Chicago Med Premiere Recap 11/21/17: Season 3 Episode 1 “Speak Your Truth”

Chicago Med Premiere Recap 11/21/17: Season 3 Episode 1 "Speak Your Truth"

Tonight on NBC their medical drama Chicago Med airs with an all-new Tuesday, November 21, 2017, episode and we have your Chicago Med recap below. On tonight’s Chicago Med season 3 episode 1 as per the NBC synopsis, “In the Season 3 premiere, the doctors try to bring justice to the perpetrator in the shooting of Dr. Charles. Halstead and Manning work on a heart-wrenching case that forces them to examine their own matters of the heart. Though Robin’s brain tumor was removed and she’s discharged from rehab, Rhodes worries that her problems aren’t over. ”

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At the end of Season 2, we were left with Dr. Daniel Charles’ (Oliver Platt) life hanging in the balance after he was shot but a deranged patient, Jack Kellogg (Scott Morehead). Sharon Goodwin (S. Epatha Merkerson) finds him and with Dr. Connor Rhodes (Colin Donnell) they rush him up to the OR.

Chicago MED’s Season 3 PREMIERE begins a few months later, as Rhodes asks Dr. Charles how he is feeling overall. He says pretty well, tired by the end of the day but was going stir crazy. He says he is also doing fine, emotionally but when Rhodes wants to do more tests he says he can’t as he needs to testify in court against Jack Kellogg today. He asks Connor to apologize to his daughter, Dr. Robin Charles (Mekia Cox) when he brings her home from the hospital today, after her own brush with death when they discovered her brain tumor earlier that year.

Nurse Maggie Lockwood (Marlyne Barrett) informs Dr. Sarah Reese (Rachel DiPillo) that Dr. Charles has left and she is to do rounds without him; Dr. Stanley Stohl (Eddie Jemison) comments on the irony on how Kellogg is trying to get off with an insanity plea of shooting a psychiatrist. He also tells Maggie they need to up security, but she reminds him the people they need to most worry about are not afraid of guns.

Dr. Natalie Manning (Torrey DeVitto) surprises Maggie, who wasn’t sure she was coming back. Natalie says it was just a little sabbatical but Maggie tells her no one heard from her in 3 months. Dr. Will Halstead (Nick Gehlfuss) comes to welcome her back but they have to catch up later as Maggie announces that have an “incoming.”

Sylvie Brett (Kara Killmer) arrives with her patient Brian Cutler who is severely injured from a car crash and his wife follows in the next ambulance, she is reassured that he is being taken care of. Dr. Noah Sexton (Roland Buck III) works with Natalie as Will works with Brian’s wife, who says they were fighting when they crashed and that is why he didn’t see the other car; she has damage from the seat belt and needs some tests done. She pleads with Will to tell him that she didn’t mean what she said.

Dr. Sarah Reese meets with Robin and Connor, explaining the symptoms she will have; Connor seems very supportive and as soon as Sarah leaves Robin asks him if he knows what would make her feel better than champagne? She kisses him, and he agrees but says they will be home in a couple hours; but she doesn’t want to wait, he gives in.

Sharon welcomes Natalie back as her and will exchange medical information about the spouses they are treating. Natalie tells him it was good to get away and gave her time to think about things and get a perspective on things. Outside, Noah rushes over with sliders from the food truck for him and Sarah but she is on her way to the courthouse to be there for Dr. Charles.

In court, Dr. Charles is being questioned by Marshall Matthews (Demore Barnes), admitting that he is uniquely qualified to answer the question at hand – what was Jack Kellogg’s mental state at the time he fired those bullets? Dr. Charles believes he was legally insane at that time. He feels he should be declared “NOT GUILTY by reason of insanity.” Sarah demands to know why he would perjure himself in court, he says he revised his diagnosis and didn’t tell her because of her emotions behind it; although appreciated, it’s affecting her objectivity. He tells her that she can help by returning to the hospital and helping patients.

Dr. Ethan Choi (Brian Tee) comes to see a teenage patient named Ryan, who spikes a fever and vomits all over the floor. He asks Nurse Doris (Lorena Diaz) to clean it up and asks Nurse April Sexton (Yaya DaCosta); Doris notices the exchange between April and Choi. Connor brings Robin home, offering lunch and to unpack but she has a better idea; she kisses him and leads him to the couch.

Natalie comes to see Mrs. Cutler, informing her that Brian is still unconscious, most scans were okay but they discovered a bleed in his brain and they have taken him to the ICU since they can’t fix it surgically; the hope is they can control this enough so he can wake up. She insists that she has to so she can apologize for the horrible things. Will says once they scope her vocal chords they will bring her up to see him. Outside the room, Will explains to Natalie what happened and she’s afraid she won’t get the chance to say how she really feels. Sarah goes to Sharon, who admits she is as upset as she is about Dr. Charles’ decision but this is all in the jury’s hands.

Ryan’s alarms go off, Doris brings the mother out of the room as they quickly work to insert a chest tube. Once again, Choi asks April to get blood for testing and orders Doris to clean up the puss off the walls before environmental has a fit. Doris says she is sick of it, doing all the dirty work just because April and Ethan are sleeping together.

Dr. Isidore Latham (Ato Essandoh) is with the medical students, who correctly diagnose one of his patients. He approaches Dr. Becker (Norma Kuhling), who gives him an update on all her work; she says the procedure coming up is an easy one and suggests that she might do it, relieving some pressure off Dr. Connor Rhodes. At home, he is dressing, while Robin is trying to convince him to stay home; he is tempted but says he really has to go. When she teases him and lays back on the kitchen table, suggesting having sex there, he gives her a look but says nothing. He kisses her, saying he shouldn’t be home late. He assures her as he leaves that he would tell her if something were wrong, but when he heads towards the door, he looks very concerned.

Dr. Stohl’s gunshot patient is back, even though he was released, there was no one there to stay with him, in case the gunman returned. Against her better judgment, Maggie gives him 24-hours to stay. Connor catches Sarah in the parking lot and asks her about the impulse thing; he voices his concern but she gets offended and suggests that maybe he isn’t up to managing for her care. He storms off after he says that he can do it.

Dr. Connor Rhodes is dressed in his scrubs and sees his team, he asks Beth where she is going and she informs him they gave the case to another team and they are already in surgery. He goes to see Dr. Latham, who confirms he okay’d it; Connor gets sarcastic but of course, fans know that Latham doesn’t understand sarcasm. Connor storms off.

April brings Dr. Choi Ryan’s lab results, they show he is dehydrated and he says to “up” his fluids. She brings him into one of the empty rooms; she is shocked to know that he already knew that Doris thinks they are sleeping together. He goes to touch her saying “if it is out, then great!” She moves away and says “don’t.” She doesn’t want to be that cliché of a doctor/nurse – she doesn’t feel that way but others will and it’s easy for him to say because he is the doctor. Ryan’s alarms interrupt them as he is having a seizure.

Natalie and Will rush into Brian’s room, he wants to push more meds but Natalie informs him that his pupils are blown and they have lost him. She says they gave him as much of the medications as they could, there was nothing they could do. Dr. Latham comes to see them, wanting them to ask his wife something. They tell Mrs. Cutler that they were unable to save him and he is brain dead and it is irreversible. Natalie knows it is a terrible time, and they tell her about the young man would be saved by Brian’s heart; she consents.

Dr. Rhodes barges into the OR, saying Dr. Becker poached his case and now she changed the procedure. Dr. Latham calls him out of the OR, saying he can make better use of his time, saying they have a patient in cardiac failure, a heart has just been procured for transplantation but it presents a significant size mismatch, needing size reconstruction. Dr. Latham hands him the tablet, informing him that the case is his.

Back in the courtroom, Marshall Matthews approaches Dr. Daniel Charles telling him the prosecution is recalling Dr. Sarah Reese and wants to know everything he can about her; she arrives with Peter Stone (Philip Winchester) behind her. Matthews asks him if his own resident is here to poke holes in his own testimony; as she is sworn in. On the witness stand, Sarah is interrupted when Jack Kellogg stands up calling her a lying bitch and is held down by several police officers as Dr. Charles watches.

Young Ryan has an infection in his brain, Dr. Choi and April talk to his mother to see if they can figure out where the infection began and how it spread to his brain. She admits they have never been to the dentist as it is too expensive, so when he checks Ryan’s teeth, there is decay, enough that could have caused the small infection that began to spread and created the abscess. His mother is confused because he never even complained of a toothache before.

Dr. Stohl finds his gunshot patient, Mr. Jamison in the hallway of the ED, who tells him he is still there because there was an issue; Stohl calls for Maggie. He informs her that they don’t run a hotel and if he gets shot again, that isn’t their problem, they treat them and street them. Maggie says that is okay for people who live on his street but not Jamison’s street. She confronts him about worrying about people getting shot in the ED, but what about those who live with that fear every day. He says they cannot correct Society’s ills, just patched him up and send him on his way.

Doris confronts April, who denies sleeping with Choi. Ryan admits to Dr. Choi that it was a toothache but he never told his mom; it was his fault for not telling her because she was always worrying about money and didn’t want to worry her more. Outside, April thinks she knows what Ethan is thinking about secrets but he says all he is thinking is that Ryan is one brave kid. He tells her that their secret is up to her, he wants her to be comfortable. Stohl watches as Maggie is forced to send the patient home, and he comes out and performs some basic tests, the patient pretends not to feel something and Stohl says he suspects he missed out on some nerve damage earlier and would like to admit him for physical and occupational therapy; Maggie smiles and wheels him back in.

Robin calls Connor, asking if they are okay, she begins to mispronounce words and he asks if she is taking her medications. She says she is and he promises to be home soon. Becker taunts Connor about “one-upping” her. He finally tells her, he isn’t in the mood, she suggests he goes home and gets some sleep.

Dr. Charles is furious that Jack Kellogg is going to get psychiatric help in jail and his chances of rehabilitation are practically nil. Sarah insists his outbursts are calculated to convince everyone he is crazy and won’t get him killed. Charles says he has been a psychiatrist for over 30 years and wonders if it occurred to her that he might have more insight into his behavior than she would. Sharon walks in and asks Sarah to give them the room, telling him that he recruited Sarah because he liked that she was able to think for herself and shouldn’t use that against her now.

He says Jack is a confused guy who is hurting and needs help – Sharon says like someone else she knows. She says this is about his guilt and ego, that he had a killer on his hands and he missed the signs and now he is trying to fix the mistake and get back into control. She advises him to stop torturing himself, but he gives her a dirty look and walks away.

Dr. Latham finds Connor at the elevator and feels that Dr. Becker may have manipulated him for her own gain. Connor tells him not to worry about it but Latham says perhaps, in the end, Connor faired better than Becker. Connor is curious if that is why he got the transplant; Latham says his own actions are a mystery to himself and isn’t sure.

Natalie and Will tell Mrs. Cutler that the transplant was a success. She reveals the last thing Brian heard her say was that she didn’t love him. She wants to meet the heart recipient and they take her to him. She places her hand on his the man’s chest, feels the heartbeat and apologizes to Brian, saying she loves him.

Daniel comes to see Robin, apologizing for not bringing her home and she is sorry for not being there for him at court. Robin says Connor doesn’t trust her and thinks her feelings for him are part of her disease; she wonders if he is right. She asks her dad how does she know what is real? He holds her tightly in his arms as he says they are all driven by so many different things, but even if you can’t always trust your brain, you’re usually pretty safe trusting your heart.

Ethan says goodnight to April and vice versa as Doris watches on. Natalie feels for Mrs. Cutler as she says goodnight to Will. Will stops her, saying he broke up with Dr. Nina Shore (Patti Murin) because of the feelings he had for Natalie and those feelings haven’t gone away. She doesn’t need to say anything and he has no expectations, he just felt he had to tell her. Natalie says her sabbatical, the things she had to talk about was him. She walks into his arms and kisses him.


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