Blue Bloods Finale Recap 5/5/17: Season 7 Episode 22 “The Thin Blue Line”

Blue Bloods Finale Recap 5/5/17: Season 7 Episode 22 "The Thin Blue Line"

Tonight on CBS their hit drama starring Tom Selleck Blue Bloods airs with an all-new Friday, May 5, 2017, episode and we have your Blue Bloods recap below. On tonight’s Blue Blood Season 7 episode 22 finale, as per the CBS synopsis, “In the Season 7 finale, Danny intercepts a shipment heading to a drug cartel in Mexico, so this makes him a target of revenge. Meanwhile, Jamie searches for a serial killer preying on the elderly; and Mayor Poole confides in Frank his plans to retire.”

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Four consecutive murders had the city on edge on tonight’s episode of “Blue Bloods”. But the police didn’t have much to work with. They knew that were someone pretending to be a deliveryman that would buzz someone and say they had surprise flowers for their neighbor. So the killer would then automatically get buzzed in by whoever they randomly chose however the serial killer would then push their way into the apartment and brutally murder their preferred victim. And, sadly for the citizen of New York, the killer preferred an elderly person that lives alone and there was a lot of them.

There were some that were some that never married, were widowed, or divorced though a lot of the times they didn’t have children or if they did they would an occasionally visit. So that community was scared and even Henry had had something to say about it when a sister of a friend turned out to be the fourth victim. However, Frank’s go-to excuse didn’t work for his father or the Mayor. The Mayor didn’t want to hear that Frank’s detectives were working on it. He said that they needed answers fast and that Frank’s men should have been doing more. And so Frank had wanted to know why the Mayor was acting like that.

He knew the other man for several years now and not once had anything gotten the Mayor’s back up like tonight’s case. Though when Frank had tried to ask the Mayor if there was anything wrong, he was told to leave. So Frank had dropped the matter and quietly left yet he hadn’t forgotten what the Mayor said because he threw back into the Mayor’s face once Jamie caught the serial killer. Jamie had been looking for leads after he was told that he wasn’t questioning anyone hard enough by a detective that also said maybe that’s why Jamie was still a beat cop however being outside when the serial killer literally ran up to him and pretended to be a witness was a lot of help.

No one else noticed that something was off with that witness. Yet, Jamie did and so Jamie followed him around until he caught the killer attempting to harm another little old lady. So what Jamie, the detectives, and especially Frank wanted to know was why and he said that he was helping them. He had apparently been raised by his grandmother who was always sick or in pain, but then one day he found her in her dead in her in her bed and he thought that she never looked more peaceful. And so that’s why he wanted to “help” the others and despite his arrest he still didn’t see what he did was wrong.

But rubbing that in the Mayor’s face because neither he nor anyone else would have thought Flemming was a serial killer hadn’t worked out for Frank in the end. The Mayor hadn’t attended the joint press conference with him and later he told Frank that he was handing in his resignation because he had lost hope. So the Mayor described how he had gone to the families to express his condolences and how he usually gave them a hopeful message however this time he couldn’t do that. He said that he didn’t have the words in him and that he couldn’t do the job anymore. And therefore, all he had asked Frank to do was respect his wishes.

He didn’t want Frank to convince him that he should fight on because the city needed him and he just wanted to retire. So Frank respected the Mayor’s wishes and told him that its been honor working with him. However, Danny had gotten involved in something that he shouldn’t have. He worked with the DEA to take down a big drug dealer and he had found out that the same guy was still moving his money to buy more drugs yet the DEA had unfortunately made a deal. They agreed Pena could do as he wants as long as he told them about what the cartel was doing. And so Danny didn’t like that deal.

He thought that allowed the drug dealer to continue to bring heroin into the city and so a rogue DEA agent agreed with him because she gave him privileged information. Though forcing his way onto Pena’s boat and confiscating eighteen million dollars meant there would be consequences. Like his boss being angry with him, both him and Erin under review, and the worst part was the retaliation! Danny was coming home when he heard his address on his scanner and so he raced to the house to find it been set on fire. And he knew who did it, too. He just couldn’t do anything about it and so he felt like he let down his family.

They had thankfully been getting dinner when the fire happened and so they were fine, but making them all homeless was what weighed on Danny and it took him a while to even say grace at his father’s place because he hadn’t been sure if he should feel grateful.


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