The Young and the Restless (Y&R) Spoilers: May Sweeps – Sharon Loses It – Max Caught For Baby Murder – Victor Gets Revenge

The Young and the Restless (Y&R) Spoilers: May Sweeps – Sharon Loses It - Max Caught For Baby Murder – Victor Gets Revenge

“The Young and The Restless” (Y&R) spoilers for May Sweeps reveal that Victor’s schemes against his family bears fruit, Adam and Chelsea keep secrets, Sharon faces another breakdown, Luca worms his way deeper into the Newman family plus much more!

May sweeps continues with the fallout from Sage Newman’s (Kelly Sullivan) shocking death. Nick Newman (Joshua Morrow) is on the edge and explodes at Sage’s funeral. Sharon Newman (Sharon Case) is eaten up with guilt for her Sully lies and begins to break down mentally.

Victor Newman (Eric Braeden) wanted his family hurt, but did not want this grief for Nick. Will we see Victor offer condolences? Who’s left that knows about Christian’s paternity? Adam Newman (Justin Hartley) and Chelsea Newman (Melissa C Egan) burn any proof they have.

Adam and Chelsea don’t want Nick hurt worse and decide the baby daddy secret is better dying with Sage. But The Young and the Restless spoilers say that will all change when the “Christian is Sully” truth comes out, but who knows when that will be… Nurse Angela (Jill Lover) knows but may be stunned into silence by Sage’s death.

However, Angela knows that Sharon knows, so will she keep her mouth closed? Someone new is supposed to find out the secret, but who is it and will they blab or keep it mum? Billy Abbott (Jason Thompson) won’t keep his hands to himself and earns a slap from Phyllis Newman (Gina Tognoni).

Despite the slap, though, and Phyllis’ love for Jack Abbott (Peter Bergman), Y&R spoilers say Red is tempted and may yet fall into bed with her hunky brother-in-law. Victoria Newman (Amelia Heinle) is on the wrong side of the tracks swilling booze to forget her CEO woes and spends more time with Travis (Michael Roark).

Victoria calls herself Tori and plays secretary so she can escape her VIP lifestyle to enjoy the hunky bartender. However, Travis is hiding secrets of his own and they will have complicated relationship as a result of what he’s hiding. But really, can Travis be worse for Victoria than Billy Boy? Nah…

Stitch Rayburn (Sean Carrigan) snaps when Abby Newman (Melissa Ordway) calls the cops on Max Rayburn (Jared Breeze) for causing her miscarriage-inducing fall. Stitch is furious but it’s serious enough for Dylan McAvoy (Steve Burton) to come knocking at Stitch’s room at the GCAC.

Stitch wants Abby to back off and he takes Max’s side against his wife. Abby won’t back down even though her marriage hits the skids. Will Max destroy evidence that proves him a killer? The video feeds may show him tying the string across the stairs. Will Max pay for killing his baby sister?

Victor hears that Luca Santori (Miles G Villanueva) is romancing Summer Newman (Hunter King) and won’t like it. Can Luca sway Victor to his side if he promises to help The Mustache exact his revenge? Victor continues to scheme against his family and Luca has schemes of his own.

Looks like Victor has individual retribution plans in play but let’s hope he leave poor Nick out of his reindeer games since he’s lost enough already. If Victor really wanted to crush Nick, though, he could tell him that Christian was never his son – but that would be brutal.

Victor also gets closer to Dr Meredith Gates (Alicia Coppola) whose dad we know is a dirty judge that has sway over parole. Is Dr Gates the key to Victor’s early release?

Hilary Curtis (Mishael Morgan) continues her reign of terror but we wonder how long Devon Hamilton (Bryton James) will put up with it.

Towards the end of May Sweeps, Justin Hartley’s real life girlfriend Chrishell Stause joins the cast as bad girl Bethany and she kicks it off by dropping herself into drama with one of Genoa City’s primary families. So will Bethany make trouble for the Newmans? Abbotts? Both?

Lots happening in May Sweeps – don’t miss a moment of Y&R this month and be sure and share your comments below on all the hot action coming up in Genoa City! Check back with CDL often for day ahead “The Young and The Restless” spoilers, news and more.


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  1. stephanie says:

    These writers are sick that was the worse bad as Delia. Don’t want to watch calling my friends and family to stop you find your child and die Sharon s crazy liar done

  2. stephanie says:

    He could have stayed where he was he no hunk he looks stupid and they can take him off he doing nothing

  3. stephanie says:

    Lock her up through key away Sharon case is done

  4. stephanie says:

    Max killed his mother. He a monster. Serial killer

  5. Steffy says:

    Victoria should leave newmen..

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  8. PassionQueen77 says:

    I think pretty soon Charles Pratt Jr will be gone from writing for the show. His writing is horrible ever since he arrive last year. Jill Farren Phelps is a soap killer. To me all the soap operas are garbage with bad writing and the storylines haven’t been not finishing from before. Finishing storylines is more important. The show is totally boring all the time. The show needs help. All Charles does is mash characters with eachother that is it. Nothing else. The show won’t survive with bad writing. That is why i turned to watching General Hospital and The bold and the beautiful. Those two shows are so much better. Adam and Billy are scumbags who wants there revenge. Adam being kidnapped didn’t make any sense.

  9. PassionQueen77 says:

    Victoria should leave Newman Enterprises. The person who can run it better was Victor Newman. Without Victor Newman at Newma Enterprises

  10. PassionQueen77 says:

    Billy Thompson plays better when he was Patrick Drake from general hospital. Billy Thompson played Billy in that ghost scene very nice. His character needs to slow down a little bit. Adam is guessing of what sage has left for him through the voicemail. Billy and Phyllis deserves eachother.

  11. Marlene says:

    Please please …..GET RID OF MAX!!!!!!!. Can’t stand watching this “demon child”. Plus what’s with all the baby tragedies anyway, first Sharon , then Sage, and now Abby.

  12. zinn21 zinn21 says:

    This Max storyline is sick.. They need to wrap this line up quickly before viewers turn it off..

  13. Jacob Harris says:

    Because he is a bad seed

  14. Jacob Harris says:

    I agree with you about Max and the sweeps. Jason is a great actor. I just don’t think the writers have written for him as Billy yet. He and Phyllis don’t have any chemistry because Gina sucks as Phyllis. Plus the writing for this Billy has him too whiny.

  15. PassionQueen77 says:

    Shut up already. So what if i messed up by spelling his name. Mind your own business troll.

  16. PassionQueen77 says:

    Get out of here. Of course Sharon has done a lot of things. You weren’t watching the show. So why are you here then. Everybody knows that Sharon has done lots of things and she gets away with everything. Sharon is the one who switched Summer paternity results and make it to believe that Jack is the father instead of Nick. She knew that Nick was the father. Everybody has the right to voice there own opinion on here. You don’t know what you are saying on here. You just want to correct some people on here for no reason. Go play with your dolls little girl. Since you don’t watch the show then you should get away from this post.

  17. PassionQueen77 says:

    Charles Pratt Jr is driving his fans away. His storylines has been dragged on for months and months. I remember that Y&R won 2/3 awards around that time. I heard that Jill Farren Phelps is the showrunner. She is the one who wanted to send Adam to jail to continue the Newman/Abbott feud. I am tired of the abbotts of going after the newmans. What about going after the Abbotts. The Abbotts are broke and they dont have anything. The old writing for the Y&R was so much better. The show is so boring since Jill Farren Phelps and Chuck Pratt Jr. Nobody is happy on the show. I have a feeling this show will get cancelled very soon.

  18. PassionQueen77 says:

    Of course. Elizabeth thinks that Sharon hasn’t done anything wrong. Yeah right. Sharon has done lots of things and she gets away with everything. I disagree with her about that. She doesn’t know what she is saying. She is very miserable. She just wants to correct people on here for no reason. I think Elizabeth Bowden is dinah S and brenda. Elizabeth was dealing with me on here which is so weird. Some young teenagers who doesn’t watch the show likes to say this and that or just to correct you if you spelled someone name wrong. I got the names mixed up with Billy and Jason it happens. It is Jason Thompson there you go troll.

  19. PassionQueen77 says:

    Lol Thank you. I just dont like when some people tries to correct me on here, general hospital post and the bold and the beautiful post. Young teenagers on here are very miserable in there life and they want to address it on here. Nobody wants to hear your drama which it is so pointless lol. I like to argue back with the young ones who are miserable lol. I like to fight of what i believe in lol.