Big Brother 19 Spoilers: Christmas Abbott Worked For Paul Abrahamian’s Mom, Knew Paul Before Game – BB19 Rigged For Paul To Win?

Big Brother 19 spoilers suggest that Christmas Abbott may have met Paul Abrahamian before entering the BB19 house. Apparently, Christmas worked for Paul’s mother. She never really clarified what she did for his mom or what type of business she has. Christmas suposedly told Josh Martinez that she worked for Paul’s mom – then the feeds shut off.

There has been buzz that CBS handed Paul the BB19 win by casting houseguests that would work with him. Nobody has challenged him and, as it turns out, there is a reason for that. The newest scoop stated that Christmas and Paul knew each other well before meeting in the house – Christmas previously worked for his mother.

While neither Christmas nor Paul explained what she did for Paul’s mother, they did let it slip out that Christmas worked for her for quite some time. It would explain why Christmas is so willing to work with Paul and her affection for him. It really seems like CBS production decided to give Paul a win after his crushing loss to Nicole Franzel in Big Brother 18.

Whatever the reason is, Paul and Christmas know each other and may have made a final two deal before entering the house. Like Raven Walton, Christmas Paul and was friendly with him before Big Brother 19 started. Does that mean that CBS rigged the season for Paul to win Big Brother Season 19?

There’s no telling if they made any kind of deal before coming into the house or if CBS promised Paul a win. What we know is for sure is that it sounds super shady that Christmas and Paul’s mom worked together before she came into the Big Brother house.

Are you surprised that Paul and Christmas had a connection before going into the BB19 house? Does this imply you you that BB19 has been rigged for Paul Abrahamian to win? Stick with CDL for more Big Brother 19 spoilers, news, and live feed updates!

3 responses to “Big Brother 19 Spoilers: Christmas Abbott Worked For Paul Abrahamian’s Mom, Knew Paul Before Game – BB19 Rigged For Paul To Win?”

  1. prycer says:

    I have been thinking since day 1 of this season that it was rigged in favor of Paul.

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