Chicago Fire Winter Premiere Recap – Crossover: Season 5 Episode 9 “Some Make It, Some Don’t”

Chicago Fire Winter Premiere Recap - Crossover: Season 5 Episode 9 "Some Make It, Some Don't"

Tonight on NBC Chicago Fire returns with an all new Tuesday, January 3, season 5 episode 9 Winter Premiere called, “Some Make It, Some Don’t” and we have your Chicago Fire weekly recap below. On tonight’s Chicago Fire episode as per the NBC synopsis, “Dawson (Monica Raymund) and Casey (Jesse Spencer) meet with Louie’s biological father; Severide (Taylor Kinney) falls back into bad habits when his efforts to help Anna (Charlotte Sullivan) don’t go as planned; Brett opens up to Dawson and members of Firehouse 51 become competitive.”

Tonight’s Chicago Fire season 5 episode 9 looks like it is going to be great and you won’t want to miss it.   While you’re waiting for our recap make sure to check out all our Chicago Fire recaps, news, spoilers & more, right here!

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Chicago Fire begins tonight with Gabi (Monica Raymund) and Matt Casey (Jesse Spencer) meeting with the adoption worker, Tina questioning how Louie’s father, Andre Keyes (Charles Brice) found them and why wasn’t he in the paperwork. She has no idea how he got their names and DCFS should be there protecting the kids. Gabi begs for her help telling her what kind of person waits three-years before contacting their child; they all feel it is pretty shady. Tina tells them to keep it together for Louie’s sake.

At Chicago Med, med student Jeff Clarke (Jeff Hephner) informs Kelly Severide (Taylor Kinney) that he is a match to his dying patient Anna (Charlotte Sullivan). Severide is thrilled but Jeff warns him that harvesting bone marrow is a very painful process. Severide doesn’t care about the pain and just wants to sign, Jeff tells him in order to help Anna they have to put her on radiation and chemo and if Severide backs out, Anna will die. Severide asks where he can sign again.

Gabi is back at the firehouse with Stella Kidd (Miranda Rae Mayo) and Sylvie Brett (Kara Killmer) worried that Andre is probably trying to shake her and Casey down. Stella says he is messing with the wrong person if he thinks that.

Also in the dining area is Christopher Herrmann (David Eigenberg), Brian “Otis” Zvonecek (Yuri Sardarov) and Randall “Mouch” McHolland (Christian Stolte); they are about to play Monopoly when the alarms go off and they get a call.

The trucks arrive at Lagunitas Brewing Company where some robbers tried to rob a few kegs of beer. It looks like the boy is fairly young, his arm is stuck between a keg and a skid holding up 5 more skids of kegs on top of him. Casey tells “Pants” to relax and just as the firefighters are stabilizing the skids, his friend runs telling him to pull his arm out, a keg falls off the top and Severide dives to save the other boy from getting crushed. Severide looks injured but Casey pulls Pants out of the skid.

Once back at the firehouse, Herrmann, Otis and Mouch are excited about a pingpong table in the trash. Chicago Med’s Maggie Lockwood (Marlyne Barrett) arrives at the firehouse to get a blood donation from Severide, he asks if it’s in case something goes wrong, she says those are his words, not hers. Maggie notices he got hurt and he asks if it is okay for him to take some pain meds, she said it will not interfere with his procedure.

She tells him that it is a really good thing that he is doing and that Anna is a great girl, she organizes state-wide charity events. He is glad he can help her; then he learns Anna wants to meet him but Maggie tells him to not feel obligated to do it. She says the meeting carries a lot of baggage, and if he gets to know her and the transplant doesn’t work… Severide feels over confident telling her that he is a firefighter and he saves people every day and some make it, some don’t.

Herrmann and Mouch bring in the pingpong table and Chief Wallace Boden (Eamonn Walker) wants to know what they are doing. Herrmann tells him one man’s garbage is another man’s treasure. Connie (DuShon Monique Brown) tells them they are not bringing in some dumpster thing into her firehouse. Stella says it wasn’t in the dumpster it was a donation, Otis backs her up.

Chief reminds them of the foosball incident of 2009, Casey comes to the others defense, saying it would be a nice distraction and a great way to blow off some steam. Boden agrees conditionally. Stella asks the guys what happened in 2009; but they are too busy finding the balls that fell on the floor.
Casey produces a $25 check from his great aunt for their wedding. Gabi is excited that they are married, they are both really happy and agree that together they can get through anything.

Stella sees Severide walking down the hall and asks if they took his bone marrow already, he says no. She tells him what he is doing is pretty cool. He insists that it is no biggie, she tells him that 60% of donors have backpain for a while and if he gets bone or nerve damage, he could be off the job for a while. Stella tells him she googled it, he attempts to hug her sarcastically saying she cares. She pushes him away and admits that she does care and is that against the law?

Tina arrives at the firehouse, asking Gabi if there is somewhere they can talk. Tina informs her that Andre agreed to a paternity test and she sadly informs Gabi that there is no doubt he is Louie’s father. Gabi is heartbroken. Casey and Gabi immediately hire the best adoption attorney. She immediately tells Casey and Gabi that in almost all cases like these biological parents win guardianship.

Gabi asks what if he is an unfit parent? She tells the lawyer that Andre has abandoned Louie for the past 3 years. Casey informs her that Louie has been bounced around from one abusive family to another. The lawyer tells Casey that he isn’t even on the application, Gabi says they are married and have filed together, she says that application hasn’t even been considered yet and they need to think long and hard before they want to pursue permanent guardianship of Louie. Casey says they are in it together, no matter what the paperwork says and both agree they are ready to take this on.

Stella catches Herrmann in the change room holding a mysterious box. He tells her that it was something he asked Cindy (Robyn Coffin) to bring by; when he opens the box there is a black pingpong paddle, he holds it with pride bragging that it is the Cadillac of table tennis paddles. Stella smirks saying they have a ringer on their hand, Herrmann swears her to secrecy. Herrmann leaves the room saying, “excuse me while I go make some money!”

Severide returns to the hospital to meet Anna. Jeff introduces Severide to Anna who is thrilled to meet him. They hit it off as she shows him pictures her friends had brought for her all over her wall. He admires the pictures and comments on the waterfalls photo, admitting that work has been keeping him from enjoying the outdoors; Anna tells him as soon as she is better she is going to take him to the best waterfalls in Star Rock Park. He laughs and says it sounds like a plan.

After his visit with Anna, Severide meets with Jeff who informs him that he needs to give an emergency contact. Severide brushes it off thinking it is just a formality, Jeff tells him it isn’t. Severide says he doesn’t know who to put down, Jeff tells him it could be Casey or Chief Boden, whoever he wants.

Andre shows up at the firehouse verbally assaulting Gabi, she tells him to take a step back when he is furious that they got a lawyer who is calling all his family and getting into his business. Gabi asks if he is trying to intimidate her and if he thinks this is some kind of game. He says it is not a game, she has his boy living under her roof. Gabi orders him to leave the firehouse as Casey and Herrmann come out. Herrmann stops Casey from going after him. Gabi says he is not going to back down as she steps into the ambulance.

Chicago Fire’s Gabi Dawson and Sylvie Brett arrive at a homeless camp under a bridge. Brett calls out to Gerald, a homeless man who is very big. As the crouch beside him, he seems to be humming and when asked what is going on, he backhands Gabi, who falls to the ground; Gerald falls back and is having a seizure. Gabi holds him down while Brett gives him an injection. Brett tells Gabi she needs to get ice on her face or she is going to have a shiner. Gabi agrees but not before angrily tells Gerald he needs to take his medication regularly.

Boden walks down the hallway and watches as Herrmann, Otis, Mouch and Stella are cleaning up the glass from a broken down. He asks if there is something he should know about, Herrmann and Otis tell him they will fix it as good as new, at no cost to the firehouse. Boden says, “Obviously.” Severide tells Stella that Casey needs her to reload the truck, then asks her if it was okay that he put her down as his emergency contact since Casey has his hands full. He walks away and Stella looks at him confused, but smiles.

At the hospital, Brett notices that Gabi signed with Matt’s last name. Gabi tells her that at first she wasn’t going to but she figured that once they adopted Louie it would be nice if they all had the same last name. As they walk away from the desk, Gabi gets emotional telling Brett that Andre cannot take Louie away from them, that she won’t let it happen.

Brett tells her she cannot imagine what she is going through and she is sorry. Gabi tells her that the thought of not having Louie in her life isn’t hard, it is impossible. Brett then tells Gabi that she is adopted too. Gabi is shocked. Brett says that when she was little being adopted wasn’t a big deal but when she got older, she thought about her birth parents all the time. Mostly she wished they had come looking for her and gotten to know her, but they never did. Gabi asks what she should do. Brett says it isn’t such a bad idea to sit down with Andre for both him and Louie’s sakes.

At Molly’s, Chicago PD’s Detective Erin Lindsay (Sophia Bush) runs into Severide. They hug each other and Erin tells him that Stella informed her of what he is doing and says it is really great. Severide says Stella has a big mouth, Erin reaffirms that it is great. She leaves to meet Jay Halstead (Jesse Lee Soffer).

Otis is reading a rule book for Ping pong and announces that he was right about the game today and the point should have counted. Herrmann says it doesn’t matter since he beat him by 7 points, Otis insists that the game is awash and demands a rematch. Stella gives Severide a free beer telling Herrmann that it is the good Samaritan special.

She tells Severide that as his emergency contact she is looking out for him and takes her duties very seriously. She will drive him to the hospital, stay there during the whole procedure then take him home, even offering to buy him a donut. Severide laughs and thanks her for her premiere service.

Gabi calls Andre and they are all going to meet at a diner to talk. Casey tells her she should let their lawyer know about it. Louie comes out of his bed after having a bad dream. Gabi picks him up and cuddles him.

Back at the firehouse, Herrmann and Otis arrive with their entourage to play their rematch; Connie shows concern but doesn’t say anything. Otis tells the firefighters who are playing to get off their table, they tell them this is third watch. Herrmann tells them all to relax, they can play the winner. One of the men says he is going to tell Connie. Herrmann shakes his head.

Severide goes to the hospital to see Anna, she is surrounded by her friends, once they leave he comes to see her. He jokes about her still being in bed, she laughs weakly and says it is very draining to see her parents as they are impressed she is still alive. He hands her a bunch of magazines joking that he bought her some trashy magazines since her friends only brought her pictures. She says he is the greatest.

Severide asks her how she feels, she says she feels like a hundred bucks and can she have his bone marrow now. He tells her that he doesn’t think the doctors are done beating up on her, that she has chemo and radiation for a few more days. Severide tells her she is a tough cookie and she will make it through. She asks him why he chose to do this for someone he never met. He tells her that she needed his help and he gets out of work for a few days, its a win-win.

Severide gets serious and tells her that he hasn’t always been proud of the way he lived his life, but this is something he will never regret. Anna’s dad comes back in the room looking for his glasses; he asks Severide if he is the guy. Anna nods her head, Severide extends his hand to her father, but he grabs him into a hug thanking him and cries into his shoulder.

Casey and Gabi meet with Andre who thanks them for coming. He apologizes for stalking them, admitting he was messed up trying to find his son. When Gabi asks him if this is the first time he tried to get in touch with him, he says that it was because he didn’t know Louie even existed. Casey and Gabi look at each other.

Andre tells them he just got back from Afghanistan last month and it was then that Louie’s mother, Evie told him about the baby. Gabi asks if Evie still wants Louie, he says no that she is in and out of rehab. Andre admits that when he learned about his son he asked a buddy to track him down; Casey tells him that was confidential information. Andre says that he didn’t know what else to do, that he wasn’t a man who ran from his responsibility and had to do right by his son.

Casey tells him that Louie is a great kid and has been through a lot and this isn’t something you just jump into because he felt he should. Andre says his parents and sisters want to bring Louie home. He asks that they forget about the guardianship for now, he just wants to meet his son, talk to him and get to know him; even offering for DCFS to be there the whole time.

Gabi struggles with her emotions and words but tells him he has every right to meet his son but this visit is as far as it goes and everything else goes through the attorneys. He agrees. Casey attempts to comfort her telling her everything will be okay.

Severide arrives home and Jeff Clarke is standing outside his place. Jeff informs him that they had to take Anna off chemo because it’s killing her immune system. Severide learns that they cannot do the procedure and is very upset that they are just going to let her die. He wants to know if Anna has a chance of surviving, Jeff tells him a very slim chance. Jeff apologizes and leaves.

At the firehouse Joe Cruz (Joe Minoso) asks Stella if Severide is doing the transplant today, Stella tells him it is tomorrow, he then asks why they have a relief lieutenant on squad today. Stella looks shocked and calls Severide. Severide is at a bar and doesn’t answer his phone, he keeps drinking.

Boden approaches Casey telling him his equipment form is only half filled and he doesn’t read minds. Casey admits his head is out of the game, Boden says it is focused on his family, they are interrupted by a some of the firefighters fighting over the ping pong table. Capp (Randy Flagler) is tackling Otis, but apologize to Casey who says he doesn’t want to hear it and this is a workplace and they have a serious job here and they are all acting like a bunch of idiots. His yelling draws all the firefighters into the hallway.

Herrmann follows him and apologizes; Casey admits he might have over-reacted a little. Herrmann presses him for more. Casey says that Gabi and Tina are taking Louie over to visit with Andre. Herrmann questions why Casey didn’t go, and and he tells him that the DCFS agent felt that it was better for Louie if the meeting was with as little people as possible. Herrmann says that doesn’t seem right. Casey says this has been rough on Gabi, Herrmann tells him it has been rough on him too. Casey nods his head. Herrmann tells Casey he has been more of a dad to that kid than anyone has been.

Gabi is playing with Louie when Casey arrives, Gabi is thrilled he is there. Andre hasn’t shown up yet. Stella is outside with Otis asking if this is what happened with the foosball table. Herrmann says pretty much, the crews are called to a vehicle accident.

Back at the restaurant, Tina attempts to get a hold of Andre but gets no answer and this is the third message she had left. Casey says he is over an hour late, Tina says it is time to go home. Gabi isn’t convinced because Andre looked so determined when they talked to him. Tina tells them it was a huge decision for him to show up there and it isn’t the first time she saw someone back out. They take Louie home.

The firetrucks arrive at the scene and discover the one vehicle involved is Severide’s car but the driver isn’t there. The woman in the minivan is begging for them to find out where her daughter is. Chloe is non-responsive but they ensure the mother they have her. Mouch tells Stella to get out of the van, she informs them that she tried to get a hold of Severide all day but he didn’t respond.

The accident is reported as a hit and run. Herrmann tells the police to call Chicago PD’s Intelligence Unit. There is loud knocking at Severide’s door, he gets off the couch to see Sgt. Hank Voight (Jason Beghe) and Dt. Lindsay at his door. She asks him what he is doing and Voight tells him to put on his jacket because he needs to go with them. Severide refuses to go, there is a huge gash on his head. Erin tells him he needs to come with them, or uniforms will come in and cuff him. He asks what happened and what did he do.