Wayward Pines Premiere Recap 5/25/16 Season 2 Episode 1 “Enemy Lines”

Wayward Pines Premiere Recap 5/25/16 Season 2 Episode 1 "Enemy Lines"

Tonight on FOX, Wayward Pines airs with an all new Thursday, May 25 season 2 premiere called “Enemy Lines” and we have your weekly recap and spoilers below. On tonight’s episode, in the Season 2 premiere, Dr. Theo Yedlin (Jason Patric) awakens from suspended animation and finds himself in the middle of a rebellion in Wayward Pines.

On the last episode, after Pilcher decided to turn off the electricity in Wayward Pines – with deadly repercussions – Ethan and Kate took the initiative to make sure everyone was out of harm’s way. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode per the FOX synopsis, “the 10-episode psychological thriller picks up after the shocking events of the Season One finale, with the residents of Wayward Pines battling against the iron-fisted rule of the First Generation. Dr. Theo Yedlin (Jason Patric) – a new resident of Wayward Pines – awakens from suspended animation and finds himself in the middle of this rebellion, as he tries to understand what Wayward Pines really is and help preserve the endangered human race. 

Tune in at 9PM on FOX for another exciting episode of WAYWARD PINE We’ll be blogging it right here for you so check back in with us. In the meantime, hit up the comments and tell us your thoughts on the second season of the show!

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#WaywardPines starts three years after Ethan’s death and the first generation is ruling Wayward Pines. At the seashore, a man wades out of the water and jogs up the beach. It’s Dr Theo Yedlin and he goes up to the beach house and flirts with a woman.

He asks her to come swimming with him and she smiles. He goes to order a beer at the bar and says his lady friend is resting. Pope is at the bar and mentions the storm to Theo. He tells him to sit back and relax since no one can leave tonight. He buys him a beer.

Later, Theo and Pope talk sports while they drink. Pope says sometimes you wish you can just start over given how people behave. Theo says yeah. Later, Pope pours whiskey and says change is coming based on what they’re doing to the planet.

He talks about an evolutionary transition and then a revolution. He asks isn’t Theo a doctor and they drink a shot together. Pope asks if he had the chance to save 1000 people at once, freeze them and then wake them up later through some magic procedure, would you do it?

Pope says he knows it sounds crazy. Later, Theo and Pope walk away from the bar together. Pope says he has a good feeling about him. Now, we see Theo is being thawed out in the Wayward Pines labs. Theo is on a sofa and looks confused.

A woman is there and he says he had too much to drink. He asks if he caused trouble. He tries to stand and struggles. He thanks the woman who speaks into a radio and says – he’s awake. He finds the doors locked. She says he’s needed at the hospital.

Theo says he’s on vacation with his wife and isn’t working. She says his wife is fine and he needs to come with her. He goes along. He asks where they are and she says they’re in Wayward Pines. Theo is taken in a car onto the street.

He hears an announcement about the curfew. They tell him they’re taking him to the hospital. They tell him someone was shot and they need him to get it out. He hears the old songs on the radio and sees a kid on a bike with a pith helmet on. IT’s odd.

Xander is told they’re heading your way. The cars roll by and Theo throws himself out of the car and goes running. He runs off and Kerry yells it’s a small town, we’ll ding you. One of the kids throws a grenade and Theo is terrified.

He goes to knock on a door and the guy inside looks at him and doesn’t answer. He can hear gunfire in the distance. He goes to another house and asks to borrow a cell phone. Theo says he needs to call the police. The guy tells Theo to sit down.

He turns up the radio so they can hear the piano playing and ask his name. He asks if they heard the explosion and they suggest it’s a transformer. He freaks and runs out and the husband tells his wife to call it in. Theo runs down the street.

He sees tons of shell casings on the ground and then someone runs up on him with a gun. He sees a wall with blood and bullet holes. Looks like the site of a firing squad.

Theo asks Kerry what happened at the wall and she says please don’t run again. She says their doctor died and that’s why he’s there. Someone calls out to him by name – it’s Jason Higgins. He thanks him for coming and says he knows this is confusing.

Theo admits it is and says the militia and bullet holes. Jason says it’s a secret government study. They tell him they wanted to bring him along more traditionally. He says Rebecca, his wife, is on the way and thought he’d like to get right back to work.

Jason says he can tell him the details later and says he needs to focus on the patient. He says it can’t wait. Theo looks at the patient – it’s Kate. Theo takes her into surgery right away. The gallery is full of young people in lab coats. Theo is freaked out by all this.

Kerry talks to Jason about rebel houses. Kerry says they lost another man tonight. Jason says he bets it was Xander and says he doesn’t trust him. She says two more died at the hospital today. Jason wonders where Ben is hiding out.

Kerry says surveillance shows things are stable outside the fence. Megan is in a wheelchair and says it never should have come to this. Megan says Pilcher would understand they need to end the rebellion and weed out troublemakers.

She says clear rules and severe punishment is the only way. Kerry tells Jason that Mario needs him. He leaves. Xander comes to see Ben and says they need to pick them off one by one. They talk about escape and then about changing Wayward Pines from the inside.

Ben says if they can’t, his dad died for nothing. Xander says he needs to get sleep since he’s got to work for the enemy in the morning. He tells them jokingly that routine is the building block to happiness. Theo gets kudos from one of the young guys.

He asks Theo if he can teach him the procedure and Theo says he doesn’t work there. The guy asks if he’s cleaning houses or something. Kerry shows up and Theo says the patient needs monitored. Kerry promises to bring his wife as soon as she arrives.

He’s installed in a small room and is given back his things. He slides his wedding ring back on his finger. He thinks about Rebecca at the hotel. Back then, he said they should talk to someone when they get back. One wants a baby and the other does not. That’s their issue.

Later, he goes to a vending machine and gets a soda – it’s only ten cents. He hears the old song playing on the loudspeaker and goes down the hall to see where the noise is coming from. He sees someone being given shock therapy. They tell Aubrey she’s doing great. They shut the door when they see her.

Kerry greets Theo the next morning and says Kate is awake. He introduces himself to Kate. She says he’s group C and he doesn’t know what that means. She says they just work him and haven’t told him yet. He says they told him about a government program.

Kate looks at the door and asks if they told him they’re all volunteers. He sees a handcuff on her arm. Kerry tells him that his wife is going to meet him at the hotel and they’ll make his travel arrangements to go home. She says Kate is grateful.

Theo asks where’s the nearest airport and his driver, who is young, says he’s from Wayward Pines. He says he’s never been anywhere else. The kid talks about helping the preservation of their species. Jason tells Kate he didn’t need to save her.

He says tell us where Ben and the rebels are and this ends. She says use the chips and all your cameras then says oh yeah, we blew all that up. She says all of this is a waste and they keep killing each other and that’s what they want.

Jason says he wants to preserve life. Kate reminds him he executed her husband in front of her. He says he’s doing what Pilcher would want. She says things change and he hasn’t evolved at all. She says he’s only been taught how to control life but you can’t.

He storms out. Theo is on Main Street which looks pretty deserted. A Jeep drives through town and his armed escort follows him. Theo sees a guy in a shop sharpening a razor. Few people are around. A kid asks his mom not to go as some armed men take her away.

Theo’s escort pulls him away as she’s hauled out and her son cries. One of them shoves Theo back when he tries to interfere. The woman is loaded up and driven away. Theo is taken up to the hotel. He says he’ll be back for them at 7 am.

Theo asks where the women was taken. He won’t answer and says someone will bring him food. Later, Theo sits after he has part of a sandwich. He thinks back to being with his wife and she walks away to go get food. Now, the same suitcase is in the room.

Then, Rebecca tells Theo he’s being passive aggressive. He says he’s trying to fix this but she says marriage is not a triple bypass. He says he’s a fixer and he won’t accept this. He walks out of their room. He tries to get the window open but it’s nailed shut.

Xander is at the window and says he’s there to help him. He says come with me and I’ll get you out of here.

Xander asks him if Kate is alive and if she gave Jason any info. He says he doesn’t know. He says she told him he was group C. He says he wants to go home. Xander tells him he his home and says follow me. He tells Theo he doesn’t want to see this.

Kerry warns Jason that they won’t like this and he says it’s Kate’s fault. Jason says he knows some people disagree with the direction this town has taken. He says he’s not the leader Pilcher was or the one they want him to be but says Pilcher wouldn’t want this.

Jason says the real enemy is the ones who attacked on invasion day. Jason says they can all agree on survival of this town and the crowd applauds. Jason calls for amnesty and says they can come together and make Wayward Pines whole again.

He says followers of Ben and his rebellion need to come forward and there will be no more bloodshed. No one comes up. Jason tells Kerry that he tried. Now three people, two men and the mom from earlier are unloaded and brought to the stage and forced to their knees.

Jason asks Ruby if she has anything to say. Theo steps closer to the stage. She’s shot in the head. Theo is horrified.

Theo runs to help and then Rebecca is there. Guards hold him back and Jason says enough. Ben shows up and lays down arms to keep them from killing the others. He tells the guards to also take the doctor. Theo is taken along with Ben and the others.

The loudspeakers tell them the rebellion is over and their streets are safe. We see more people being rounded up. Rebecca comes to see Theo where he’s being held. She hugs him and he asks if she’s okay. He says they have to leave.

Rebecca tells him to relax. Theo says something is rotten here then Theo is told that Jason wants to talk to him. Rebecca promises to wait right there as he goes to see Jason. Jason invites Theo to come to the mountain and have lunch. He promises to explain everything.

Jason says he will tell him everything. Xander is also arrested and loaded up into the van with Ben. Kerry says Jason can’t harm the first generation and can’t harm Theo. He says the residents are almost ready and they’ll have First Gen doctors.

Jason says he can’t have another Ethan Burke. Kerry worries he’s making a mistake. Megan comes and tells Kate that the rebellion is over now. She says they have to move forward for the good of Wayward Pines. Kate asks why she’s there.

Megan says Jason wants to talk to her about the future. Megan says she knows they can work together and Kate says she thinks it’s time to let go. Megan says her pain meds are getting low and wheels over. She says the nurses have been lost since Pam was gone.

She goes to put a syringe into Kate’s IV but then Kate attacks – her handcuffs are off. She holds a scalpel to her neck. Kate says they’ve done so many great things – the pyramids, man on the moon, The Beatles. She says they were capable of so much but now it’s her world.

Kate says she doesn’t want any part of it. Kate slices her own neck open and blood splatters all over Megan. Kate collapses. Theo is driven to the fence and he asks what’s on the other side. The guard knocks him out with one hard punch.

The guy opens the fence and Mario leaves them in the vehicle and pushes down the gas so the truck drives pas the fence and hits a tree. Theo, Ben and Xander are inside. Phones ring all over Wayward Pines. Lights come on. A phone rings in Kate’s hotel room.

Theo comes to and sits up. He sees a creature on the windshield. He is horrified. The creatures run at the wall and are shocked one after another. He looks at them in horror.