ties with the FBI. Through O’Malley, they are introduced to SVETA (guest star Annett Mahendru), a possible alien abductee who shares shocking information with them that will challenge everything that Mulder has ever believed about the existence of aliens and the government’s role in covering them up.”

Don’t forget to join us for our live recap tonight at 10:00 pm when The X-Files airs on Fox. While you wait for the recap, check out a sneak peek of tonight’s episode below!


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#XFiles starts with Fox Mulder narrating. He says since his sister disappeared when she was 12, he always thought it was an alien abduction. He talks about his work with the X-Files unit and the search for his sister.

He says the agency brought in Agent Dana Scully to work with him and debunk his work. He says the X-Files was closed in 2002 but his personal obsession carried on. He says there are 6000 sightings a year and says it’s been so throughout history.

He mentions the Roswell crash and cover up and then UFOs in DC. Dr Edgar Mitchell was the sixth man on the moon and talked about secret alien experiments. Mulder says now people laugh and they only remember Roswell.

We see an alien craft crash. Mulder says we have to ask ourselves, are they really a hoax. He asks are we truly alone or are we being lied to. An alien hand slaps against the glass of the downed ship.

It’s the high desert in Mexico, 1947. A bus drives along with two men in it. One wears a black suit and tie and calls the other Doc. The bus stops and they get off. The doc has an official military insignia on his sleeve. The doc is stunned to see the crash site.

The other guy tells him to come along. The ship has been badly burned and part of it is missing. Soldiers work the area cleaning up and digging around the craft. Now, Scully is working at a hospital in DC. A woman interrupts and tells her she has a call.

Scully says she’s going into surgery but the woman says it’s Walter Skinner from the FBI and it’s important. Obama is on Kimmel’s show. Kimmel talks about racing to area 51 first if he was ever President. Mulder takes a call from Scully and she says Skinner is looking for him.

He asks what he wants and she says he asked about Tad O’Malley. He checks the guy out. Tad says the mainstream media is lying and 9/11 was a warm up for WW III and it dates back to the cover up at Roswell back in the 402.

Scully says O’Malley wants to meet him and Mulder says they can go talk to him and says Skinner can set it up. Mulder gets out of a car and she asks if it’s an Uber. He jokes that he hitch hiked. She says it’s good for him to get out of his little house.

A limo pulls up and Tad O’Malley gets out and greets them by name. He asks them to take a ride but Mulder says they can talk here. O’Malley says low flying aircraft can record them with dirt boxes. They shrug and get in the limo.

Scully asks how they can help him and he says he’s a true believer. Mulder says proof is hard to come by and says the book on the X-Files is closed. Scully says they moved on with their lives. Tad says that’s not the point and Mulder asks why he’s into all this.

Mulder mentions the Kelly Cahill incident. Tad says the Cahills lost an hour of time and the wife had a triangle shaped mark near her navel. He says he needs their expertise and says he’s rattling cages in intelligence.

Scully asks what’s stopping him. He says he’s putting his ass out there and needs to know it’s hanging by more than a thread. He takes them to Low Moor, Virginia to a small farmhouse. They get out and go to the door.

Sveta answers the door – Tad says she suggested he call them. She tells Mulder he interviewed her after her first abduction when she was just a little girl. She invites them in and shows them scoop scars on her stomach. She says she lost count of how many times she was taken.

Sveta says memories come back sometimes. She gets a flash and Scully asks if the aliens made her pregnant. She says many times but they take the baby before it was born and they can’t take those memories. She says it’s all through the bellybutton and says she has alien DNA.

Mulder asks if Scully can test it. Back in 1947, the crash site is a hotbed of activity. The Doc and some soldiers proceed cautiously close. The Doc steps forward and they see an alien crawling away from the crash.

The soldiers open fire on it and the Doc yells at them all. They killed it. He yells at them – what have you done? Now, Scully takes a cheek swab from Sveta and the girl tells her she can move things with her mind. Scully asks her to show her.

Sveta says she can’t do it all the time and can’t control it. Scully takes some blood and Sveta says she and Mulder were a couple and she asks if she’s reading her mind. Sveta says he’s been depressed and says it killed their relationship.

Sveta says they have a child together. She asks if she believes her. Sveta says you don’t know what it’s like to be taken against your will. Sveta looks into her eyes and says – maybe you do. A helicopter touches down at the Mulder’s house and Tad gets out.

Tad tells him the people they are going to meet are very paranoid about the work they do. Once they get there, Tad pulls a black bag off his head. He introduces Garner who says this is at great risk and says the government has burned down his colleagues’ labs.

Mulder looks at the craft they have there. He touches it and it starts to whir then levitates slightly. The landing gear withdraws into it and it hovers at eye level. Garner says it’s zero point energy. Tad says they’ve had access to it since the 40s.

Garner says this tech has been kept secret while the oil companies ran things. Then Garner makes it disappear. Mulder wonders if it’s a gravity warp drive. Garner says element 115 and Mulder asks where he got it.

Back in 1947, they cover the alien’s body and the Doc carries it away from the crash. The man in the black suit says it’s dead – it’s done now. The Doc asks why bring me out here and walks away with the body.

Scully takes her own blood and Tad shows up. He asks if she’s testing for alien DNA but she says it’s cholesterol. Tad looks at a kid on her screen. She says it’s a disease called microtia where children are born without ears.

She says it’s common in Navajo Indians. He asks about the X-Files and she says it was some of the most interesting research in her life. Then he asks about Mulder and he says the most intense and impossible relationship of her life.

He asks if she’s upset that Mulder put her on the spot with the Sveta thing and she says she’s used to it. Then Tad says he just wanted to see her again. That stuns her. Sveta answers a knock at the door – it’s Mulder.

He comes inside and says she looked at O’Malley before she answered about the babies. She says she doesn’t think aliens are taking her babies. She says these are difficult memories and dangerous answers. She says her entire life has been affected.

She says she can’t have a normal existence. She says she’s scared it will get worse. Mulder asks who took her babies and she says men. He asks if she saw their faces and she says yes. She says they took her aboard their ship and she thought they would kill her if she told the truth.

Mulder asks why didn’t she see a doctor and she says they would call her a liar. He says trust me. She asks doesn’t he wonder if the government was lying to him too. Scully takes a call from Mulder. He says they’ve been misled.

She asks him to hang on and he says what if there is no alien conspiracy. She’s with Tad in his limo and asks him to pull over so she can get out. She asks what he means and Mulder says he knows why Tad came to them. He says the girl is the key.

Tad gets out and listens to her. Mulder says he has to go and ends the call. Mulder goes to the FBI HQ and asks Skinner where the files are. He says the files have been there for 14 years – but they are not there now. Skinner tells Mulder to calm down.

He says he was looking out for Mulder when he called him. Mulder says he spent a decade here and was led to a dead end on purpose. Mulder says he’s sure they lied to Skinner too. Skinner says he wishes he was still there and says since 9/11 things have taken a strange turn.

Mulder says they have never been in more danger and Skinner tells Muder to do something about it. Mulder calls Skinner’s phone so he has his number. Tad is on the news talking about how the government is targeting people who own firearms.

He then mentions Scully’s work with unfortunate children. Scully gets the rest results back. She looks at them and then calls the nurse back. She asks her to retest the samples. She’s called into surgery but tells the nurse she’s expecting a call from Mulder.

Mulder meets a guy in the park and Mulder says they were cleverly manipulated. He says he saw an ARV that disappeared. He says he thinks people were abducted under the fiction of alien abductions. Mulder says alien tech is being used by men against humanity.

Mulder says he told him 10 years ago, he couldn’t take his secrets to the grave – it’s the Doc from 1947 Roswell. Mulder wants to take it public and he Doc tells him he’s nearly there and is close. He tells him Roswell was a smokescreen. Mulder says he’s been told.

Scully drives to Mulder’s place and she freaks out about him hanging up on her. He says they were deceived for years and it will sound crazy. She says she’s worried. Mulder says trust him but she says he thinks he’s on to a truth that can save the world.

She says this will be his undoing. He says Tad is right – it’s a conspiracy of men, not of aliens. Scully says Tad could be playing him. He says the truth is out there and Tad will broadcast it. Scully says this is dangerous ground.

He says he knows what he’s doing. Sveta is at his house and that stuns Scully. Mulder says she’s the key to everything. Scully walks away. Before Scully can drive away, Tad is there and asks where she’s going.

He says stay, it’s important. She says she needs to leave. Mulder comes out and says he would have invited her but didn’t think she would come. She gives up and comes inside. Mulder talks about a secret bigger than the Manhattan project.

He says the H bomb drew alien life through worm holes. He says advanced alien species visited and world leaders signed on to study alien technology. He says they took alien tissue and tested on human subjects in faked alien ships.

Sveta asks why do it and Mulder says the government has always tested on its people. Tad says hoarding alien technology is driven by corporate greed and the takeover of American then the world. Tad says they can conduct weather wars to cause drought.

He says wars and the Patriot Act abridge the Constitution. He says the government built prison camps and took over pharmaceutical companies. He says the government taps their phones and collects their date and will use it against you.

Tad says the takeover is coming by a well-oiled multinational group of elites. Tad says it will start on a Friday when the banks will go offline for some event. Then EMPs will take out power grids. Mulder says they may fake an alien invasion.

Mulder says the Russians tried it in the 1940. Scully calls is claptrap that borders on treason. She tells Tad it’s irresponsible to go on TV and say it. Scully tells her that her tests came back negative. She says Sveta has no evidence of alien DNA.

Scully is back at work ready to operate on another earless kid. She looks at her laptop and opens it. She goes online and looks up Tad’s show. Sveta is on the news saying that Tad paid her to make up stories about alien abductions so people would watch.

Mulder says – they got to her and he slams his laptop shut. The nurse comes in with the test results. Mulder goes to Sveta’s house. She’s gone. Soldiers break into Garner’s lab, place bombs on the craft they made with alien tech and it blows up the place, scientists and all.

Scully comes out of her surgery and goes back to her laptop to look at Tad’s show. The website is down. She is in the parking deck heading for her car. She looks around cautiously. Someone has written in the dirt on her window – don’t give up.

Mulder is there and she says he looks exhausted. He says it was a long day at the office. She says Tad pulled the plug then asks where Sveta is. She says they need to find and protect her. He asks why and she says she ran the tests again and says she ran her whole sequence.

Scully says she sequenced her own genome too and Mulder asks what she found. She says Sveta isn’t the only one and some has to stop these SOBs. Skinner texts them both that it’s critical and he needs them now. Mulder asks if she’s ready. She says there is no choice.

Sveta drives down the road looking stressed when her car starts acting up and the electrical system goes haywire. It stops and her car is utterly dead. Then a green light comes through her sunroof. A craft is above her car. She screams and tries to get out.

The craft blows her car to pieces in a fireball. Smoking Man takes a call and says we have a small problem. He has a tracheotomy that he smokes through now. He says we have a small problem – they’ve reopened the X-Files.