Chicago Med Recap 3/9/17: Season 2 Episode 16 “Prisoner’s Dilemma”

Chicago Med Recap 3/9/17: Season 2 Episode 16 "Prisoner's Dilemma"

Tonight on NBC their medical drama Chicago Med airs with an all new Thursday, March 9, 2017, episode and we have your Chicago Med recap below. On tonight’s Chicago Med season 2 episode 16  as per the NBC synopsis, “A troubled teen in a psychiatric facility contacts Dr. Reese. (Sarah DiPillo) Also, a comatose woman is unexpectedly pregnant; April deals with repercussions from her personal life and a young girl from Ecuador collapses mid-flight.”

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Chicago Med begins with Dr. Ethan Choi (Brian Tee) taking in the trauma, while Maggie (Marlyne Barrett) ask April (Yaya DaCosta) why she is back to work so soon after losing her baby. Tate (Deron J. Powell) and her are struggling with the loss and she admits things are different.

Dr. Choi patient is a 7-year-old girl who collapsed mid-flight, her stats are pretty low. Her lungs seem to be congested and wants to take a chest x-ray; he asks if she could have ingested any drugs or alcohol; but the mother says they were on their way to see a heart specialist when this happened.

Dr. Natalie Manning (Torrey DeVitto) takes in the next trauma and she is Teresa, who is 25. She has been in a persistent vegetative state brought in by her long-term care facility after there was blood in her urine. She learns she had a brain injury after a car crash.

Manning discovers she is pregnant and orders Maggie to call the police since she has been in this vegetative state for 5 years. Detective Erin Lindsay (Sophia Bush) arrives just as Manning says the blood in her urine is from vaginal trauma. Maggie says the rape kit is only good for the last 5 days, Erin informs them that in cases like this, the rapist would be doing this regularly; maybe even daily.

Sharon Goodwin (S. Epatha Merkerson) informs them that Teresa’s parents, David and Angela have arrived. They ask Erin if she is going to find this monster, she says this case is their top priority while Manning says they will provide her with the best possible care.

Dr. Sarah Reese (Rachel DiPillo) is on tour a youth psychiatric facility, when one of the patients says she doesn’t belong there; saying she isn’t crazy and shouldn’t be there; before she moves on with the tour, Reese tells her “crazy” is a word she never uses.

Dr. Connor Rhodes (Colin Donnell) shares with the team, the success of their last procedure and are about to head to the next when Dr. Isidore Latham (Ato Essandoh) tells a joke that everyone laughs at, although it sounded a bit racist. Rhodes talks with Latham about how his treatment is going.

Dr. Noah Sexton (Roland Buck III) comes to the nurses station bringing her treats she loved when she was young, she pushes him away. Maggie reminds her that everyone is trying, but no one knows what to say. April says there is nothing to say and walks away. Dr. Daniel Charles (Oliver Platt) asks Reese how her visit went at the youth hospital, and she said it was difficult seeing how many teens have mental health issues.

Manning and Goodwin come to see Teresa and inform her parents she is about 10 weeks pregnant and termination won’t be a painful procedure. Her parents say they want to keep the baby, that it is a terrible thing that happened; and even if the baby came from a rape, the baby is still part of Teresa.

Goodwin shares that it will be very dangerous for Teresa and there are extremely high risks of many things. Angela, says Teresa is barely alive as it is and if she dies giving birth maybe that is a merciful outcome. Manning asks them if Teresa had the choice would she want this; Goodwin cuts her off saying regardless they are her guardians and their wishes will be honored.

Dr. Rhodes informs the little girl’s mother that she needs to have heart surgery and even though she doesn’t have the money, they would do the procedure regardless and are moving her up to the pediatric unit. As the mother leaves, she staggers and Dr. Choi wonders if she is okay. Med student, Jeff Clarke (Jeff Hephner) tells April he is sorry to hear about the baby, but she says she is okay.

Dr. Will Halstead (Nick Gehlfuss) has a suicide patient comes in who swallowed bleach and acid; he tells them to watch out for another attack. She grabs Halstead’s arm telling him to find Dr. Reese for her.

Reese arrives asking Nancy if she thinks it is okay to hurt herself. She says she wasn’t trying to commit suicide, it was the only way to get to her; its not like she can make a phone call. She tells Reese she was locked up there after a fight with her mom who is bipolar and came at her with a hammer, while she was sleeping. Dr. Charles calls Reese out of the room.

Dr. Charles wants to know how this girl knew to come there. Reese says the only thing she said is “Crazy isn’t a word I use,” Charles tells her she needs to be very careful as younger psych patients misconstrued their words easily. He advises her to not put the patient in a position where she could seriously hurt herself again.

Dr. Choi comes to get consent for the young girl’s surgery but the mother doesn’t look well but keeps refusing treatment. She asks April where the bathroom is and she takes her, while Choi looks at them oddly.

Manning and Maggie are discussing Teresa and her parents’ choice; just then Teresa opens her eyes and Manning feels like it is more than just a reflex; Maggie says it is wishful thinking, but she orders a brain scan just in case.

Reese asks Halstead how Nancy is doing; he says she is almost flushed out than will be returned to the psychiatric facility. He advises her to go back to the history, best way to evaluate a patient.

In the OR, Dr. Rhodes assures his young patient that her mother is in the waiting room right now; Rhodes asks for the sedation to start, but Dr. Latham takes off his mask telling her they all have one job to make her feel better, so she can breath and go on airplanes and be healthy. She asks if he can really fix her, he promises he can and asks her to count to 100, she does it calmly.

April is at the bathroom, and the mother won’t answer nor let her in; security, Jeff and Dr. Choi are there. When security opens the door, April finds her vomiting up bags of drugs, saying it was the only way she could get her daughter to America. April calls them in saying she is overdosing and she is a drug mule.

Choi tells her one of the packages still inside her is leaking and she admits it is cocaine. She says they can’t cut them out of her, if they give it to the police, even if they explain the situation; back in her country they will kill her. April begs her for her daughter’s sake to keep her alive.

Manning is positive Teresa heard her and responded but Halstead says according to the scans its very unlikely and its probably just Manning who wants it so bad, she is projecting. She wants Teresa to have a say in what happens and orders a neurology consult; anything to prove Teresa can make a choice.

Reese brings the police report to Dr. Charles who says maybe Nancy has the same psychosis as her mother; but it was her mother’s words who got Nancy committed. She fells the mother is an unreliable witness in the least.

Dr. Latham is about to begin surgery, but pauses as he looks into her face. Rhodes asks him if he is okay, and he proceeds. Meanwhile, Jeff helps April and Dr. Choi removing the balloons, but the last one bursts and she is having a cocaine induced heart attack.

When she is unconscious, Jeff asks what’s the call. Dr. Choi says they don’t have a choice and need to call the police. Jeff agrees, if they destroy the packages, they will have committed a felony.

Manning meets with Goodwin, who says she is looking into more tests for infections. Goodwin says if she has stopped the vaginal bleeding then it is time to discharge her as her parents have found a new care facility. Goodwin reminds her they are there to treat the ailment that brought the patient in, and that’s all; saying its time to give her back to her parents.

Dr. Rhodes orders Dr. Latham to step away and puts the young girl back on bypass as her heart is failing. Noah attempts again to comfort his sister, she tells him she gets it but she just needs space right now.

Charles and Reese meet with Nancy as Dr. Halstead examines her. Dr. Baker arrives before Nancy has a chance to speak to them about her mother. Halstead clears her to go home, but Charles asks her to speak outside the room. Baker admits she is the one who committed Nancy after she deemed her a threat to herself and others. Baker gets very offensive and advises him to pay attention to his own patients.

Maggie is shocked Manning released Teresa. The neurologist says she needs to redo the tests believing sometimes brain injury patients become nocturnal; and suggests they do the test again. With the parents there, Manning attempts the neuro tests again, when she doesn’t respond; the neurologist is as determined as Manning after the way the facility treated her.

Dr. Abrams tries one more test, and Teresa proves that she isn’t brain dead; her parents are in shock. The neurologist explains that he never believed Teresa was ever in a coma, but the stroke left her completely paralyzed but still conscious; its called “locked-in” syndrome, where she is awake but locked in her own body.

The mother is happy she heard everything they said but the father is distraught that she was awake when the monster raped her. Manning shares exciting news, that with help, Teresa will be able to communicate with them. Manning says thank you to the neurologist who nods his head and leaves.

Nancy is upset they are telling her to get ready to go back; she pleads and Reese explains that it is Dr. Baker who needs to change the diagnosis. She sees Dr. Charles , who agrees and is filing an appeal but the alarms go off in Nancy’s room; while she is gone Nancy grabs a scalpel and slices her wrists swearing she isn’t crazy; as Dr. Charles observes from outside the room.

Dr. Rhodes offers Dr. Latham drink after their long day; they bring in her mother, who can sit with her daughter. Choi tells April they need to speak to Goodwin. April lies saying they only found 1 package; Dr. Choi looks at them, he clearly struggles and agrees with both Jeff and April; meaning its not a sign of intent to sell.

April thanks Dr. Choi and he tells neither of them to ever put him in that position again. April feels if she had a child she would have done the same thing, and she had to help her. Jeff says he knows, and April thanks him for that and for apologizing for her loss.

Reese blames herself that she gave Nancy false hope when she clearly wasn’t stable. Dr. Charles disagrees, saying this incident made her case tougher but he is still going to file the appeal. He tells her that by cutting herself it wasn’t a sign of mental illness; it was a sign of losing hope, which is being human. He understands with the upbringing she had and a psychiatrist that doesn’t believe her, its not wonder she has fallen into despair.

Manning watches with a smile as Teresa’s parents lovingly talk to her. Dr. Halstead smiles at her and says, “you just had to prove me wrong!” He says she will get her wish, that Teresa will get a say in her future.

Dr. Latham joins Dr. Rhodes at the bar after all. Latham says the girl was no longer just a surgical challenge, she became a human being to him; which means he lost his unattachment and says he is ending his treatment because he can’t let this happen to him.

Latham tells Rhodes that at the beginning of the fellowship, Rhodes was not his first choice, but after working with him these past few months, he could not find a finer surgeon or person than him. Latham orders scotch for the both of them, calling Rhodes his friend.

April comes to see the mother and her young daughter and sees Noah’s reflection. He apologizes because he doesn’t know what to say nor have a clue what she is going through, but he is there to help. He hugs her as she cries in his arms.