Zoo Finale Recap – The End of The World: Season 2 Episode 12 and 13 “Pangaea – Clementine”

Zoo Finale Recap - The End of The World: Season 2 Episode 12 and 13 "Pangaea - Clementine"

Tonight on CBS’ their hit series Zoo returns with an all-new Tuesday, September 6, 2016, double episode and we have your Zoo recap below!  On tonight’s double-episode finale another season of Zoo comes to an end with Mitch and Jamie coming up with a daring plan to undermine the Noah.

Did you miss last week’s episode where Mitch (Billy Burke) and Jamie (Kristen Connolly) found themselves in the middle of an animal attack?  If you missed it we have a full and detailed Zoo recap for last week, right here for you.

On tonight’s Zoo double-episode finale as per the CBS synopsis, “Mitch and Jamie hatch a daring plan to undermine the Noah Objective once and for all, and the team reunites on the Island of Pangaea where the final pieces of the cure are put in place.”

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Robert had had some explaining on tonight’s season finale of “Zoo”. Robert had apparently told his son Jackson that he had a mysterious group of friends that could help them save the world and so he had to explain just who these people were and what they had been doing this entire time. But the more Robert answered his son’s questions, the more questions he had. Robert it seems had met this group called the Shepherds some while back and he revealed to Jackson that it had been the Shepherds that had been cloning the animals these past few years in hopes of one die fighting the current animal evolution.

So Jackson had admittedly been curious about this group because he said that he had never heard of it until his father mentioned them. However, Robert and later his friends even had an answer for that as well. Robert and the other Shepherd doctors had been cloning certain extinct animals because they knew one day the animals’ DNA might come in handy, but they also knew that others were going to try and stop them if they knew what the Shepherds were truly doing so they came up with a plan for that. The Shepherds had ended up sending Robert to General Davies and it had been their plan to control the general through Robert.

Though Robert wasn’t exactly capable of controlling a man like the general. The general had instead sought out Robert’s weakness and had used his son Jackson against him. So General Davies was able to get his hands on the TX gas because he had manipulated Robert Oz rather than the other way around. And so the General had everything he currently needed to go ahead with the NOAH Objective and that was all thanks to Robert. Robert however, had told Jackson that they could still prevent the NOAH Objective. Robert had said that there was a saber-tooth tiger on the island of Pangea and that his friends could help them get their hands on one.

And so all Jackson or his friends needed for the cure was DNA from that saber-tooth tiger. Yet, their guide on the island had told the group that it wouldn’t be easy. Their guide had been Reese and Reese had practically grown up on the island so he knew that the saber-tooth was going to be hard to capture. At least without a lure that is. So Dariela had the bright idea to offer herself up as a lure. Dariela had told Reese that the animals were targeting her because she was pregnant so she thought that the saber-tooth would come out of hiding if she was out in the open though Abe hadn’t really liked that idea.

Abe had thought that Dariela was taking too much of a risk and he didn’t want her or their baby to be in danger. So Dariela had told Abe that maybe he should just go with them when they went out looking for the giant cat and that way Abe could protect them to his heart content. But the hunt for the saber-tooth hadn’t gone as planned. It had been drawn to Dariela like expected yet it had attacked everyone around her to trap her alone so it had killed Reese and had nearly crippled Abe. And so Abe was lucky in the end. He was able to walk off being nearly mauled to death and still get his hands on the saber-tooth DNA.

So the plan to save the world had seemed like it was finally working, but the team still had a problem on their hands. Mitch and Jamie had rejoined the group and had told the others that they had destroyed all the clean DNA. However, Mitch and Jamie thought they had ended the NOAH Objective by doing that and unfortunately they hadn’t. The NOAH Objective was still going ahead because one of the general’s men had gone rogue and had actually killed the general when General Davies attempted to stop the NOAH Objective in its tracks. The general it seems had known how foolish it would be to kill off all the animals and have no backup plans to repopulate them – his officer on the other hand, refused to see how bad things would be if there weren’t animals around to equalize the ecosystem.

Though sending the earth into a freefall as well as killing his own commanding officer hadn’t been the worse of the officer’s offenses. He had also gone on to kill several of the other men in order to set Mitch, Jamie and surprisingly Logan free however the officer had lied to them when he said he was a secret patriot because he had failed to mention that he was going ahead with the NOAH Objective despite General Davies’s final wish. So Mitch, Jamie, and Logan flew down to Pangea believing they had stopped the animal annihilation when they hadn’t. And to make things worse they now had Logan once again on their hands while back home they were framed as murderers.

And so it was a good thing that no one knew how bad things were at home because their great plan with the cure had had several setbacks of its own. Jackson it seems hadn’t enough of the mutation in his system to properly develop the cure seeing as his father had been giving treatments to keep his condition in check. So Jackson had to detox and doing that the normal way would have taken up to thirty-six hours. Yet, the unconventional way required hooking Jackson up to his father in order to carry out a DNA transfusion though that wasn’t exactly risk-free.

The transfusion would get most of the treatments out of Jackson’s blood. So that would mean they could use him again to build the cure yet his father wasn’t really young anymore and the DNA transfusion would be quite dangerous to the older man. But Robert wanted to go ahead and Mitch had felt that Robert owed it to him to help save the cure. Mitch had sadly found out that Robert and his Shepherd friends had been conduction experiments without anything knowing so eventually he came across something that looked familiar to him in Robert’s lab. Mitch had seen the drug that had caused his daughter’s illness as well as many others.

Robert and his friends had said that they had made many mistakes early on, but that they had been trying to do combat the animal apocalypse. So finding out that his daughter was permanently affected because of someone trial and error had been hard on Mitch. However, he told Robert that he could make it up to him with the DNA transfusion. And so Robert had gone ahead with it despite the risks to himself and had died in the end by trying to help the guys complete the cure.

Which he did!

Yet, the NOAH Objective was going ahead so the plan to save the world had seemingly been carried out in vain. Mitch had been able to complete the cure and they had given the cure to thousands of birds that would have carried all around the world. Much like any other avian flu with the slight difference being that it would actually do some good for once. So the plan was nearly foolproof and it would have worked though they hadn’t been counting on that one officer that had also followed them back to Pangea. Mansdale had joined up with them after he allegedly betrayed his own people and so no one had thought to question or his motive until he revealed his true colors by trying to kill them all.

Mansadale as it turns out, hadn’t been working alone. He had actually been working with the Shepherds on Pangea who had lied about being allies in the fight against the animals. So whether Robert Oz truly knew who his friends were was a mystery. Though Jackson and his friends didn’t have time to ponder when they were trying to save themselves from the Shepherds’ other mistakes. The Shepherds had apparently gone through several version of cloning before they were able to get animals like the saber-tooth just right. To keep their mistakes that they fondly treated like pets happy, they gave them a feeding supply and Jackson had almost been a part of their next feed.

Jackson though managed to escape with his friends and the newly found Logan. Logan had managed to barely survive the first feeding and so he had left with the others before he ended up being part of the second one as well. But regardless of his luck in surviving pretty much everything that had been thrown at him, Logan still hadn’t been trusted by the others and so he tried to win them over by offering them his help on the plane. Logan had offered to help find Mitch’s daughter Clementine and it was imperative that he find her as quickly as possible. Mitch had done some thinking and he realized that the disease Clem had been affected with had made her susceptible to the TX gas.

So Mitch’s concern had been that the gas would kill off everyone that the Shepherds had experimented on yet his team soon learned that the gas Robert gave the general wasn’t targeting animals and that strangely it was targeting humans. However, Mitch had tried going back into the compound on the island with some of the others and together they had found a reasonable amount of the cure that could be given to his daughter. And so the guys thought that they would be able to turn things around by saving Clem though the Shepherds had unfortunately left behind one parting gift. The Shepherds it seems had let loose their failed experiments and the animals were coming frighteningly close to where Mitch, Jackson, and Jamie were.

And so Mitch had to make a choice and he chose to sacrifice himself. Mitch told his friends to get back to the plane and make sure that the cure was given to his daughter. Yet, he knew that he wouldn’t be able to join them so he lied to them. He said that he was right behind them and that he would be there shortly however he had called Abe from the compound and told Abe to leave him in order to get to Clem. So the last thing that Mitch did in life was try and save his daughter.

But the saddest thing about all of this was that Clem didn’t want the shot for herself. She wanted to give it to her dog Henry and was actually angry with her father for not saving the animals like he promised. So one of the first things that Clem said about her dad was that she didn’t want to see him and then she asked his friends that they tell him to stay away. And, well, no one had the heart after that to tell her that her father was dead though they did promise Clem that they would help her get her dog Henry back.

The guys wounded up going to the animal shelter at the safe haven and there they saw an angry crowd that was hell-bent on killing all of the animals because they thought that was the only way. Though they had also seen something else while they were there and that at least had been a promising sign. The group had seen the birds they had released back on Pangea and that made them believe that maybe the animals inside were already cured. And that they were only reacting angrily to the mob that was yelling at them. So they tested that theory by going inside of the shelter.

Abe, Jackson, and Dariela had found a way inside of the shelter and there Abe was able to fully test whether or not the cure worked. Abe had gone into one of the dog’s cage and he had released it from its chain. Yet, the animal hadn’t attacked him. It had seen Abe as a friendly face and had warmed up to him as if nothing happened. And like it had never been affected though that same thing was happening all around the world and funnily enough it was the same group that tried to release the NOAH Objective that was now taking credit for fixing the animals.

So the guys had been a little angry about that yet their primary concern had been what was in that gas Robert created and also taking care of Clem. Clem was going to be staying with them for a while so they took her back to the plane. However, Jackson had gotten idea once they were back onboard. He had remembered that his father sent the general the cure from the plane so he had checked the server and had been able to login into his father’s email. And inside had been the answer for what Robert had released.

Robert hadn’t released a gas that was saving the world, Robert had released a gas that would essentially be sterilizing the whole human race. So the same Robert that had once told his son that the animals would inherit the earth had made that possible by ensuring babies like Abe and Dariela’s would be the last ones born. Though a few years in the future and yes they did go into the future, the animals were still causing problems. The hybrids that had been released by the Shepherds were the ones now attacking all the humans and the attacks were growing by the numbers.

And so when a now grown up Clementine had approached Abe and his family, she said that they could still save the earth from the animals because her father Mitch was shockingly still alive.